This Easter weekend: Time to choose which side you are on, Batman or Superman?

Happy Easter Weekend! I’m not a Christian, I didn’t celebrate it, but I’m too in the excitement of most of the people here in Australia who treat this festival as among their most important celebrations every year. In conjunction with that, there’s no class today (Good Friday today) and also for next week too. Wonderful holiday. This short break would give me the much needed time to relax while doing on some assignments for my study without the need to rush (I hate rushing for deadlines). Since there are not much to do today, it’s the perfect time to go out for a movie. A movie’s ticket here in Australia is very expensive (four times the cost of a movie ticket back in Malaysia), but I still wanted to watch this movie quick.


Yup, it’s the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. I’m not a comic book fans (Marvel, DC or whatever it is) but I have the urge to watch this highly anticipated movie of the year. Despite receiving early criticism especially in the casting and that criticism continues to the poor reception it has right now from many critics, I still wanted to see it. I believe many will too, so that we can judge it by our own eyes. After seeing it, I can say that it is not a masterpiece (some die hard fans praised this movie to the max) while it is not a rubbish film either (some fierce critics calling this extremely bad). It’s just an overly-hyped average film that only marvels in its visual spectacle. Nothing else.


In comparison, Marvel still do a better job in their superheroes films in the past. Well, they both went in different direction; Marvel goes for funnier and brighter approach while DC loves darker tone. I’m fine with DC’s darker theme but there can be something more to their outcome. DC did it right in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. However, both ‘Man of Steel’ and its latest sequel now ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ couldn’t reach that level. If you have high expectation entering the cinema watching it, you would be disappointed. I didn’t mean that it is bad; it was just mediocre.

The movie is slightly too long; taking 2 hours 30 minutes. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a comic book fans and so I’m not interested in the plentiful background story and character’s development especially for Batman in this movie. It’s a bit too much and I think some scenes (especially his many dreams of fear) can be cut off. The continuity of some scenes is also bad.


The cast contributed steady performances on the other hand. Henry Cavill is being the same Superman like he was in ‘Man of Steel’. Same goes to Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Ben Affleck had proven to his earlier critics that he can be a great Batman too. As for Jesse Eisenberg, his take on the villain, Lex Luthor is different as required by the director. He is doing fine and I’m alright with him being cast as the famous Lex Luthor. I can see that he had put in a lot of effort to take on this big role (his expressions and gestures are good actually). It’s just that his character is being written to be not memorable enough (couldn’t match The Joker’s level in The Dark Knight for instance). But that is still interesting enough compared to the other characters in this movie. So, Jesse’s haters out there, stop criticizing him..he didn’t screw the movie up. Gal Gadot is wonderful as the Wonder Woman but she didn’t get much screen time here yet.

The story here is much deeper compared to Marvel’s films. It focused more on ideologies/philosophies, symbolism, politics, and threat of power and its perception by people or certain individual. It is a refreshing new theme to explore, but it may not please the wide audiences. Fortunately, the movie is still filled with some great fight scenes (of course the one between the two titular roles as well as the final battle together with Wonder Woman with the Doomsday created by Lex Luthor). Opps…Batman appeared to be not much of a help in the final battle since Doomsday is too strong for him. As I said earlier, the movie also delivered with wonderful visual effects (awesome CGI works done on most parts of the movie that heavily requires it). The ending is quite emotional (won’t reveal more spoiler here) and it actually paves the way for more DC superheroes films, eventually expanding DC cinematic universe just like what Marvel did (Marvel does it earlier). Overall, the movie is still fine and worth to watch. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ a total of 7.2. Despite the poor reviews, it would still be a massive box office hit worldwide due to the fame of these two big superheroes sharing the same film. I’m guessing that it would earn over USD 1 billion in the end too.


Well, to answer back my question on the title of this blog’s post on which side you are on…Batman or Superman, my choice would be Superman, since he is far more superior and stronger than Batman who has to rely on gadgets (not useful against Superman except Kryptonian). Batman is still a human, while Superman is an alien with superpower. So, my side is on Superman. Wait, did he really died in the end of the movie? Opps…spoiler.

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The King’s Speech vs The Social Network

I have watched both of the movies mentioned above, and it seems there will be a serious fight between them in the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards or well known as Oscar. Both are the current hottest contenders for the Best Picture of the year, to be revealed this Sunday’s night (Monday’s morning in Malaysia).

