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‘The Shard’ won Emporis Skyscraper Award 2013.

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The Emporis Skyscraper Award for the year 2013, which is considered the world most renowned prize for skyscrapers, goes to London’s ‘The Shard’. The tallest building in western Europe, ‘The Shard’ was chosen by an international panel of experts from more than 300 skyscrapers of at least 100 metres in height and which were completed during the previous calendar year. The award, given by Emporis (, the international provider of building data. is now in its 14th year.

The 306m tall building designed by Renzo Piano, won over the jury, thanks to its unique glass fragment-shaped form and its sophisticated architectural implementation. Hmm…I had seen this building on my trip to Europe last year. I find that it is just a tall full-glass building that ends sharply at the top. Nothing special or worthy to be awarded the top honour for this skyscraper prize. That’s my personal opinion. Perhaps I didn’t know in detail of how the design is that great or maybe that last year’s competition isn’t strong, and so ‘The Shard’ stands out.


Second place went to DC Tower 1 at Vienna. The building at 250m high, is now Austria’s tallest building. The interesting feature of the building is one of its four sides that came with folded glass facade (creating ‘in’ and ‘out’ effect). In contrast with the other three typical flat sides of the building, the faceted facade creates a shifting pattern of light and shadow that animates the surface and lends it a rippling quality.


Coming in third place is Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort at Huzhou, China. It is a luxury hotel and resort by a lake with a height of 102m. It is not a very tall building, but is bold enough, thanks to its massive glowing light at night, striking reflection, and also particularly its torus/ ring-shaped form that leads to several nicknames given to the building like ‘Horseshoe Hotel’ or ‘Doughnut Hotel’.


For the full list of the top 10 winners of 2013’s Emporis Skyscraper Awards, go to this link: Hmmm…I don’t think Malaysia (my country) has any buildings that have won this prize before since its inception. If this prize is started out earlier (before 1997), then I’m sure Petronas Twin Towers will win.

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Me in 2012…my three most unforgettable events of the year.

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After writing down a re-cap of the world in 2012 in my previous post, it’s time to narrow the topic down to what’s big happening to me throughout this particular year. So, this individualistic post would allows me to express my three most unforgettable events of the year, and perhaps even more to that below.

1. Memorable oversea trip to India during Chinese New Year.

Me and my family went out for oversea trip every Chinese New Year. This year, we went to a place that earlier we never thought of going actually. It’s India. We decided to go there as the cost is less burdening and that India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal. The trip took only 6 days if I’m not mistaken, and I enjoyed every single moments I had within that duration of the trip. Besides visiting the extremely beautiful Taj Mahal and some other fascinating tourist attractions, I get to see also ‘special’ things that I will never get to see in my country (camels, poops everywhere, a vast land where hundreds of people are doing their ‘business’ publicly, homes to the extremely poor, abundance of awful-looking bus still in operation, etc). Somewhere in the middle of the year, I also had trip to Malacca (A Famosa Resort and Malacca Town) with my sisters and trip to Singapore (study trip by company).



(The majestic Taj Mahal at Agra is definitely the highlight of my trip to India.)




(The symbolic red buildings that represents Malacca Old Town, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.)




(The very beautiful skyline of Singapore. Now I wish to have a longer trip to this place soon.)

2. The year I stepped into working career.

After my graduation at the end of last year, I enjoyed few months of break while at the same time applying for Master study in architecture at oversea. Many have already had their programme started and application closed, and so my choice is very limited. For that reason and also not to put a heavy financial burden on my dad, I decided to go for job instead. This year marked the first time I went for job interview, the first time I successfully get hired into this profession of architecture, and the first time I become an architect after getting my degree. Although life can be quite boring and stressful from this profession, but I won’t give up, and will not stop from gaining essential working experience that would allows me to climb further in my future career.

