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The month of June starts with the end of The Amazing Race 29

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I have been following every episodes of The Amazing Race Season 29 each week. I have actually followed this reality television show for several continuous seasons by now. I love this program which sees a number of teams in pair travelling across the world, completing tasks, having arguments within themselves or with other teams, experiencing difficulties, brace the extreme challenges and sweating it all out to win the final grand prize of US$ 1 million. In this Season 29, the teams are formed by choosing within the group of individual participants who are completely stranger to one another.

I look forward to the new episodes every weekend and they traveled to countries like Panama, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, South Korea, etc to complete tasks. Matt and Redmond are a great team that I first foresee their potential to win this season of The Amazing Race. They have been performing very well and consistently in every episodes. However, their poor decision of choosing train as their mode of transport in Seoul and the carelessness of their taxi driver later on the same day who brought them to other location has cost their opportunity to win the race. What a bad day that turns everything over for them! They were the last team to get kicked out before the final leg which is so unfortunate.

The final 3 teams that successfully proceed to the final leg are Scott and Brooke, Tara and Joey, and London and Logan. These 3 pairs were always considered the underdogs earlier on as they have not performed very well in the earlier legs. And to my surprise, luck is on Scott and Brooke’s (picture below) side on the last two crucial legs. Everything seems to be very smooth for this pair and they indeed win the race in the end and won the 1 million dollar. A huge congratulation to them! I actually find it unexpected because they are actually one of the weaker teams as compared to the rest. I also cannot stand the consistent whining by Brooke in every legs. She is too annoying and unbearable throughout the whole race. She can’t even do a simple task properly and loves to scream ‘I’m dying’ even at simple task of just running around. Scott should just get the whole bunch of the 1 million dollar just for putting up to her. Brooke do not deserve a single cent from this win. She should seriously work on her attitude. She now literally becomes my most hated person in The Amazing Race series, and will not be remembered as the winner of this reality show. Now, I have to wait for the next one, The Amazing Race 30 and I hope it will be out very soon. That will be the iconic 30th edition of the show!

On the other hand, did TVB has no new own dramas to show now? It has two timeslots every evening on the television. TVB ended up putting a mainland China drama and an old local drama made 10 years ago currently. This is a very bad move. People will just move away from their dramas for now. TVB should really appreciate the viewers and not letting them leave with such move especially in this year when the station will celebrate its 50th anniversary. I’m sure you have a lot of other completed dramas in shelf ready to be released out. I have no choice but to watch ‘Phoenix Rising’ now, a drama that was actually made a decade ago and they choose to release it now. They did release this drama earlier on though in oversea market.

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It’s holiday again..and that gives me time to watch ‘The Martian’ (2015)

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Happy Holiday to all Malaysians again! Yes…again! We are happy to be Malaysians because we do have a lot of public holidays. Happy Awal Muharram to all my Muslim friends. For us who are not Malays but also get to enjoy the holiday together, we should actually know a bit more of other races’ festivals like this one. This holiday is actually marking the beginning of a new year in Islamic calendar. It is entering its 1437th year. And so, please don’t assume that Hari Raya is the new year celebration for the Malays or Deepavali is the new year celebration for the Indians. They are not. It is just that these festivals are the biggest for them and that doesn’t mean new year celebration.

Also known as Maal Hijrah, this occasion is celebrated on a fairly moderate scale. Well, at least I can have my nice break today, on a lovely Wednesday. With so much free time available today, why not go for a movie? That is a great idea and I went for ‘The Martian’, a science-fiction outer space film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon. In 2013, we have ‘Gravity’ movie that went on to win 6 Oscars in the Academy Awards including ‘Best Director’. In 2014, we have ‘Interstellar’ which is performing very well too, winning 1 Oscar for “Best Visual Effects’. And now on this year, we have ‘The Martian’. It appears that filmmakers love to make movies on outer space recently and most of them tend to perform well to both critics and box office.


‘The Martian’ revolves on astronaut Mark Watney whom is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew in a manned mission to Mars. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Eventhough there has been many outer-space films in the past, but still Hollywood never fails to deliver different and awesome storyline most of the time. ‘The Martian’ has a very interesting plot and that keeps me at least engaged to the whole movie which is taking quite a long time too; a little over 2 hours. It shown to us how Mark survived on that harsh planet by farming, experimenting, calculating, etc and that’s a new territory that we have never seen before in outer-space films and it feels good. The ending is also quite intense and climax-reaching, ending the story on a high note.


Well, there has been a lot scientific stuff going on throughout the movie as predicted and I couldn’t digest them since I’m a normal human being. Hence, there are some time when I felt lost and a bit bored. Fortunately, there are still some understandable dramas going on in between to keep the momentum going. The other priority element to talk about in this kind of film is definitely the visual effects. Well, as expected, the film showcased impressive imagery, with most scenes taking place on the planet Mars. Those scenes were actually shot in Jordan. But I wouldn’t want to award another outer-space film trophy in ‘Best Visual Effects’ again in the Oscars for three years in a row.


Matt Damon delivered amazing performance as Mark Watney, the main character in this movie whom got stranded on Mars alone. He took up most of the movie obviously and he nailed the role with great emotional display and strong will. There is also a line-up of many wonderful supporting casts like Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, etc. Overall, the movie comes with a solid plot, solid acting, solid effects and also some light humorous moments that perfectly complements the drama without appearing ‘forced’. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Martian’ a total of 7.8. Why I didn’t give it 8 or above? It’s because that in my personal opinion, it is still not as good compared to ‘Gravity’ or even ‘Interstellar’. I knew ‘The Martian’ received higher ratings and better reviews than ‘Interstellar’ by most others but I simply thought otherwise. ‘Interstellar’ hits me deep into my emotions but ‘The Martian’ only a little. Nevertheless, ‘The Martian’ is still a great movie that could shine too in Academy Awards early next year.

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