Bad day lighten up with a great movie!

Today is the day for my final presentation for my design studio this semester. After days of insufficient sleep and constantly glued to my laptop working for this assessment, the judgement time finally arrives. However, things turned out to be bad this morning when I get quite harsh criticisms from the lecturers. I’m open to feedback but they should have said it out to me on my design during the tutorial sessions earlier. And then, here they came stabbing not only on my design, but also on almost everyone’s else. I’m shocked to see them complimenting on somebody’s works that are obviously lacking in quality and quantity and then criticizing heavily on people who produced serious amount of works. They even asked us ‘what went wrong?’. My answer deep down in my heart would be ‘You guys are the ones who went wrong!’.

I’m hoping my lecturers won’t be seeing this. It’s just me voicing out my frustration of the day. I’m quite confident of my level of works (I put in more time and effort on it than I put on my previous two design studios) and I didn’t see what’s happening today coming to me. It’s literally 80% negative comments and only 20% of consolation words. I knew they are trying to force us to improve further and face the harsh reality, but that is something that I’m not ready to face after putting so much effort and passion on it. They will never understand. I’m also surprised to see them not agreeing and again harshly criticizing on most of the other people’s works too, some of which are very well done from my point of view.

Let’s not talk about them anymore. It’s over. Arrghh…it’s not. This final studio presentation this time is not actually the ‘final’ as we have the portfolio submission that requires immense amount of new stuff from us and covers a huge percentage of our grading of the unit for the semester. This studio is really giving me all sort of pressure and literally headache. We are supposed to have this studio end by now and not prolonged with more works to be done. This is so unlike the last two design studios. Our lecturers are making life so much more unnecessarily difficult for us.

The only positive thing to cheer me up today after the studio’s presentation is the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie. Finally, it’s the time for me to get some much needed break and went for a new movie. There are so many cool movies out now but ‘Wonder Woman’ is my top priority. And I didn’t choose wrongly. It’s such an amazing movie that not only strikes with lots of actions but also strikes right to the heart. Gal Gadot is impressive and spectacular as the titular character. I don’t think there is anyone else that could portray this superhero better than her. She is not only here for the attacks to save the day, but also here to carry the whole movie with passionate acting and engaging performance. And not to mention that she is incredibly pretty and hot too. I’m melted. Chris Pine is also great in portraying as her lover, Steve Trevor.

I think this is the first time that DC movie is doing it right. The previous DC superhero movies are just average and not as good as Marvel ones but this ‘Wonder Woman’ came out as an exception to my delight. The plot is nice and easy to grasp, the chemistry and romance between the two lead cast is amazing, the actions are awesome, the visual effects are cool, the score are intense and dramatic, the emotions are there, the messages are there. There is also one unexpected major plot twist regarding the revelation of the main villain in this movie. I did not see that coming. And that is great. What more do you want? There are even some nice hilarious scenes put in to create a lighter tone which is an approach not very much attempted in DC movies’ style that prioritizes dark and serious mood. It’s a good addition to the movie to keep everyone entertained from beginning till the end. I literally have not a single bad words for this movie. Well done to DC! Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Wonder Woman’ a total of 8.2. It is very engaging and thrilling! I love it. This is one cool awesome movie.

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This Easter weekend: Time to choose which side you are on, Batman or Superman?

Happy Easter Weekend! I’m not a Christian, I didn’t celebrate it, but I’m too in the excitement of most of the people here in Australia who treat this festival as among their most important celebrations every year. In conjunction with that, there’s no class today (Good Friday today) and also for next week too. Wonderful holiday. This short break would give me the much needed time to relax while doing on some assignments for my study without the need to rush (I hate rushing for deadlines). Since there are not much to do today, it’s the perfect time to go out for a movie. A movie’s ticket here in Australia is very expensive (four times the cost of a movie ticket back in Malaysia), but I still wanted to watch this movie quick.