3. Lost my grandma, then lost my car.

My beloved grandma turned 86 this year. She had been very healthy for all those years until 2012, when her health showed sign of deteriorating after accidentally falling down twice. She gets very forgetful and easily caught in extreme emotion (typical for people of this age), and the worst is that she kept taking medicines (she thought she didn’t) until that leads to many more illness later on (damage to internal organs). She passed away in August this year. May my beloved grandma rest in peace. Then, not long after in November, I lost my car that I had been driving for several years. There are so many cars along the side road at the time and it’s my car that got stolen. Bad luck. It’s really making my life inconvenient after that, and I had to move back to stay with my dad now (previously staying at my eldest sister’s home when my car is present). I don’t want to lose anything more. That’s enough.

I wouldn’t say that 2012 is a great year to me, but I’m still happy of this year that I went through it in a healthy state. There are ups and downs that I faced this year, but that is inevitable as part of our growing process and I face it calm. This is the year I turned 21, which then allows me to do many things already (enter casino, participate in election, etc). There isn’t any major birthday celebration (as supposed for people reaching 21 years old) as my grandma’s recent passing disallowed me to celebrate within a year according to Chinese belief, but I am not blaming it on anyone. I’m okay with it. Last but not least, this is also the year I spent most of my time in blogging here actually. Haha….thanks for reading on what I had been through generally this year.

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The World in 2012…a re-cap of major things or events of the year.

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The fantastic year of 2012 is almost coming to an end. Before saying goodbye to the year, I took this opportunity to write a re-cap of some of the big things that had happened within the year that made a global impact or had become a highlight of the year. It appears that it has now becomes an annual tradition in my blog here to write a re-cap of major events occurred within that particular passing year. This year is not an exception, and I’m not going to write long. I would just sum it up to only three ‘big’ things of 2012 that contributed the most impact in global scale or proportion.

1. London, the city that the world set eyes on in 2012.

London truly surpass other great cities to be the highlight of the year. Not only did the city became the centre of celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee where countless of parades and festivals were held in early year, London later played host to the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the world’s biggest and most anticipating sporting event. Not long after celebration marking the queen’s 60th anniversary to the throne of UK and Commonwealth, the city continued to gear up to welcome the world to witness and participate into one of the most successful games ever. Eventhough the opening and closing ceremonies are a bit of disappointment to me, but it is no doubt that London is full of spirit on this particular year.


2. Oppa, Gangnam Style.

Even until now, I still don’t understand how Psy’s Gangnam Style song could reach popularity at such extreme scale. Everybody have listened to it before, and most would have watch the video too. Nothing impressive to me actually. Well, earlier, I have known that this decade is indeed the rise of K-Pop in music, but never did I thought that a Korean song could go this far (having almost 1 billion views in Youtube alone, breaking the worldwide record of video with highest hits, beating out previous title holder, ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber). This had also lead to countless of remakes or pranks to this hit song. And of course, the song which had gone that viral and unbelievably addictive to majority of the people in this planet now, brought fame to the singer, Psy who brought home multiple awards and record-breaking achievement. Unbelievable. 2012 is truly the year for the birth of the impacting Gangnam Style.


3. End of the world on 21st December 2012? No, but there is still a lot of fuss about it.

Everybody in their heart knew that the world will not ends in 2012. Admit it. People just keep talking about it, as it is a popular topic to raise up particularly on this month. It is not because we seriously look into it, but it provides us an issue everyone seems interested in. This 21.12.2012 rumour had also received much hype and popularity, thanks to the disaster film ‘2012’ released few years ago with impressive visual effects that depicts the end of the world in a much terrifying scale. This day is over and life goes on, but the fuss over this date still made it to the headline definitely. No one really knows when is the end of the world, but right know, it is known that we could never disregard or look down to the impact of this particular speculation of  doomsday to this year.


Well, all that aren’t enough to summarize the year as seen in the world? Well, there are several more to list down here. The 2012 World Expo was held successfully at Yeosu, South Korea with theme on living ocean and coast from May 12 to August 12. It is the first ever world fair held on water. In May 22, The Tokyo SkyTree, the tallest self-supporting tower in the world at 634 metres high opened to the public. It is an incredibly tall observation and telecommunication tower that significantly changes Tokyo’s skyline. Between June 5 to 6, the century’s second and last solar transit of Venus occurred. The next pair are predicted to occur in 2117 and 2125 (which is at least 105 years from now, and we would never live that long to see the next one).

