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First time to the Premium Outlet in Genting Highlands.

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The Genting Highlands Premium Outlet has opened its door for a month and yesterday is the first time I paid a visit to the outlet. With only about a month staying in Malaysia before flying back to Australia, I pick last weekend as the time for me to go up to Genting for at least once. I treat it as a short getaway to catch the colder air on the resort up on the hills.

The last time I went to Genting was in the past January. That was just 6 months ago. When I went up this time, I’m lost in direction. The whole First World Plaza is now closed and is replaced with the new Sky Avenue Mall. The mall is partially open when I visit in the last January. Some areas in the mall now are still empty and unfinished. The former casino in the First World Hotel’s building has also moved to a much more grand setting in the Sky Avenue Mall. It is now re-branded as ‘Sky Casino’.

That is the place where I lost RM500 on the roulette game on last Saturday’s evening. That was after a not-so-good meal in Madam Kwan’s Restaurant. The food served there are too sweet (the chef love to pour a lot of sugar into the dishes), the quantity are small and the price are unreasonable. Me and my parents moved to the other casino in the Genting Hotel on midnight to try our luck but we lost again. Another RM300 gone from my wallet. Hmm…I will take it as a charity donation to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay to further develop the resort. View from the hotel room below:

So, we ended up not going into the casino anymore on Sunday on fear of losing more money. We instead had an awesome lunch at Din Tai Fung Restaurant. The food is delicious, the service is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the quality of every aspects are magnificent. Everything is great. Highly recommended place to have a nice meal. After the lunch, we took the new Awana Skyway (RM8 for a person) cable car ride down to the Premium Outlet as mentioned earlier. From there, we get to see some amazing views of the surrounding (the resort, the Chin Swee Temple, Awana Resorts, Gohtong Jaya, the Premium Outlet, and the hills).

From the ride, we also noticed that the construction of the 20th Century Fox World Outdoor Theme Park is super slow. There are still a lot to be done and I think it is highly likely that the opening for the theme park will be delayed again to possibly end of 2018.  Okay…back to the premium outlet. It is the second outlet of its kind in Malaysia (first one is in Johor). It is just an outdoor mall with famous branded stores selling slightly cheaper stuff. There are a lot of people there because it is still new. I won’t go there often if I have been there once.

On our way back home, we stopped by at the Chin Swee Temple for a short visit. The last time I visited the temple was way back many years ago when I was still a teenager. There are many new stuff (new plaza with Genting founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong’s statue, new sculptures depicting Chinese legends or beliefs, new vegetarian restaurant and observation tower building, etc) or things to visit and discover in the temple complex now. It also manages to attract a lot of foreign tourists. I’m tired during the visit and so I didn’t climb the pagoda tower. I always climb the tower every time I visit the temple in the past. Not this time.

That’s the end of our short trip up at Genting. Very ‘costly’ (due to gambling…haha) but rewarding in other sense that I got to visit new places this time. In the past, it is always the same for every corners in this mountain resort that has been here for like 50 years. It’s good news that the resort is now evolving to stay relevant and to continuously attract more visitors.

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Sudden fascination into Ned Kahn’s works, particularly the ones in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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Recently, I watched a documentary from Megastructures series on Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The documentary generally shown us the design development and the engineering marvel of the project which is an integrated resort comprising of hotel, convention and exhibition centre, observatory, shopping mall, casino, etc. Completed in 2010, it is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property and it subsequently became a new iconic landmark for Singapore. Here’s below is the less-than-an-hour documentary about Marina Bay Sands I mentioned just now:

I had visited Marina Bay Sands twice in the past. I admired its bold appearance, striking design, iconic features as well as its picturesque setting on the Singapore waterfront. As I have been there myself, I saw other things on par with the beauty of the overall form and view of this megastructure that should be mentioned. Those are the art installations in the resort. The most striking installations of them would be the ‘Wind Arbor’, ‘Rain Oculus’ and ‘Tipping Wall’ and they were all designed by an environmental artist and sculptor named Ned Kahn.

His works usually involves capturing an invisible aspect of nature and making it visible; examples include building facades that move in waves in response to wind; indoor tornadoes and vortices made of fog, steam, or fire; a transparent sphere containing water and sand which, when spun, erodes a beach-like ripple pattern into the sand surface. For me, his masterpieces amplify nature, make use of naturally activated kinetic energy, made spectators aware of the nature around us, complement the spaces they are at very well while strongly engage to the public. I’m fascinated by his works which are also present in many other parts of the world.

Below is a video describing Ned Kahn’s works in Marina Bay Sands and the resort’s architect, Moshe Safdie’s comments on the former’s art works.