Yup, it’s the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. I’m not a comic book fans (Marvel, DC or whatever it is) but I have the urge to watch this highly anticipated movie of the year. Despite receiving early criticism especially in the casting and that criticism continues to the poor reception it has right now from many critics, I still wanted to see it. I believe many will too, so that we can judge it by our own eyes. After seeing it, I can say that it is not a masterpiece (some die hard fans praised this movie to the max) while it is not a rubbish film either (some fierce critics calling this extremely bad). It’s just an overly-hyped average film that only marvels in its visual spectacle. Nothing else.


In comparison, Marvel still do a better job in their superheroes films in the past. Well, they both went in different direction; Marvel goes for funnier and brighter approach while DC loves darker tone. I’m fine with DC’s darker theme but there can be something more to their outcome. DC did it right in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. However, both ‘Man of Steel’ and its latest sequel now ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ couldn’t reach that level. If you have high expectation entering the cinema watching it, you would be disappointed. I didn’t mean that it is bad; it was just mediocre.

The movie is slightly too long; taking 2 hours 30 minutes. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a comic book fans and so I’m not interested in the plentiful background story and character’s development especially for Batman in this movie. It’s a bit too much and I think some scenes (especially his many dreams of fear) can be cut off. The continuity of some scenes is also bad.


The cast contributed steady performances on the other hand. Henry Cavill is being the same Superman like he was in ‘Man of Steel’. Same goes to Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Ben Affleck had proven to his earlier critics that he can be a great Batman too. As for Jesse Eisenberg, his take on the villain, Lex Luthor is different as required by the director. He is doing fine and I’m alright with him being cast as the famous Lex Luthor. I can see that he had put in a lot of effort to take on this big role (his expressions and gestures are good actually). It’s just that his character is being written to be not memorable enough (couldn’t match The Joker’s level in The Dark Knight for instance). But that is still interesting enough compared to the other characters in this movie. So, Jesse’s haters out there, stop criticizing him..he didn’t screw the movie up. Gal Gadot is wonderful as the Wonder Woman but she didn’t get much screen time here yet.

The story here is much deeper compared to Marvel’s films. It focused more on ideologies/philosophies, symbolism, politics, and threat of power and its perception by people or certain individual. It is a refreshing new theme to explore, but it may not please the wide audiences. Fortunately, the movie is still filled with some great fight scenes (of course the one between the two titular roles as well as the final battle together with Wonder Woman with the Doomsday created by Lex Luthor). Opps…Batman appeared to be not much of a help in the final battle since Doomsday is too strong for him. As I said earlier, the movie also delivered with wonderful visual effects (awesome CGI works done on most parts of the movie that heavily requires it). The ending is quite emotional (won’t reveal more spoiler here) and it actually paves the way for more DC superheroes films, eventually expanding DC cinematic universe just like what Marvel did (Marvel does it earlier). Overall, the movie is still fine and worth to watch. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ a total of 7.2. Despite the poor reviews, it would still be a massive box office hit worldwide due to the fame of these two big superheroes sharing the same film. I’m guessing that it would earn over USD 1 billion in the end too.


Well, to answer back my question on the title of this blog’s post on which side you are on…Batman or Superman, my choice would be Superman, since he is far more superior and stronger than Batman who has to rely on gadgets (not useful against Superman except Kryptonian). Batman is still a human, while Superman is an alien with superpower. So, my side is on Superman. Wait, did he really died in the end of the movie? Opps…spoiler.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

7 Days 5 Nights India Trip on CNY 2012…Uniquely different and memorable!

Uniquely different! This is my overall opinion to the 11th oversea trip I had, which the country we went to is India. The trip lasted in 7 days and 5 nights and I have just returned home this early morning. Feeling tired but happy over the experience gained from the trip, I am now ready to share what’s going on throughout this ‘Incredible India’ tour organized by GTT travel company. Time flies, and the trip was over. Over 600 pictures were taken, over 10 places visited, 3 cities travelled, and priceless experience gained.

22nd January 2012 (Sunday)

The flight is in the afternoon, and so it’s a usual morning, but we need to get up quite early for the rituals to be done for Chinese New Year tomorrow, and also for last preparation for the one-week long trip. I bought quite a number of shirts and jackets for the trip, so that I can choose what to wear, without much restriction. Sometimes, I agree I do wear nice clothing. Haha…back to the trip, we reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport for international flight to New Delhi, the capital of India. This is the first time we met the other tour members in the group consisting of around 40 people; a very huge group.

