Sum up of 2012’s TVB series I have watched.

TVB 45th anniversary celebration brought its curtain down yesterday with the awards presentation. Overall, the result is very satisfying except for the last two main awards, best actor and best series. You can read the full result of this prestigious awards and check out my analysis and comments over the result in my previous post. And now, it’s almost the end of the year, and I wish to have a post to sum up all the series in 2012 that I have watched. Out of 24 series released in 2012 and included into nomination for the TVB awards presentation yesterday, I have watched 11, almost half of the total number.

Here listed below are the series released in 2012 that I have watched along with a link of my review, my rating and lastly my final general comment over the respective drama in this blog too:

1. Wish and Switch

My review:

My rating: 6.2

General comment: Great idea, but not of good drama material. Plain and boring most of the time, and Johnson Lee’s appearance made it worst.

2. Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

My review:

My rating: 7.4

General comment: An entertaining drama especially with Roger Kwok in it as the emperor. I don’t like Fala Chen in ancient drama, including this one.

3. The Greatness of a Hero

My review:

My rating: 7.5

General comment: An interesting drama revolving fight between Wayne and Kent. Rebecca Chan did very well in this drama as Wu Ze-tian. I find Bernice Liu a bit annoying in this drama.

4. Three Kingdoms RPG

My review:

My rating: 6.7

General comment: A highly potential drama ruined. Kenneth is quite awkward while Raymond is too ‘wood’ in this series. Low-budget visual effect. Touching but poor ending.

5. King Maker

My review:

My rating: 7.5

General comment: Another drama on battle between Wayne and Kent. This time, Kent is the villain, and I find this arrangement is weird. Anyway, a very exciting and interesting drama.

6. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

My review:

My rating: 7.0

General comment: Interesting setting with several social issues raised. Solid performance by all casts, and quite touching in the end. Too bad, this drama is a bit too long.

7. The Hippocratic Crush

My review:

My rating: 8.0

General comment: Impressive script and very likeable performance by casts. Kenneth and Tavia as on-screen couple steals the show. Touching, memorable, great theme song and definitely for me the best series of the year.

8. Daddy Good Deeds

My review:

My rating: 6.9

General comment: A light, warm, fun and entertaining drama revolving on two families. I like Steven Ma’s series and this is not an exception.

9. Ghetto Justice 2

My review:

My rating: 6.2

General comment: Quite an effortless sequel, which is so bad compared to its predecessor. It’s like a sequel forced out without considering quality and substance.

10. Highs and Lows

My review:

My rating: 7.7

General comment: A good drama to watch. There is thrill in the beginning and at the ending. Kate Tsui had breakthrough here while Raymond did a good job too. This drama had a touching and intense ending.

11. The Confidant

My review:

My rating: 7.7

General comment: A very beautiful drama with strong plot involving friendship between eunuchs, romance of no future, jealousy and hatred. Solid performance by huge ensemble of casts. Had a plain yet meaningful ending.

So, within these 12 series, this is the order of their standing in terms of my rating: (top three in bold with their official series poster)

1. The Hippocratic Crush (8.0)

image (1)

2. The Confidant (7.7)

the confidant (TVB)

3. Highs and Lows (7.7)


4. King Maker (7.5)

5. The Greatness of a Hero (7.5)

6. Queens of Diamonds and Hearts (7.4)

7. Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles (7.0)

8. Daddy Good Deeds (6.9)

9. Three Kingdoms RPG (6.7)

10. Ghetto Justice 2 (6.2)

11. Wish and Switch (6.2)

In the end, it is unexpectedly ‘When Heaven Burns’ that won the Best Series Award yesterday. Unbelievable. I didn’t watch this series because I find it really boring even in earlier episodes already. Anyway, looking forward to TVB series next year like ‘War and Beauty 2’, ‘Triumph in the Skies 2’, ‘The Hippocratic Crush 2’, ‘Rosy Business 3’, etc. Wow, it seems like there is a lot of sequels planned next year.

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Films in 2010 that I have watched… (UPDATED – 3/4/2011)

I decided to write this post up because it seems that I watched quite a lot of movies this whole year which is going to end very soon. I have watched these movies, mainly from the cinemas, the dominating Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) found everywhere in KL, and not to forget Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) cinemas. For some movies, I can’t make it to cinema, but still purchasing blu-ray disc of those movies would be a good option as I’m watching those movies quite late to wait for the time when I’m free from my semester study.

Furthermore, it seems that I have written a lot of movie reviews throughout this year. As soon as I have watched a particular movie, I would definitely write a post to review on it as soon as I got back home. Countless of reviews, and even including my rating for the movies based on my perceptions. Definitely my reviews are not as good as those from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, etc…all my reviews in this blog here are just to express my thoughts and opinions…remember, everyone have different opinions…

Ahh…well, these are the films released in 2010 that I have watched…I need to refer on the list of films released in 2010 from internet to recall back on how many movies released in 2010 that I have watched. There might be a probability that I forgot to mention some movies that I have watched, since it is hard for me to actually recall all. Anyway, this is the list of the movies released in 2010 that I have watched. (not in order)

American and UK films (English Language): (34 out of countless number of films released in 2010….my top 10 favourites are bolded)

The Spy Next Door


The Crazies

The Human Centipede

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Iron Man 2

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Karate Kid

Toy Story 3

Knight and Day

The Last Airbender

Despicable Me




Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Piranha 3D

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole



Saw 3D


127 Hours

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

The Next Three Days



The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Gulliver’s Travel

Yogi Bear

The King’s Speech

The Social Network

The Tourist

Hong Kong films (Cantonese): (13 films I have watched in 2010, not many interesting HK films this year…my top five favourites are bolded)

72 Tenants of Prosperity

All’s Well, Ends Well 2010

The Child’s Eye

Ip Man 2

The Jade and the Pearl

Just Another Pandora’s Box

La Comedie Humaine

Perfect Wedding

The Legend is Born – Ip Man

Legend of the Fist – The Return of Chen Zhen

Adventure of the King

Detective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame

Dream Home

Singapore films: (2 films so far….one of it is picked as my favourite which is bolded)

Phua Chu Kang: The Movie (English)

Kidnapper (Mandarin)

Thai films: (1 film only, since it is very hard for us in not understanding the Thai language spoken in Thai movies)

The King Cobra (Thai)

Malaysian film: (only watched one, and it is considered good already, there is only one Malaysian-Chinese film released in 2010)

Tiger Woohoo (Cantonese, Hokkien, etc) … the Chinese New Year themed movie for 2010…I’m currently anticipating for CNY themed movie for 2011 called as Great Day…have to support since it is a Malaysian production)

So..quite a long list, right? Wah…I have watched 50 movies released in 2010, not to mention some others that are released in other years but I just watched those this year….must be reaching over 60. Quite a movie addict then…haha…I like to watch movies, of course must be interesting and exciting to get my attention….You may check out the reviews that I have written for each of the movies listed above in my previous posts. Go search it, easy steps to browse through on all the movie reviews, including all the posts I have written in 2010, 2009, and 2008! Might be harder if you are checking on all, because my blog here had over 500 posts since its’ creation in late 2008.