Movie review for ’47 Meters Down’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ (2017)

It has been so chilly in these few days in Perth. Perth city recorded only 1.7 degree celsius early this morning. It almost nears the freezing point. The worst thing is I think that the heater in my room is not working well. There is not much heat radiating out from it. Please don’t be down. I need you for the rest of the winter. You are super crucial to someone like me who enjoy being in warm rather than in cold weather like this.

Alright. Back to my blog’s topic. I have watched two new movies in my first few days here in Perth. They are ’47 Meters Down’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’. Here’s below are my quick reviews of them.

’47 Meters Down’ is a survival horror film about two sisters who go on a holiday in Mexico and are invited to cage dive and see sharks up close. The cable holding the cage breaks and it plummets 47 metres down to the ocean floor, trapping both of them. Then, you know the story…they have to find a way to escape with their air supplies running low and the great white sharks stalking around. It’s basically another shark movie.

They are a lot of bad shark movies out there but not this one. It has a good plot and I particularly amazed by a twist of the story in the end that kept me surprised. I didn’t expect there is such a ‘shocker’ in this kind of monster movie besides than the typical jump-scare moments when the shark suddenly appears. The two female leads in this movie are doing good without any exaggerated performance. The movie did deliver by giving us realistic picture that kept me to the edge of my seats. The direction this particular movie is going is different with the typical shark attack movie. The only minor issue is that the cage and the failed cable really looks too crappy. Once I saw them on the first time, I wouldn’t want to get into that cage straight away. Out of 10 points, I rate ’47 Meters Down’ a total of 7.2.

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is the third and final installment of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ reboot series. If you do not remember much from the first two movies, don’t worry. This movie starts with a brief summary of what happens in the first two movies. Here in this concluding chapter, Caesar leads a team of apes to confront human who started the war against their species.

The movie is quite long (over 2 hours) and can be shortened by reducing the amount of time spent on watching Woody Harrelson staring very long on Caesar in many scenes. Other than that, this movie has absolutely no negative things for me to comment on. The CGI is extremely great as the apes look very realistic. The background or setting views are amazing too. Groundbreaking visual effects. Andy Serkis gave another tremendous performance portraying as Caesar, the ape that serves as the leader of its species. You can felt his sadness, his anger, his happiness, his power, his toughness, his anxious, and his care all from his facial expression. Another excellent job the movie did is touching on the relationship between human and apes, and the messages delivered out from it are exceptional and moving. There is no point for seeing which species is stronger; ape or human. In the end, mother nature overwhelms. That is reflected through the ending of the movie. The movie goes deep to the messages it wanted to deliver and succeed also by its great actions, emotional parts and engaging storyline. There are also some unexpected funny scenes in this movie, mainly due to one ape that even wears winter clothing to join Caesar. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ a total of 8.2. I think this is the second movie of the year so far that I have given over 8 point in the rating. What an epic conclusion to this reboot trilogy.

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R.I.P. MH17

‘Before writing further, I would first like to express my heartfelt and deepest condolences to the families, relatives and friends of all the 298 victims on board the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17th July 2014. And my sincere thoughts and prayers to the deceased. Rest in peace, and may God be with you.’

The world is currently overwhelmed with news of a Malaysian plane found to have crashed at Ukraine, near Russian border yesterday. What’s further shocking from that saddening statement is that the plane went down not because of any technical failure or accident but is now believed to be shot down by military. This has been widely called as an act of cruelty and terrorism. While the Ukrainian and Russian governments are now blaming on each other for the crash in this time when there has been dispute and war at the borders between these two nations, an international investigation has been called on by United Nations to find out the exact truth behind this.



The plane is a Boeing 777, and carried 283 passengers and 15 crew members (over 10 nationalities). It was believed to be shot down when it was cruising at about 30 000 ft altitude. Some local people witnessed and even captured videos showing moment when the plane crashed onto the ground with thick plume of smoke coming off seen far away on a field. I was deeply saddened and traumatized after seeing some of the images and watching some of the clips showing the crash site. Highly disturbing. If it is indeed confirmed that the plane was shot down, the perpetrators should be brought to justice without any question. All involved or affected nations (Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom) should cooperate to get to the bottom on this matter.

This is the second aviation tragedy for the Malaysia Airlines in this year alone, as this crash came not long after an incident on March 8 this year when another Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared. The plane was presumed to have crashed on the Indian Ocean,but till now, no wreckage or any sign of the plane has been found yet, and everything remains a mystery. I hope the truth will be revealed very soon to both MH370 and this recent MH17 tragedies as the world needs the answer, particularly the next-of-kin of the passengers on board the two doomed flights. Malaysia Airlines is in very deep trouble this year.

