My pick of 5 most famous film directors of my generation

Once we mentioned on a particular movie, we would talked about the story or the plot, the casts involved and their performance, the visual effects and music scores, the script, and even details of certain unforgettable scenes in that film. However, have you thought of the director of the film whom actually made it work? Director’s contribution to film is certainly not to be neglected. For me, to be honest, I have not heard many names of film directors even when they have directed many films before. I believe that applies to almost everyone else. Right? But I don’t know from when onwards, I started to check out who is the director for that particular great film, so that I can follow up on his or her future movies that would be very much promising in expectation.

Here, I would like to honour five most famous film directors of my generation. The first five names of directors that came to my mind when I wish to write on this topic. Who do you think might get into the list? Well, well, well…these five directors are certainly very famous, and have directed some of the world’s most well-known or epic films up to date. You must have known them. Even if you don’t, you would certainly have had watched their movies before. Here it is, my top 5 picks (only restricted within Hollywood film industry);

1. Steven Spielberg

In a career of more than four decades, his films have covered many themes and genres. Spielberg’s early science-fiction and adventure films which are very much successful were seen as archetypes of modern Hollywood blockbuster film-making. He is considered one of the most popular and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. Besides than being a film director, he is also a screenwriter, producer, studio entrepreneur and is one of the co-founders of DreamWorks movie studio. He had won Academy Awards for Best Director twice. His notable films are Jaws, E.T., Indiana Jones franchise, first two Jurassic Park films, War of the Worlds.


2. James Cameron

Two of the world’s highest grossing films up to date, Titanic and Avatar were directed by James Cameron. That’s amazingly serious. Both films are also the only films in history that gross over 2 billion each. Besides than being a film director, he is also a film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, visual artist and editor. Described by a biographer as part-scientist and part-artist, Cameron has also contributed to underwater filming and remote vehicle technologies. He had won Academy Awards for Best Director for Titanic. His notable films are Titanic, Avatar, Aliens, Terminator 1 and 2. Despite directing much lesser films, but his films are usually lengthy, of certain great quality and captures critical acclaim and worldwide attention.


3. Christopher Nolan

He is known for directing big-budget films that are in much darker or complex tones which is widely praised by movie critics. As one of the most accomplished filmmakers in this generation, he had directed The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Memento, The Prestige and several other films. His direction or approach in films are mostly receiving overwhelming positive reviews as his films which is deem intellectual and moving dwells into much deeper and impacting state that were able to fascinate the audiences through variety of movie elements.


4. Michael Bay

Well, to be honest, he is so famous because of Transformers franchise. So far, he had directed three films under Transformers franchise (the very popular robotic wars in motion pictures that generated worldwide phenomenon), and it seems that he would continue for a fourth instalment soon. He is known for directing high-budget action films characterized by their fast edits, stylistic visuals and substantial practical special effects. His other notable films are Armageddon and Pearl Harbor.


5. Roland Emmerich

Many of you might not have heard his name before, but he is the man behind many famous disaster films that ‘rocked’ the world, namely Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012. He had also directed Godzilla, 10 000 BC and several other films. His films which usually came with many intense moments are very much enjoyable despite being criticized for being bad in developing storyline and character’s depth.



What are your top five picks for your most favourite film directors of this generation?

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web) 


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