128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur; Beijing chosen to host 2022 Winter Olympics and Lausanne for 2020 Winter Youth Olympics.

The 128th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session is currently on-going at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 30th July to 3rd August 2015. Eventhough my country did not get to host any Olympic Games yet, but I’m already glad that we got to host an IOC Session this year, an important agenda in Olympic calendar. The IOC Session is where the meeting of all the members of the International Olympic Committee takes place, and is also the event when host cities for future games will be selected.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia defeated Lima, Peru to be the host of the 128th IOC Session. It’s a great start to introduce the country to the Olympic body before seriously planning for bids in future games. Recently, Prince Imran, the chairman of the session’s organizing committee, chairman of Malaysia’s National Olympic Council and also the President of Commonwealth Games Federation, suggested a joint bid with Singapore to host the prestigious Summer Olympic Games in 2028 or 2032. Joint bid proposal is made possible after the Olympic Agenda 2020 recently introduced by the President of IOC, Thomas Bach. He also mentioned that the committee would be glad if the games can be held for the first time in South East Asian region.


Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak whom also officiated the opening of the IOC Session yesterday agreed and strongly supports the joint bid proposal. On the other hand, Singapore finds the concept interesting and may give it a try together soon. So, let us wait and see. Since either of these two countries can’t host the games on their own, a joint-hosting job will be a great solution. I would love to bring Olympic Games to Malaysia (and Singapore together) in 2028 or 2032. Malaysia had previously hosted 1998 Commonwealth Games while Singapore had hosted 2010 Youth Olympic Games. When both join hands, it will be easily a successful bid. However, there would be many new details and conflicts on this proposed collaboration, and let’s hope it all works out.

Back to the on-going IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur. Today is the day when the voting is conducted to choose the host city for 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games and the bigger 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The results are as follow; Lausanne, Switzerland defeated Brasov, Romania to be the host city for 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games. This Winter Youth Olympic Games is very new in Olympic history as it had just started in 2012 with Innsbruck 2012, and then second edition coming soon in Lillehammer 2016. Beijing, China defeated Almaty, Kazakhstan to be the host city for 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Beijing will be the only city to host both Summer and Winter Olympic Games in history. Wonderful. Congratulations to both Lausanne and Beijing. We look forward to the games in your city in near future!



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Tokyo chosen to host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Tokyo, capital of Japan successfully won the bid to host 2020 Summer Olympic Games, beating out the two other finalists; Madrid, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey. The long-awaited announcement was made yesterday on the 125th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session held in Buenos Aires, Argentina after final round of voting took place. This must be the most joyous news for Japan which has been going through hard time in recent years. The games is scheduled to be held from 24th July to 9th August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.



(Image depicting IOC President, Jacques Rogge announcing Tokyo as host for 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Image source: http://www.cbc.ca/gfx/images/news/photos/2013/09/07/li-tokyo-win-04972158.jpg)

Tokyo’s bid team had successfully assured all voting members that the radiation effect from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant from the devastating 2011 earthquake has not and will not do anything to the city. I’m not seriously convinced by the statement but it appears most of the members had accepted. Anyway, a big congratulation to Tokyo for winning the bid to host the world’s largest sporting event, and this will be their second Summer Olympic Games. (their first was in 1964, 56 years ago from the time of the 2020 Olympics). The country had also previously hosted two Winter Olympic Games.



(Image depicting the logos of the three candidate cities on bidding for 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Image source: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/media/three_bid_cities470x263.jpg)

In the first round of voting, Madrid and Istanbul both received the lowest votes (each 26) while Tokyo had 42. In a run-off, Madrid received 45 while Istanbul had 49. Hence, Madrid was eliminated to my surprise. Perhaps, the IOC committee members still do not see the potential of the city to host such a large games when the region is hit hard by the economy downturn in recent years. That leaves Istanbul and Tokyo in the final round of voting. Eventually, Tokyo won by 60 votes against 36 votes for Istanbul. There are several concerns over the instability of Istanbul’s government, looking from recent public protests and demonstrations as well as near distance to the neighbouring Syria that is on the verge of war recently.

Earlier, my country, Malaysia, had expressed interest to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games to complement with the country’s vision to become a developed nation by year 2020. However, there was no official bid made later on that caused major disappointment among the citizens. Awarding 2020 games to an Asian city reduces chance for another Asian city (perhaps our capital, Kuala Lumpur?) to have higher opportunity to bid in future games. Nevertheless, KL would be hosting the 127th IOC Session in 2015 which will decide on the host of 2022 Winter Olympic Games. That would most probably a good chance to introduce our country to the IOC members before proceeding to start any bid.

