An exciting theme park experience in my first ever visit to Universal Studios Singapore today.

I have been to the entrance of the Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Island for couple of times in the past but never had the opportunity to enter into the theme park. I remember I could only stand outside of the gate and had a peek to the theme park. Today is the day when I finally got to enjoy the rides inside and I’m super excited. I couldn’t remember how many years have gone by since I last visited a theme park. The normal admission price for an adult is SGD76 while a child ticket would costs SGD56. I’m visiting the park with four of my newly met friends in Singapore.

The entrance fee is certainly expensive and so I would want to cover all the rides that I wanted to in the park. We reached HarbourFront MRT station in the VivoCity Mall at around 8.40am and we walked to the island through the beautiful promenade. We immediately went into the park once it opens at 10am and the first ride we went to was the Battlestar Galactica. It is the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster and we went for both ‘Cylon’ and ‘Human’ coasters. It was super exhilarating and I’m really nervous as I have not been on a scary roller coaster ride for a long time. Our first two rides in the park were certainly giving us high adrenaline.

Before we came to the park, I have researched and discovered that queue for each ride would usually takes up to over an hour and this worries me because we didn’t purchase the super costly express pass. Fortunately, the queue today for most of the rides are not that long and we were able to cover all the rides that we have planned earlier. We went for the famous Transformers ride, Revenge of the Mummy ride (failed first attempt as the roller coaster experienced technical problem and had to close for some time when we were already very near in the queue…fortunately, it is opened back later in the late afternoon and I even went for the ride twice), Puss in Boots ride, Jurassic Park boat ride, Enchanted ride, Sesame Street ride, Shrek show, Madagascar ride, etc. Also not to be missed is the engaging Waterworld live action show and the hilarious-looking Jurassic World show.

There were some cool spots throughout the park for photographs such as at the lake giving a glimpse of a large chunk of the park, the Far Far Away Castle, the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters and the Hollywood street that greets visitors once they enter into the park. The park is quite small but is enough for a full day trip. We left the park at about 7pm and we were very satisfied. We had dinner at the Malaysian Food Street just outside the theme park before leaving the island and get back to our home respectively. The time at there will not be complete without a photograph of the famous ‘Universal Studios’ globe at the entrance of the park.

It was a tiring day but certainly a fun and a memorable one. Had a wonderful experience there and it’s worth 76 dollar from my point of view since I have covered most of the rides and shows (skipped some due to timing as well as certain rides are more kids-oriented). Really enjoyed the trip to Universal Studios Singapore today. I also realized that most attractions here will get you wet, but that for me is a good thing since the weather today was so hot.


Genting Highlands to have the world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park soon.

The outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands has been a favourite place for kids back in my childhood years. I visited the theme park several times and it’s fun. But years after years despite several attempts of expanding and introduction of few new attractions, the rides seems to be getting boring and old to everyone too since we have tried all. The coasters are not that great anymore. The place becomes less popular but Genting Highlands still attracted huge number of visitors every year mostly due to its casino, the only one licensed in Malaysia. Now. Here comes the good news.


(The current appearance of the outdoor theme park. Image source:

I first heard a news last week that the outdoor theme park will be closed beginning 1st September this year to make way for a refurbishment. I first thought that it is a rumour. But then, it’s all true. And yesterday, it’s openly announced that the considered-dilapidating theme park will turn into the world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park. Wow. That is awesome. Everybody knows 20th Century Fox, a motion picture giant. That’s famous ‘brand’ or symbol in the Hollywood movie history.


(The famous logo that appears at the beginning of a lot movies. Image source:

The theme park to be built on the 10 hectare site, will feature more than 25 rides and attractions that includes thrill rides, water rides, dark rides for children and more. It will be themed based on famous 20th Century Fox films such as Ice Age, Rio, Predator, Alien, Life of Pi, Night at the Museum, and more. There would be also a “Dream Parade” – a one-of-a-kind animatronics parade based on all the characters featured at the theme park. Now, this is seriously getting more interesting. The whole construction would be completed by 2015 and the theme park will be opened officially in 2016. That’s a long wait we have to endure.

The investment of 20th Century Fox Theme Park was part of Resort World Genting‘s refurbishment project which is worth RM 3 billion. This included the construction of an additional 1,300 hotel rooms to adjoin the First World Hotel. Now, I find that there is very less open space now at the peak of Genting. Where are they going to pack in another huge hotel building block? I’m wondering. Nevertheless, this project is definitely going to attract more visitors, gives ‘life’ back to the current theme park site and put Genting Highlands back as one of the top holiday destinations to people of all ages.


(Overall view of Genting Highlands, the city of entertainment which has been there for almost five decades. Image source:

“The development of the theme park paves the way for continued dynamic business growth and in ensuring that Resort World Genting continues to be an exceptional tourist destination both locally and internationally,” said Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman and Chief Executive. Mr Jeffrey Godsick, consumer products president of 20th Century Fox, said: “This theme park marks the launch of our global location-based entertainment strategy.”

Not long ago, Malaysia has opened the Asia’s first Legoland Theme Park at Johor, and now came another bigger news; Malaysia to have world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park. That is just cool. I’m looking forward to visit the new theme park once it is opened. For others, what do you think?  You can make your trip to the old theme park for one last time and make way for something bigger!