After a comfortable time of approximately 5 hours with in-flight entertainment provided in the plane, we finally arrived at Indira Ghandhi International Airport. It’s a very beautiful and spectacular airport, which I hardly expected from a poor country like India. It’s very cold in Delhi at night, and I was shivering. We get back to the hotel, ready for the official touring days to start tomorrow. I can’t sleep well that night, probably due to the in-adaptability to the cold environment there at the moment.

23rd January 2012 (Monday)

Early in the morning, I woke up and took the first look over part of Delhi, the capital of India from my hotel room. I can see that many are poor, and that their living condition is not really well in this densely-populated city. The environment is dusty, and the street is quite filthy. Now I can see Kuala Lumpur is way better than Delhi. The houses there are of flat roof, with no clear planning to the construction of those houses. It’s a huge city!

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the first day of the lunar new year of dragon! According to the tour itinerary, we would be heading to several tourist destinations in Delhi like Laxminarayan Temple, India Gate and Raj Ghat (a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi). All that were cancelled as the Republic Day of India (on 26th January) is coming very soon and all the major roads in the city area are closed including those places of attractions. We can only take a view and few pictures of Lotus Temple from a far location.

What an unlucky day, and I still wonder why the authority close the roads and places so many days earlier!? Very disappointed…the day ends up with no places to visit, and after lunch, we head straight to Agra city through a 5-hours bus ride. Along the bus ride, we get to stop by and visit a gigantic temple called Jaigurudev Temple, a white-marble temple with Mughal architecture, something similar to Taj Mahal too. It’s a very nice building anyway.

We finally arrived Agra, a city with much poorer condition, but famous for the main tourist attraction; Taj Mahal. It’s already night and we went straight to the hotel we are staying for dinner too. It’s Radisson Hotel, a very beautiful hotel with excellent buffet provided for our breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we felt bored after having the similar food for two days continuously.

24th January 2012 (Tuesday)

This is the place we have to visit definitely once you are in India; Taj Mahal. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The bus is not allowed to stop near there, and we have to get on electric-powered vehicle to get to the entrance to Taj Mahal, a huge mausoleum built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in dedication to his deceased wife, Mumtaz Mahal. There is a very stringent security check before entering the area bordered by walls, plazas and gardens before proceeding to the iconic white marble structure of Taj Mahal.

The place is filled with many people, and many of them are busy occupying those spaces where they can take beautiful photographs of Taj Mahal. It is very hard for us to queue up and squeeze in just to get a good spot and take photographs in a quick time before the others take over. Taj Mahal is no doubt very beautiful in photographs, but is definitely much more impressive when seen from the eyes directly. I really love the feeling of being there looking at the structure with emphasis on axis and symmetry.

I took a lot of photographs there. Since we are given not a very long time in the place, I have no time to visit the mosques and the other structures surrounding Taj Mahal. The time limits me to observe the surrounding in details, but overall I can still feel the wonder of the place. Leaving the place, we couldn’t also get any time to buy the cheap souvenirs from the many stalls lining up outside the place.

After Taj Mahal, we went to Agra Fort which is also known as Red Fort. It is a gigantic complex of structures with great defence and is famous for having a beautiful view over the nearby Taj Mahal. It takes quite a long time if you want to go through every corners in the fort, and so we only covered major areas in the fort; particularly some main corridors, the prison, castle building, halls and plazas. The structures there are very planned, massive and intriguing.

25th January 2012 (Wednesday)

In Agra, we saw a much poorer and worst condition of the streets. We even saw a huge empty ground filled with people, and try to guess what they are doing? The answer is that they are shitting! Yes…shitting, filling the ground (an open space of public toilet) with ample of human turds that I can even see some clearly from far, from inside the bus. Luckily, we are not out there at the time, if not, it must be very smelly and much more disgusting to only just seeing that.

Today we left Agra and proceed to Jaipur, another city to be a must-visit in India. Along the route, we went also to Fatehpur Sikri, an abandoned city complex up on a hill. The structures in there are not much different with those we have seen from Agra Fort but those are now in much more vibrant red colour. There is also a very vast plaza near the entrance that appears to be very welcoming to visitors with a very beautiful 360 degree view.