Beautiful, aren’t they? These works made me admire Marina Bay Sands more as they add extra aesthetics and beauty to the already striking design of the resort.




Wind Arbor (topmost), Rain Oculus (middle), and Tipping Wall (bottom) are in Marina Bay Sands and are all designed by Ned Kahn. Watch the video above to see how these amazing art installations work.

Dedicated to exploring the physics and beauty of natural phenomena such as Fog, Wind, Fire, Light, Sand, and Water, Ned Kahn uses his abundant technical skills to bring these elements to the public through interactive sculptures and large scale installations in buildings, galleries and science museums worldwide. Giant whirlwinds, dramatic fire tornadoes and rippling current generators call attention to the forces of nature available to us on demand through art yet take place independently through weather and geological processes. Other phenomena such as ocean wave action, wind and the play of sunlight through fog are explored through outdoor installations which encourage appreciation for our environment.

“I’ve always looked at my artworks as potentially serving as reminders of how beautiful and mysterious Nature is, with the hope that when people have an experience of awe while watching a natural process unfold, it can fuel their compassion towards the natural world. I’ve tried to create an art that gives people a chance to have this kind of experience.”


After ‘Annabelle’, there’s time for two more horror films this weekend to keep up the mood for the coming Halloween; ‘Wrong Turn 6’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’.

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Since its release to cinemas worldwide, ‘Annabelle’, the supernatural horror film which is the spin-off or prequel to the successful ‘The Conjuring’ last year is a box office hit and gained extreme popularity despite not receiving very good feedbacks. I have watched this film last week and had written a movie review for it (can check out in my previous blog post). The film is not as good as ‘The Conjuring’, but still is above average for me. I’m sure that many would cosplay as the doll on this upcoming Halloween. Really scary enough. There is also a very interesting prank video on the terrifying ‘Annabelle’ doll circulating throughout the internet recently. I enjoyed the clip but of course, I would never enjoy being in the situation of being pranked like that.

In this weekend when I have no place to go, I spent most of the time at home. With nothing else to do, I’m going to watch two more horror films. Both are released this year too. Time to get myself into the scary mood as Halloween is just around the corner.


The first film is ‘Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’. This gory horror film which is the sixth (latest) installment of this famous film franchise needs no further introduction especially to those who like films of this sort. People being chased down by a group of flesh-eating mutant mountain men. I enjoyed the first few films. It’s very gory, visually disturbing and bloody sickening. Really not for people who aren’t into this kind of horror genre.


But the ‘Wrong Turn 6’, I’m very disappointed. It’s a very bad film. To be honest with you, the movie is showing more sex scenes than the gory killing or torturing scenes by the cannibals. I’m not there for the soft porn, man. The amount of killing and the gore had also significantly reduced while the film is focusing more onto its very boring plot. I understand the effort of putting in story to give the movie a bit of depth, but in this situation, it goes backfired. The storyline which is too emphasized is way too boring and that sacrificed the time to show us more gory stuff. The quality and quantity dropped immensely. This is the worst in its franchise that had already been here for over 10 years. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort’ a total of 6.0 only. Just bad.

The other horror film I watched is far better; ‘Extraterrestrial’. Well, the movie’s title is very much obvious already on describing what’s in the film. It’s about a group of friends spending their weekend in a cabin in the woods, of which they suddenly witnessed crash of a UFO ship nearby. That leads to….you would know what will happen next. I read from somewhere that this film is panned for utilizing too many familiar tropes and cliches of a sci-fi horror movies especially the ones involving aliens. I don’t agree fully to that. I think the film utilized those very well. Those are the essential formulas that make the film works. And once you did it right, then you got an engaging and exciting alien abduction movie to watch. And ‘Extraterrestrial’ hits that.


I enjoyed the film very much. There are many intense and climax-reaching parts, and the quality of many elements in the film (visual effects, sound effects, casts and their acting performances, characters’ involvement, suspense-building) are good. Everything is evenly distributed for a perfect sci-fi adventure. I don’t understand the low rating the film has now, but at least I saw that it performed quite well in Rotten Tomatoes. I only find that its ending is going a bit too far. The twist is there but I would just be satisfied if everything still remains in small-scale and never goes to outer space for some reasons. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Extraterrestrial’ a total of 7.5. This film deserves more attention by now. Highly recommended. I enjoyed this film very much from the beginning till ‘before the end’. The ending like I said just now is a bit weird and going too much.

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Genting Highlands to have the world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park soon.

