Glasgow 2014 was a successful games, but ended with a boring ‘concert-like’ ceremony

I was already not that happy back in 2012 when London 2012 organizing committee staged the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games to look more like a concert. An opening or closing ceremony should be bold, artistic and features mostly performances (synchronized routines or sequences that represents the nation) while the singing only made up minor segment of the show. London 2012 does the opposite and I was quite unimpressed with how they end the magnificent Olympic Games. And now, Glasgow did that again for its 20th Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony held yesterday at Hampden Park Stadium.


Britain Commonwealth Games

I’m sure the audiences packed the stadium to enjoy the atmosphere and to check out what the organizing committee can offer to end the games. They were not there to watch a concert! If I’m there, I guess I would just wait boringly till the conclusion; the fireworks. I understood the aim of the organizers to create some sort of a party to end the games ‘wildly’ and ‘joyfully’. But doing it in a form of concert isn’t working. That basically sum up my thought of the just concluded closing ceremony of Glasgow 2014. Nothing much Scottish too. Its opening ceremony is slightly better.



I can say straight away that the ceremonies of the games took up very little budget. Appreciate their effort on saving or spending less money, but wouldn’t you put in extra effort to make the ceremonies memorable since it will be watched by millions of people around the world. Ceremonies are significant on showcasing the best of your country as the host to the whole world. And they take it for granted. Sorry to Glasgow, Scotland. It is a beautiful city with beautiful people. But the ceremonies weren’t right.

The closing was a further disappointment. Won’t complain any further. It is the organizers’ fault. It’s lack of effort and meaning. Lack of performances, and lack of essence of what a real ceremony should be. But I guess people will still enjoy the atmosphere at that time in the stadium packed of over 40 000 spectators. Part of the closing ceremony features popular singer, Kylie Minogue. Hmm…singing again. Another waste to a segment which is supposed to be on Australia’s hand to give us a glimpse of what Gold Coast could offer as the next games is to be held over there in 2018. The only catchy part of the ceremony is the ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (this iconic melody came from Scotland) segment that concludes  the show together with the fireworks display.




Well, it is still no doubt Glasgow staged a very successful games. A pure dead, brilliant games as mentioned by Prince Imran of Malaysia, the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

In Glasgow 2014, England finally topped the medal tally with 58 golds, 59 silvers and 57 bronzes. Very consistent in all three medal types won. In many previous editions of the games, Australia led the tally. This time, Australia came in second with 49 golds, 42 silvers and 46 bronzes. Also very consistent. Came in third was Canada with 32 golds, 16 silvers and 34 bronzes. Top three in the tally are always these three nations. Coming in fourth is the host country, Scotland with 19 golds, 15 silvers and 19 bronzes. That’s not surprising since host country usually do well. Previous host, India came in at fifth place with 15 golds, 30 silvers and 19 bronzes. My country, Malaysia only ended with 12th placing; 6 golds, 7 silvers and 6 bronzes. Poor outcome by Malaysian athletes this time. Hope our athletes will perform better in future games.

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Malaysia’s badminton in Glasgow 2014

For badminton, Malaysia always perform well in Commonwealth Games as the country is seen as the strongest in this particular sport compared to the other Commonwealth nations. Other strong countries in this sport like China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan or Denmark are not here. Hence, there shouldn’t be any tough challenge for our Malaysian badminton players to excel in Glasgow 2014.


Unfortunately, even before the start of the games, our World. No.1 player, Lee Chong Wei decided to drop out of the games due to injury he had earlier. If he is here, I’m like 100% confident that he will win the men single match for us. He had also won in two previous editions of the Commonwealth Games (Melbourne 2006 and New Delhi 2010). So, now it’s up to our other players, Liew Daren and Chong Wei Feng to help deliver a gold in men single. But in the end, disappointingly, both didn’t even get to appear in the final as they were defeated in earlier rounds. What a shocking exit.


