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Drama review for TVB’s ‘Oh My Grad’ (2017)

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‘Oh My Grad’ is the third installment in ‘Inbound Troubles’ series franchise that is spearheaded by Wong Cho Lam. I remember the first one is very funny and do have a chance to compete for best series that year although it ended up losing to the more popular ‘Triumph in the Skies II’ that year. There was a sequel after that. It didn’t perform as good as the first one. And now, here comes the third one. What am I expecting? Getting more bad? Yes, it is. Wong Cho Lam is no longer taking the lead role here as I read some news that he was very busy with something else during the production of ‘Oh My Grad’. Hence, he only appeared for some scenes and taking on two very minor roles.

With him not around most of the time, I’m bored. He is the funniest people to watch in the past two series. There is no doubt that he is a very talented and humorous guy. His crazy obsession to curry fish balls in this drama is not hilarious at all. This third drama eventually loses its main selling point; being funny. It instead going on for a more morally point of view by spreading great messages on the issues revolving education in Hong Kong. But, if you are focusing on a school setting for this drama, then have the effort to hire more ‘really young’ actors to portray as students. In this whole 30-episodes drama, I only see about 20 same students for the whole school. And they are so matured and irrelevant to act as students in my point of view.

The plot is boring. There is nothing interesting for me to catch up to in every episodes. The only reason I stayed till the end of the drama is because of Ada Choi. I haven’t seen her in TVB dramas for a while. She is still delivering solid performance. Roger Kwok is good as usual but his character as the headmaster appeared so unimportant. Babyjohn Choi is a film actor and this is his first work in a drama. He is actually not bad in this. His partner in the drama, Mag Lam is a bad casting. Her acting is below average and she only put on 2 faces for the whole show; acting cute and being angry. Joyce Cheng is annoying as she overacted and she was unnecessarily too loud in this drama. Bob Lam portrays a bad person in this drama and he is well suited to the role. Why? Because every time I see him, I really wanted to punch his face. It means that he did his role well as he successfully made us hate him. Koni Lui is doing well in here too. Other minor cast in this drama includes Louis Cheung, Helena Law, Bowie Wu, Cheung Chi Kwong, Eliza Sam, Mary Hon, Angela Tong, etc.

I can’t believe the fact that this is one of the anniversary dramas this year to celebrate TVB’s 50th birthday. It is such a lousy production. With school /education as the theme, this drama can be very vibrant and funny at the same time. The drama just couldn’t find the right path. This drama franchise should end. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Oh My Grad’ a total of 6.2. I’m now just looking forward to the ‘Heart and Greed’ which is also the third installment of the very successful ‘Heart of Greed’ franchise. It will start airing on 27th November. I can’t wait for it. I didn’t expect it to be as good as the first two, but I’m hoping at least it is watchable.

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Review for Hong Kong drama ‘My Unfair Lady’ (2017)

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Another new Hong Kong series is watched completely just now with the airing of the final two episodes. It is ‘My Unfair Lady’ (不懂撒嬌的女人) that starred Jessica Hsuan, Frankie Lam, Natalie Tong, Vincent Wong, Samantha Ko, Zoie Tam, Chris Lai, etc. This 28-episodes drama is TVB’s first 4K production (ultra high definition) and also saw the return of Jessica and Frankie to TVB. The series basically revolves around two strong-willed cousins who are great in career but not in romance. The older cousin (portrayed by Jessica) heads an office department with her strict and mean personalities while her younger cousin (portrayed by Natalie) is under her control and supervision all the time.

My review of the drama? Hmm…it’s a very boring drama. I’m not interested in a series that focuses too much on romance. I’m just not into this kind of genre. I think females may like this series more. I’m surprised that this drama received quite a good reception and TV viewership ratings. I felt the opposite. It’s boring, draggy and pointless. The earlier episodes are still fine with me as I’m interested to watch the office politics and the time when Molly (portrayed by Jessica) is still a mean boss. When she and Gordon (portrayed by Frankie) quit the jobs in that office, the plot starts to get really dull and I’m not engaged to it at all since then. The overuse of the romantic song when showing the Saving-Cherry pair (portrayed by Vincent and Natalie) is annoying. Even their pairing in this drama appears to be time-wasting. People who enjoyed romantic stuff will bash me for such comment.

I’m so glad that the drama is over. I first watched it because I’m looking forward to see Jessica Hsuan back in a TVB drama. She did well, but this role is not much challenging to her except in the earlier episodes when she kept on voicing out lengthy dialogues in stressed mode. Some supporting cast did good job in here such as Chris, Vincent, Natalie, Zoie and the man that portray Oscar (I don’t know his name). Their good performance couldn’t save this drama from being almost like a rubbish with nothing exciting or appealing. This is like the first drama this year when I went on to do something else while having most of its episodes playing on my laptop every evening. It’s so boring that I couldn’t have my eyes on it for 40 minutes every day (40 minutes is the rough duration of an episode).

Out of 10 points, I rate ‘My Unfair Lady’ a total of 6.1. I really couldn’t believe it receives good feedback. A lot of viewers now are desperate for some romantic dramas while I’m onto something more action, suspenseful or climactic. It looks like I have to wait till later of this year for release of some really cool dramas. Right now, the line-up of coming dramas are not appealing. It’s bad timing as I will soon have a bit of free time beginning next month as my current semester is ending (I hope it ends very soon…I want to escape from all the madness from the assignments) but have no good quality series to watch during the holiday. Good dramas will only be up by end of this year as predicted and that is the time when I’m working on my thesis. Damn…

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My personal top 10 best English films in year 2014

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Awards season for the English films released in the previous year (2014) had concluded with the 87th Oscars held not long ago in late February. I have watched all the films released last year that I’m looking forward to. The total number of English films in 2014 that I have watched now stands at 50. That’s not a very massive figure, but it’s considered a lot compared to normal movie-goers. I can consider myself someone who loves and craze for movies. For me, they are not only a form of entertainment, but also a type of visually moving arts that move and capture our thoughts and feelings.

After a time of analysis and recalling, here are my personal top 10 best (or you can say, most favourite) English films in year 2014 and along with each, is my brief summary of that particular film:

1. The Theory of Everything


A moving story on science, romance and commitment, accompanied with superb performances by the two leads in this Stephen Hawking’s biopic told from his divorced first wife, Jane’s perspective.

2. Birdman of The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance


Not only incredible from its scenes that appeared to be in one continuous shot, Birdman marked an overwhelming comeback of a veteran actor to Hollywood. The film is masterful, and came with great cast, making it a deserved pick as Oscars’ Best Picture.

3. Whiplash

Watch Whiplash (2014) English Full Movie Online Free

Energetic, exhilarating, exciting, and astounding! What more can I say. I’m definitely in tempo with this one. Certainly enjoyed every way from the harsh yet rewarding relationship between a merciless music professor and a never-give-up drummer.

4. Interstellar


An epic science-fiction masterpiece that not only impressed us with cutting-edge visuals and scientific happenings at the outer space, but also moved us with heartfelt touching story back on the polluted Earth from a father separated with his two kids. A grand production equipped with excellent acting and heart-stopping score.

5. The Imitation Game


A very solid and beautifully produced film on biopic of Alan Turing, whom is considered as the Father of Computers. Captivating plot and mesmerizing acting made the film a must-see.

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Main Quad_AW_[26611] Grand Budapest

An interesting story between a head concierge and his lobby boy that made you follow closely on their adventure with a visually ornate environments that came real from the brilliant, creative and unique designs in its production, costume, make-up, hair-styling, etc.

7. Fury


Not a big-scale or epic war film, but this movie managed to keep momentum going without pushing over the top or dragging things slowly with nothing. It focuses into only a single war tank with the members inside as great friends and right things came along despite the ‘only one survived’ ending.

8. Nightcrawler


A new and interesting idea of a man goes out of law and morality in videotaping accidents or crime scenes on the first hand to earn cash. And the idea was put into a movie with excellent acting.

9. The Lego Movie


The only one animated film in my top 10 list here, and it’s seriously snubbed in the Oscars. The Academy is so wrong. A story about a Lego minifigure prophesied to save their Lego universe from the villain, and it’s not just that. The ‘twist’ in the ending is surprisingly good and made it stands out among the rest. ‘Everything is awesome’!

10. Boyhood


Couldn’t get myself engaged to the film, but I’m totally with everyone else on the huge admiration on the making of the film that took 12 years for a more realistic outcome to this coming-of-age film about the growth of a small kid to a young adult.

What’s your top ten? Share it in comments below.

Fun fact: 9 out of 10 movies listed here are nominated for at least a single category in the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars). Only ‘Fury’ didn’t make it, of which I find that the film is underrated. 8 of the 10 movies above also won at least a single Oscars. ‘The Lego Movie’ and ‘Nightcrawler’ did received nominations but did not win anything.

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TVB Awards Presentation 2014’s nomination list alongside my preferred picks and opinions.

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In Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards held in the past October, Ruco Chan and Charmaine Sheh won TV King and Queen respectively. In TVB Star Awards Malaysia held last Sunday, Charmaine too grabbed TV Queen title but the leading actor goes to Roger Kwok instead. Would that be the result too for the coming TVB Awards Presentation 2014 which will be held on 15th December? Hong Kong citizens, now it’s your turn to vote!


(Image source:

Hereby is the nomination list for the prestigious TVB Awards Presentation 2014 (also known as TVB 47th Anniversary Awards) alongside with my top 5 picks and my preferred choice / prediction as what I did usually for every film or TV awards I’m interested in:

The one with * is my top 5 pick.

^Additional information : – Best Actor, Actress and Series will be voted by committee and public.
– My Favourite Character awards and Best Theme Song will be voted 100% by public.
– All other awards will be voted by committee and TVB artists.

Best Leading Actor
01.) Wong Cho Lam (Gilded Chopsticks)
02.) Ben Wong (Gilded Chopsticks)
03.) Steven Ma (Storm in a Cocoon) *
04.) Ruco Chan (Ruse of Engagement) *
05.) Bosco Wong (The Ultimate Addiction)
06.) Kenneth Ma (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
07.) Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul) *
08.) Ron Ng (Black Heart White Soul)
09.) Michael Miu (Line Walker)
10.) Raymond Lam (Line Walker) *
11.) Lawrence Ng (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Joe Ma (Tiger Cubs 2)
13.) Him Law (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Wayne Lai (Overachievers) *
15.) Raymond Wong (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)

Comment: If Roger really win this, then it will be his third Best Actor win, and that ties him with Gallen Lo and Wayne Lai as the most successful Best Actor in TVB. His performance in ‘Black Heart White Soul’ is critically acclaimed. But at one point, I think since he won it twice before, why not hand the trophy to Raymond Lam since ‘Line Walker’ is considered his last series with TVB and that he did very well in that one too. He would never have the chance to compete for it again in the future most probably. It’s also a pity since he is in the industry for many years but has never win Best Actor before despite his acting is already deserving for it. But I’m still happy if Roger takes it this year.
Best Leading Actress
01.) Michelle Yim (Coffee Cat Mama)
02.) Aimee Chan (Outbound Love)
03.) Nancy Sit (Queen Divas)
04.) Joey Meng (Gilded Chopsticks)
05.) Tavia Yeung (Storm in a Cocoon) *
06.) Priscilla Wong (Swipe Tap Love)
07.) Selena Li (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
08.) Kristal Tin (Black Heart White Soul) *
09.) Louisa So (Rear Mirror)
10.) Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker) *
11.) Linda Chung (All That Bitter is Sweet) *
12.) Kate Tsui (Tomorrow is Another Day) *
13.) Ivana Wong (Come on Cousin)
14.) Maggie Siu (Overachievers)
15.) Nancy Wu (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: The top 5 for Best Actor and Best Actress are very easily predictable. For Best Actress, I’m at least 90% sure that it would be Charmaine’s turn, making this her second time winning the coveted award. Her performance in ‘Line Walker’ is outstanding and easily topples the rest in the competition. The only dark horse here would be Kate Tsui as her performance in ‘Tomorrow Is Another Day’ is also well-praised. But I think she still couldn’t win it this year. As for Linda Chung, she has to try again next year by selecting a more potential and good role. 

My Favorite Male Television Character
01.) Ruco Chan (Outbound Love) *
02.) Steven Ma (Storm in a Cocoon) *
03.) Bosco Wong (The Ultimate Addiction)
04.) Kenneth Ma (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
05.) Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)
06.) Ron Ng (Black Heart White Soul)
07.) Louis Cheung (Black Heart White Soul)
08.) Michael Miu (Line Walker)
09.) Raymond Lam (Line Walker) *
10.) Benz Hui (Line Walker) *
11.) Lawrence Ng (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Vincent Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day)
13.) Joe Ma (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Wong Cho Lam (Come on Cousin)
15.) Wayne Lai (Overachievers) *

Expected to win : Benz Hui (Line Walker)

Comment: Since Benz Hui won Best Supporting Actor last year, I don’t think he will win again in the same category this year. His character as Brother Foon Hei in ‘Line Walker’ is very likable and his character has generated a lot of buzz since the series started airing. So, I guess he will win this. Deserving too. The other challenger would be Raymond Lam also from the same series. I think TVB will still grant him something this year as a goodbye gift to him (or just as a consolation since he would not be probably taking the TV King title). I also find it okay if Steven Ma win this. The time for him to get at least something is so much overdue.

My Favorite Female Television Character
01.) Michelle Yim (Coffee Cat Mama)
02.) Aimee Chan (Outbound Love)
03.) Nancy Sit (Queen Divas)
04.) Tavia Yeung (Storm in a Cocoon) *
05.) Priscilla Wong (Swipe Tap Love)
06.) Selena Li (Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
07.) Kristal Tin (Black Heart White Soul) *
08.) Louisa So (Rear Mirror)
09.) Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker) *
10.) Josie Ho (Tomorrow is Another Day)
11.) Linda Chung (Tiger Cubs 2) *
12.) Mandy Wong (Tiger Cubs 2)
13.) Ivana Wong (Come on Cousin)
14.) Susanna Kwan (Overachievers)
15.) Nancy Wu (Overachievers) *

Expected to win : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)

Comment: Don’t know why that there is a feeling that Charmaine will take this too, to become the double TV Queen of the year, duplicating the success she had back in 2006 when she won both Best Actress and My Favourite Female Character from her role in Maidens’ Vow. This year, her role as Deng Jeh in Line Walker is also very likable. It’s a cute and emotional character that you would like and pity for at the same time. The dark horse in this category would be Linda Chung. This may be a consolation prize to Linda, but I still prefer Charmaine in the end.
Best Supporting Actor
01.) Evergreen Mak (Return of the Silver Tongue)
02.) Tony Hung (Outbound Love)
03.) Elliot Ngok (Storm in a Cocoon)
04.) Eddie Kwan (Swipe Tap Love)
05.) Lawrence Cheung (Never Dance Alone)
06.) Louis Cheung (Black Heart White Soul) *
07.) Benz Hui (Line Walker) *
08.) Oscar Leung (Line Walker)
09.) Vincent Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day) *
10.) Kenny Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day)
11.) Pal Sinn (Tomorrow is Another Day)
12.) Ram Tseung (Come on Cousin) *
13.) Power Chan (Overachievers) *
14.) Edwin Siu (Overachievers)
15.) Raymond Cho (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Power Chan (Overachievers)

Comment: Two years ago, Power Chan is one of the hot favourites for Best Supporting Actor, but lost out to Koo Ming Wah for his popular ‘So Gay’ role. Maybe this is the year for Power as he did exceptionally well too in Overachievers. Other hot favourites for this category this year are Benz Hui (but won it just last year), Louis Cheung (still too new for this award) and Ram Tseung (his role is nothing much in Come on Cousin except than his brilliant singing). I will see how Raymond Cho performed in the remaining episodes of Overachievers to consider him as another strong contender too. This year, this category has tough and strong competition.

Best Supporting Actress
01.) Rosina Lam (Outbound Love)
02.) Nancy Wu (Gilded Chopsticks) *
03.) Louise Lee (Ruse of Engagement)
04.) Eliza Sam (Never Dance Alone)
05.) Becky Li (Black Heart White Soul)
06.) Leanne Li (Black Heart White Soul) *
07.) Oceane Zhu (Shades of Life)
08.) Sharon Chan (Line Walker) *
09.) Elena Kong (Line Walker) *
10.) Samantha Ko (All That Bitter is Sweet)
11.) Natalie Tong (All That Bitter is Sweet) *
12.) Josie Ho (Tomorrow is Another Day)
13.) Mandy Wong (Tiger Cubs 2)
14.) Susanna Kwan (Overachievers)
15.) Grace Chan (Overachievers)

Expected to win : Sharon Chan (Line Walker)

Comment: This is the weakest category for this year. No impressive or memorable performances from any of the nominees above. Since Sharon won the same in last week’s TVB Star Awards Malaysia, so I’ll pick her too. But to be honest, in terms of acting, Elena Kong in the same series is better (but won it last year). Sharon is just average this year. My other preferred choice would be Natalie Tong. But wait, since Leanne Li isn’t even nominated in Most Vastly Improved Actress award, so I think there is a chance for her to jump straight into Best Supporting Actress league strongly as her performance in Black Heart White Soul is also positively received.

Most Vastly Improved Actor
01.) Sammy Shum (Line Walker, All That Bitter is Sweet) *
02.) Tony Hung (Outbound Love, Swipe Tap Love, Rear Mirror, Pilgrimage to Football Meccas)
03.) Louis Cheung (Gilded Chopsticks, Black Heart White Soul, Come on Cousin, The Voice sr.4) *
04.) Jason Chan (ICAC Investigators 2014, Black Heart White Soul, Shades of Life, Overachievers, Dolce Vita, Quitto Win)
05.) Matt Yeung (Come Home Love, Outbound Love, Storm in a Cocoon, Black Heart White Soul, Shades of Life)

Expected to win : Louis Cheung.

Comment: Louis Cheung had more challenging and breakthrough roles this year compared to Sammy Shum, another hot favourites in this category. But actually, I don’t mind any one of these two to win. Both are talented actors. But my top choice is still Louis.

Most Vastly Improved Actress
01.) Rosina Lam (Outbound Love, Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain)
02.) Samantha Ko (Come Home Love, Outbound Love, Line Walker, All That Bitter is Sweet) *
03.) Grace Chan (Organized Dining, Overachievers, Pokoi Charity Show 2014, TVB Anniversary Special 2014)
04.) Jacqueline Wong (The Ultimate Addiction, Tomorrow is Another Day, Explore Japan Rail & Drive, Sidewalk Scientist)
05.) Priscilla Wong (Return of the Silver Tongue, Swipe Tap Love, The Conquerors, Pilgrimage to Football Meccas, Chef Minor) *

Expected to win : Samantha Ko.

Comment: Nothing much to comment. Actually, I prefer Rosina Lam to take this but she isn’t heavily promoted like Samantha in these days. Rosina’s acting has improved from what I have seen. But I’m still fine with Samantha winning. Priscilla is another hot contender but I didn’t get to watch any series with her in it this year. I just find it weird that Leanne isn’t even nominated here.

Best Series

As for best series, all series aired in the current year are eligible to be nominated.

Top 5 pick : Line Walker, Storm in a Cocoon, Black Heart White Soul, Never Dance Alone, Overachievers.

Expected to win : Line Walker.

Comment: Line Walker is my highest rated TVB series of the year, and I believe many agreed too. The series met with very positive reviews and had generated a lot of buzz across Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. This highly suspenseful drama that came with top-notch acting deserved to win Best Series of the year. The dark horse in this category may be Black Heart White Soul and Overachievers (I’ll see how Overachievers goes with its remaining episodes still airing now).

Best Theme Song

This is a new category introduced in this year’s awards. All theme songs (and also sub-songs) of the series in 2014 are nominated.

Expected to win : More Difficult, More Love (Jinny Ng) , Sub-song for Line Walker.

Comment: This award is introduced purposely this year just to give it to Jinny Ng for her popular sub-theme song for Line Walker which had also won Most Favourite Theme Song from TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014.


And I won’t put in the remaining parts of the nomination list (Best TV Host, Best Programmes, etc) since I’m not interested in those categories. Looking forward to TVB Awards Presentation 2014, scheduled to be held on 15th December 2014 (Monday) from 8 pm. Let’s hope that the result this year would be satisfying and may the deserving wins. Share your view here if you are interested.

Starhub TVB Awards 2013 result.

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Starhub TVB Awards is an annual awards presentation in Singapore in collaboration between local TV operator, Starhub with TVB, Hong Kong’s largest TV station. This awards is usually presented much earlier before the year ends, hence excluding some series that are scheduled to broadcast in last quarter of the year. These series will then be carried forward to next year’s awards consideration. This is opposed to TVB pattern of usually emphasizing on the end-year series (called anniversary series) for better advantage in the much prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards held annually in December.

I didn’t pay much attention to this Starhub Awards because I’m a Malaysian, and we do have our own awards presentation to TVB dramas which is the annual MY AOD Favourites Awards. But since Starhub TVB Awards is involving Hong Kong series, I’m going to write a post on its result this year too, along with my brief comments. The star-studded awards presentation (a lot of TVB artists attended) with 20 awards presented was held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 28th September 2013 (last Saturday).


Results of the 4th Starhub TVB Awards (2013): (Source from the awards’ official website:

Red Carpet Star – Linda Chung.

Star of Perfect Poise Award – Raymond Lam.

Most Glamorous Female Artist Award – Kate Tsui.

Everlasting Glow Award – Linda Chung.

Classic TVB Character – Michael Miu.

(The five awards presented above are quite unnecessary for me. It feels like these awards are presented just to please more TVB artists. There isn’t any effort needed throughout the past year in dramas for them to win these)

Most Improved TVB Actress – Mandy Wong.

Most Improved TVB Actor – Him Law.

(100% agree for Mandy, and 60% agree for Him. For most improved actor, I prefer Oscar Leung first before Him Law)

Best TVB Female Newcomer – Christine Kuo.

Best TVB Male Newcomer – Jason Chan.

(100% disagree to these two results. Both are heavily promoted by TVB nowadays but that doesn’t mean they are both qualified to be called ‘best’. Sorry, but it’s true. Perhaps, there are no other truly good newcomers with great potentials. That’s why they win)

My Favourite TVB Theme Song – Little Something by Mag Lam (Season of Love).

(Didn’t hear this before. Not much to comment)

My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple – Bosco Wong & Niki Chow (A Change of Heart).

My Favourite TVB Variety Host – Pauline Lan in Lady First – Singapore.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show – Lady First – Singapore.

My Favourite TVB Mega Variety Special – TVB Golden Viva Spectacular (Live).

(Nothing to comment for the four awards above)

Singapore Media’s Favourite TVB Drama – Triumph in the Skies II.

My Favourite TVB Drama – Triumph in the Skies II.

(I am not surprised that Triumph in the Skies II won. Its popularity skyrockets not only in Hong Kong but also in mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia)

My Favourite TVB Female TV Characters – Myolie Wu (Triumph in the Skies II), Linda Chung (Witness Insecurity), Tavia Yeung (Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles), Kate Tsui (Highs and Lows), Michelle Yim (The Confidant), Niki Chow (A Change of Heart).

(All are very deserving except for Niki Chow. Quite surprised that Michelle made it here which I’m happy for her. It’s very hard for a veteran actress to win awards based on popularity like this one.)

My Favourite TVB Male TV Characters – Raymond Lam (Highs and Lows), Moses Chan (Beauty at War), Bosco Wong (Witness Insecurity), Kenneth Ma (Three Kingdoms RPG), Julian Cheung (Triumph in the Skies II), Ruco Chan (Slow Boat Home).

(Wait. How come Francis Ng is not in the winning list. Singaporeans don’t like him maybe. And wait, last year’s TVB king, Wayne Lai also didn’t make it. Weird.)

My Favourite TVB Actress – Tavia Yeung.

(No objection. Everybody expected her time came to grab TV Queen in a row; first in Malaysia last year, then in Hong Kong last year, and now in Singapore as Starhub TVB Queen)

My Favourite TVB Actor – Bosco Wong.

(Wow. Bosco won Singapore’s Starhub TVB King. Quite unbelievable, but I think it should be the time to honour him with a major award after so many years. After Kenneth or Raymond, it shall be him.)


Sorry if my comments offend you particularly to those who are fans of artists that I find not deserving enough. It’s my sincere individual opinions.

Not long after, it will be MY AOD Favourites Awards 2013 turn which is always regarded as the forecast to actual result of TVB Anniversary Awards every year.

(All images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)

Happy awesome 5th birthday to my blog here!

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28th September 2008 was the day I started out this blog. Not long after Beijing 2008 Olympics, my passion on writing stuff (on anything that I find interesting and is deserving to be shared) builds up. I wish to put it down on a book or a diary, but that’s no point if no one else read it. It’s not something intended to be secretive or confidential. Internet had been a very powerful and influential tool in our present time. Hence, I turn to blogging, a medium that could share my words to every parts of the world. By 28th September 2008, my thought finally transformed to solid action; by creating this blog through WordPress after several steps to set up.

What’s the date today? It’s 28th September 2013. That’s exactly five years from the ‘birth’ of my blog. I couldn’t say anything else besides than wishing my blog a wonderful 5th birthday! My blog, which I considered part of my life is now 5 years old! My ‘baby’ is now 5 years old! Five years ago, it’s a humble and small little blog not known to many others. Now, it gained over two million visits, attracted over two thousand comments, having posts shared over a thousand times, and is followed by over 100 people around the world. If compares to many other giant blog sites (usually with hundred of authors), my blog here is no where to be seen. However, I am very pleased, satisfied and grateful of the current position of my blog which is fully run all by myself.

Of course I couldn’t remember the mood I had when I first created this blog five years ago, but I’m certain for now that happiness overwhelms me that my blog had comes to this far. Five years up, and is still active with me trying my best to frequently update my blog with interesting information from architecture to international events or news and more individually to things I encountered in my daily life that I find worth sharing. It’s very vibrant or dynamic, as I believe our life is never all about a single aspect only. I admit that back in early years of my blog, I had written a lot of posts with very little effort, poor sentencing or bad grammar. I’m improving myself consistently on this and is very much evident if you compare my recent write-ups with my posting few years back. Now, my posts are not badly written, right?

In conjunction with my blog’s 5th anniversary, there would be a complimentary kiss from me. Haha…just joking. It’s okay. At least, there’s beautiful virtual fireworks display in this post to celebrate.



If you are a constant reader of my blog, you should have realize this from my blog’s header of the month. It’s a cool visual highlighting on my blog’s 5th anniversary. Last but not least, I would like to wish again to my blog here ( a great 5th birthday and also taking this opportunity to congratulate (compliment too) myself for bringing this blog to this far. Google had its 15th anniversary celebration recently, and my blog here named ‘Vincent Loy – My Blog City’ had its 5th anniversary too (not to miss out). Great!


Happy 15th birthday to MY FM.

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If you are not a Malaysian, for your information, MY FM is a very popular Chinese radio station in my country. It first started humble way back in 1998. Before that, many were used to listening to 988 fm. But once MY FM is introduced, there is a major shift that pushed MY FM to the success it has today. Not to look down on 988, but MY FM truly proves to be coping well with the current generation. This year, the radio station that has made its name as the biggest Chinese radio station in Malaysia will be celebrating their 15th anniversary.



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There will be a birthday bash show or concert to be held tonight at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil in conjunction with MY FM’s 15th anniversary. Themed ‘Fantastic Fifteen’ (promotional poster shown above), the show will features performances by all the DJs and invited guests (singers) from locals as well as from oversea. I’m not a big fan of a particular radio station, but I would have to accept the fact that MY FM has done impressive job so far. I used to listen to this station every morning when I am driving to work. Its morning programme involving Jack Lim, Mei Yan, and Jeff is the most interesting one and usually provides me with a great start to the day with fun and laughters.

Since the station has been established for 15 years, my best memory linked to MY FM would be like in a decade ago when I was still a kid. On every Saturday’s morning when me and my two sisters (all are still kids) woke up but still lying on the bed in the room, my sister would turned on the station through her phone. They never missed a week of not listening for that particular time slot to check out the top 20 music chart broadcast once every Saturday. Nothing unique, but still an unforgettable piece of childhood memory in my mind related to MY FM.

I never attended MY FM’s annual birthday show which is getting larger and larger every year, proving its present success and established history. Previously, it is usually held in Genting’s Arena of Stars. Last year, it moved to Bukit Jalil Outdoor Parking Area that gave the opportunity for fireworks display. This year, it’s in an indoor stadium that could hold up to 10 000 audiences. The only disappointing part is that in recent years, the organiser could only invite singers that are not famous (basically unknown) and most guests are locals. No big excitement then. But anyway, if you are going to the show tonight, hope you enjoy it too! To MY FM, happy 15th birthday to you!