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Obama’s visit to Malaysia is a buzz!

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The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama is now here in Malaysia (my country) for a three-days visit from 26 to 28 April 2014. He is originally scheduled to visit the country back in October last year but couldn’t do so due to their partial government shutdown crisis at the time. This time around, there isn’t anything that blocks the way and here we welcome him to our country. His visit marks the second time a U.S. President came to Malaysia, as the first one was back in 1966 (48 years ago) when President Lyndon B. Johnson set his foot here too.

Why is it that his arrival here is much more exciting, happening and making a lot more buzz than the other presidents, prime ministers or even kings? Well, no doubt United States is a superpower, and having the leader of a superpower here  is something we find of utmost importance especially of guaranteeing his safety and smooth tour in Malaysia. Just days before his arrival, I have read news of the level of security provided for him, particularly from his official presidential plane, Air Force One and his presidential limousine called The Beast and all the checks by U.S. Secret Service. Interesting facts: There is a medical operating room in the Air Force One. And if you think that it is not enough, there is also a blood bank in The Beast containing the similar blood type with the President in case anything emergency happens that requires it.




Barack Obama arrived here yesterday’s afternoon to a grand welcome after having been to Japan and South Korea. Later on, he would goes to Philippines, which would be his last stop of the four-nations Asia tour. He went to the Parliament House on yesterday’s evening for an official welcoming ceremony, and attended a state banquet at National Palace with the King and Queen, the Prime Minister and the main cabinet ministers. Today, he will be heading to Putrajaya, administrative capital of Malaysia to hold talks with Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak before going to nearby Cyberjaya for the launch of the Malaysia Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MAGIC). The US President will also hold a town hall session with young leaders from South East Asia and to visit National Mosque this afternoon.


He will leaves to Philippines tomorrow. Before he is leaving, I think there is a bit of ample time for him to truly discover the wonder of Malaysia. Maybe he can drop by at some famous tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur like Chinatown, Batu Caves, KLCC, etc or even try our local delicacies like nasi lemak, cendol, char kuey teow, or even durian if he can stand the smell. Too bad that he only has three days here (actually only one and a half). If not, he could explore more on what we can offer to the current 44th US President.

His visit here is not only to improve bilateral ties between the two nations but also as an approach to further engage with Muslim world and these priorities reflect the American leader’s multicultural heritage, which has given him a wider view of the world. Obama’s efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples has won him the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize too. His landmark visit here to Malaysia marks a new chapter in the history of both nations. Welcome once again, Mr. Barack Obama.

(Information and images in this post are from The Star Online)


Obama wins re-election, to continue the presidential term for another four years.

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Barack Obama makes history again, by continuing on his second term of four years as the president of the United States of America. He previously succeeded George W. Bush to be the 44th president of USA back in 2008 after the election and the first African American to hold that highest position. Things aren’t going that successful or well during his first term when the country is still slow in economic recovery, facing high unemployment issue and the most recent impact of the Hurricane Sandy.

Well, on the other hand, under his term, the country’s greatest enemy, Osama bin Laden whom is believed to be the mastermind of 911 attacks was finally killed, he ended the war in Iraq, offering almost every Americans a health insurance, saving the US auto industry and contributed some other beneficial things to the country. For that several reasons, he successfully secured his winning on the presidential election this year which is called a moment ago despite facing a tough opponent, Mitt Romney of Republicans.

Obama became only the second Democrat to win a second four-year White House term since World War II. The president, who made history by becoming America’s first black president after a euphoric victory, carved a new precedent on Tuesday by defying the portents of a hurting economy to win a second term. It appears that majority of US citizens continue to show their support to the current president and did not put blame on him for not bringing their country out of economic slowdown quick.

Despite intense and close fight between the two contestants for the presidential post in debates on recent weeks, Obama still managed to clinch victory over this huge country by winning over 270 votes out of 538. Regarding the exact total number of votes he won, I’m clueless. You have to search for a much detailed news for further information on it. I only knew he won, after the preliminary official result is announced few hours ago. The campaign had been very successful for him, and he made it. Let’s hope he would do better and seriously taking action on saving the country out of economic depression it has been facing for quite a long time.

Now, when is our turn? It’s time for Malaysia (my country) to hold the next election already. The five-year term is almost coming to an end and yet our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hasn’t even announce the date of election yet. The term would ends by next April 2013. There had been many speculations over the date earlier but all are untrue. I probably knew the reason; our leader is afraid of change in government looking at current situation on how more and more people especially youngsters are in favour of the opposition. Haha…and of course, our Prime Minister is in hope to achieve result similar with we have seen today from US presidential election when the current leader retains the post. But I hope it’s the other way round for Malaysia! Haha…change is needed!

(Image and certain information from this post are from The Star Online and its photo gallery)

Eduardo is Pritzker Prize 2011’s winner…President Obama once wanted to be an architect!

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Yes, in Barack Obama’s latest speech on a dinner in honour of Pritzker Prize winner for year 2011, Eduardo Souto de Moura, the President of the United States admitted that he once wanted to become an architect. This is a fantastic news…

As you might not know, Pritzker Prize is the prize of highest honour to architect, which can be known as the Nobel Prize in architectural field. Around two months ago, a Portuguese architect, named Eduardo Souto de Moura is awarded the prize for his great contribution to the world of architecture. I do not who he is because he isn’t as famous as some other architects whom had also won the prize before like Richard Meier, Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Peter Zumthor, etc.