In July 30 t0 31, we witnessed the worst power outage in world history occurring at India that leaves 620 million without power. It’s affecting about 9% of the world population. Luckily, I am living in Malaysia is not affected. In October 24 to 30, the fearsome Hurricane Sandy (largest Atlantic hurricane on record) left at least 200 people dead and caused massive destruction at Carribean, Bahamas, United States and Canada. In November 25 to December 2, Phillipines was struck by deadly Typhoon Bopha that killed almost 2000 people. Hmm..but if comparing the scale of natural disasters that happened this year to that of previous years, this year’s natural destruction isn’t terrible. It’s a bless to all of us to have such a year with lesser number of natural tragedies. There are two famous deaths in this year; the famous singer Whitney Houston in February 11 and the first man on Moon, Neil Armstrong in August 25. May they rest in peace. Huh…so those are the major highlights of the year. They would then turned into memorable history representing year 2012. Thanks for reading by the way.

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Sum up of 2012’s TVB series I have watched.

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TVB 45th anniversary celebration brought its curtain down yesterday with the awards presentation. Overall, the result is very satisfying except for the last two main awards, best actor and best series. You can read the full result of this prestigious awards and check out my analysis and comments over the result in my previous post. And now, it’s almost the end of the year, and I wish to have a post to sum up all the series in 2012 that I have watched. Out of 24 series released in 2012 and included into nomination for the TVB awards presentation yesterday, I have watched 11, almost half of the total number.

Here listed below are the series released in 2012 that I have watched along with a link of my review, my rating and lastly my final general comment over the respective drama in this blog too:

1. Wish and Switch

My review:

My rating: 6.2

General comment: Great idea, but not of good drama material. Plain and boring most of the time, and Johnson Lee’s appearance made it worst.

2. Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

My review:

My rating: 7.4

General comment: An entertaining drama especially with Roger Kwok in it as the emperor. I don’t like Fala Chen in ancient drama, including this one.

3. The Greatness of a Hero

My review:

My rating: 7.5

General comment: An interesting drama revolving fight between Wayne and Kent. Rebecca Chan did very well in this drama as Wu Ze-tian. I find Bernice Liu a bit annoying in this drama.

4. Three Kingdoms RPG

My review:

My rating: 6.7

General comment: A highly potential drama ruined. Kenneth is quite awkward while Raymond is too ‘wood’ in this series. Low-budget visual effect. Touching but poor ending.

5. King Maker

My review:

My rating: 7.5

General comment: Another drama on battle between Wayne and Kent. This time, Kent is the villain, and I find this arrangement is weird. Anyway, a very exciting and interesting drama.

6. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

My review:

My rating: 7.0

General comment: Interesting setting with several social issues raised. Solid performance by all casts, and quite touching in the end. Too bad, this drama is a bit too long.

7. The Hippocratic Crush

My review:

My rating: 8.0

General comment: Impressive script and very likeable performance by casts. Kenneth and Tavia as on-screen couple steals the show. Touching, memorable, great theme song and definitely for me the best series of the year.

8. Daddy Good Deeds

My review:

My rating: 6.9

General comment: A light, warm, fun and entertaining drama revolving on two families. I like Steven Ma’s series and this is not an exception.

9. Ghetto Justice 2

My review:

My rating: 6.2

General comment: Quite an effortless sequel, which is so bad compared to its predecessor. It’s like a sequel forced out without considering quality and substance.

10. Highs and Lows

My review:

My rating: 7.7

General comment: A good drama to watch. There is thrill in the beginning and at the ending. Kate Tsui had breakthrough here while Raymond did a good job too. This drama had a touching and intense ending.

11. The Confidant

My review:

My rating: 7.7

General comment: A very beautiful drama with strong plot involving friendship between eunuchs, romance of no future, jealousy and hatred. Solid performance by huge ensemble of casts. Had a plain yet meaningful ending.

