Building Science 301 Radiance Assignment

It is usual for me to put up some of my works in past semester into my blog here right after my holiday break begins. For my first semester of third year which began on March 2011 and ended recently on June 2011, there are a total of five modules I have taken; Architecture and Culture 301, Building Technology 301, Building Science 301, Furniture Design (Option), and the core module, Architecture Design 301. For the culture module, it’s all about writing report and essays, having presentation and taking exams, while for Building Technology module, I have written a post on the assignment before with picture of the final model, emphasizing on construction systems.

For this post, I would be writing on the only assignment for the module of Building Science 301 which concentrated only on lighting and sound systems in architecture. The lectures thought are not very technical and are mainly basic with simple and straightforward theory with some calculations involved. This module is by far the easiest of all, with more marks allocated for examination which I prefer. There is only one assignment as mentioned before and it’s using the rendering software of Radiance.

To complete that assignment which costs 30 percent of the whole semester, I need to attend two sessions of workshop on using the software of Radiance which is very much on programming with many codes and test and trial methods applied in creating impressive images. The lighting visualized from the software is very good but it is just too hard and complicated in using this software. After the workshop, we are given an assignment, which we were given a ‘gallery’ with existing displays and lighting, but we need to improve the lighting by having adequate light to each exhibit, using different light materials or in different positions. Then, we need to have 6 views of 6 exhibits in the gallery. Sounds easy? Not really, this assignment took me over 8 hours to complete. Facing the computer for such a long time is definitely unhealthy to my eyes. Here below are the 6 views I captured which are all compiled into two A3, which are not perfect or really impressive, but still are satisfying for me.

Anyway, one assignment which can be completed in less than half of a day and costs 30 marks of the whole module of the semester is considered easy to be scored. Of course, we won’t get full marks for that, but once you did as what the requirement wanted, then it’s okay already. Besides than this assignment, there is only two tests to cover up the whole semester for the module. Actually, for previous year, there is another assignment on calculation of sound/noise level, but for this year, it is canceled which is so good to us. Less one assignment means quite a lot to us.


‘Malaysia in Malaysia’ Proton Open 2010

The BWF World Super Series Malaysia Proton Open 2010 badminton championship had just ended few minutes ago, after the end of all matches of the day of the final. The tournament is held at the Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, a large indoor stadium in the National Sports Complex.


I have watched the semi final yesterday, and it’s really cool to watch badminton especially when I’m free….relaxing, enjoying the intense matches…eventhough some games are kinda boring sometimes…hooray…Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei went into the final of men single after beating Nguyen Tien Minh whom is a very talented player from Vietnam…however, Malaysia’s Chin Eee Hui and Wong Pei Tty lost in women doubles to China excellent team. Another delight came again, as Malaysia’s Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong went to final of men doubles beating Chinese pairs.

Today is the final…I will be surely in front of TV again, since I like to watch all these finals of badminton tournaments. It’s fun, enjoying, exciting and intense at some moments. Great, two matches involving Malaysia gave the winning championship to home soil. Lee Chong Wei beats Boonsak Ponsana from Thailand in 21 – 13, 21 – 7. In first half of the first game, the result is so close, that Boonsak took lead few times, but finally, Chong Wei attacked strongly and winning continous 20 rallies (counting the next second game). Second game is definitely easy for Chong Wei whom control the whole game perfectly.

Another match is the men doubles. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong up against Guo Zhendong and Xu Chen, talented new players from China. Both pairs are great. Malaysian pair is good in attacking using different strategies, while China pair is good in strength. Finally, it is the time for Malaysian pair to win, 21 – 15, 17 – 21, 21 – 16. At the first game, it is the China pair that leads first, but then Malaysian pair gave a good fight and won continously, but not on second game, when their strategy changed inapropriately and lose out. Finally, on the third and deciding game, the result is very close, and till the last part, then only Malaysian pair prevailed.

Ahh…both matches are exciting…the crowds are cheering, shouting, clapping, waving national flags to support Malaysian team…great performances….other matches too, check out the results obtained from tournament software site:

Women doubles : Du Jing, Yu Yang (China) beats Ma Jin, Wang Xiaoli (China) 21 – 16, 21 – 12.

Women single : Wang Xin (China) beats Bae Youn Joe (Korea) 19 – 21, 21 – 17, 14 – 6 (retired). Bae Youn Joe suffered from ankle injury and she stayed on the match for few rallies before quitting. What the….she is not treated for any medical examination, where is all the people responsible for this? Sleeping?…giving such a bad image to Korea. Sorry, Bae Youn Joo…hopes she will get recover soon, she is a great player…

Mixed doubles: Tao Jiaming, Zhang Yawen (China) beats Thomas Laybourn,Kamilla Rytter Juhl (Denmark) 19 – 21, 21 – 18, 21 – 15. This is a real exciting match…eventhough Malaysia is not involved in this match, but everyone is excited by the intense match.Great performance by both pairs! Finally, China won three matches, while Malaysia won two…China, the dominant country in badminton, should feel the presence of Malaysia by now!

Great…great…great….Lee Chong Wei is now the most successful player in the history of badminton super series, went into 18 finals of tournaments and winning 11 (including this one), defeating Lin Dan from China, the current Olympic champion. The first two tournaments of the year 2010 participated by Chong Wei also lead to him winning both titles…hope this goes on….wishing him all the best, and to other Malaysian players too, especially Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong whom can be great in future after certain improvements, since now, they are world number one too.

Currently learning ArchiCAD…

Another software, this software is specialized in rendering. I am amazed by the multi-purpose functions of the software. When I first installed this software, I was like…aarrgghh..what is this thing!!!???@

After attending weekly lessons on learning ArchiCAD, I begin to be familiarized with the software. It is cool, help us a lot in computer-based rendering. You can view your drawings in 3D, apply shadow on it, changing colour based on the materials, etc…

Previous semester, we had learnt the AutoCAD, in basic ways, now this semester, it’s time for ArchiCAD. Next time, probably 3dsMax, etc…The outcome of your works in ArchiCAD will look fantastic…better than AutoCAD which is in 2D. It seems like I’m promoting the software here…haha…just recommend it…it is a useful tool anyway.

Yoh..AutoCad is cool…

been enjoying around these days on AutoCad, not only in doing assignments but as well as drawing something I like; building! Haha…

There are a lot of functions which I have not known yet, anyway, slowly explore…really beneficial and useful for architects…

Below is the examples of my architectural drawings completed for assignment for Design Communication 101 (in JPEG format)..ONLY FOR REFERENCE, NO COPYING..haha..this one I need several days to complete it, really hard work on it…


Next, one more, not assignment, but I just draw it for fun, my favourite building (current world tallest completed building) – Taipei 101 (no scale).


It’s cool to have this software especially for us as students…