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Review for TVB drama ‘Phoenix Rising’.

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‘Phoenix Rising’ (蘭花刼) is a TVB drama that is already 10 years old but is only released in Hong Kong this year. It is first released overseas in 2007 and has been warehoused for a decade before a full release this year. It is such a strange move by TVB on releasing a 10-years old drama. Didn’t they have a lot of completed dramas in waiting list for release? Why ‘Phoenix Rising’? Nobody know the answer. And for now, I just treat it as a 2017 drama.

The drama which has 20 episodes revolves on 3 orphan sisters. They are then separated as they leave the orphanage. They were reunited, but under bad event when one of the sisters is receiving death penalty soon for murdering her foster mother. The murderer then uses various tricks and evil plans to escape the death penalty, even by sacrificing her own sisters. The drama starred Kristal Tin, Louisa So and Leila Tong as the 3 sisters and also Sunny Chan, Ben Wong and Jack Wu as other significant characters.

The drama is actually quite nice to watch. I like to watch drama with some vicious plots. I always felt that a series would not be intense or thrilling without those evil plans by the villain characters. I never see Louisa So portraying a villain character before and she did quite well here. Actually, I seldom see her in dramas at all. So, this is actually a great opportunity for me to see back some past artistes such as Louisa So, Sunny Chan and Leila Tong. I wonder what is happening to them right now…

Sunny Chan is the main male lead of the series but this series is never intended to emphasize on the males anyway. It’s mostly about the three sisters. And for that, I’m a bit disturbed by the way that Sunny Chan’s character will occasionally disappear throughout the series, most notably in the last two episodes. Ahh…it’s so nice to see Leila Tong. Eventhough I’m not that fancy of most of her characters in the past as she didn’t leave any memorable or powerful roles, but it’s delightful to watch her in this series. As for Kristal, I didn’t realize she has such good acting skill back then. She handled this lead role well and it is just that her character here that is too unbelievably stupid and being over kind, and in the end she herself ended up to be the one to suffer to protect everyone else. Well, if she didn’t do so, we wouldn’t have a drama to watch.

So, this drama is short and engaging. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Phoenix Rising’ a total of 7.2. And Nancy Wu has a small supporting role as a pregnant prisoner in this drama. Back then, she was not yet reaching her fame. Now, she is a two-time TV Queen. As for now, I’m hoping that TVB will get back to its form by releasing back its recent dramas. Or maybe TVB knew its recent dramas are mostly bad. Come on, get up on your game…it’s your station’s 50th anniversary this year!

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An old church converted into a modern bookstore…that’s an innovative design…

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I like the idea of having an abandoned building turned into something useful and functional rather than letting the building ‘dies’ off, neglected by the society or awaiting demolition. It would be much interesting if there is an involvement of contemporary addition to an existing abandoned building of classical style to give a new life to the building despite the changing function. Architecture hence comes in a very unique play and contrasting approach here, and this bookstore I recently found out matched all those aspects mentioned earlier.

I discovered this bookstore from a post shared by my friend from Facebook and I find it to be very interesting; a contemporary designed bookstore that fits perfectly well inside an old church which created the effect of opposing aesthetics that turned out to be pretty well received. It adds religious experience into the reading atmosphere, while the space maintains the church’s structure and in the same time invites the modern innovative design of the bookstore. I wished to go there and check out on my own.

So, I am really interested over this kind of project and I hope more of it to come, possibly becoming a new architectural trend all over the world. So, I decided to repost of what I have read from this source (, describing how the bookstore fits well into the church through innovative design that caught my surprise and attention.

We’ve seen some breathtaking libraries in the past and this bookstore is no exception when it comes to innovative design. One branch of the popular Dutch bookstore chain Selexyz can be found right inside of a 13th century Dominican church in Maastricht, Holland. The project known as Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht, designed by architecture firm Merkx + Girod, exemplifies a brilliant union between the opposing aesthetics. The space maintains the church’s architectural structure and definitive design attributes while inviting the contemporary stylings of a modern bookstore.

