Movie review: The Impossible (2012)

I won’t usually write a review for movie released in previous years, but this has to be an exception. Yesterday’s night, half an hour before 12am, I was thinking of watching a bit of this movie before going to sleep as it is a working day tomorrow. But then, this movie just made me not realizing the time. By the time I finished the movie, it’s already well over 1am midnight. My God…and so today I felt sleepy the whole day. But then, I didn’t have any regret, and all I have to say that this movie ‘The Impossible’ is awesome. It’s released in last quarter of last year, but then it’s only available recently in Malaysian cinemas. I recommend Malaysians or anyone to go watch it now if you haven’t.


The movie is based on a true story of a family as a foreign tourists that visited a beach resort in Thailand during the time of the horrific 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Their encounter with the deadly catastrophe leads to multiple suspense and touching events that we will see in this movie. Something which is based on a true story is always a very good selling point, as it can gives the audiences a much closer attitude and perception of receiving the logic and drama present in the movie. We would feel as though we are ‘in’ the movie rather than just seeing the movie. You would get it once you see this movie. I won’t reveal any spoiler here. It’s not that massive destruction that we are going to focus on, but we are now dealing closer to how a family that got separated tackled with their deeper feelings in such situation. That’s a very good direction.


The family got separated after the tsunami, and in their mind, while keeping them survive, they thought of something else far more important in their lives; their other lost family members. So, there is a very strong presence of family love in this one. There are a number of very impacting and emotional moments that melts our hearts. And there is also people (others) whom some would lend a hand to help while some would gets selfish in such situation. We tend to see much more things after the tsunami from this movie which is not revealed to us in news reporting or clips that we have seen years ago regarding the tsunami that killed almost 300 000 people if I’m not mistaken.

Film still from The Impossible

The performance by the casts are outstanding and very convincing. They acted as if they are in the real situation of the family that was really at there at the time of the tragedy. That’s a very solid performance, especially from Tom Holland as Lucas. His performance is particularly genuine and amazing and his chemistry with other casts (especially with his mother, portrayed by Naomi Watts) is fascinating. The visuals are brilliantly done too. At first I thought such movie would came with pretty bad graphics due to low budgeting, but then I was wrong. The scene of the tsunami is so real and intense, making it as though the gigantic waves are crashing onto us. It’s all accompanied with great background score too. Fantastic. ‘The Impossible’ is a very emotionally realistic disaster film that focuses very well on its direction and goes closely to the true story of one family’s survival. It’s definitely one of the best movies in 2012 for me. Out of 10 points, I rate this movie a total of 8.0. Very much recommended. Go and experience this moving film. ‘Separated by disaster, driven by hope’.

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2 Responses to “Movie review: The Impossible (2012)”

  1. Not perfection, but the performances from Holland, Watts, and McGregor are worth watching and make this story work anymore than it should have. Good review Vincent.

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