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The outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands has been a favourite place for kids back in my childhood years. I visited the theme park several times and it’s fun. But years after years despite several attempts of expanding and introduction of few new attractions, the rides seems to be getting boring and old to everyone too since we have tried all. The coasters are not that great anymore. The place becomes less popular but Genting Highlands still attracted huge number of visitors every year mostly due to its casino, the only one licensed in Malaysia. Now. Here comes the good news.


(The current appearance of the outdoor theme park. Image source:

I first heard a news last week that the outdoor theme park will be closed beginning 1st September this year to make way for a refurbishment. I first thought that it is a rumour. But then, it’s all true. And yesterday, it’s openly announced that the considered-dilapidating theme park will turn into the world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park. Wow. That is awesome. Everybody knows 20th Century Fox, a motion picture giant. That’s famous ‘brand’ or symbol in the Hollywood movie history.


(The famous logo that appears at the beginning of a lot movies. Image source:

The theme park to be built on the 10 hectare site, will feature more than 25 rides and attractions that includes thrill rides, water rides, dark rides for children and more. It will be themed based on famous 20th Century Fox films such as Ice Age, Rio, Predator, Alien, Life of Pi, Night at the Museum, and more. There would be also a “Dream Parade” – a one-of-a-kind animatronics parade based on all the characters featured at the theme park. Now, this is seriously getting more interesting. The whole construction would be completed by 2015 and the theme park will be opened officially in 2016. That’s a long wait we have to endure.

The investment of 20th Century Fox Theme Park was part of Resort World Genting‘s refurbishment project which is worth RM 3 billion. This included the construction of an additional 1,300 hotel rooms to adjoin the First World Hotel. Now, I find that there is very less open space now at the peak of Genting. Where are they going to pack in another huge hotel building block? I’m wondering. Nevertheless, this project is definitely going to attract more visitors, gives ‘life’ back to the current theme park site and put Genting Highlands back as one of the top holiday destinations to people of all ages.


(Overall view of Genting Highlands, the city of entertainment which has been there for almost five decades. Image source:

“The development of the theme park paves the way for continued dynamic business growth and in ensuring that Resort World Genting continues to be an exceptional tourist destination both locally and internationally,” said Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Chairman and Chief Executive. Mr Jeffrey Godsick, consumer products president of 20th Century Fox, said: “This theme park marks the launch of our global location-based entertainment strategy.”

Not long ago, Malaysia has opened the Asia’s first Legoland Theme Park at Johor, and now came another bigger news; Malaysia to have world’s first 20th Century Fox theme park. That is just cool. I’m looking forward to visit the new theme park once it is opened. For others, what do you think?  You can make your trip to the old theme park for one last time and make way for something bigger!


A short half-day company site visit to Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa, Sepang

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Since the design project I’m currently working on in my company is a hotel, my employer suggested for a short site visit to a beautiful beach resort located at Sepang Gold Coast. The hotel is called Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa, and the site visit today offered me some kind of experience and enable me to learn a few things under my employer’s guidance regarding the atmosphere or feeling we can get from a hotel near beach.

The Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa is very iconic due to its floating-like chalets sprawling out in a shape of a palm tree from a linear link that goes further to the sea from the main lobby building and banquet hall on the land. It somehow looks a bit like the Palm Island in Dubai, but in this case, there is no man-made island built for this hotel (with only the floating chalets in arrangement of a shape of palm tree). It is no doubt a 5-star resort which offers spectacular view to the wide open sea (Strait of Malacca) especially during sunset or sunrise. We couldn’t catch that moment as our site visit to that place is only in the afternoon for a short while.

It took us more than one and a half hour to reach there from Kuala Lumpur after we went for a wrong direction in the middle. It’s quite hard to find that place, since there is no main road that directly leads to that resort (need to pass through small village-side roads but the direction is just straight to reach the resort without much turning). It’s much further away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Sepang Formula One Circuit.



We walked around from the entrance to the cafe at the side (had a quick lunch there and it’s very windy and relaxing even in the middle of the day). Then, we entered the lobby before going on a buggy ride that takes us to the center of the palm-shaped resort where the main restaurant and the infinity pool are (and also a gym at one side). Next, we proceed to check the outside of the banquet hall (the pre-function zone) back on the land before leaving after an hour. We of course took a number of pictures mainly showing some beautiful details offered from the resort’s architecture and also some pictures of the exterior of those chalets. One night stay at there can easily costs over a thousand bucks as told. Then before we left, we realized that the layout of the resort is somehow quite similar to the layout of the current hotel project we are designing. Anyway, it’s a good site visit. But it would be better if I am not there for site visit but for a relaxing resort stay. Haha…

2 days 1 night Malacca Trip + Visit to A Famosa Resort (Animal Safari and Cowboy Town)

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Wednesday is the day I wrote a post which mentioned that I would be going for a short trip to Malacca the next day. Ohh, it’s Friday already, and that means the trip has ended so quickly. Anyway, it’s a short yet fun trip with my sisters, nephews and cousins that covers A Famosa Resort on Thursday and Malacca town on Friday.