Built in 1294, the cathedral features large open spaces boasting three-story bookshelves. Being that the church contains 1,200 square meters of shopping space with only 750 square meters of floor space, the architects decided to design vertically. They incorporate the modern scheme of the shop without obstructing the religious motifs or structure of the ancient venue. Within the space, there is also a cafe. As a nod to the bookstore’s past-life, there is a long table shaped like a cross in the eating area, which is conveniently located where the choir formerly situated themselves.

(More pictures from the original source:

My blog’s three years old birthday!

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It’s a bit weird but I would still want to wish my blog happy birthday! My blog is now 3 years old!

3 years of blogging is certainly not a big thing to be proud of, but for me, I still do felt excited for it! Well, I can’t believe that I have stay on sticking to my blog here for 3 years already. Many of you have definitely not know that I have actually started blogging way back 4 years ago on another blog (not this one). But for that one which I couldn’t even remember the name of it, I am just focusing on sharing my interest on tall buildings which I have been fascinated to as early as from my secondary schooling, far before I started to take the architecture course of study for my higher education level.

I do tried on finding that leftover blog of mine (the actual first blog I had written) in Google, but still couldn’t. I guess that blog is already terminated since I have not logging in to that for over 3 years already, making it seriously inactive. I couldn’t even remember my log-in username and password for that. Forget about it. All that are not happening to my blog here. I had my full concentration on this blog eventhough I am not free during this time of my study when it finally comes to my final semester. I promised myself not to make this blog inactive, to be always updated, and forever mine! Haha…

28th September 2008 is the first day I created this blog. Now, today is 28th September 2011. Three years have gone, and my blog had been online for 1095 days, with over 700 posts and over 800 000 hits currently. I even clicked back on the first page of my blog, refreshing my mind on the earliest posts I have written here…and I can see huge improvement on my writing and quality of posts. That is good. This blog is actually helping me in certain aspects. I even get to know more friends who have read my blog. Nothing much to celebrate for my blog here actually, and it would be just another one fine day for me; attending classes from morning till evening on Wednesday! Would be very tiring…

Happy Birthday once again to my blog,! All the best!


Hard to find…old pics of KL

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Last Sunday, I went to the Borders store in Berjaya Times Square while waiting for a movie. Then, when I browsed through books, not on architecture, but on travel section. Sydney, Barcelona, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, etc….a lot…then, I came upon this small, but long horizontal book, about panoramic of Kuala Lumpur.

When I checked on the first page, it’s an old panoramic picture of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. By that time, I’m wishing for more old pictures like this one. It disappointed me. There is only one old picture of KL in it, others at the back all are showing the current modern city views. By the way, all the panoramic pictures are amazing! I wish to capture one beautiful panoramic view of KL of my own one time soon…

So, there my interest on looking for old pictures of KL began. It is very hard to find these pictures. I believed some are lost, out of nowhere, disappeared, missing or damaged. Some would just keep it without sharing it to the world through internet. Luckily, I am able to find some of these pictures. Enjoy!

Of course, all these old pictures above are not in high definition or resolution, because there are so such technology yet at that time the pictures were taken. Here below, comes the final picture of the post, the current modern KL city. Click on it for the full size image which is in high resolution. Too bad all the pictures here are not mine. I swear I’m going to take one soon…

Let me tell you something, everytime when I’m on the flyover or higher roads which enable me to have a look at the beautiful skyline of KL, I will not miss that chance. I won’t get bored of looking at it. It just impressed me…I like to see skyline not only of my home city, KL but also other cities around the world. One of my interests…

Design 102 Project: “…for the…” [Client Poster and Site Analysis]

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Some of the update on my design project, “…for the…” in my module of Design 102, the final project that costs 60 percent out of the whole module, that’s a lot…

As I have told the project brief earlier in my previous post; select a client from a lucky draw, research on him/her and create an A2 poster, focusing on his/her unique characteristics and what spaces he/she needs. Then, go to Malacca (visited) for site visit and create an A1 board of site analysis of your chosen site that is related to your client.

The progress is currently until here, end of site analysis part, two more important parts to go, the design part and the interior space part. For design part, develop your design, build a model sitting on a site, and do presentation board. For interior part, build another portiion of model in much detail to show interior space, how is it being used. Finally, create a final presentation board with all models prepared for oral presentation.