After I have seen some of his astonishing works, I found out that his works are rather monumental, simplicity with unique ability to convey seemingly conflicting characteristics — power and modesty, bravado and subtlety, bold public authority and a sense of intimacy at the same time. Anyway, I’m still do not know much on his architectural style or principle, hence I can’t get to understand on what he is trying to achieve from his works in architecture.

Back to the point stressed from the title of this post…yes, President Barack Obama attended the dinner in honor of this successful living architect. There are also press mentioning that Obama turned to politics because he thought that his creativity is not as good as he expected to become a successful architect. On his speech, he praised Eduardo’s simple shapes and clean lines that fit seamlessly to the surroundings. The president also took time to highlight on the architect’s work of Braga Stadium (picture above) which he commended for making the games accessible even to those who couldn’t afford a ticket, just like his beloved Wrigley Field. His other notable work is Paula Rego Museum which is seen as a bulky structure for me (picture above).

Now, I realized there are so many famous stars (like Brad Pitt whom is now a Hollywood star, or even in Asia like Raymond Lam whom is now excelling on his acting and singing career) now whom had a wish in their past to become architects. Why do they give up their dream? Probably because of the heavy workload encountered and number of sleepless nights going to be faced, so they are scared of it already and willing to go on other direction, and yet they turned successful too. Should I? No…this is already my last year…it would be too late and very regretful if I’m giving up now….have to stay on and tough to face ARCHITECTURE! Then, who knows, I might be the future recipient of this Pritzker Prize….(okay, started dreaming already…)

Breaking news of the day: Obama announced that Osama is dead

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This morning, I am a bit frightened by the breaking news of the day as I would check on online news from The Star Online daily. The title of the breaking news is simple yet it gives shock not only to me but to everyone else as well. ‘Osama is dead’. Yes…the leader behind the terrorist attack on 11th September 2001 was killed recently by US army.

There is few months left before the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in history that killed almost 3000 people and brought down the twin towers of World Trade Center. Finally, it’s a sign of joy and relief for the people of United States as the people behind all these sinful deeds is finally punished and killed in 1st May 2011. It’s been 10 years already, but people would still be sadden by the tragic events in 911. But for now, people of US especially at New York erupted to joy and happiness.

Current President of United States, Barack Obama announced not long ago to the worldwide media that Osama bin Laden is dead. It doesn’t seems to me as a successful revenge; it appears more to be like a sinful people stopped from doing bad things again that would harm the people and the world. Anyway, justice is still done! Even the whole Al-Qaeda movement should be vanished to prevent trouble from happening again. I think by now US should withdraw its troops there to stop their intention of evoking wars. World peace comes first.

One is the current leader of United States and one is the leader of terrorist attack to United States, both people from totally different background, and yet they share very similar name (Obama and Osama)….Osama’s death is definitely the breaking news of the day which is still a holiday to all of us, as a replacement of Labour Day yesterday that falls on Sunday.

Barack Obama, the new President of USA

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everybody knew the news..a great news not only to the Americans, but as well as to the people from all around the world…

Barack Obama, who won the presidential election in 4th November 2008, representing Democrats, defeating Republican’s McCain…by a simple majority…becoming the first African-American President of the superpower United States of America…

Barack Obama really had many great and challenging tasks ahead, which are inevitable…facing the worst economic crisis of the country as well as the whole affected world, stabilizing the country, forming peace with other countries,etc…

He took over the post from George W. Bush, who leaves Washington as one of the nation’s most unpopular and divisive president,,under his presidential lead, September 11 attack, Iraq war, slow response to Hurricane Katrina, and economic meltdown occurs..

Now, it is a great responsibility ahead for Obama to solve all these, so that he can gain the trust of every people on Earth…He is now 47 years old, graduated from Columbia University (political science) and Harvard University (Law)… wins 53% votes from Americans to become the 44th president of the nation..

Finally on 20th January 2009, he officially takes office as the president..guarded by so many Secret Service agents, applaused by hundred of thousands people attended the inauguration ceremony..all the people went to National Mall, watching the ceremony at United States Capitol Building…

Barack Hussein Obama, then sweared in, accompanied by his wife,Michelle and daughters, Sasha and Malia…George W. Bush is now out of office and it is now in the hand of Obama to ‘Change” America and the world!

Hopes that he will improve the nation’s relationship with my country, Malaysia…but i got from news that he really got little relationship with Malaysia in his family background which had a lot of mix like Kenya, Africa, etc…His charisma is really good..and his outlook is cool…

Some pictures here:


Swearing-in ceremony of Barack Obama


Barack Obama is accompanied by his family in swearing-in ceremony


The National Mall (where the United States Capitol and National Monument stand and the White House nearby) is flooded with hundred of thousands of people to celebrate the day when Barack Obama takes office as president.


Barack Obama (The President), his wife, Michelle Obama (The First lady), Joe Biden (Vice President) and his wife, Jill Biden waving to former president, George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush…


George W. Bush walked out of the White House with Barack Obama for the inauguration to take place…

Pictures obtained from MSN news…info from The Star newspaper….