So, within these 12 series, this is the order of their standing in terms of my rating: (top three in bold with their official series poster)

1. The Hippocratic Crush (8.0)

image (1)

2. The Confidant (7.7)

the confidant (TVB)

3. Highs and Lows (7.7)


4. King Maker (7.5)

5. The Greatness of a Hero (7.5)

6. Queens of Diamonds and Hearts (7.4)

7. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (7.0)

8. Daddy Good Deeds (6.9)

9. Three Kingdoms RPG (6.7)

10. Ghetto Justice 2 (6.2)

11. Wish and Switch (6.2)

In the end, it is unexpectedly ‘When Heaven Burns’ that won the Best Series Award yesterday. Unbelievable. I didn’t watch this series because I find it really boring even in earlier episodes already. Anyway, looking forward to TVB series next year like ‘War and Beauty 2’, ‘Triumph in the Skies 2’, ‘The Hippocratic Crush 2’, ‘Rosy Business 3’, etc. Wow, it seems like there is a lot of sequels planned next year.

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Starting to get back to TVB series, just finished the whole series of ‘Three Kingdoms RPG’

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After several months of not watching any Hong Kong TVB’s series, I started to feel unusual on every night after work when I have no drama to catch. Then, TVB released quite an anticipating series last month, entitled ‘Three Kingdoms RPG’ starring Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan, Pierre Ngo, Sharon Chan and many other supporting casts. The story as clearly suggested from the title revolves on the three kingdoms back over thousand years ago, but begins with Kenneth Ma, an addicted online game player accidentally travelled back to three kingdoms era and met all those historical figures.

That is quite an interesting synopsis. TVB had not been using the idea of time travel on its series for many years already, after it had been adapted before in ‘A Step Into The Past’ and ‘The King Of Yesterday And Tomorrow’. It’s good to have the time travel idea back into its drama. ‘Three Kingdoms RPG’ also enabled me to learn a bit on the history of Three Kingdoms in ancient China, particularly introducing me to those historical figures like Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Cheung Fei, Suen Kuen, Zhou Xou and many others.

The drama isn’t all only about telling the history. I like the part when Kenneth Ma whom is brought back to the historical era had to adapt to the environment and on the same time influencing the people in the past with modern stuff particularly in modern talks. It’s quite hilarious and entertaining to watch those parts. It has never been that funnier or interesting without the presence of his character. However, I find Kenneth’s character on this series to be a little bit annoying. The issue is not on Kenneth’s performance. He did very well on his acting. It is the poor handling to his character that makes him unlikeable. And I find that he looks much better on appearance in modern world rather than giving him historical character to portray. The ending showing him in the age of sixties waiting to return to Three Kingdoms era is quite interesting. But his singing of the song ‘You Are Always On My Mind’ which linked him to Tavia in the series is quite awful.

On the other hand, I’m disappointed with Raymond Lam’s performance. Luckily, this drama concentrated more on Kenneth Ma and his character’s development. Raymond Lam had been very ‘woody’ on his recent performance and I really get bored by his emotionless and ‘chok’ appearance which isn’t much suitable for the ancient time setting of the series. Zhuge Liang is a great war strategist but Raymond ruined that powerful character. Poor casting is a major issue for this series. Sharon Chan appears with not much of purpose on this series, available only in few short scenes. Selecting Pierro Ngo to act as Suen Kuen is a right decision. He gave a very impressive and solid performance as one of the influential and talented leaders in the Three Kingdoms era. Too bad, there isn’t a lot of emphasis on his character which can actually be developed further rather than having to share most of his on-screen time with Ruco Chan’s character that turned evil due to jealousy of Zhuge Liang’s knowledge.

I like the chemistry between Kenneth and Tavia after their on-screen couple presence in ‘The Hippocratic Crush’, a TVB medical-based drama released early this year. I find there isn’t anything much interesting going on between their relationship on this series and out of sudden, Szema Shun (Kenneth) had his unconditional love to Song Yau (Tavia) in the end after not having any feeling to her in most of the series. It’s disappointing that Szema Shun had not able to express his love to Song Yau after successfully travelled back to modern time while Song Yau couldn’t do so. The ending is quite touching and emotional eventhough the ending failed in a lot of other aspects, like not mentioning what’s going on to Three Kingdoms after the war. Many things are like unanswered in the end. What’s for letting Song Yau to arrive in modern world after Szema Shun had passed away? I am now guessing there must be some sort of strong response and reaction from those people in the Three Kingdoms era after Szema Shun suddenly went missing. There can be a very potential development to that point, but TVB couldn’t think of that direction to give a much better conclusion to the drama. Out of 10 points, I rate this drama 6.7. Ahh…and the visual effect is so awfully bad. Budget issue…

