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No losing city in this year’s bid for 2024 Summer Olympic Games

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The voting for the host city of 2024 Summer Olympic Games will take place on this coming September. Only two cities are remaining in the bid; Paris and Los Angeles. In an extraordinary International Olympic Committee Session held yesterday, the committee approved a decision to award the games to both cities, one in 2024 and another one in 2028.

So, there wouldn’t be any losing city in this year’s bid for the games. If a city receives lesser number of votes in the voting, it will still host the games, but that would be the next edition (4 years later) than originally intended. That’s certainly good news for both Paris and Los Angeles. I have to admit both cities are more than capable to host this world’s largest international multi-sport event.

Which city do you think will get the 2024 games? My personal choice would be Paris. If I’m not mistaken, Paris has submitted bid a number of times in the last few editions of the games but lost every time. I remembered the city lost to London for 2012 games by only a few votes. The last time that Paris has hosted the games was in 1924. If Paris win the right to host 2024 games, it will be coincidentally marking 100th anniversary since the last Olympics in the city. I also like the simplicity of its logo showing the number ’24’ that also designed to resemble their iconic Eiffel Tower.

Check out their bidding’s presentation clips below:

Paris 2024

Los Angeles 2024

So my choice is Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. This means that those cities which intend to bid for 2028 games has to drop out their plan and bid for 2032 games instead. I think this move will make the bidding for 2032 games to be more intense and exciting as more cities are expected to join the race by then. A joint bid by Malaysia and Singapore is explored and is possible for the 2032 games’ bid. I would love to see that but I think our chance is pretty low. It will be hard to resolve on many issues when more than one country is involved in a single games. Malaysia and Singapore have not even hosted Asian Games before (although Malaysia has hosted Commonwealth Games and Singapore has hosted Youth Olympic Games). I can only elaborate further on our chance if the joint bid is confirmed, and that is long way to go.


No more Zaha Hadid’s design for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium.

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I knew this is quite an old story. I never had the time to share this out when the news first broke out early last month. Now only I did have the time to post this up and place a bit of my thought regarding it. The issue is that the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe decided that the design of the main stadium to be used for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games to be started again from the scratch due to spiraling costs. Conclusion: the original approved design for the main stadium by Zaha Hadid (shown below with original proposal to final amended design) is now scrapped and things are getting back to drawing board.



Zaha Hadid must be very sad and frustrated over this decision. Yet, she simply can’t do anything now besides than defending her design and trying to convince everyone that her design will not costs a lot of money to build. Before all these happened, there was actually quite a strong opposition to the Zaha Hadid’s design earlier especially by the local Japanese architects that see the design as being too massive in scale, having no context to the site and does not represents anything on Japanese. I agree with the points. The design is interesting, daring and fluid (well, that’s Zaha Hadid’s iconic style) but it just doesn’t feel relatable to Japan.

But their opposing views (including from Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma, Fumihiko Maki) were not bothered and the design proceeds. The design had also been amended due to budget cut and also to respect the site with smaller scale but still receiving heavy amount of criticisms. Now, they must be relieved and happy that her present design will not be built. So now, what’s happening? Is Zaha Hadid going to design another option which would be more cost-saving or other architects would join in as well and the design competition starts again? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking that local Japanese architects should exhibit their best design talents for a stadium where the world will see in 2020 during the prestigious Olympics. I wonder why the local architects lost out in the competition earlier to Zaha Hadid. It’s the opportunity now for them to gain back the honor to design for the stadium to show to the world that Japanese architect can design their own stadium beautifully. They should work out to their best.

There is no doubt that Zaha Hadid is one great architect. In fact, she is no doubt the most famous living female architect right now. Her designs are usually astonishing and look fantastic from all angles. I’m actually impressed with her design for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium despite not engaging to the context of the site as explained earlier. But when cost factor comes in, her design is usually very expensive to be built. Hence, the design will not be materialized. Too bad. But wait…time is running out as we have less than five years left before Tokyo 2020. How are they going to come out with another brilliant design if there is now a huge restriction on time and also on cost. I hope they won’t come out with design like London 2012 Olympic Stadium which looks nothing more than a round bowl of skeletal structures.

Beijing 2008’s ‘Bird Nest’ stadium is simply the best.