The whole Malaysian badminton team had won the first gold medal of the sport in Glasgow 2014, for the team event. England came in second while Singapore is in third place. None of our team performed good enough to at least obtain any medal for men single and women single categories. We also lost out in mixed doubles. Luckily, we still had hope for men doubles and women doubles as Malaysia will appear in the final of these two categories. This is the reason I’m getting back to my TV on this Sunday’s night; to watch their matches live from Glasgow, Scotland, the host of this 20th Commonwealth Games.

Before the final took place, Malaysia now only had 4 gold medals in overall medal tally. Our women doubles pair, Vivian Hoo and Woon Khe Wei defeated the Indian pair in two straight games to win another gold medal for our country. They made us proud. At first, I didn’t have high expectation on them. This is my first time seeing this pair playing. But they delivered quite a good performance accompanied with multiple mistakes by the Indian pair. Congratulations to them.

Next was the men doubles match. Our representatives, Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shem defeated the Singaporean pair in three games. It was like they were against Indonesians, and not Singaporeans as both the opponents are actually Indonesian citizens. I wonder how Singapore can grab them and ask them to perform under their country’s name. Well, these badminton matches were not to the top quality (expected since many other strong countries are not here) but I’m still happy that Malaysia won three golds out of six in badminton of Glasgow 2014. If we think further positive, Malaysia still cemented its position as the strongest Commonwealth nation in badminton.

So, the final tally for Malaysia now stands at 6 golds, 7 silvers and 6 bronzes. We are still one lack from the target of 7 gold medals set earlier. And the worst news is that we performed quite poorly this time compared to the previous Commonwealth Games. In New Delhi 2010, we obtained 12 gold medals. Now, we only had 6. Reduced to half. Quite disappointing. Malaysia now only stands at 12th position in the overall medal tally, even behind Singapore at 11th with 8 golds. Not even in top 10 of which we usually do. Hoping that Malaysia would do better in future games. We can…because of this spirit from the iconic slogan; ‘Malaysia Boleh’!

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20th Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014 opened!


The 20th Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014 commenced with a colourful opening ceremony yesterday held at Celtic Park Stadium in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Due to the time difference between Scotland and Malaysia (where I am), I couldn’t watch the ceremony live from television as it was midnight over here when the ceremony was held. But nevermind, I got to watch it online today, of which I can skip some parts out from this nearly three-hour show.

Few of the highlights of the ceremony would be:

(a) Each of the participants of the 71 competing nations and territories entered the stadium for the parade and they were led by a Scottish Terrier dog wearing a tartan coat emblazoned with the country’s name. That’s something you would be surprised. I find this cute and interesting.

Opening-Ceremony-for-the-Glasgow-2014-Commonwealth-Games (2)

(b) A touching moment of silence to pay tribute to the 298 victims in the MH17 flight tragedy that occurred last year. Over 80 of the victims are from Commonwealth nations. This is a very touching move and the visual of over 40 000 people in the stadium standing up in silent for a minute as a sign of respect is an impacting sight to behold. Malaysia’s contingent arrived with the flag flown at half mast and with the front row of people dressed in Malaysia Airlines uniforms. The Commonwealth family had shown tremendous support for my country, Malaysia.

Commonwealth-Games-Opening-Ceremony (1)

(c) The giant LED screen (recognized as Europe’s largest LED screen) which stands at the whole of the stadium’s south stand offers overwhelming display of lights and visuals and serves as a lovely backdrop for the center of the stadium where performances were held.

(d) President of Commonwealth Games Federation, Prince Tunku Imran had a brief moment of struggle to open the baton that carries the Queen’s message. He successfully opened it after a while and handed over the note back to Queen Elizabeth II before Her Majesty read out her speech and declaring the Games open.


(e) First time collaboration between UNICEF with an international sporting organization, and the ceremony will be the platform to achieve bigger result to help the unfortunate kids across the world. Stars like Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy (both are my favourite actors) appeared in the ceremony to encourage people to donate for the needy children across the Commonwealth nations.