After a 5 hours bus ride, we finally arrived in Jaipur, the pink city. It is a well-planned city with many buildings in terracotta colour. Because there is no terracotta term in colour, hence the city is defined as pink city instead. We went to textile and carpet factory and shop to see the demonstration over the products, not buying. After that, we proceed to the nearby spice shop and painting shop, and also no buying in the end because all those products are not suitable for us. At night, we stayed at Cambay Spa and Resort, which is not really good as food served are very limited.

26th January 2012 (Thursday)

Today is a very beautiful and sunny day. The first destination is Amber Fort, a giant and impressive-looking fort with many structures up on a hill surrounded by thick walls. A long barrier wall is also spotted over the hills around the area, which is used to protect the old city in the past. It is something like Great Wall of China, but with shorter length (still quite long).

It is a very long queue for the elephant ride up to the fort which is above a hill. Luckily we came earlier, if not, much more time would be wasted. Finally, it’s our turn and it’s a very shaky ride up to the fort on a pathway full of elephants’ droppings; smelly! We arrived at a plaza surrounded by mainly yellow-coloured facades with beautiful backdrop of the hills and blue sky.

We went up and up, going through ramps, stairs, tunnels and corridors and it is no doubt that it is another huge and amazing structure to visit. The main attraction is the Hall of Glittering Mirrors where at night, one flame is enough to create a sparkling environment due to the multiple reflection from the reflective materials used to built the hall. The views from the fort to the old city of Jaipur is also quite impressive.

Then, we proceed to Jaipur’s waterfront to take a closer look to the Water Palace in the middle of a man-made lake. It is built over 200 years ago as a place of retreat for the past emperors. After a short while, we proceed to the gem stones and jewellery factory for a little demonstration and we were brought to the shop. No buying definitely.

Then, we went to Jantarmantar Astronomical Observatory for a look over the scientific knowledge, research and determination of Indian history in astronomy. Those weird-looking structures and equipments available there are for the purposes like knowing the time of a day, determining the horoscope of the month, determining the angle and height of the Sun from the Earth, and many others. I hardly understand how most of the structures work eventhough the tour guide had explained it briefly.

Then, we proceed to the City Palace complex of Jaipur which houses several museums now, including paintings, armors and weapons, royal clothings, jars, etc. No photography is allowed inside and so I can only take pictures from the outside. We are also being brought to a hall of royal gathering which is very impressive, and also to a plaza surrounded by intricate peacock-styled gates.

After the tour in the palace complex, we went to the nearby local bazaar for a quick and dangerous shopping. Why quick? Because we were given only an hour for that long street of shops. Why dangerous? Because it is very challenging to even just cross a small road, knowing that the traffic is bad and the reckless driving behaviour of the people. We only bought some magnets there after some bargaining. We also see the Wind Palace along the street, with over 900 windows for women to look out in the past.

27th January 2012 (Friday)

Today, we proceed back to Delhi through a 5-hours bus ride. It’s quite boring staying so long in the bus. As soon as we reached Delhi and had lunch in a Chinese and Japanese Restaurant, our bus passes by the roads surrounded by embassies, and also the Presidential House of India, which is the world’s largest house for the head of state. It contains over 300 rooms and is previously known as Viceroy’s House.

What’s more interesting is that we saw there are many roundabouts in New Delhi, and that those places are filled with many people loitering around, relaxing with some playing small games including poker cards under the sun. The roundabouts are turned to something like a park. Then, we reached India Gate, a gigantic War Memorial gate-like structure of over 40 metres high for the 90 000 Indian armies who lost their lives in World War I. It’s a Western-styled gate and is supposed to be the center of New Delhi, with a very visible strong axis leading to the Presidential House.

At first, the itinerary already mentioned a tour to Raj Ghat, a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of independence of India. However, the place is still closed and we can’t get in there. Disappointed again. Then, the tour guide dropped the Lotus Temple tour too because it is quite far and might delay our time back to airport for flight home. Another bad decision! I couldn’t see the interior of the magnificent temple already! And yet, we are given an hour plus to visit a shopping mall near the airport.

