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First time to the Premium Outlet in Genting Highlands.

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The Genting Highlands Premium Outlet has opened its door for a month and yesterday is the first time I paid a visit to the outlet. With only about a month staying in Malaysia before flying back to Australia, I pick last weekend as the time for me to go up to Genting for at least once. I treat it as a short getaway to catch the colder air on the resort up on the hills.

The last time I went to Genting was in the past January. That was just 6 months ago. When I went up this time, I’m lost in direction. The whole First World Plaza is now closed and is replaced with the new Sky Avenue Mall. The mall is partially open when I visit in the last January. Some areas in the mall now are still empty and unfinished. The former casino in the First World Hotel’s building has also moved to a much more grand setting in the Sky Avenue Mall. It is now re-branded as ‘Sky Casino’.

That is the place where I lost RM500 on the roulette game on last Saturday’s evening. That was after a not-so-good meal in Madam Kwan’s Restaurant. The food served there are too sweet (the chef love to pour a lot of sugar into the dishes), the quantity are small and the price are unreasonable. Me and my parents moved to the other casino in the Genting Hotel on midnight to try our luck but we lost again. Another RM300 gone from my wallet. Hmm…I will take it as a charity donation to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay to further develop the resort. View from the hotel room below:

So, we ended up not going into the casino anymore on Sunday on fear of losing more money. We instead had an awesome lunch at Din Tai Fung Restaurant. The food is delicious, the service is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the quality of every aspects are magnificent. Everything is great. Highly recommended place to have a nice meal. After the lunch, we took the new Awana Skyway (RM8 for a person) cable car ride down to the Premium Outlet as mentioned earlier. From there, we get to see some amazing views of the surrounding (the resort, the Chin Swee Temple, Awana Resorts, Gohtong Jaya, the Premium Outlet, and the hills).

From the ride, we also noticed that the construction of the 20th Century Fox World Outdoor Theme Park is super slow. There are still a lot to be done and I think it is highly likely that the opening for the theme park will be delayed again to possibly end of 2018.  Okay…back to the premium outlet. It is the second outlet of its kind in Malaysia (first one is in Johor). It is just an outdoor mall with famous branded stores selling slightly cheaper stuff. There are a lot of people there because it is still new. I won’t go there often if I have been there once.

On our way back home, we stopped by at the Chin Swee Temple for a short visit. The last time I visited the temple was way back many years ago when I was still a teenager. There are many new stuff (new plaza with Genting founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong’s statue, new sculptures depicting Chinese legends or beliefs, new vegetarian restaurant and observation tower building, etc) or things to visit and discover in the temple complex now. It also manages to attract a lot of foreign tourists. I’m tired during the visit and so I didn’t climb the pagoda tower. I always climb the tower every time I visit the temple in the past. Not this time.

That’s the end of our short trip up at Genting. Very ‘costly’ (due to gambling…haha) but rewarding in other sense that I got to visit new places this time. In the past, it is always the same for every corners in this mountain resort that has been here for like 50 years. It’s good news that the resort is now evolving to stay relevant and to continuously attract more visitors.

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TVB drama ‘Eye in the Sky’. Review right after its finale.

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‘Eye in the Sky’ (天眼) is a TVB crime thriller series of 20 episodes released this year that revolves on a police inspector brilliantly solving cases with the aid of careful observations and critical thinking from CCTV footages. That is the reason the series is titled ‘Eye in the Sky’ that refers to CCTV. He later changed job to a hotel security manager and found his long lost brother whom is actually a thief, and there goes the story. The drama starred Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Samantha Ko, Becky Lee, Rosina Lin, Vivien Yeo, Lau Kong, Susan Tse, etc.


If you do catch up with my previous post few days ago, you should notice that I’m currently following closely and very engaged to this series as it progresses. I have high expectation and hope on this series since it started out really very well. The cast is strong and the story is good. I also enjoyed seeing Kevin Cheng back in TVB drama after not seeing him for some time already. This investigation-themed plot had my interest since success of ‘Line Walker’, a critically-acclaimed drama last year.

But as the series develops, things go downhill. Not very serious and not to the critical stage yet, but you can still sense the drop of intensity as each episodes passed. All I can blame is on the writing. Everything looks promising in the beginning, but the quality of writing keeps on deteriorating and the way it made Jan’s character too shallow is quite a major disappointment. Jan is the female lead, but in this series, I am more excited of seeing Vivien Yeo (the mysterious assassin and a hotel guest) than her. Vivien did improve in her acting after so many years. Susan Tse is acting quite weird in this series, and I knew her character would be killed off.