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Movie review: Ah Beng The Movie – Three Wishes (2012)

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Am I a bit outdated to have only watched ‘Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes’ just now? It’s a local production from Myfm and Astro, and is released in conjunction with the previous Chinese New Year celebration. It’s already over two months and the festive mood is gone, but the movie still works well on delivering meaningful messages to the viewers. Even our Prime Minister watched the movie on its premiere last time, and so I gave a chance for this film.

I personally don’t like ‘Ah Beng’ character because that character is too dumb and idiotic. But I think Jack Lim, whom is a famous DJ from Myfm portrayed the character so well and successfully indulge himself into that character until to the point, that I started to dislike Jack Lim just as I dislike the ‘Ah Beng’ character. I have watched some episodes from the series version of Ah Beng and I find it to be too brainless and absurd. Somehow, it still gets entertaining and hilarious at some moments.

Back to this movie, it’s about a man granted three wishes and is sent to many years later to get to know the fate of his wife and his only son, realizing that he needs to change his character for his family in future. Well, the story is not only about that. There must be involvement of those similar faces, particularly some of the DJs from Myfm involved in this movie. Well, these supporting characters did manage to pull the story up successfully, and if the movie is without them, the outcome would be much ‘quieter’, dull and boring.

Well, the movie delivered meaningful messages to the viewers from some emotional and heartfelt scenes; particularly from the part when the group participated in a competition to win the cash prize to help their friend in bone marrow surgery. The singing scene is a memorable one, and that certainly brought up my reputation towards the movie, away from those silliness aspects. Finally, there is something serious and emotional going on. The song sang by them especially by Ah Yoke herself is nice and lovely.

The plot is also quite engaging. Perhaps the climax would be the car chasing scene, but I think that part is a bit ridiculous and doesn’t fit really well into the whole flow of the story. The movie is on the right track on delivering moral values, and it emphasized on the essence of having dinner together as that is an important Chinese tradition especially the reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year. Overall, it’s a good local production and there is not much silliness attached to Ah Beng that annoyed me sometimes. I can see the effort, but still the quality of getting funny is not there, but I think that is not the main selling point of the movie. But I still wish for something hilarious like those in Hong Kong Chinese New Year movies, but turned out none. Nevermind…I rate the film a total of 7.2, and it’s quite a good rating already.


My blog’s three years old birthday!

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It’s a bit weird but I would still want to wish my blog happy birthday! My blog is now 3 years old!

3 years of blogging is certainly not a big thing to be proud of, but for me, I still do felt excited for it! Well, I can’t believe that I have stay on sticking to my blog here for 3 years already. Many of you have definitely not know that I have actually started blogging way back 4 years ago on another blog (not this one). But for that one which I couldn’t even remember the name of it, I am just focusing on sharing my interest on tall buildings which I have been fascinated to as early as from my secondary schooling, far before I started to take the architecture course of study for my higher education level.

I do tried on finding that leftover blog of mine (the actual first blog I had written) in Google, but still couldn’t. I guess that blog is already terminated since I have not logging in to that for over 3 years already, making it seriously inactive. I couldn’t even remember my log-in username and password for that. Forget about it. All that are not happening to my blog here. I had my full concentration on this blog eventhough I am not free during this time of my study when it finally comes to my final semester. I promised myself not to make this blog inactive, to be always updated, and forever mine! Haha…

28th September 2008 is the first day I created this blog. Now, today is 28th September 2011. Three years have gone, and my blog had been online for 1095 days, with over 700 posts and over 800 000 hits currently. I even clicked back on the first page of my blog, refreshing my mind on the earliest posts I have written here…and I can see huge improvement on my writing and quality of posts. That is good. This blog is actually helping me in certain aspects. I even get to know more friends who have read my blog. Nothing much to celebrate for my blog here actually, and it would be just another one fine day for me; attending classes from morning till evening on Wednesday! Would be very tiring…

Happy Birthday once again to my blog,! All the best!