It is so strict for the security check in the mall. You have to be inspected including your bags even before you can enter the mall. My goodness…I even give up on entering several shops in the mall as there are ample of guards watching you as if you are a thief. So, the shopping trip ended with nothing bought. Another disappointment. The authority was so afraid that we would bomb their place.

Finally, after an early dinner near the airport, we finally went back to the Indira Gandhi International Airport for flight back to Kuala Lumpur after a tiring trip. The procedures through the immigration and check-in are so annoying and wasting much of our time. The authority is too strict on that. Some last few pictures-taking and also some quick shopping in the airport before we leaved, and board the plane. We bought some chocolates, some small souvenirs (key chains, silver plate of Taj Mahal, and also a model of Taj Mahal). Okay…we were back to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in a very early morning, and we waited so long for that baggage reclaim. We had a breakfast at McDonalds in the airport before going back home for a sleep.


That’s the end of my trip. Yes, it’s already ended, and the conclusion is that the trip came with some disappointments (not able to shop on products we wanted, and also not able to visit some places as mentioned in itinerary, some delays from the traffic congestion) and also some surprises (surprises over good quality of hotel and food we are attended to). It is definitely a uniquely-different trip, as we saw many new and memorable perspectives from India which appears to be a fresh location as this is our first time being in this huge country with population of over a billion people. It is still an unforgettable trip for me, and the experience gained from the trip is priceless. It is fun and certainly different visiting India. Want a future trip to India next time soon? Not really also….The trip is over and I’m back blogging as usual again…

(All the pictures from this post are taken by myself, please credit if you are sharing or re-using it…for the full 400 pictures of the trip, you can go to my facebook photo album and see all that fascinating images easily)

Starchitecture: The Crystal (Toronto)

The Crystal (fully named as Michael Lee-Chin Crystal) is part of the expansion and renovation project undergoing at Royal Ontario Museum located in Toronto, Canada. It is built between 2002 – 2007.

It is designed by architect, Daniel Libeskind and Bregman+Hamann Architects. This structure is the highlight of the $270 million expansion and renovation project. The Crystal comprises five interlocking, self-supporting prismatic structures that interface with, but are not attached to, the original historic Royal Ontario Museum buildings.

The design, selected from among 50 entries in international design competition, saw the award-winning Terrace Galleries torn down and replaced with a Deconstructivist crystalline-form clad in 25% glass and 75% extruded-brushed, aluminium-cladding strips in warm silver colour.

The steel beams, each unique in its design and manufacture and ranging from 1 to 25 metres in length, were lifted one by one to their specific angle, creating complicated angle joints, sloped walls, and gallery ceilings.

Approximately 3,500 tons of steel and 38 tons of bolts were used to create the skeleton, and roughly 9,000 cubic metres of concrete were poured.

The building is named after Michael Lee-Chin who donated $30 million towards its construction.

It houses the new main entrance to the museum, a gift shop, a restaurant, a cafeteria, seven additional galleries and Canada’s largest temporary exhibition hall in the lower level.

The Crystal’s canted walls do not touch the sides of the existing heritage buildings, save for where pedestrian crossing occurs and to close the envelope between the new form and the existing walls.

Although designed to conform to existing height restrictions and maintain sight lines along Bloor Street, the Crystal, at certain points, cantilevers over the setback and into the street allowance.

The building’s design is similar to some of Libeskind’s other works, notably the Jewish Museum in Berlin,

the London Metropolitan University Graduate Centre,

and the Fredric C. Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum.

(These structures above designed by him have the same characteristics with the Crystal, Toronto, you may want to know more about them too, but I will just explain on the latest masterpiece from Daniel Libeskind, The Crystal)


The overall aim of the Crystal is to provide openness and accessibility. It seeks to blur the lines between the public area of the street and the more private area of the museum. The goal is to act as an open threshold where people as well as artifacts animate the spaces.

The main lobby is a three-story high atrium, named the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court. The lobby is overlooked by balconies and flanked by the J.P. Driscoll Family Stair of Wonders and the Spirit House, an interstitial space formed by the intersection of the east and west crystals, intended as a space of emotional and physical diversion.