The highlight of the show is definitely on Ruco Chan. He is a very talented actor. No question to that. In this role of which he played a good son with a wicked heart inside, Ruco did an amazing job. He nailed the role and the way he conveys the emotions whether it is happy, sad, jealous or evil is very brilliant. Perhaps this may be the year for him to be crowned Best Actor, but the timing is not right as this series is released too early and will be forgotten by end of the year when TVB Anniversary Awards will take place. Kevin Cheng also did fairly well, but nothing outstanding. Tavia Yeung performed nothing, but she shouldn’t be blamed as it is the character’s fault, not her.


Eye In The Sky(天眼) TVB 2015 Kevin Cheng(鄭嘉穎), Ruco Chan(陳展鵬), and Tavia Yeung(楊怡)

Things and certain aspects didn’t go deep or fully developed as they should be for an exciting drama till the end. For example, the romance between Kevin and Tavia is very short-lived. However, this series is still enjoyable and carries sufficient substance to be called a series worth my time to watch and remember for at least a few months. Its ending is nothing memorable or spectacular, but it wasn’t bad either. I prefer to have Ruco to inflict more shocking revenge, to have Jan died, etc (to push the drama further or crazier) in the finale. Its ending still has explosive and over-the-top moments but those should be scattered throughout the whole series for a more balanced affection to it.

Overall, it’s quite a good series. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Eye in the Sky’ a total of 7.5. Ruco contributed a lot of points.

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China is to build new world’s tallest building in 90 days? Wow! This is madness.

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Yes, yes….It’s no joke. A company called ‘Broad Sustainable Building’ has announced to the media and public that it is going to build the new world tallest building, 10 metres higher than the current world tallest, Burj Khalifa which is also the current world tallest man made structure ever erected. And a much crazier thing about the plan is that the new world tallest building would be built in only 90 days! That is what I call total ‘madness’. Can they really do it?


(Image source:

Here is an article I have read regarding the news to build the new world tallest building at China in only 90 days. There are many news spreading about it, and it’s not a rumour as confirmed. Here it is below, obtained from the following source:

China has embraced the challenge of putting up the world’s tallest building in only 90 days. The 838-meter skyscraper, dubbed Sky City, is set to house 17,400 people as well as a hotel, a hospital, several schools, offices and apartments. Construction workers from the Broad Sustainable Building company are expected to build at a rate if five stories a day to meet the deadline. To speed the process up, they will reportedly use the ‘prefabrication’ technique in which blocks of the building are constructed offsite and then pieced together. 

The skyscraper, located in Hunan Province’s capital Changsha, will feature over 100 high-speed elevators, and is expected to be able to withstand a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. When completed, the building will be 10 meters taller than the Dubai landmark Burj Khalifa, the world’s current tallest building, which took five years to build. China’s Sky City is set to cost half as much as the Burj – about $630 million. China-based Broad Sustainable Building will employ several thousand workers for the ambitious project. The company has already built 16 structures in China, including a 30-story hotel constructed in 15 days.


(Image source:–just-THREE-MONTHS.html)

What do you think of this project? I find it too ambitious, and that the city, Changsha (which is much less popular than other famous growing cities in China)’s economy does not need such a tall and huge building. It is quite inappropriate to build it. I think the aim is just to challenge something without thinking of its impact and that this new building would gives not much benefit. Building the 220-storey building in 90 days? Seriously? I am questioning its stability and strength. Really, China don’t need to do this to show off. And furthermore, it’s not a distinctive or appealing design. It’s only a very plain and massive building.

I have also read some news that this project has been approved by the government, and the construction would probably commence by December, and according to the crazy schedule, the tower would be completed by March 2013. If this thing really gets a go, then Burj Khalifa will lost its title of world tallest very soon, which is quite unexpected. I thought earlier that the iconic Burj Khalifa would at least stays with the title for a decade. Now, China pose a challenge. If this Sky City One project really is to get built, then I would get myself updated over its construction progress, and anticipating for its completion. A crazy idea to a crazy building with a crazy record of 90-days time frame for completion. Usually, it would gets at least five years to get such a tall and massive building like this done.

Tokyo Sky Tree, world’s tallest tower is now completed in construction, officially taking the title from Guangzhou’s Canton Tower

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Two years ago, Guangzhou’s Canton Tower of an impressive height of 600 metres took over the title of world tallest tower from Canada’s CN Tower in former record of 553 metres. Few days ago, on 29th February, the last day of the month which is also a leap day, the construction of Tokyo Sky Tree, a new broadcasting and observation tower in the capital of Japan measuring up to 634 metres is completed, officially taking the title of world’s tallest tower. Burj Khalifa, standing at over 828 metres tall, is still the world’s tallest man made structure ever built.