The official nominees for the Best Picture are:

Black Swan – definitely going to watch it by this week as it received critical acclaim and high appraisal for Natalie Portman.

The Fighter – no interest on this kind of movie.

Inception – one of the best for the year, in music, in visual effects, and in original screenplay too (brilliant idea).

The Kids Are All Right – not available yet in Malaysia.

The King’s Speech – an epic historical drama film, but for me, it’s not the best for the year.

127 Hours – a movie based on a true story with brilliant performance by the one and only main cast, James Franco.

The Social Network – a movie on Facebook founding that leaves a great impact on the modern society with focus on friendship. The best of the year.

Toy Story 3 – a very touching animated film with great adventure.

True Grit – Not interested in this type of movie.

Winter’s Bone – Not available yet in Malaysia.

Out of the 10, I have watched 5, and will turn to 6 by end of this week before the Academy Awards presentation night. This is the first time I have been focusing so much on this awards, the biggest in film industry because I have watched many of those nominated films, so I have great interest on it for this year (based on movies released in 2010).

I have created a post on the official nomination list of the 83rd Academy Awards, to be hosted by young stars, James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

That post also includes my predictions and my favourite picks (which are separated). I believed for each year, the results that are announced are not fully satisfying. Same goes to this year.

Before the Oscar, there have been many awards (some I have not even heard before), and their picks go to either The King’s Speech and The Social Network. The King’s Speech won a lot, especially at British Annual Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) while The Social Network won big in Golden Globes Awards. However, if we checked on the statistics, The King’s Speech won more than The Social Network.

Before The King’s Speech, it is only The Social Network that steals the media attention for its brilliant acting, adapted screenplay, directing, editing and original score. After the release of The King’s Speech, everyone turned to this epic historical drama film, while there are only a bit of attention on the other nominees. A bit unfair, and predictable, that The King’s Speech will win the Best Picture at the Oscar.

The Social Network still has the chance to take the most prestigious award home. For me, I seriously like this movie a lot. For me, it’s not only the best picture of the year, but also among the best for the past ten years. I believed many people like The Social Network more than The King’s Speech, but they have to predict The King’s Speech to win because they have known the style of Oscar voters who are more into The King’s Speech. Of course, these predictors do not wish their predictions wrong, so they picked The King’s Speech rather than their own favourite, The Social Network.

For the Best Actor, the main fight is still between Colin Firth from The King’s Speech and Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network. Same case as for the Best Picture category. Colin Firth lost last year, and so he will definitely going to win this year, unless Oscar wanted to give us a surprise. Colin’s acting is good as the King, but just not as perfect as Jesse as Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. His character is more outstanding. This is the first time Jesse received an Oscar nomination and I think he is already well satisfied with that. He even won some smaller awards in Best Actor category for his impressive role in The Social Network. Oscar will definitely thinks that he is too young (28 years old) for their Best Actor award. Oh..please, age is not a factor! The acting is the main point! If Colin lost last year, why everyone want to give the award to him this year despite there is no breakthrough in his performance.

Jesse and Colin chatting at the Oscar Luncheon:

For the Best Actress category, I think there is no fight at all, as everyone is looking forward to Natalie Portman‘s excellent performance in Black Swan, the movie I’m anticipating for this Oscar week. Same case for the Best Animated Film, which will definitely goes to Toy Story 3. A bit weird that Tangled and Despicable Me are not in the nomination. Nothing much to say for Best Supporting Actor as my favourite, Andrew Garfield from The Social Network is not nominated. He did a good job in the film alongside with Jesse Eisenberg.

From left to right: Jesse Eisenberg and Colin Firth for Best Actor, and Natalie Portman for Best Actress.

Many have already confirmed that David Fincher is going to win Best Director for The Social Network and Aaron Sorkin for Best Adapted Screenplay. As for Best Original Score, there is a slight fight between The Social Network and Inception, but I think Oscar would prefer The Social Network as they do not like sci-fi based music too much. For many other categories, I’m not interested.

So, finally, what I think is that The Social Network will not win the Best Picture while there are many other not-so-prestigious awards waiting for it. The King’s Speech is going to win Best Picture (eventhough I disagreed but have to accept this upcoming fact) and Best Actor, and some others, probably not more than four. The King’s Speech is definitely going to lost in Best Supporting Actor and Actress category (to be honest). Anyway, both films will win big at the star-studded night.