Last but not least, I’m looking forward to Tokyo, Japan on staging the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Celebrations were held across the country over this great news for them. The bid team had mentioned that it is going to be the best games ever. There are approximately seven years from now for the country to make enormous preparations to host the games. All the best to them!





KL to host 127th IOC Session in 2015

IOC (stands for International Olympic Committee, the organization that governs several international sporting events, including the Olympic Games) hold its session every year. The session comprises of meeting of  over hundred members of IOC and includes some decision-making over selection of future host cities or evaluation of certain systems of the committee or the contesting sports in the games.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia had previously bid to host Olympic Games in 2008 but failed to get shortlisted, and the bid eventually won by Beijing. Since then, Malaysia didn’t look that far for the goal of hosting Summer Olympic Games, the world largest sporting event. However, Kuala Lumpur continued its bid to host IOC session which is considered a first step to introduce the country to the committee that is responsible to choose future host cities for its large-scale games. KL once again failed on its bid for 125th IOC Session in 2013 which goes to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This time, it’s not a failure anymore to my home city, KL. In 124th IOC Session organized last month in London, the host city for the recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympic Games, KL won the bid to host 127th IOC Session to be held three years later in 2015. The highlight of the session would be the selection of host city for 2022 Winter Olympic Games. That session would be particularly important to Malaysia as it would gives first impression of its capital, KL to International Olympic Committee. If everything goes smooth and great from that session, then Malaysia would be equipped with better chance on future bid to host Summer Olympic Games, only if Malaysia wish to submit bid. It’s always a disappointment from government side.

Hosting Olympic Games had been one of  very notable ambitions from Olympic Council of Malaysia. The government cancelled the bid for 2020 Olympic Games due to cost issue, and that had contributed to deep frustration to most Malaysians as the games would coincide with Wawasan 2020, a vision for the nation to reach developed status by 2020. By having successfully won the bid to host 127th IOC Session which is near to the time of starting to select 2024 Summer Olympic Games’ host, Malaysia is now having a great potential for a strong bid to 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Who doesn’t want to bring Olympic Games to own country? It would make us all proud, and put Malaysia on the world map. Few months ago, the result of inspection over the venues proposed for the IOC session, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and Mandarin Oriental Hotel had been very satisfying. This lead to KL winning the bid to host 127th IOC Session after evaluation report, defeating Lima from Peru, a much weaker candidate city on bid. KL is very capable for this hosting task. So, the goal so far for Malaysia would be to successfully host the 2015 IOC Session, then to win first ever Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016, and then hopefully, to win the bid to host 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Now,  it is already a great start for all that to happen after KL is proven to have the capability to host IOC’s events.

Image above showing Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the venue for 127th IOC Session to be held in 2015, with Mandarin Oriental Hotel and iconic Petronas Twin Towers on the background. Image is from http://www.chemorbisevents.com/venue/.

Pyeongchang to host Winter Olympics 2018

Have you heard of a place named Pyeongchang in South Korea before? I guess not many would have known the place, which is a small county in Gangwon Province, 180km east of Seoul, the capital of the nation. The place is the most famous winter sports location in South Korea, but I didn’t even hear about it during my trip to the country a year ago. The reason might be probably the far distance from Pyeongchang to Seoul. However, after yesterday, Pyeongchang would be recognizable by the world, as it will hosts the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Yesterday on the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, the winning city is announced after voting by members of International Olympic Committee. Pyeongchang won majority of the votes even in Round 1, that led to the direct winning of the city with 63 votes, while the other two competing cities, Munich of Germany took 25 votes and Annecy of France took only 7 votes. Pyeongchang had finally won its third consecutive bid, after failing narrowly to Vancouver of Canada for 2010 and Sochi of Russia for 2014 edition. The bidding clip and presentation by Pyeongchang representative below:

South Korea would then be the only Asian country to host the three major sporting events of the world (Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup with Japan) besides than Japan. 2018 Winter Olympic Games is scheduled to take place between 9 and 24 February 2018, which is around 7 years from now, leaving sufficient time for the city’s development of facilities and environment for the biggest multi-sport winter event. I did see part of their final presentation yesterday for wanting to host the games, and there is no doubt that the presenters’ English proficiency  is at poor level but their effort is there to convince the IOC members to have faith on Pyeongchang in doing the hosting job. Picture below showing President of IOC, Jacques Rogge revealing the winning city for 2018 Winter Olympics.