I couldn’t believe this happened. Another tragic aviation-related news in this already tragic year for Malaysia. This is horrifying and shocking. Now, unfortunately, Malaysia is becoming the headlines of all major news organizations around the world for the second time this year alone for something this devastating again. This Friday and weekend is no longer happy for all of us. We felt the pain, we felt the sadness, we felt the tragedy. Now, we share a moment of silence for MH17.



Rest in peace, MH17. 

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Movie review: White House Down (2013)

It is so coincidentally that there are two movies released this year that are based on attack to the White House. First, is the ‘Olympus Has Fallen’. I had watched that and it’s quite a good movie with great and breathtaking action-packed sequences. Not long after that, here comes another movie; ‘White House Down’. The only difference between the two is that the former encountered a foreign terrorist attack while the latter is done by an inside job. ‘White House Down’ is directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, etc.


The story follows on a Capitol policeman who wished to be employed into the Secret Service had a tour of the White House with his young daughter. He gets into action to save his child and at the same time, to protect the President from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders. The story is quite engaging and there is adequate amount of character development to the main characters, particularly to Cale, portrayed by Channing Tatum. He has been on a lot of big-budget movies recently. That proves that he is one big Hollywood star on the rise now.

Compared to the ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, ‘White House Down’ isn’t bloody or that explosive. Not that impacting. However, it still delivers on its amount of actions particularly gun fights since I find everyone is heavily armed in the White House. I couldn’t take off my mind of comparing these two films which are basically telling almost the similar things. But one extra good point that I found from this ‘White House Down’ is that there are certain  humour in between the President (Jamie Foxx) with Cale when they are escaping from the invaders. Hence, there are some funny parts in the midst of intense actions. Hmm…there are several ‘wow’ moments from this one, but just not sufficient enough. Things didn’t go over the top when it should be for film like this.


The actions from this film aren’t as crazy as those seen in ‘Olympus Has Fallen’. I only managed to hear a lot of shootings and loud noises from this one which isn’t that dramatic as compared to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ which goes into much interesting cat-and-mouse game in a dark mansion. Channing Tatum delivered quite a strong performance in this one while on the other hand, Jamie Foxx is a bit of a let down. I prefer another guy to take on the role of the President. The character of Cale’s daughter is also quite silly and sometimes I find her annoying too. Maggie Gyllenhaal is good. The visuals are quite good (particularly of the explosion of Capitol Building), as expected from Roland’s standard.

Roland did proven that he managed to pull off movies in other genre other than only focusing on his disaster-based movies following his success on his previous works like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’. But there are still something slacking from this movie. The last scene is quite terrible. It’s that easy to unlock the nuclear weapon that could contributes to the next world war? Impossible. Please try something far more harder, climatic or challenging. Nevertheless, it’s still a good effort and the movie turns out to be quite a good piece of entertainment. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘White House Down’ a total of 7.4. Same rating I have given to ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ earlier.

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Message from the author…Earth Hour 2009




A very good night I would like to wish to all my blog’s readers and to the other people involved in witnessing a historical and yet astonishing day, not a day, only in an hour. The one hour might be short, but it conveys a great message not only to you but to everyone living in the Earth regardless of colours, races, religions or even way of lives.



     Everyone here will surely know what I am talking about. Right here, today, dated 28th of March, year 2009, is not an ordinary day. By 8.30pm at night, all of us will be switching off lights, the unnecessary lights that we have always switched them on everyday. Let us just switch them off for just an hour, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tonight to show our cooperation in caring for the Earth seriously.



     Honestly, the occasion which lasted just for an hour every year is definitely not enough. This occasion is organized just to inform formally to everyone in the world to turn off their lights in an hour to show care for the world and to increase awareness on the issue of global warming. An hour can’t do much, but if everyone in the world did the same in that only hour, the impact is obviously great.



    Actions on taking care of the fragile environment and the mother nature need to be done seriously by now. It is a very long term process and it has no finishing dateline. It is continuous and needed to be continuous till future for the benefit for our mankind and our future generations. Let us do something now before it is too late to save the world and before the earth is not suitable anymore for people to live in.



     Many researches have been conducted on the Earth itself. The results are not satisfying and the Earth can’t support the damage that has been done by us in previous years. The Earth can’t bear the pollution created by us just for the sake of wealth and economy. This is wrong, absolutely wrong. If we do not cooperate and take actions now, we will be facing something serious like what is being portrayed in the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. This is no joke, some disasters like this can happen to us out of nowhere in sudden if we do not care for the environment.



    Economy and developments should not be forgotten, and same goes to environmental care too. The environment needs our attention, the nature needs our love. We want our grandchildren to have the opportunities to take a look at beautiful Grand Canyon, to take a look at the beautiful tropical forests, to take a look at the amazing Great Barrier Coral Reef. We do not want more species of animals or plants to extinct, we want to bring them on to the future with us, as we are all the same, living in the same planet, our Earth.