We started to leave Kuala Lumpur on Thursday afternoon after several delay and a lunch. Our first destination is of course the A Famosa Resort which is located near the border of Malacca. It is a huge resort comprising of an animal safari, water theme park, villas and hotel, a cowboy town, and vast area for many outdoor and indoor games. I have been there once but I hardly remember much memory on my previous visit to the resort.

We reached the resort finally, but then we had a hard time finding our villa to check-in in such a huge area of the resort where many zones are undeveloped. We can also see very obviously that the maintenance is not carried out effectively throughout the resort, after spotting dilapidated condition of many of the villas, unattended growth of plants over habitable structures, signboards and advertisement boards that are fading off in colours, and some others. There are not much people visiting the resort too despite it is now school holiday.

We checked in to our villa which is only one-floor high and contains a small swimming pool. We immediately went to the Animal Safari to take a ride to watch some animals kept in the safari. It was seriously a very bumpy ride which left me off the seat quite often, as well as having dust all over my body. The animals in there are mostly lazy, and the only main attraction is the presence of many tigers in the safari.

Next, we watched a performance by the trained elephants. The acts they performed with the trainers are like carrying logs, carrying people to sit above them, grabbing hat from a person and puts it onto another’s head, as well as drawing. However, I don’t quite enjoyed the performance which is not really that awesome.

Next, we went for a walk-thru to an area where many other smaller animals are kept like goats, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, ponies, ducks, crocodiles, etc. It’s over the closing time, and so we went back as there are no more other visitors present from our sight. We then went back to villa and then, went in to the water; swimming pool! I don’t know how to swim, and so I just walked…haha…it’s fun being in the water anyway (and at the same time, cold too). It’s time to check out the interior of the villa we would be staying for the night. Quite comfortable in there, but the furnitures are a bit too old-fashioned.

Night arrived, and we proceed to the Cowboy Town which I have missed in my previous visit to the resort. It’s actually a very small area with some built wooden houses that comprises of shops and restaurants.

The highlight is the animal musical parade which we did watched despite drizzling occurred at some moments. Well, the show must go on. Luckily, when it’s fireworks time, the rain stopped and so we can enjoy the spectacular but short fireworks display which is presented every night. After that, we watched a 4D show on underwater adventure. The 4D experience is very bad here. I don’t enjoy anything much from that. Boring end to the visit in the town. We went back to the villa and it’s time to play rummy. Yeah…and I won almost RM50 this time.

Ohh, the next day came, and after a buffet breakfast in the resort away from our villa, we checked out and proceed to Malacca town in the afternoon which is one hour away from the resort. There are so many traffic lights on our way to the heritage town and it’s so frustrating! We finally reached the town, which together with Georgetown in Penang are listed as world heritage cities by UNESCO few years ago. Time for a bit of photographing moment at the Stadhuys area, one of the icons of Malacca besides than the famous A Famosa Fort which we didn’t go to visit this time.

We then go for lunch, and the rice balls with chicken is our main choice. Many people queued for the food as though it is the one and only restaurant in the whole town. After around 30 minutes, we finally got to be seated. Yummy…so delicious; I like to eat rice balls but I would leave some space in my stomach for other tit-bits found along the famous Jonker Walk.

The dragon-exhibit for Chinese New Year decoration is still there, hovering above an entrance to the Jonker Street. Wow, that’s beautiful and huge! Then, we walked along the Jonker Walk which is flooded with people especially the tourists. The side path is quite narrow and so it is very hard for us to walk smoothly along that, while we have to squeezed in at the same time. We bought durian puff and it is so delicious…I love durian. We had cendol too, which is a perfect gift in such a hot atmosphere.

Other than that, we bought nothing. Our main objective to go to Malacca town this time is just for food only! Before we end the trip and return to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by a while at Dataran Pahlawan Mall and bought the famous ‘thousand layer cake’ (mille crepe) from Nadeje Restaurant in the mall. I bought a Tiramisu and I tried it just now after reaching home, and I don’t really like the taste and the texture. It’s too sweet at the same time. We finally reached back home, and it’s already night! Time flies…and our short trip came to an end. We are tired, but we do enjoyed what we have been through in the trip despite the short amount of time.

One day Singapore trip 2011!

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Last week, my neighbour right across my house invited us to join them for a short trip to Singapore with the price of only RM 88 for a person. Since I have not been to Singapore before and usual days are very boring, so I immediately agreed to join the trip. My sister and her friend joined too.