The proposed plan of Pyeongchang city is clear and simple, to have two main sporting areas, namely Alpensia Cluster and Coastal Cluster, with each having facilities and arenas for different winter sports. There are two stand-alone venues which are not far from the Alpensia Cluster, the main focus of the games. The plan is emphasizing on short distance between the sporting facilities and venues, providing convenience to the athletes, spectators, and the medias. The city will also undergoes huge transformation to cater for high number of people staying for the games, with the focus on the proposed high speed train from Incheon Airport to Seoul and finally to Pyeongchang which would took only 50 minutes.

Their objective in mainly on time management of every group of people related to the games. The representatives from the city would have had great amount of experience to deal with the bidding this time, after losing out twice previously, and their hard work is finally paid off with the games awarded to them. Hosting a games of such scale would definitely showcase the city and the nation to the world. The bidding logo of Pyeongchang below…I guess the official logo for the games would be changed and finalized later.

For my nation, Malaysia whom always did not perform well in games bidding, had expressed intention to host 2019 or 2023 Asian Games, but there is no positive news on that issue, and it is reported from the government that we have insufficient money to host it. Where is all the money gone to? Everyone knows….No hope anymore for Malaysia. What a shame, even an infamous city like Pyeongchang could host a games of similar scale!

Kuala Lumpur bidding for double hosting job!

The upcoming 10th of February 2010 will be the date, that the official host city for the 125th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Congress will be announced at Vancouver, Canada. How does this event related to my home city, Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur had submitted a strong and potential bid to host the event. Kuala Lumpur is one of the two shortlisted cities bidding after certain evaluation, the other city is Buenos Aires. The IOC Evaluation Commission members made an inspection on November 19 – 20 last year of the proposed venues and facilities in KL.


Eemm…Singapore had hosted it in 2005, a country so near to Malaysia, that it would affects the KL bid. Since Malaysia is a largely Muslim country, awarding the IOC session to the country would be a good way of reaching out to the Muslim world. The 125th IOC Session will be very important because the 2020 Summer Olympic Games (to be the biggest in history) host city will be announced after bidding session, and the current President of IOC, Jacques Rogge will retire while a new president will be elected on the session. It would definitely gives an impact to the session’s hosting city, since all the IOC members and media are there.

The another hosting job, is the 2019 Asian Games. We have witnessed a successful Doha 2006 Asian Games, and we will expect the biggest Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 this year. Then, Incheon 2014, South Korea. I thought 2018 would be the year?….no…no…no…Olympic Council of Asia had changed the year, so that Asian Games will be one year earlier than the Olympic Games. Hence, the next Asian Games after Incheon 2014 will be in year 2019. 9 years to go…but the application for the bids started already.


After two previous failed attempts on bidding for Asian Games, Kuala Lumpur this time has strong confidence and potential to host 2019 Asian Games. Kuala Lumpur has all the infrastructure and facilities needed to host the games, of course, some upgrades are needed too, since the difference between KL Commonwealth Games 1998 with 2019 Asian Games is 21 years!!! Unexpected loss to Doha for 2006 Asiad, since KL is favoured during the bidding…KL lost just because of Doha’s economic wealth. The high budget planned for hosting 2010 Asian Games which is in favour of KL also has lead to withdrawal of KL and other cities, leaving only Guangzhou, which finally becomes the host city. KL did not bid for 2014, but now planned for a strong and capable 2019 bid. The result will be announced in 2013, long way to go…since the application and bidding process takes a long time.


Wish that KL will finally win the right to host 2019 Asian Games! Too bad that Olympic Council of Asia restricted the games to only 35 sports, if not, KL will be planning for the biggest Asian Games in history. The other potential cities bidding for 2019 Asian Games are: Dubai (UAE), Hanoi (Vietnam), Hong Kong (China), Manila (Phillipines), Singapore, Taipei (Taiwan), Colombo (Sri Lanka), and of course Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). [The bolded ones are the real capable and strong potential cities]

The current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had mentioned that the country will not bid for 2020 Summer Olympic Games to fullfill Wawasan (Vision) 2020, because the country is not ready for it, since the country now focused on the 2019 Asian Games first before going further. However, there might be chance for KL to host Olympic Games by 2024 or 2028.

UPDATES – 11/2/2010

Kuala Lumpur lost to Buenos Aires for the right to host the historic 125th IOC Session in year 2013, which will decide on the host city for 2020 Summer Olympic Games and elect a new president replacing Jacques Rogge. Kuala Lumpur gained 31 votes while Buenos Aires gained 58 votes. It seems that KL fails again, let’s hope KL would emerged as the winner for the bidding of host city for 2019 Asian Games.