    Do not think what the Earth can give to you, tries to think wisely what you can contribute for the Earth who keeps us right here, till today. The amazing civilizations of people, historical legends, born of the first human, all comes from here, the Earth. Here is our place, and there is no reason why we should abandoned the need to take care of the Earth, of the place we are standing right now, the land as well as the ocean, the hill as well as the river. Do not forget about them.



    It is a major concern that the global warming is increasing tremendously all around the world. Polar ice melting, extinction of rare species, rising temperatures, all these rates are getting faster in every second. All of us have to do something right now and forever to keep the world a better place for us to live. Do we want our land to be flooded, do we want our ice-cream to be melted so quick, do we want our lovely animals to extinct, do we want this kind of consequences? Do we want to die right by our own hands, I supposed in indirect ways, but anyway, it is still caused by our selfish actions towards the environment.



    The one hour for tonight is totally insufficient. In that one hour, there is not much great effect that can be seen in appreciating the Earth. However, just a simple work to do by every people on this Earth everyday is sufficient enough to keep the Earth as beautiful as possible. Recycling, reusing and saving materials are good habits to be practiced on by everyone, as these habits are very simple to be done. A small action can lead to a great effect, remembers that. Be responsible, one of the main responsibilities of human is to take care of the environment. 


     Many of the people will gather outdoor in enjoying the global event. This is not a common event, not a common sighting, and not a common turning off lights event. It is not merely a turning off lights event. It is a global event with more than two thousand cities all around the world participating in Earth Hour 2009 to support the main message of the event; which is to appreciate and take care of our Earth.


    The Earth is not mine, it is not only yours, it is everybody. Everyone including me, myself have to do my part to save the world from further destruction by our own hands. Let us say stop to further damage to the mother nature. Let us say no to any harmful activities related to the environment. This is not worth it, totally a great sin for damaging the environment, honestly to be said here.


    From 8.30pm to 9.30pm today, all unnecessary lights will be turned off mainly in the city region except for the safety and traffic lights for safety purpose. However, it will be very dark during the one hour too. Hence, everybody have to pay attention to your belongings, to your safety and to your family, friends or even to the unknowns. We are here, all united, together to support the day, to support the Earth. What more can we care rather than the Earth?!


    Later at night, cities around the world will turn off its lights from buildings to buildings, from areas to areas. The event will be recorded and broadcasted all around the world to show that the world is very keen in supporting the event which is first organized by Sydney, Australia in year 2007. Everybody have to be just excited and stay tuned and never let your eyes out of these cities.Normal residents can give their support by switching off their lights in houses too, but remember, thinks of your safety too.


   Turning off lights for an hour around the world will help to save a lot of energy and reduce a lot of carbon emission which is harmful to the environment. Imagine if we did this for every hour, which is quite impossible. Tonight, after all lights are out, like a serious blackout, people can have some time to light up their candles around here and enjoy the romantic scene with us under the brightly sky with stars and moon, unless if rains occur.


    People have seen this event lightly, they ignored it, they forget about it, and some do not even know about it. This is totally disappointing. This is not a small event, this is an international event, just as important as Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup or any others. Can’t we put some time to commemorate the event, for only an hour? Time is precious, but the Earth is far more precious than the time. We have ample of time for other things, but we have only one livable and comfortable planet, only the Earth.


     Everybody have to be united, together, for the event and for the continuous effort in caring for the environment. A great thanks I would like to wish to some organizers who made a lot of efforts in promoting this global event, taking care of the environment and organizing the great event for all to take part, for all to contribute, for the benefits of all. Thanks again, especially to the WWF.


     This is a great idea of switching off lights, a very creative idea, in showing our love to the Earth. Everybody have to continue their support for the event , not only for this year, but for the upcoming years too. This event will be getting bigger, gaining more support from cities around the world. The target of 1000 cities participating had been achieved with tremendous result, thanks to the advertisement by everyone who are involved.


    Participating in this global event, my home city, Kuala Lumpur is very fortunate to show the love to the Earth through this global event. Never to be forgotten, today will be one of the most memorable day for all, including me, myself as well. There are many other ways in showing your love and care towards the environment, do it and making it as a good habits for the better of the future.


     Having no words to say anymore since I have given a long message now that made all of the people here bored, I would like to conclude my words now. However, before I would like to end my message, remember, we live in the Earth, we are breathing in air from the Earth, we are using resources from the Earth, why can’t we just sit down and think wisely on how to protect the Earth and do something about it. Be a responsible person, in saving the world, the nature, the environment and the Earth!


To check on the official website, go to


Anyway, for now, what you have to do first, as the first step, is to switch off your lights no matter where you are on 28th March 2009 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm!


Support Earth Hour 2009!




Vincent Loy

(The Administrator)