On the other hand, progress is currently underway for the construction of many new sporting venues for the Rio 2016 Olympics next year. This games is much sooner and it is now only less than a year before the games begins. I think Brazil will deliver the games well with fantastic stadiums in fantastic setting of beautiful beaches and mountains. Time flies. It has been 7 years since Beijing 2008 and 3 years since London 2012. I’m now looking forward to watch wonderful ceremonies (opening and closing) and sporting events from Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

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Indonesia replaced Vietnam to host the next Asian Games in 2018.

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While the recent 17th Asian Games, Incheon 2014 had just commenced with its extravagant opening ceremony yesterday, it is also the time when the Olympic Council of Asia has to make final decision on which city/country to host the next Asian Games. Back in few years ago, Hanoi, Vietnam had already won the bid to host the games against Surabaya,  Indonesia. However, in early this year, Vietnam confirmed that they had to pull out from hosting the games due to burdening financial problem. Hence, the Olympic Council of Asia had to re-choose, which is a bigger challenge to the new host as there is only 4-years gap before the next games. Usually, the preparation time for the next host is about 7 years after being selected.


Originally, the 18th Asian Games is scheduled to be held in 2019, a year before the Summer Olympics as the council considered that their 4-year interval that is similar to that of FIFA World Cup. Winter Olympics, Youth Olympics and Commonwealth Games (as we observed this year that has been packed with many global sport events) would be burdening to athletes and that they thought having the Asiad a year before the Summer Olympics would be a perfect timing to see Asiad as a warm-up test before the Olympics. And so, the subsequent Asiad would be in 2019, 2023, 2027, etc, but this decision has not been finalized yet currently as they may wish to switch it back the original slot of 2018, 2022, 2026, etc.

However, Indonesia stressed to push the Asian Games back in 2018 for the 18th edition as the year 2019 is when the country has to concentrate on their presidential election. It is subsequently agreed by the Olympic Council of Asia. Since it was Vietnam and Indonesia that were in final race to bid for the games last time, hence it is very reasonable to pick Indonesia now. However, it would not be Surabaya city to host it as the city has insufficient time by now to build new venues and to prepare for the games. Hence, Jakarta, the capital of the country is selected, a city that has already been equipped with many world-class sporting facilities and had also hosted Asian Games before (back in 1962).

Congratulation to Indonesia to have won the right to host the next Asia’s biggest multi-sport event. Now, I’m wondering that how could they prepare in the closing ceremony of Incheon 2014 (just two weeks away from now) when usually there is a time slot for the next host to present what they can offer for the next games. Let’s see later. Before Indonesia is selected, there are other countries interested like India, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, and Philippines but with worrying concerns like finances and time limitation, hence they all pulled out. So, in the end, there you go; Jakarta 2018.


It is quite embarrassing to my country, Malaysia that has never hosted Asian Games. We are more than capable enough to host this Asian Games, seen as only a step away before setting our ambition on hosting the Summer Olympics (world’s biggest sporting event). We had hosted 1998 Commonwealth Games successfully, but thing just stopped there. The government always raised up financial problem as a reason of not bidding to host the games. Ridiculous. Is our country that poor now? You know where all the money goes. Shame, man. Even cities like Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand) – hosted four times, New Delhi (India) – hosted two times, Tehran (Iran), Doha (Qatar), Jakarta (Indonesia) – two times including 2018’s edition, Busan (South Korea), Guangzhou (China) have hosted Asiad, and not Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). I’m still being positive of hoping that Malaysia would bid for 2023 Asian Games.

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Everyone is abuzz with fuel price hike.

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People are already feeling moody on this Monday blues. And yet, the government made it worse for every Malaysians by announcing the increase of fuel price to 20 cents per litre effective 12am, 3rd September 2013 (this midnight). Luckily, my car is still in quite a full tank today and so tonight before clock strikes 12am, I don’t need to ‘join’ the expected massive crowd of cars lining up at any petrol stations in the country. But I have to tell this news quick to my family so they can pump petrol before the rate increases. This applies to RON95 petrol. Go, before time runs out, as you can save few ringgits.