What do you think of this structure?

I personally thinks that this structure has its own uniqueness, its own star of architecture (that’s why I called it as starchitecture). Very contrasting to the exisiting museum building which is designed in traditional architecture styles, this modern striking structure really stands out. It looks very agrresive to me, something expressing out of boundary. The form is cool. The exterior silver colour enhances its modern appearance while interior white colour gives purity and formality to the museum building. Anyway, I don’t like the structure to be on the place, looks very uncomfortable, but I knew the design is wanted to be  something odd out of usual.

Finally, the Wunder Wall!

today, 22nd of March 2009, is not an ordinary day in Limkokwing University…today is the submission of the Assignment 1: Wunder Wall from the module; Building Technology 101 under Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture.

For this assignment, I have to work in a group of three students and construct walls full of creativity, with 25% opening, with one opening to fit a tennis ball, major portion of walls exceed 30cm in height and showing solid construction. The main criterias in marking are the clarity of idea, richness of content, appropriateness of form and neatness of work.

This task needs 8 hours to be completed on the spot, in the Architectural Courtyard in the university.

Today, woke up very early, 6.10am already woken up from little sleep…very blur…then go to university with all the things equipped…

Our group number is 18…we find our place and started the assignment as planned earlier. We started the Wunder Wall around 7.30am with the construction of the platform in the middle.


Then, we construct the wunder wall which is based on the concept of maze; not only a type of maze but two; straight maze in smaller region and curvy maze in the larger region of the plinth.

But before that, I constructed the tower in the middle of the platform first. Then, i stopped the construction of it to let it to be resumed later.


Then, i construct the curvy maze while my friends construct the straight maze and the four towers at the corner of the designated area for our design. [Sorry, can’t expose much on our brilliant design]

The straight maze:



The curvy maze:



Two of the four towers (corners) – the same design:


The middle development:




Next, i construct little bit of the exterior wall and resumed the construction of the tower in the middle…at first, the design of the central tower should be similar to Burj Dubai, but after some changes, it looks more like the Angkor Wat like what every of our classmates said…


During the assignment, a lot of people looked at us, from first to the highest floor, or even from the ground floor, maybe they are over excited to see what we have been doing…haha…

Finally, our wunder wall was completed right on time..then the lecturers said ‘STOP’, ‘TIME’S UP’. Luckily, we had enough time in finishing our masterpiece. Then, a lot of people looked at our work and took pictures of it.

We have used up almost all of the 14 000 MDF blocks that we have bought for the assignment which costs over RM 880. Then, we cleaned up the mess around us and we found out that from 7.30am till 3.30am, we have not eat anything or even drink anything…incredible right? Great sacrifice of  energy and effort for the project…

Let’s see our final outcome, our masterpiece:









Marking session began…all of us have to be out of the region where all the wunder walls are placed…the lecturers marked, marked and marked, pretty fast..average three minutes for each wunder wall…i think there are total of over 30 wunder walls in the area…


Then, it is our turn..luckily, we get some good response from the lecturers..we satisfy all the requirements, very complicated, dense and beautiful (I can say, haha). Luckily, no part of our wunder wall collapsed..thanks God! in the process of constructing, we had some minor collapses which does not affect much on our final outcome…

It is heard from the lecturer that our group is one of the groups with the highest marks..the percentage of the task is 100 and we got around eighty group got over ninety something…it will be converted to the final marks of 30 anyway…quite happy with the results..

Haiz…but then, now it is time to destruct our whole wunder wall sadly…our 8-hours work come into nothing but back to normal MDF blocks…sad…anyway, it is an enjoyment as well as an effort-wasting assignment.

Pictures gallery of all the wunder walls:

really very tired, eat nasi lemak oso no feeling to my stomach already…not hungry anymore…not thirsty anymore..really very tired…got some time go took some photographs of other groups’ works…pretty amazing! The scene there in the courtyard is nice too!


come back here to my home, find some time to write this long post and insert some pictures for u all to see!

Very tired…really need to sleep..bye!