Countdown to Oscars: 1 day!

Yes, 24 hours later, the biggest and most prestigious annual awards presentation in film industry will begin,…the 83rd Academy Awards or commonly known as just Oscars. By the time the ceremony is held, it’s early morning in Malaysia and I have to get prepared to go for classes in the morning and the afternoon, so I’m not able to watch it live (streaming online).

The ceremony would be held in Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles where it is the permanent venue for this star-studded night in America. Many stars would be coming, including those not nominated. I won’t be listing out all the attending stars as it would be extremely long. Even some singers would attend the ceremony, including A.R. Rahman and Celine Dion. Even the hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway would be performing too to light up the atmosphere besides than just hosting it.

I believed many predictions made by many people of different backgrounds earlier would meet with satisfying results to be released during the show tomorrow. However, I also believed that Oscars would give us some surprises, like; maybe The King’s Speech would not win Best Picture? Maybe Annette Bening would win over Natalie Portman in Best Actress? Maybe the Academy members prefer nerd (Jesse in The Social Network) over monarch (Colin in The King’s Speech) for Best Actor? Who knows?

This year, Oscar is already giving us surprises by having the younger stars, James and Anne to be the hosts. Usually, the job would be given to those over 40 years old. Oscar is probably starting to think that it’s time for the young ones to shine as they have longer and possibly brighter future to achieve. So, by tomorrow, surprise is awaiting us on those awards’ winners. Of course, I still wish that the awards go to those who are deserving.

Besides than the awards ceremony, there are actually many other events coming in between, like the dinner, celebration party, interviews and of course the red carpet which we will be given chances to look at how beautiful/handsome the artists are with their splendid outfits. It is their night, so they will bring the best by dressing good and cool. Since I will be in campus on that period of time, I will be only posting the much anticipated result few hours later, with some descriptions of the show too…I’m definitely going to watch the show later…