We rushed home right after a quick dinner as our bus has arrived. This was Saturday’s night (19th February 2011) at around 9pm. After fetching up the other people of the trip, we finally go on a four-hours bus ride to Singapore. Between the ride, we stopped at several places, for us to go to washroom as well as to have supper. After going through Malaysia and Singapore immigration, we finally arrived on the island of Singapore through the second link at around 4am, midnight. (20th February 2011)

It is still the outskirt of town or city area, and so there is all these industrial areas, with quite a lot of empty land too. It seems that Singapore still has some areas for new construction without depending fully on land reclamation. Everywhere I seen from my bus is clean and neat. It is a beautiful city, probably due to heavy restriction in laws regarding cleanliness. There are a lot of flats. (don’t think that the flats here are similar to flats in Malaysia). The flats in Singapore seems to be very well-equipped with lighting and facilities, making it seems to be more luxurious eventhough it is just flats!

It’s mainly dark in the city area but I can still see the towering skyscrapers, dominating the skyline of Singapore. Eventhough these buildings are not that tall (due to air traffic restriction which does not allow buildings to reach over 280m high), but these buildings do stand out, with their verticality enhanced. All these high rises accumulated in a same area, in a bunch, that forms a perfect skyline. Okay, we have reached the Marina Bay Sands. My dad went into the casino for a while, then there is this time I made myself alone, walked out of the building, and get fascinated by the views offered there. It is just breathtaking eventhough it is still midnight.

Then, there is around two hours for me to walk around the Marina Bay Sands and took a lot of pictures. I get impressed everytime I see beautiful structures like the Art and Science Museum Center, the DNA-like bridge, The Float, Esplanades, Singapore Flyers and the city’s iconic buildings that I recognized. I even saw many Western people jogging around as early as from 6am, and also a lot of foreign workers slept anywhere they like due to high cost of living in the city. Very tired after walking for a long distance, time to get back into the mall for free air-conditioning. Too bad all the shops are closed at this period of time. Time to leave Marina Bay Sands after around three hours there.

Next, we were heading to the old airport area which is now filled with quite a number of flats. We went there just only for having breakfast at a food court. There are shops at the second level, but mainly are still closed. We are too early for everything! Time to get to the Kuan Yin Temple at Bugis Street. Nothing much to see there except a weird-shaped building with a weird facade situated nearby there. I’m freaking sleepy already.

Finally, the last destination before we leaved Singapore, the Resort World Sentosa. More people are visiting this place than Marina Bay Sands. There are already a lot of buses in the car parking area. We gathered at The Forum, the central axis of this integrated resort complex. Then, we went out of it, to the open plaza that links to the waterfront (where crane dance would be held at night), Maritime Museum (still under construction), Universal Studio Theme Park (not enough time to enter and play), and to the attractions at Sentosa Hill. There are quite a lot of things to see from there that caught my attention.

So, we enjoyed some of the attractions at Sentosa Hill, which is quite a long distance from the resort that includes a lot of steps and escalators. We took pictures of the giant Merlion sculpture, which is quite yellowish in colour, compared to the original white one at the city center. Then, as there are time left, we enjoyed the ride in the Tiger Sky Tower, a revolving tower that offers panoramic view of the Sentosa Island, the Singapore port (one of the world’s busiest) and the city skyline. It is a stunning and breathtaking view from up there, which is about fifty-stories high.

Then, we even took the skyride. Hanging above the ground for quite a scary height, it is a fun experience. However, this ride reminds me of the movie ‘Frozen’ dealing with trapped visitors in the skyride while being frozen due to cold temperature. The skyride brought us to the beach area, but then due to insufficient of time, we quickly hurried back to the Forum before leaving the Sentosa Island after spending three hours in the resort.

We leaved Singapore by around 1pm in the afternoon, and we stayed for a moment at a shop in Yong Peng, Johor, and we met a famous Singaporean actor there, called Henry Thia famous for his acting in Money No Enough and Phua Chu Kang: The Movie. Then, later we settled for dinner at Seremban and purchased some siew bao, famous in Seremban. Finally, we reached home at 10pm, accurately 25 hours after the beginning of the trip.

From this trip, I start to develop a very lovely feeling to Singapore, and I will be going to the country again for a really ‘full’ and enjoyable trip. I will be writing a number of posts related to Singapore soon, as I am really interested on it, right after this trip, which is definitely not enough! Ohh…this is the last trip before my semester of study begins next week!

For full photo album (contained 143 pictures) I have uploaded on my Facebook account, you may click the link below: