Campus Event: LUCT Halloween 2010

Halloween event for my campus, Limkokwing University is the first event that I am involved in the organizing committee. Our faculty, on architecture is involved on this event, and hence we played our part as ASSA (a committee) member by lending our hand to make this event a success.

The event was held on 4th November 2010, few days later than the exact date of Halloween at the Hall of Fame. Our part is basically to create a haunted tunnel (path) from the hall lobby till the entrance gate of the hall which is quite long. It is up to our creativity to design what’s inside with fake spider webs, spiders, graves, pumpkins, mannequine body parts, ghost face masks, plants, fabrics, etc.


(The official poster of the event)

However, the most scaring part is not from all these materials, but is from ourselves, as the organizing members. We hide behind those fabrics and partitions and will freak the visitors out by grabbing their legs, screaming behind a cage-like structure, moving some fake body parts, dressed in ghost costumes and frightened them from the back, etc. I heard a lot of screaming from the visitors, especially females, who are more afraid of all these, and also screaming from ourselves to frighten them. In turn, we had throat discomfort now….haha…making bad of myself after making bad of others…

(This is part of inside of the haunted passage created by us, so dark right? can’t see anything from this picture, you have to imagine yourself, each visitor will be given one glowstick only)

Very tired and started to get bored after around two to three hours of scaring people. That time, i desperately need water…screaming until no voice…anyway, we laughed sometimes after we managed to scare people until we can see their freak-out expressions successfully…haha…worth-scaring…a bit like playing prank actually…haha…finally, before we can leave at around 12 midnight, we have to clean up the whole mess, which caused the area to be so dusty, worsening my throat…I have to get out as soon as possible before my asthma strikes back.

I don’t really bother what’s happening inside the hall. There seems to be no atmosphere of Halloween at all made by the people on stage. They sang and dance in rock style, with songs more suitable to be played for clubbing event rather than for this special, Halloween! Wrong….absolutely wrong except for some creative costumes wore by the guests attending the event, including Mr. McD, BigFoot, etc. Like it…but what’s happening in the hall is definitely out of topic, not for my interest basically.

(The condition in the hall during the event with people chatting, dancing, crazy-ing)

Anyway, we managed to create a successful event, by having a highly-appraised scary tunnel, even in a place that not many can think of such possibility (of having a haunted passage) there. Even this is considered quite a small-scale work, which requires only one day with help of around 20 people, but the outcome satisfied us. The event was over now, and time to get back on assignments. Wait a minute, rest first!


6 days of memorable trip…Cambodia

‘Suah se dai’! to Cambodia!!!

(That’s the Cambodian language which means hello!)

It’s been a long time since I had updated my blog, because I had a pretty hard and limited time surfing internet in Cambodia. They charged people for doing that. Now, I’m back and of course, blogging time for this memorable trip with all my classmates and design lecturers!

Day 1 (2nd September 2010)

I had everything ready on my hand early morning before leaving my house for departure to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Not the same case for Daniel, he always left something behind, or I should say, many things…lol, we met our classmates and after checking in, quick breakfast at McD before off for Cambodia by a small plane. It is a less-than-two-hours flight from KL to Siem Reap. Me, Sam and Jin Fong are like went crazy in the plane with all the humourous chats and games.

It’s plain and poor condition down there as seen from the flight. We reached Siem Reap International Airport, an airport designed based on traditional Khmer roof with addition of modernism in it. A very small airport. We checked in a hotel called Lotus Resort and Spa, three to four stars probably. Quite a nice hotel with spacious rooms enhanced with superb housekeeping quality.

The first place we are visiting is Cambodia Cultural Village. We did not actually learnt much things about culture in the village. The cultural village is like a place where everything related to Cambodia is simply placed inside, even including Superman, Tom and Jerry figures (which I don’t see any relation to culture of Cambodian people, don’t tell me they like to see these three the most! Lol) We saw clay-made figurines depicting lifestyle and famous Cambodian people, floating village, houses of different religions, animals (wolf, etc), and the most interesting one, Judgement Tunnel. We in group of 5 went into dark space in a cave passing through horrific path. I can’t really see much, and we are all frightened up by the man acting as the ghost catching us from the back, which freaked us out and we ran like there is no tomorrow. We quickly leaved the tunnel with tremendously-increasing heartbeats…hahaha

Then, it’s the first time we walked around Siem Reap Town, as the night is approaching. Everything in front of our eyes are tuk tuk (famous cab-like vehicle in Cambodia) and electrical wires hanging everywhere in complicated flow. The place is where many tourists came to enjoy meals, shopping and the lovely atmosphere especially at the narrow alley with cafes side by side, designed in different colours and styles. We had our dinner there too, trying on local delicacies like amok, lok lak, curry, etc as well as cocktails! Delicious and not expensive at all!

Day 2 (3rd September 2010)

The whole day dedicated for our assignment, site analysis. The task I’m allocated is on site measurement. Measuring all the visible details that can be seen on the site plan, and that is a lot, benches, pathways, alleys, lamp posts, electrical posts, sculptures, trees, etc. We basically spent the whole day on it. Anyway, there is still some time for visiting at Royal Residence area and a half-hour long tuk-tuk (famous means of transportation in Cambodia) around Siem Reap Town before back to hotel. The tuk tuk driver is so kind, introducing some places for us, and asking directions from others to bring us back safely to the hotel…It’s a long but humourous preliminary presentation of site analysis that night at the hotel lobby…

Day 3 (4th September 2010)

My most anticipated day, because we will be heading to one of the Seven Wonders of Asia, Angkor Wat, which is also the world largest temple complex. It is hot and sunny out there and luckily i had a cap, since the owner abandoned it already, so I took it…haha…It is a long passage to go before entering the area of the temple, passing through the man-made river surrounding the mysthical temple. Too bad the temple is under repair in some areas, which affected our photography.

Everything is of stonework, massive, gigantic, mysterious, sacredness…I can feel that I have been back to the ancient times when the temple is functional. Eventhough the temple is facing the test of time and nature with many ruins on the ground, it still stands out as an astonishing monumental masterpiece of architecture. The climax of the structure is the five towers, representing the five peaks of Mount Meru which was believed to be the center of the world based on Hinduism and Buddhism.

Next, we visited the Ta Pronh, the temple complex where Angelina Jolie filmed her movie ‘ Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’. The temple shows the blend of nature with man-made structures. The spund trees spread out the roots and branches all across the temple, which add uniqueness to the temple located in the forest. It’s the same, stoneworks with ruins…it is the tree trunks here that make it differs from the others.

Next, it’s time to visit the central administrative capital of Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple. It is a temple of stonework again, but with many figures of different expressions. This is what makes the large temple interesting. Angkor Thom consists of over 1400 temples, and this is the main one that we are going to visit. It is very interesting to see fragmented stoneworks stacked together to form such monumental and amazing structures.

Day 4 (5th September 2010)

Today is the day for us to head to Tonle Sap, the largest lake in South East Asia. The lake is also the focal point during agrarian-empires period few hundred years back. Muddy and dirty lake, but the most interesting part is the floating villages. Many structures like houses, chapels, schools, shops are located along the river leading up to the lake, floating! Their life are there, no more entertainment than playing with water. We, in two boats, cruising along the river, discovering their daily lifestyles, which can be described as poor, simple, and bored!

The most pitiful part is the children, performing with snake for us so that we can donate them money…’one dollar, one dollar’, it’s the phrase we heard frequently there and actually, we were sick of it! We should not give them money straight, because if this is the case, the poor children will just depends on it to survive without the need of schooling. Instead, we bought books and pencils to be distributed to them for education which is very essential for them. A floating school took up to over 200 orphanages who eat, study, play and sleep at there. Pity…

There is a whole free afternoon for us. Since we have nothing more to do for site analysis, it’s time for a walk around the town to famous temples like Wat Bo which has many great stupas and another large temple nearby the town area. We also able to see a beautiful hotel, La Residence with lovely atmosphere, traditional architecture and the modern spa! Rain almost halted our designated programmes, so we stayed quite long in Kids Plaza to wait for the rain to stop. I can’t find my site yet, since I have no idea yet of what to do for my eco-lodge assignment.

At night, I had my dinner with my Indonesian friends at Red Piano, a famous restaurant for it’s Lara Croft Cocktail, favourited by Angelina Jolie. So I tried it, small quantity, but very tasty! Love it very much! It’s the pleasure of loving a drink favourited by a Hollywood superstar. Having a dinner there is really expensive, targeted on tourists like us! However, it’s really a comfortable atmosphere there! Then, we had quick walk around Pub Street and shopping at night market there before going back to hotel.

Day 5 (6th September 2010)

The last day in Siem Reap. It is a long four to five hours bus ride from Siem Reap to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. The most annoying part of the ride is the driver who kept horning anything that blocks his way, people, vehicles, and even animals! Very noisy and uncomfortable to the ears! However, the most interesting part of the ride would be the few stops in the middle when we saw edible tortoises, frogs, grasshoppers, small birds, tarantulas, crickets, etc. Disgusting, but I do tried the cricket…yeaackk, not nice….seriously need to have water after that…

Phnom Penh, is somewhat a large capital city, many buildings of shophouses, and with little or almost no highrises. There are many people and many cars, typical in every cities around the world. However, the condition there would be much poorer. The hotel we checked in, called as Holiday Villa which is by Malaysian company is not nice at all. My room has a kind of smell, but not as worst as others, which has patches of dry blood too…yyehh…luckily we only spent one night there before leaving…

KFC for lunch again, haiz…somehow, the taste is little bit different with KFC in Malaysia…but the chilli and tomato sauces are the same…now, it’s time to go to Killing Field, the most horrible place around 30 years ago, when thousand of people who are educated were killed there by Pol Pot, under Khmer Rouge. Almost 9000 skulls were placed in a tower, surrounded by mass graves. Bodies buried in small area, some buried alive, people killed by farming tools like axes, babies killed with heads smashed onto trees, etc…I don’t wish to say anything more…it’s horrible and terrifying…

Time to get back to my normal emotion, we are now heading to Limkokwing University campus at Cambodia, two blocks of apartment-like buildings connected by a skybridge. Very much smaller, but with new facilities and neat environment. It’s not a very good dinner there offered by the management there, but we had fun and exciting time playing there…haha…

At night, we went for walk at the boulevard near the riverside. We entered the beautiful Nagaworld Hotel and Casino, with fountain and lighting shows in front. The interior architecture is awesome! Almost made me cried, because it moved me as I stepped into the building, especially into a section of a casino, designed in Chinese-style with blue sky as the ceiling. Fantastic, the most interesting part is on how they camouflaged the CCTV into the design!

Day 6 (7th September 2010)

Ohh, time flies. It’s the last day of the trip. We still had a chance for shopping time at Russian Market before leaving. It’s almost a two-hours long shopping in the indoor market, which is like a maze of stalls. Anyone might get lost in it. We were enjoying the bargaining moments, cutting off prices as much as possible, and saying out all necessary stuff so that the sellers will reduce prices further! Our brilliant tactics helped us a lot! But it’s really hot and sometimes crowded inside! I bought some souvenirs there! Last purchase of the trip!

Finally, we were at Phnom Penh International Airport, very different with Siem Reap International Airport, since this one is designed based on modernism. No traditional elements are seen. This flight took shorter time, since Phnom Penh is much closer to Kuala Lumpur compared to Siem Reap which is at north of Kingdom of Cambodia.

‘Chum riep leah!’ to Cambodia!!!

(That’s the Cambodian language which means ‘goodbye’)


I had actually taken almost 600 photographs which I have uploaded on my Facebook profile. If you wish to see more interesting pictures of mine, kindly go to: (separated into three albums)

Thank you for reading my long post here! I had spent few hours of writing this!

5 days 4 nights: 22nd Architectural Workshop ‘Archustic 2010’

It’s been a five tiring days for the participants attended the 22nd Architectural Workshop Year 2010 in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, themed ‘ Archustic’. The event is not only joined by local universities of architectural programmes but also of private institutions like Taylor’s University College, UCSI University, ALFA College, Twintech, and of course my university, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

It is only at last minute that we were able to register ourselves to the event. Hence, we don’t have much time to prepare for so many activities in the event like fashion walk, performance, booth, installation, etc. I’m in charge of booth category, which we in a group of seven had to build a booth displaying models, boards of drawings, and to showcase identity of Limkokwing University.

We only had three days to do it, and hence, the end product is not really satisfying, but at least there is a booth set up successfully, on the day when exhibition started. However, the lecturers totally dislike the idea and dismantled everything, and ordered us to set up a new one, which make us worked overnight, till 4.3oam in midnight….crazy….but the end product is worst…let it be then, it’s not my idea….it looks like a pile of rubbish…’no eyes to see’

We lost hope on all the competitions already…no time for further preparation…everything just comes up quite not smoothly…and generally, the whole workshop is a waste of time…we learnt nothing from it, in relation to architecture…we just see some works from booth and installation, and yes, our models and boards overwhelmed the others a lot…to be honest…especially in best-of-school exhibition…no need to compare…I like the UCSI booth…nice

The opening ceremony was held….officiated by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia (I forgot his name, but he is quite humourous in his speech)….another VIP we met is the current President of PAM (Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia), Boon Chee Wee. The hall where the ceremony held is called as DECTAR is so huge that it can occupies more than 2000 people at a time. There is one nice theme song of the event as well as this cute official mascot…

The most exciting part is the performance…many universities had given fantastic shows for audiences to see and feel…especially the first group, from UIAM (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia)…wondering why they didn’t manage to win Best Performance Award. Talking about award, we basically lost hope and during award presentation night, we left early…but then, the most shocking news is that we won Best Crew in Performance (the last award of the night)…seems so important…but what does this award basically means?

The winner in performance, Universiti Malaya…

Anyway, it’s a very happy and greatest moment for all the participants, especially the performers and crews behind the stage, as well as those who had contributed to the success of the performance from our university…and also to all students who had cheered on that night of performance to bring up the atmosphere…it’s a great night!

In term of food, the food served there are in minimal quantity and with no quality….so called buffet, but is only with one meat and one vege, and rice/mee with a drink….hence, sometimes we went out to eat rather…aahh…the university is located quite near to Kajang, time to try some ‘satay’….

On the last day, we had just visited the new Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus, which had just opened in beginning of the year. Everything looks so perfect and beautiful…the setting, the buildings, the environment, the facilities…but not the lake itself…it seems to be too small and should be rather considered as ‘pond’ rather than ‘lake’ (Chin H.K. 2010)….haha…referencing my dear friend….I love the library, it’s a four-storeys library equipped with comfortable designed seats, shelves, computers, tables, etc. Other facilities like high-class dining restaurants, cafes, studios, lecture theatres, are all in good condition and look cool….

After listening to boring talk there, the workshop ended….

One Malaysia…

The title is simple, but it tells all…

My university (Limkokwing University of Creative Technology) had produced a song entitled ‘One Malaysia’ (same title with the motto of the year by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak). This song is one of the six songs selected by the government in celebration of 52nd years of independence.

The song is nice, lyrics are simple, meanings are obvious…

This is a video of the song, from YouTube:

The lyrics in Malay version:

Dunia kan berubah

Perubahan melingkari

Melaksana, hasrat hati

Kejayaan terbukti


Dunia, yang megah,

Dengan misi, yang gagah,

Kerana, perpaduan,

Kita masih bersama.


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia




Perjalanan dilaksana

Seia, sekata, sehati, dan sejiwa


Membina, masa hadapan

Menuju kejayaan

Kita semua

Rakyat Malaysia

Harungi, saling menghormati


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia.


The lyrics below are in English version, which I translated from the Malay version and is edited to suit the melody of the song:

The mighty world, is changing,

The changes, encircle all,

To achieve, the wish of heart,

So as to approve the success.


The mighty world, that is proud,

With mission, that is brave,

Because of, the unity,

We are still together.


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia begins by now

By now

To accomplish, the long journey,

With an aim, a word, a heart, and a soul


Building to, the bright future

Getting to the success

We are all

Citizen of Malaysia

Facing while, always respecting


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia


What do you think of this song? National Day is just around the corner..countdown???…3 days more…


Tun Dr. Mahathir in my campus today

Today I have reached my campus, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology at Cyberjaya around 8.40am. Usually by this time, there will be ample of parking spaces…

but for today, no more…all parking spaces are full and I had to find a prettyfar area for my Proton Saga…the excitement can be felt straight at the guard house where the guards wear smartly and ordering cars, something like that…

Entering to the plaza decorated with drums and red carpet, I saw a lot of people especially staff waiting there, all wear in formal attires, well there are some performers wearing attires of different ethnics stading there too…many people including me wondering there…

Why is that so? Haha…Because our most respectable former prime minister of Malaysia is coming today, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, to receive his doctorate in humanity from my university..


I can see that a lot of preparations have been done, upgrading and repair works, decorating works, welcoming, etc…the most obvious is that the whole wallpaper that used to cover up the whole campus building is changed to a new one…providing a new look (image) for the university…

I didn’t see Tun Dr. Mahathir because there are too many people…I would be crushed to pie if I am at the plaza looking at him coming to the university…The funny thing is that there are some people shouting like the fans of Tun as he arrived….I didn’t attend his ceremony too which is expected to be very long and boring, full of speeches…

Tun Dr. Mahathir on the red carpet during his arrival to the university (plaza area)…


From left: Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah (Tun Dr. Mahathir’s wife), Tun Dr. Mahathir and Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Datuk Lim Kok Wing, President of Limkokwing University, our lovely president…

Anyway, this is the video I found from YouTube, showing the screening of a video made by my university in the Hall of Fame showing the tribute of Tun Dr. Mahathir to Malaysia…

He is one of the most respectable leaders in the world, in my opinion. Leading Malaysia of over 22 years, he brought a lot of positive changes to Malaysia. Without him, we would never have the world tallest twin buildings (Petronas Twin Towers), Sepang International Circuit (F1), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (among the world best airports), Putrajaya (The Garden City), Cyberjaya (The Intelligent City), National Sports Complex, etc…His contributions to the country are uncountable…aah..dun forget that he is the one who brought Commonwealth Games (world second largest games) to Kuala Lumpur (SUKOM 1998) too.

Finally, the Wunder Wall!

today, 22nd of March 2009, is not an ordinary day in Limkokwing University…today is the submission of the Assignment 1: Wunder Wall from the module; Building Technology 101 under Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture.

For this assignment, I have to work in a group of three students and construct walls full of creativity, with 25% opening, with one opening to fit a tennis ball, major portion of walls exceed 30cm in height and showing solid construction. The main criterias in marking are the clarity of idea, richness of content, appropriateness of form and neatness of work.

This task needs 8 hours to be completed on the spot, in the Architectural Courtyard in the university.

Today, woke up very early, 6.10am already woken up from little sleep…very blur…then go to university with all the things equipped…

Our group number is 18…we find our place and started the assignment as planned earlier. We started the Wunder Wall around 7.30am with the construction of the platform in the middle.


Then, we construct the wunder wall which is based on the concept of maze; not only a type of maze but two; straight maze in smaller region and curvy maze in the larger region of the plinth.

But before that, I constructed the tower in the middle of the platform first. Then, i stopped the construction of it to let it to be resumed later.


Then, i construct the curvy maze while my friends construct the straight maze and the four towers at the corner of the designated area for our design. [Sorry, can’t expose much on our brilliant design]

The straight maze:



The curvy maze:



Two of the four towers (corners) – the same design:


The middle development:




Next, i construct little bit of the exterior wall and resumed the construction of the tower in the middle…at first, the design of the central tower should be similar to Burj Dubai, but after some changes, it looks more like the Angkor Wat like what every of our classmates said…


During the assignment, a lot of people looked at us, from first to the highest floor, or even from the ground floor, maybe they are over excited to see what we have been doing…haha…

Finally, our wunder wall was completed right on time..then the lecturers said ‘STOP’, ‘TIME’S UP’. Luckily, we had enough time in finishing our masterpiece. Then, a lot of people looked at our work and took pictures of it.

We have used up almost all of the 14 000 MDF blocks that we have bought for the assignment which costs over RM 880. Then, we cleaned up the mess around us and we found out that from 7.30am till 3.30am, we have not eat anything or even drink anything…incredible right? Great sacrifice of  energy and effort for the project…

Let’s see our final outcome, our masterpiece:









Marking session began…all of us have to be out of the region where all the wunder walls are placed…the lecturers marked, marked and marked, pretty fast..average three minutes for each wunder wall…i think there are total of over 30 wunder walls in the area…


Then, it is our turn..luckily, we get some good response from the lecturers..we satisfy all the requirements, very complicated, dense and beautiful (I can say, haha). Luckily, no part of our wunder wall collapsed..thanks God! in the process of constructing, we had some minor collapses which does not affect much on our final outcome…

It is heard from the lecturer that our group is one of the groups with the highest marks..the percentage of the task is 100 and we got around eighty group got over ninety something…it will be converted to the final marks of 30 anyway…quite happy with the results..

Haiz…but then, now it is time to destruct our whole wunder wall sadly…our 8-hours work come into nothing but back to normal MDF blocks…sad…anyway, it is an enjoyment as well as an effort-wasting assignment.

Pictures gallery of all the wunder walls:

really very tired, eat nasi lemak oso no feeling to my stomach already…not hungry anymore…not thirsty anymore..really very tired…got some time go took some photographs of other groups’ works…pretty amazing! The scene there in the courtyard is nice too!


come back here to my home, find some time to write this long post and insert some pictures for u all to see!

Very tired…really need to sleep..bye!