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My last night in Perth before the break and movie review for ‘Power Rangers’ (2017)

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Tonight is my last night in Perth. I have cleaned my room, done my house’s cleaning duty for the week, and packed my luggage for my flight back to home (Malaysia) tomorrow’s afternoon. Official farewell to Perth, but that’s not the end yet. I’m coming back by end of July for my final semester. Now, I’m just chilling in my room, go online, play some games, watch some videos, and update my blog here. I will be back in Malaysia when I write my next post.

After all my assignments are completed, I finally have some free time to catch up on some movies released early this year that I have not yet watch. One of them is ‘Power Rangers’, and I’m glad that the clear version of the movie is finally out recently. ‘Power Rangers’ is one of my most favourite childhood television shows alongside with Mr Bean (animated), Tom and Jerry, Ultraman, etc. It’s interesting and also at the same time weird to see ‘Power Rangers’ being brought back to present time and it’s on the big screen this time. I’m not really excited about the movie after I watched the trailer because I just felt weird.

Now, after watching the movie yesterday, I felt it isn’t good enough to be brought to life again onto big screen. The suits are exaggerated. That'[s my first ever negative feedback of the movie. The female villain appears to be so strong in the beginning but then she just got defeated in the end so easily with a ‘slap’ by the Red Ranger that sent her straight to the outer space. Just like that to end a mighty villain. And then, I find the cast as not good enough to portray the rangers. They are given sufficient character’s developments in the movie but they just couldn’t immerse into it well in my opinion especially the main guy as the red ranger and the black guy as the blue ranger. Perhaps they are very new to the industry and has no experience yet.

The movie isn’t all bad either. There are still some thrilling scenes especially when the 5 people first found the coloured ‘coins’ and when they first morphed into a Megazord. The Megazord by the way looks like the sibling of Transformer. They even mentioned ‘Bumblebee’ at a scene in the movie when they has to use a yellow Chevrolet Camaro to attack against the villain’s  minions. And as mentioned earlier, I’m surprised that this movie delivered in terms of character’s development. It mostly deals with teenage’s life and its typical issues and how the 5 of them truly bond together in their friendship. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Power Rangers’ a total of 6.9.

The producers mentioned that a sequel is possible but is still in planning and not confirmed yet as this first isn’t well received in both box office and critical reception. That’s my thought too. Power Rangers should be just kept to the television and that’s enough. And kids nowadays are different with kids in the past. We, back then enjoy these type of shows while kids now love superheroes. Power Rangers are a bit too cheesy for them and there is certainly huge drop of interest.

And by the way, today is Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to all the great dads around the world!

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My works for Design 202

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This is the most important and crucial module for every semester. Design is the essence of architecture study. Hence, this is the hardest and toughest with most works to do, most time to spend on, most money to waste on, most energy to fill on, most effort to pour on.

For the semester, there are basically three assignments. First one, is to create 3 A2 boards manually, each with one perspective, plan, two sections and description regarding the space. Hence, there are three spaces, to be exact, three rooms as required for the assignment called as Imagining Rooms. I need to design three linked rooms with no exterior skin, with much focus on the interior. First room is to be related to an element found in Siem Reap Province, which I selected the electrical wires which are a lot in the town. Every pictures I researched from internet regarding the town, will definitely has those wires that are complicated. Second room is to be related to element found in Siem Reap River, which I selected the floating village at the north of the river with keywords on floating and reflection. The third room is to be related to Angkor Thom, which I selected the Causeway of Divine Spirits and Demons, with keywords on axis and distinction between light and dark sides.

Second assignment which costs the most of the semester is designing a guesthouse for journalists in Siem Reap Town, Cambodia too. We had been there few days for site visit. As usual, precent study is done, site analysis is done, then it’s time for design development with all the ideas put into sketches, then presented in tutorials and pin-up sessions. Finally, design is finalised and there are a lot of works to do (board and model). The board I created is 10 A1 landscape long with all the drawings, pictures, sketches and some descriptions. The final model is in scale 1:150 (reduced from 1:100 due to huge size of it).

