My blog is turning 10 years old today!

Yesterday is a significant day for Google as it was their 20th anniversary. Today (28th September 2018) on the other hand is a very meaningful and historic day for me as it marks the 10th anniversary of my blog here. A decade has gone since I browse through the web looking for a platform for blogging and then decided to join WordPress, create a profile and well, you know where it leads to now.

When I first started my blog here, I didn’t see any long-term plan or future for it. Back then, I was just a teenager having a sudden urge to create a blog that I think won’t last for long. A very simple and informal blog that allows me to express myself on the internet without thinking of going far. I am not seeking huge number of blog followers, increasing popularity or any exposure.

‘’ then went through its 1st anniversary, 2nd anniversary, and so on…until today, when it crosses yet another significant milestone; 10th anniversary! Now, it has nearly 3.5 million views and over 300 blog followers. Presently, my blog also has about 400 views daily on average. This particular post is my blog’s 2050th post and that means I have written over 2000 posts in these 10 years, all by myself. Well, that’s an astounding achievement that I can be proud of.

I didn’t expect that I can come to this far and that there will be a lot more 10 years for this blog. No matter how busy I am in the past, present or future, I would still dedicate some time here to share my stories or any interesting issues from sports and politics to travel and architecture to everyone. This blog has become part and parcel of my life eventually and it acts like my online diary now.

In the following 10 years, I’m looking to expand my blog with better content and graphic, and eager to improve on my writing for higher quality posts. This commenced right away with the obvious change of my blog’s layout theme. It looks very different now and it sets a refreshing path for years to come. I would also look into producing posts touching on broader topics while further refining on future posts related to certain fields that I’m attached to such as architecture. And soon, I would be having my personal domain name for my blog. These would be my goals and my future direction for my blog from this point onward. ‘’ will stay active as long as me and the internet are here.

Last but not least, Happy 10th Birthday to my blog once again!




A special date today. Happy 12.12.12

11 years ago, we started to witness repetitive dates.

01.01.01 on first of January 2001. Then 02.02.02 on 2nd February 2002. 03.03.03 on 3rd March 2003. And so on…From year 2001 onwards, we get to have every year a day with the date of all three numbers the same. But this occurrence won’t be in once a year anymore after this day. Today is 12th December 2012, which simplifies it to only 12.12.12. The next time this date comes would be in a hundred years. No one would be able to witness the second round of repetitive dates. And after 12.12.12, there would be no more 13.13.13 or so on, as our calendar only has 12 months, so it’s impossible to have 13 or following in the middle figures indicating the month.


Actually, all these do not require much explanation. Everyone knows it. It’s 12.12.12. A lot of people must be talking about it, particularly on this day itself. Or are you that blur to have only realize it now once you read this post? Not right?…And we are truly blessed to have live on such date that only falls once in a century. And furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, we are the generation that have gone through 01.01.01, 02.02.02..blah, blah, blah… all together. Our future generation would not be able to pass through such dates, not until a 100 years later. But then, what would happen to the Earth a hundred years later? Mankind is gone? Or migrated to another planet? Or evolved to something else? Who knows…

So, this day shall be a very special and remarkable day to all of us. Yes, I would be passing the day working as usual. But then, in my heart, I would treat this day good and see it as an awesome day! I will try to enjoy the day and have the day with good mood. For others, many would take this last opportunity (last time for date with repetitive numbers) to get married as such day would be seen auspicious especially according to Chinese belief. So, it’s a day of wedding boom as well! And for me, I would take this opportunity to write this post down to mark on such an iconic date! And I purposely have this post published on 12:12pm, in the afternoon of this day, so it sums up to

12.12.12….ooh, it’s 9 days left before the predicted end of the world by Mayan civilization. Relax…this isn’t true. Nothing would happen…there are still many years ahead for us. Forget about such hoax. By the way, I remembered that Jackie Chan’s latest film, CZ12 is going to be released on this day. It’s his 101th film on something about treasure hunting on which I’m particularly interested on such theme and looking forward to his stunts! Going to watch it soon, but definitely not today since it must be fully purchased everywhere in cinemas already. Gonna wait a while for it…

Anyway, last but not least, let me say it again, enjoy your 12.12.12! It falls only once in a hundred years, and it’s the last round of us witnessing the 12 dates of repetitive numbers in a row in the past 12 years. Appreciate it! And make it as special and as memorable as you can! Be creative on this day! Happy 12.12.12!


design background of blue luminous rays

Wao…this is my 888th post!

I believe most of the people like number 8, and so this post which is exactly the 888th post of my blog here must be something really extreme and is a must to be mentioned. It’s triple 8 this time, far away from the previous 88th post achievement back in 2009 which is only double 8. Quadruple 8? The 8888th post? When am I going to reach that? Wow….that must be way ahead from now (probably 30 years later) if I’m still having the passion and effort of continuing on this blog. I must be getting old already by the time.