(f) Of course the fireworks. Quite a lovely pyrotechnics display from Glasgow at the end of the ceremony.



Of course the level of this opening ceremony shouldn’t be compared to those organized by Asian cities particularly of China as seen in their recent years’ ceremonies (Beijing 2008, Guangzhou 2010). It’s not about big-scaled performances or massive sequences. It’s about the hospitality, friendliness and dazzling colours that Glasgow delivers to the world through this opening ceremony. Quite similar to London 2012’s ceremonies but is in smaller proportion, since Commonwealth Games is smaller than the Olympic Games. The opening ceremony isn’t bad or great either. It won’t be memorable after some time.




Opening-Ceremony-for-the-Glasgow-2014-Commonwealth-Games (3)

Also nice to see Susan Boyle again. On the other hand, the violin and music sequence when the Commonwealth Games Federation’s flag is brought in is wonderful too. I love the colourful stage floor too. Ahh..not to forget the amazing flypass by Red Arrows to welcome the Queen to the stadium. Hmm…the performances are too little, and major portion of it only features singing which can be very boring most of the time. That’s a bit more of my reviews or opinions of this opening ceremony.

Opening-Ceremony-for-the-Glasgow-2014-Commonwealth-Games (4)

Opening-Ceremony-for-the-Glasgow-2014-Commonwealth-Games (1)

Ahead from now are the 10 days of competitions in 17 sports before the closing ceremony which is to be held at Hampden Park Stadium on 3rd August 2014 to close the games and to pass on to the next host, Gold Coast 2018.

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Spectacular closing ceremony of 19th Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010!

Wow, this is real amazing! The closing ceremony of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games had just ended yesterday night with brilliant performances! The closing ceremony is far better than the opening ceremony. I thought opening would always be more grandeur and better…I feel the atmosphere of the stadium more for the closing than the opening ceremony.

India did a great job! Despite all the negative news and reports spread for years even before the games started, but India fulfill its promise for the most successful Commonwealth Games ever! Eventhough it is still not on par with Olympic scale, but it really has done a great job for hosting such amazing games! Congratulations to the athletes, to the participating nations, to the organizing committee and to the host, India for creating a wonderful experience of Commonwealth Games 2010!

The closing ceremony started at 7pm and concluded at 10pm, approximately 3 hours long. Many performances like dancing, singing, band, and even laser show to showcase technology are displayed. Very fantastic display of laser with aid of lighting in the stadium. Fascinating! Another interesting part is how the people gathered to form the logo of the games, Delhi 2010, representing the wheel of life.

The additional feature of the ceremony is when all athletes are invited for seats and celebration on the stage to recognize their contribution to the games. Without them, there would be no such thrilling sporting event! Many of them seems to be enjoying the whole night in the stadium, cheering, dancing, and some even went crazy! Haha…they have really enjoyed their experience in Delhi.

The next edition will be at Glasgow 2014 in Scotland. Hence, there is a part for them to perform as a mean of introducing the nation to the audiences. Flag exchange ceremony is done and the games is declared close by Prince Edward. The closing ceremony ended with a long singing performance by famous Bollywood artists (whom I knew none of them..haha) but I do recognized the English songs performed, not only Indian songs…the ceremony came to close with spectacular fireworks display…this time, the fireworks display is much better…I like it!

Glad that my nation, Malaysia had achieved its 10-gold medals target, even exceeded that by having a total of 12 gold medals, alongside with some silver and bronze, putting Malaysia to the rank of 7 among 71 participating nations! Great performance by the athletes especially in badminton, which we are dominating with absence of China, Indonesia and Korea. This is the best ever performance by Malaysia in Commonwealth Games! Congratulations!

See you in Glasgow 2014! Wait a minute, another games is coming soon, very soon…this time is the second biggest sporting event of the world, the Asian Games, 16th edition in Guangzhou 2010 to be held in November.

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