The famous Tokyo Tower, standing at a height of only 333 metres no longer gives complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage because it is surrounded by many high-rise buildings. Hence, another much taller tower is needed, and so Tokyo Sky Tree came in proposal many years ago. Construction started in July 2008, and the architect behind the project is Nikken Sekkei. The design of the superstructure is based on the following three concepts:

  • Fusion of futuristic design and traditional beauty of Japan,
  • Catalyst for revitalization of the city,
  • Contribution to disaster prevention “Safety and Security”.

The tower is now completed, and it appears to be a very huge and massive tall lattice tower. I can only sense the extreme scale of the building, while I think the design is not really that nice. The out-of-proportion topping of the tower is awkward. Eventhough Guangzhou’s Canton Tower lost the title, but I still prefer the Canton Tower, which is better in appearance and design. There are two observatories levels, one at 350 metres high and the highest one is at 450 metres high. The tower will be illuminated at night with LED lights of sky blue or purple colour. It is even reported that the tower can withstand an 8.0M earthquake. If this is the case, there comes a question in my mind that if the last year’s earthquake measuring 8.9M in Japan actually strikes in Tokyo, then the tower would have collapse too.

That is just an ‘if’. In reality, Tokyo Sky Tree is now officially completed in construction, with no more construction cranes visible, and is ready for opening to general public for a fascinating view over the beautiful city of Tokyo. It’s overwhelming presence is now obviously noted. The tower now holds the title of world’s tallest telecommunication tower, and is the second world’s tallest structure (just behind Burj Khalifa) at the moment. Tokyo Sky Tree now stands tall and proud over the skyline of Tokyo, and would be the new icon and symbol of the developed city.

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Tokyo Sky Tree beats Canton Tower

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On the first day of March 2011, the Tokyo Sky Tree tower which is still under construction has reached a height of 601 m, a metre higher than the current world tallest completed tower, Canton Tower which is the proud icon of Guangzhou.

If you have watched the Asian Games last year, you would definitely recognize the colourfully-lighted tower, where thousand of fireworks explode from the tower itself and the surrounding during the opening and closing ceremonies. That is the Canton Tower, the current world tallest completed tower at a height of 600 m situated in Guangzhou, China. The tower had just been completed last year, and by the end of this year, the record will be broken by Tokyo Sky Tree. Right now, the construction has brought Tokyo Sky Tree few metres taller than Canton Tower already. By its completion, the final height of the tower would be 634 m. Many of you might not know about this supertall tower designed by Nikken Sekkei, unless you are a Japanese or having interest in all this stuff like me.

Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting and observation tower, currently under construction in Tokyo, Japan. The current main broadcasting tower, the famous Tokyo Tower (only with a height of 333 m) is not tall enough for broadcasting coverage as it is surrounded by many high rise buildings. When Tokyo Sky Tree is completed and to be opened in 2012, the tower would be the tallest tower in the world, tallest artificial structure on island, and the world second tallest man made structure (just behind Burj Khalifa).

Construction began in 2008, and until the end of 2010, the mounting of the huge transmitter antenna began. This is the antenna that tops the tower for its full height, towering above all others, not only in Tokyo, but as well as all others, except Burj Khalifa of course. The difference in height between these two is still a huge margin; 828 m – 634 m = 194 m. Anyway, it is still going to be taller than Guangzhou’s Canton Tower by a slight 34 m which is actually already taller two days ago. The base of the tower has a structure similar to a “tripod”, but from a height of about 350 m and above, the tower’s structure is cylindrical to withstand very strong winds. The tower will be topped out by the end of this month; what a fast progress of the construction!

To keep the structure safe during Japan’s frequent earthquakes, the tower boasts a cutting-edge anti-seismic design, including pilings that fan out underground like the branches of a tree. The tower consists of two parts, an outer steel frame and an inner shaft of reinforced concrete, which can move separately to cancel out their seismic energies — a design idea borrowed from ancient Japanese pagodas.

Some 25 million people a year are expected to use commercial facilities inside the tower compound, including 300 shops and restaurants as well as an aquarium, a planetarium and a dome theatre. With two observation decks, the tower aims to attract an average 2.7 million visitors every year. Hence, it is going to be a new landmark and the highlight of the skyline of Tokyo very soon!

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