The official movie trailers for The King’s Speech and The Social Network:

You have to really watch this two movies and judge on your own, which is better? I have to accept the fact that everyone has different opinions.

So, here is basically my summary of my predictions and all those things about Oscar. Nominated in the Oscar is already a gift, winning it is like a gift above a gift, a prestigious one. I really hoped that the Oscar voters really think and decide well in voting, as their votes decide the winners and the losers on this most important film awards. Ohh, I want to watch the awards presentation! Can I watch it live in Malaysia? Most probably no…too bad….

For The Social Network, you are still the best movie of the year for me and many of us!


Ohh….,this is my 555th post of my blog! What a nice number!

Heart of Greed VS Moonlight Resonance

Heart of Greed






 – had a very nice plot, especially the plot in the family conflicts.

          More touching, heart-breaking (especially when Dai Kei, Dai Bao went to hospital and died, Sai Kei regrets at the end, Dak Dak Dei told his family that Dai Kei will not be the guardian angel of the family after she passed away)

          Focuses more on the love triangle between Alfred, Seung Joi Sum and Dak Dak Dei.

          The evil plot by Sai Kei is not enough (Sai Kei is only greedy)

          Had many ‘golden words’ like ‘ I say what then is what! No need proof! Here is not court, no need evidence! My eyes are the proof!’, ‘ Haven’t  up to the thrown’s seat, already use knife to kill people’, ‘ My face worth how much? Is it more valuable than my children’s future?’, etc.

          Not much exciting parts in the drama but quite a lot of memorable scenes.

– Won the Best Drama in TVB 40th anniversary.


 Main Characters’ analysis:

Dai Kei (Louise Lee) – Performed very well in the drama. She is the one who made people cried for her especially when she started to have cancer. When she admitted to hospital, undergoing treatments until day after day, her health weakens, advising her in-laws not to separate her son with Jackie, giving her authority to Dak Dak Dei to take care of her family, until when she passed away. Very emotional and very real. Won the Best Actress Award in 40th anniversary.


Sai Kei (Susanna Kwan) – the villain in the drama, had a greedy heart to get the properties of the family. Cheated by her greedy boyfriend to fight with her family. Her performance in the drama is pretty good too. Very emotional in acting. Won the Most Favourite Female Character in 40th anniversary because she is the evil one.


Dai Bao (Ha Yu) – very emotional acting in the drama. Her cries are real, really real in the drama. Perfect acting too. But he looks a bit ‘down’ in the drama. The drama does not really focus much on him, focusing much rather on his eldest son, Dak Dak Dei (this is why Moses won the Best Actor Award in 40th anniversary).


Dak Dak Dei (Moses Chan) – very emotional too. He is the lead role in the series. Focused more on him in the family as well as the love conflict with Seung Joi Sum. Because he is just taken from the toilet (he is an adopted son), more story is on him instead. Won the Best Actor Award and Most Favourite Male Character in 40th anniversary.


Ling Lei (Michelle Yim) – the auntie who run the business for her brother-in-law, very kind-hearted. Did not focused much on her in the series. She is the one who helps to take care of the family with Dak Dak Dei after Dai Kei and Dai Bao passed away. Pretty good acting but being abandoned aside.


Gill (Bosco Wong) – acting not with emotion in the series. His expression is like being forced to act in the series. Not being focused too.


Jackie (Tavia Yeung) – being focused in the series a bit especially when she came to the family through difficulties. Good acting from her.


Seung Joi Sum (Linda Chung) – she acted pretty good, improving in her skills especially crying skill! Her screentime is a lot (being focused a lot by TVB). Her love triangle is just disgusting (too much).


Alfred (Raymond Lam) – guest actor in the series. But a lot of screentime too. Nothing more to say about him. He doesn’t seems to portray much of his characteristics.


Ling Bo (Louis Yuen) – his screentime in the series is quite a lot too as he is another villain in the series. Always help Sai Kei with greedy heart to get the properties of the family. He won Best Supporting Actor in 40th anniversary.


Highest rating: 47.



Moonlight Resonance




– a very nice plot, now focuses mainly in family conflicts.