According to the Chinese, 8 is considered a very auspicious figure, and we just couldn’t avoid from believing that number 8 is really good and lucky for all of us, including the non-Chinese. Lucky 8! Lucky 8! Lucky 8! Having this 888th post at this moment is something I’m very happy for, not only because of the number itself, but also that the goal of reaching 1000 posts is getting nearer and nearer, which is predicted to be accomplished by June this year.

I estimated that in two weeks later, there would be another much nearer milestone achieved by my blog; reaching 900 posts. I predicted myself for producing at least another 12 more posts for this coming two weeks, which now turned like a blogging task to me. Haha…What’s more important in my goal is the 1000 posts’ achievement! Anyway, right now, there is still something to be happy about for having 888 posts at the moment. Let’s bring the luck of 8 to the blog and to myself as well!

Having this 888th post on this day counteracts with the Qing Ming Festival in which the actual day for this tomb sweeping festival for the Chinese is on today, 4th April 2012. So if you see the number of this post over the date today, it’s triple 8 against double 4. So, triple 8 rules in the end! Haha…


Seen a very special cash note just now…

Have you seen this Ringgit Malaysia cash note?

This is actually a real, genuine RM 50 of special edition, which is in limited number and released only in year 1998, to commemorate the 1998 Commonwealth Games held in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That is the first time an Asian city hosted the world second largest international games. This is released to be kept as collection, and I think not many people (Malaysians) have seen this…

Even the cash note is kept savely inside a small pamphlet, which information related to the cash note and the commonwealth games are explained…this is the cover of the pamphlet, showing the main venues for the Commonwealth Games 1998 (so fast, 11 years ago)

Today, on dinner just now, my father’s brother took out this cash note, and we are surprised to see it. Gold in colour, polymer-made. It is the first polymer type of cash released in Malaysia, similar to the current RM5 note. Nicely-designed, with KL Tower, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and Petronas Twin Towers (3 landmarks of Malaysia) seen on the front, with the main stadium of 1998 Commonwealth Games, Bukit Jalil National Stadium with the games logo at the back. Last time, my uncle spent RM80 to bought the RM50 note, which my uncle has to wait to get it, how precious it is…this note is getting more valuable as day by day passes…now, people can even offer RM300 to buy it (I think)…of course, we won’t sell won’t see this on public anymore, people who have it will definitely keep it…

Huh…now only I realized that I have written three posts (including this one) on this blog today…great…always updated, even in one day…you see great changes…

First time trying Korean meal yesterday…

It’s been boring throughout the holiday. Since we have finalized our decision to go to Korea for our Chinese New Year 2010 family trip, it’s time we should learn something related to Korea.

First of all, is tested yesterday, the usual Korean meal. Other than the famous shabu-shabu which is some kind of steamboat of fresh vegetable, pork, beef, chicken and seafood, accompanied by sidedishes like kimchi. Everybody knows kimchi is Korea’s main dish. Huh, we choose the other set, which does not have beef, the set is only on seafood, which we liked the most, but the price of course more expensive.

When we entered the restaurant, called as Korean BBQ Seoul Garden located at Kuchai Lama, right above the visited 2369 cafe. It is on first floor. We thought that we will be their only customers on that period of time, but as we entered, there are few more tables occupied. We are sitting right beside a table of Korean people, talking non-stop until even when we almost finished our dinner. The boss and another guy are Koreans, other workers are from other countries. They greeted us so well when we came, and even when we leaved.

We felt surprised by the thingy above each table, which helps in cooking/heating the boiling food. Of course, we have never seen this kind of thing before. All the dishes shown in the menu are weird to us, all Korean-style. We dare not to choose other weird dishes, hence we choose only one set costs RM220 on seafood steamboat accompanied by over 5 other main dishes and 10 sidedishes. I ordered the orange juice which would be normal for me, but it turns out to be different kind of orange juice, kinda mixed with other ingredients. They knew that we are the first time trying Korean food, hence they helped us a lot. Their service are good, and they charged 10% which is like over RM20. They even offered a free large bottle of imported Korean orange juice to us as the gift as first-time customer.

So many sauces for every individual, all different tastes:

So many sidedishes, they need a lot of small bowls like this:

The bowl of boiling spicy steamboat of seafood, very hot in there:

The other unfinished main dishes, notice the fu-yong egg there, it’s the most normal dish out of all, very delicious and special too:

This the thingy I mentioned earlier, hang above each table used to cook the steamboat, but they cooked it on other place, since our table has no more empty area and near to the air-conditioner:

Still can’t adapt to the Korean food. Now, I’m worried whether I can stay on eating this kind of food for seven continuous days during our Korea trip. Scared of stomachache, vomitting, those kind of problems. Must buy instant noodles there as a replacement. Anyway, Korean food is worth a try, maybe you will like it, who knows?

Different places have different people, and so different cultures, and with their different style of living, different faces, different atmosphere, and of course, different food.