My client is Amadeus Mozart, a famous musician. I stressed on his final music work, known as ‘Requiem’ which is incomplete. When he wrote this music, ordered by an unknown stranger, he knew that this piece of music is for himself as his health is getting deteriorated day by day. He kept himself in one place, full of pressure to write this music. Finally, he died because of it.

I am going to design a multi-purpose dwelling for him; a working space for him to complete the music, and a performing center for him to perform his music to the visitors in Malacca (the site). My site is on a reclaimed land of Malacca River, bordering a newly-built park and facing the Maritime Museum (a museum that resembled a Portuguese ship). The environment there is calm, peaceful, with sound from flowing water and wind. My site will be an extension from the existing pathway and park and offers a great panoramic view. Many tourists walk around the area (Malacca River Square) and will notice the iconic structure (my design – later) easily from the park, from the nearby Maritime Museum and Taming Sari Tower (observatory tower).

My first (Client and Function) Poster: (A2 board)

final client poster copy

My second (Site Analysis) board: (This board consists of 6A3, size more than A1, less than A0)

final site analysis copy

Honestly, these boards are not perfect, there are slight mistakes in there, but still okay (satisfactory) overall…can be posted here for reference purpose only, no other intention is allowed. The drawings shown above are done manually, up to scale, and with line quality (thickness).

The last two remaining and the most important parts will be shown later in my future posts, since it has not been done yet up to schedule. Really busy weeks ahead. Architecture is torturing life!…

Malacca Site Visit…

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A very very tiring 3 days 2 nights site visit at the Old Town area of Malacca, one of the two world heritage cities (UNESCO) [the other city is Penang].

Reach campus early morning, not many came yet, boarded the very expensively-charged Limkokwing Bus which has its air-conditioning problem. Reached Malacca and our hotel, Hotel Puri in the Old Town area, just right beside the famous Jonker Street. Checked in, rest a while, attend briefing, have lunch (famous rice ball) and start our site visit.

We just simple travel around the area which is quite large, covering Red Stadhuys, St. Xavier Church, A Famosa, St. Paul Church, Malacca Waterfront, urban area (shophouses area), and Jonker Street. I travelled far beyond till Eye on Malaysia located on the reclaimed land facing the Strait of Malacca.

The condition there is very good, buildings well preserved, tourism level pretty high, strategic locations of tourist destinations, and it gives you the feeling of going back into those colonial period, especially when you hear the bell sound from the Clock Tower at Red Stadhuys…Dong…Dong….Dong….every one hour. That’s nice!

I have chosen a site, quite far away from my hotel, Have to walk for a long distance to reach there, not only once, but four times. My legs are in great pain and numbness after this site visit. Anyway, we still have some time to rest in our comfortable rooms and in cafe with friends.

There are still some time to take a tour around the other tourist destinations like Maritime Museum, Taming Sari Tower, Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, Jonker Street, etc. Really nice there, it would be great if we have another one or two more days there for us to shop, relax and enjoy…3 days 2 nights really not enough.

Arrgghh, I have missed the opportunity to ride on trishaw, and river cruise. Nevermind, I can still have a breathtaking view of the whole Malacca, from the 80m tall Taming Sari Tower. Great view from there, and able to see my chosen site from there clearly too. Jonker Street on Friday night is the most happening street in Malacca, full of tourists, full of stalls, full of people, night market held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there.

Took a lot of pictures, around 400, I think, but many are useless. Will upload some interesting here, don’t worry, Enjoy!


The very long shophouses in the Old Town area of Malacca.


Malacca River, many tourist areas along the Malacca, known as Malacca Waterfront.


Eye on Malaysia’s ferris wheel as seen from far.


The famous Red Stadhuys area, full of tourists here…on a very strategic location


The St. Paul Church on top of the hill with his tomb in there.


The main landmark of Malacca, A Famosa, which is so small and so ‘sad’…


St. Xavier Church, nice-looking and great topping.


Taming Sari Tower at night…looks tall but only 80m high…


The Maritime Museum, built to resemble a Portuguese ship, looks interesting.


My chosen site for design project on a reclaimed land in the middle of Malacca River as viewed from Menara Taming Sari.


The lobby for Hotel Puri…


The stage at junction of Jonker Street with performances going on…


Jonker Street crowded with people and stalls…

Really a nice trip there, but very tiring….