          Every character had chance to stand out in their scenes (fair allocation)

          Not much touching, but had a lot of climax scenes like when Yan Hung argued with Hor Ma in the washroom and slapped her, Sa Yee deals with Yan Hung in a restaurant’s washroom until she slapped her few times, final part of the drama when Yan Hung shouts to the crowd.

          Have love triangle between Goon Gar Jai, Yu Shou Sam and Dr. Ling too (but not the main point of the story)

          Sufficient evil plots by Yan Hung, the villain. (very evil in the drama)

          Not much golden words, have too like ‘People on the heaven, money in the bank’, ‘What people do, the sky (heaven) watch’, etc.

          Many exciting parts in the drama but with less memorable scenes.

          Memorable scenes: ‘ When Yan Hung looked at the video recorded showing Jo Bau happily with Hor Ma on the stage and felt angry, then she went out of her luxury car and thinks that the only thing that she needs to depend on is not her husband now, but is her running business, Ka Hou Yuet Yuen bakery shops’, etc.

– Breaks Heart of Greed records…sweeping a lot of awards in TVB 41st anniversary awards including the Best Drama.


Main Characters’ Analysis:


Hor Ma (Louise Lee) – Acting is the same, perfect, brilliant and looks real. She is always the one that stands out when quarrels or conflicts occur. Scenes with her are a lot. Won the Most Favourite Female Character in 41st anniversary.


Yan Hung (Michelle Yim) – It’s time for her to reveal. Not to becoming a kind auntie this time, she acted as the main villain in the drama. Acted with full emotion with evil intentions, no one can beat her in acting as evil like this one. Her changing of nice to a cruel expression is perfect. Her evil plots in the drama are numerous, not only to take back the property, but to win back her husband, but she lost in the end too due to her greedy heart. Perfect acting. Her screen times are not a lot, but sufficient enough to win her the best Actress Award in 41st anniversary.


Jo Bao (Ha Yu) – Acting is the same, perfect and looks real. But this time, he is being focused more rather than his son (Moses). So, he won the Best Actor Award in 41st anniversary. Her cries are real this time too, very real. Very emotional acting in this series.


Sa Yee (Susanna Kwan) – This time, she is the auntie. At first, she is a bit of evil because of the same thing, greedy. But at last, she turns over a new leaf. Same fate with Michelle Yim in the previous version, Heart of Greed, she won nothing in year 2008. Nevermind, her acting is still good eventhough there are people disliked her of screaming in the drama.


Goon Gar Jai (Raymond Lam) – His popularity rises more in the series in his responsible character to the family in the series. Taking full care towards his family while involving in a love conflict with Yu Shou Sam making this character to be admirable. His acting is with full experience and very real too. His acting is brilliant too. Won the Most Favourite Male Character in 41st anniversary.


Yu Sou Sam/Chou (Linda Chung) – being focused a lot in the series too. This time as the daughter of the evil mother, Yan Hung. She plays great responsibility in quarrelling with her mother so that her mother would regret over her wrong deeds. Involved in boring and disgusting love triangle again. This time she had a lot of crying scenes which are unbearable. Little things happen, then cry. Please!


Ah Ka (Moses Chan) – not being focused much except on his early business and love conflict with Kate Tsui and Tavia Yeung. Acted very good in the series too but will not being paid attention as he had won several awards last year.


Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung) – Her crying scene is not much, but acted in a very good skill. Her crying scene is adorable and made people like her. She became so popular after the series, winning the Best Supporting Actress in 41st anniversary. Her acting is full of emotion.


Kah Mei (Kate Tsui) – another villain in the series with no heart in the beginning. Had a lot of tricks and evil plots especially against Ah Yuet who loved Ah Ka. Young aged but with evil heart. At last, she confessed her wrong deeds and told the truth about Yan Hung’s evilness. Does not perform the best in the series, but well okay with her character in the series.


Ah Heng (Fala Chen) – she acted very well as the mute girl in the drama which made people sad over her. Her acting is with emotion too and is not like a wood like her younger brother, Chung Chai.


Highest rating: 50.





Conclusion: I still personally thinks that Moonlight Resonance is better than Heart of Greed. More exciting and climax parts in the story, more evil plots, more family conflicts, some memorable and heart-touching scenes.



What do you think? Do you agree with me? Feel free to comment on your views.