Videos and Pictures of Earth Hour 2009

Let us look at the official video of Earth Hour 2009 before moving on:


Now it’s time to see these:


– whole city center region from Hulu Langat Hill (by The Star Online)

* video showing the city of KL switching off lights into darkness especially on the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. (Just ignore the music)
– The Star Office Building in Petaling Jaya (The Star News)
– Sub-editors working in the dark at the office of The Star Publications (Petaling Jaya)

Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) – Kuala Lumpur.

* This video is uploaded by me from far, hence very blur, but still can see how the two buildings turned into darkness is a pattern of switching off lights from top to bottom.

* A better and clearer video here (not by me) on the Petronas Twin Towers.

* Another better video, this one showing the surrounding city region near KLCC too.

* The best video, capturing all the turning off lights event of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers and event of turning on lights back as well. Here, u can view the skyline of Kl which had not much difference except the both landmarks mentioned earlier. View from Look Out Point at Ampang.


Sunway Pyramid, a gigantic famous shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.

* video belows shows the countdown of Earth Hour, switching off lights of the giant lion head on the main entrance of the mall as well as on the surrounding of the mall.

Another clearer video below showing the whole mall.


CapSquare, near KL Tower.

* from this video, KL Tower actually had switched off its lights earlier (hence, can’t really see the tower, but it is actually there). The whole region turned their lights off too, accompanied by a countdown.


Taipei, Taiwan

– video below showing the litted-up Taipei 101 (current world tallest completed building) turned into darkness exept the safety warning lights from bottom to top.


Hong Kong, China

– video found from youtube on view towards the famous Victoria Harbour. The whole city (world best skyline city) turns into total darkness. No more beautiful and changing lightings here, no more “Symphony of Lights”!

– another video showing the time lapse when the city in darkness turned into the usual litted-up city of Hong Kong.

* Another video showing the end of Earth Hour 2009 at Tsing Ma Bridge.


Beijing, China

-capital city of China, host city of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

– Beijing National Stadium (Bird Nest Stadium) switched off its light in a very rhythmic way, look at the video below.

– Video below showing mainly the Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) switching off its blue lights along with the Beijing National Stadium.


Sydney, Australia

– first major city to have lights out, the first city of Earth Hour. (started from year 2007)

Sydney Opera House

* Video showing the scene of Victoria Bridge and Sydney skyline in darkness.


Video showing Australia (Sdyney), New Zealand and Fiji (Oceania) in Earth Hour.


Chicago, USA

– video showing an area of Chicago in darkness.


Las Vegas, USA

– video below shows the Las Vegas Strip switched off lights for Earth Hour 2009. (video taken from top of Stratosphere)


Toronto, Canada

a video showing the diffence between the usual scene of Toronto skyline with the scene of buildings all in darkness, video taken from CN Tower.


Montreal, Canada

– scene showing the skyline of Montreal in darkness during Earth Hour 2009.



– view on the skyline of Singapore which is hardly to be seen during Earth Hour 2009. (all dark)

* the video below showing JJ Lin, a singer had his concert right on 28th March at night, so he demanded to switch off the concert lights for a minute (one hour is impossible for the concert). Quite good habit from him, keep it up.


New York City, USA

– the video showing the city and bridge in New York City, explained by a girl on which part of the city is. (whole city in darkness)

* Another video below showing the Empire State Building, Times Square (signboards) and buildings around it turned into darkness for Earth Hour 2009. In the end, all the lights are switched on back.


San Francisco, USA

– video below showing how the famous Golden Gate Bridge switched off its lights.



– video showing Kuwait Towers switching off its bright lights.



– video showing many countries in Europe participating in the event by switching off lights, especially the famous Eiffel Tower, Paris.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

– video on the Christ, the Redeemer statue from far turning off its lights.



– video on the famous Rio Antirio bridge switching off its lights.

– video showing Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens from far turned into darkness for Earth Hour 2009.


London, England

– video below shows the Big Ben turned off its light and the London Eye had not turned off its lights yet.


* Video showing Chicago (famous buildings), New York (Empire State Building), Paris (Eiffel Tower), Athens (Parthenon and Acropolis), Rome (Colloseum) switching off lights in support of Earth Hour 2009.


News – Sydney (Victoria Bridge), Beijing (Olympic Green), Phillipines.


Cape Town, South Africa


Calgary, Alberta

– video showing part of the skyline in darkness as explained by the man in the video. Some buildings still have their lights on, that’s disappointing.


Auckland, New Zealand

– video showing how the Auckland Sky Tower switches off its lights.


Sau Paulo, Brazil

– just ignore the shouts in the video, they just too excited and shouted to other people to turn off their lights, showing some support too! At the end, u can still see the difference in the city after lights are off.



– video showing the skyline of Nasville turning into darkness for Earth Hour. Some street lights have also been turned off.


– hot air balloons over Waikato night glow in commemorating the global event: Earth Hour 2009.


 More videos from Youtube, check them out from there!!!====