Third and last assignment is the portfolio as usual, which I need to compile all my works of the semester into A3 landscape format. For the last two assignments, I am not showing the boards due to extreme confidential issue with it, but for portfolio, I can post the power point show of the folio for reference purpose. Hope you enjoy! Click the link below to check out my folio in power point show:


Have to present my design works especially Project 2 by next Tuesday during the external design review. A bit nervous but have been going through that several times previously already. Hence, not much problem. Hope everything would be fine and good that day.

A.Tech 202…Dossier, Models and Portfolio

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I have been used to, in creating portfolio for design module every semester. But this time around, even this new module, Architecture Techniques 202 needs portfolio, which is in digital format, something I have never done before for my study.

I am not multimedia student, so I’m not really good in making digital stuff. However, with my basic knowledge on Power Point, I had finally produced the digital portfolio for the module in less than a day which the assignment costs 20 percent of the whole semester. It’s good that something costs 20 percent (quite a lot) can be done in less than a day. How good if every assignment follows like that….haha…

For this module of the semester, me and Daniel in group had to present on selected building, which is Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe based on dossier, explorative models, final sectional model and finally, this digital portfolio before the end of the module.

This is the dossier presentation:

Back layer printed on reflective photo paper and front layer printed on transparent sticker applied to acrylic. View of the combined board:

Both is separated with a distance to enhance the effect of reflection with a mirror-like base below them.

This is the two explorative models we have done, one on theme of ‘open plan’ and another one on ‘reflection’:


This is the final sectional model we had completed with the site in scale 1:100. We had spent days on it, a lot of hard works on it.

Finally, this is the edited Power Point show of our digital portfolio. (Click the link to view the show, buttons in the show are clickable)

digital folio atech202show

We have done quite a lot of works for this module. It is just about presenting a given building on its architectural elements, which in our case, is open plan concept and reflection theme of Barcelona Pavilion. That’s all. We had to build a storage box to keep all our stuff, for archiving and to be used for exhibition.

Race to Get Higher (Skyscrapers) Presentation

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Yay..English module ended…

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the end of semester is coming around the corner…

and I’m glad that the module of Communication Principles 111 ended, it is actually English language module..

Today is the presentation in a group of two students….

the topic me and my friend will be talking about is Race to Get Higher, which is all about skyscrapers…

The Power Point presentation will be put on the next post, in JPEG format, the presentation brief will be also included for reference purpose. Remember, copyrights reserved

Before we start the presentation, both of use felt nervous, my friend even went to washroom twice, and I started to feel uncomfortable. Anyway, it is always like this. During the presentation, everything started to settle down, and our presentation went on smoothly. Everybody is paying attention while listening, since this is a quite interesting topic.

As our presentation ended, we listened to the others one in the cold freezing room. Then, dismissed….then, take exam docket……..then, lunch……..then, return home…….then, write this post…haha

Introduction and Strengths of Taipei 101

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everyone knew that the current world tallest building is still  Taipei 101 as the Burj Dubai is not completed yet…all the slides below are actually used for my project in Measurement and Applications 152, a module under my Foundation In Built Environment (architecture) course…

feel free to check out these slides too..quite short but interesting and informative enough with pictures and diagrams, the slides are created by me and my friends…so, copyrights reserved again…

Architecture and Design of Shanghai World Financial Center

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all the slides below show introduction, history, construction, information, design, architecture, structural strengths and beautiful pictures of Shanghai World Financial Center..go and check it out..quite useful when u needed the info on the building for architectural project..

is my content useful for you? feel free to comment! anything more you wanna ask more aobut the building, you may ask me too..i will be glad to reply…

pictures are taken from the websites..not by my own..but the detail created is all of my own..copyrights reserved…