Well, that’s early gift (‘best’ Merdeka present too) from the current government after recently continued their victory in the country’s general election which also saw their worst setback in the coalition’s history. Here I would like to ‘thank’ to those people who are ‘blinded’ by their words or manifestos and voted for them, that brought us to situations like this. In recent years, it had been observed that the fuel price keeps on increasing. Yes, I have to agree that our country has very low rate on charging fuel. Well, that’s because our country is rich in fuel resources, and yet, you are taking so much from the people for the benefits of some.

Increment of 5 cents per litre is still acceptable. Now, it’s increase of 20 cents per litre. That’s too much, and it’s more of an action of robbing the citizens indirectly. And on the other hand, I’m obviously excited with what The Star news is reporting regarding this matter. It is a great local news portal, but its image is ruined by obvious politically-biased reports. That is why I said I am excited every time I’m reading news from this source. People are now setting social networking sites abuzz with overwhelming negative response to this announcement of fuel price hike.

And surprisingly, The Star reports the total opposite. Check this out: , and Honestly, I laughed when I finished reading these two particular articles. And it’s not just on this matter. They are too politically-biased. That’s the product of government-controlled media. The government announced that this move will reduce the country’s fiscal deficit, thus saving RM 1.1 billion per year for the government. What a joke! Our country can be very prosperous, but is now in serious state of heading to bankruptcy soon as indicated even by the government themselves now too. So, they have no other choice but to implement this action.

Or are they saving that much of money for other purpose? ……You knew, I knew. I won’t elaborate further. What I’m afraid more is that this fuel price increment will leads to prices of other daily items going up too. Then, we are heading to higher and much burdening cost of living soon. And yet, our salary didn’t go proportional in that pattern. To save cost, try cycling (working destination too far), try public transport (public transportation system here is bad), or try hybrid cars then (that is so costly). So, no choice. Back to motorcar. And please don’t increase it again anytime soon. But I think they will, anyway. Haiz… I’m fed up!

Vietnam, or Thailand, or Cambodia….which place to go for trip on upcoming Hari Raya break?

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This year I have decided to follow my dad for an oversea trip within South East Asia during the upcoming Hari Raya holiday. In some years, my dad would plan to go for second oversea trip, thinking that one oversea trip every year during Chinese New Year break isn’t enough. So, Hari Raya which falls on this August provides another lengthy holiday to my busy dad to plan for a trip. However, this second trip of the year shall be less costly, and so the choices of where to go are limited to only neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

So, my dad suggested to me three countries; Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Of course the trip would not covers all the three countries; we would only go to one. My main aim of going for trip is to gain experience and understanding of different people, cultures and places observed. I also would not pick unknown places to visit because we won’t see much things from that kind of places. That’s why I don’t like and rejected when my father suggested many small places (provinces) in China to visit last time. Now, no more China in mind as the trip shall be limited within South East Asia for shorter trip as maximum days of break for Hari Raya would be only 5 or 6 days.

Vietnam is now a fast-developing country, but what’s attractive to me from this particular country is the famous Halong Bay, recently recognized as one of the seven wonders of nature. And yes, that is the only place that landed my interest to visit the country. No other reason at the moment. Many people whom had visited the bay praised the absolute beauty and tranquillity of the river and the mountains along the bay. So, I wish to go there and have a breathtaking look over the amazing setting of Halong Bay. But going to the trip only with that place in mind is not sufficient. I am going to check out what other beautiful places we can visit on the trip to Vietnam.

If we are going to Thailand for the trip, then we will go to Bangkok, the capital city this time, alongside with Pattaya. I have been to this country many times before, but had never visited the capital. However, I heard from the others that visiting Bangkok is like going to my home city, Kuala Lumpur, while the latter is even more popular in shopping and the iconic landmark of Petronas Twin Towers. What’s more from this city’s tour that separates it from Kuala Lumpur is the presence of some beautiful temples in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Cambodia is the last option. My dad wished to go there because it is the cheapest among the three suggested countries. However, I have been to Cambodia before, and I don’t feel like going to that place again. For my first time visit to the country two years ago, it’s a very nice and unique experience of looking at the poor lifestyle of the people there and the beauty of Angkor Wat with some other smaller temples around it. There is a possibility of going there again just to take better photographs as my previous visit to Angkor Wat is not so perfect as the structure undergoes some kind of renovation at that time and that ruins the photo-taking. And I don’t think that possibility shall comes that soon.

So after all, I think I should pick Vietnam after some thoughts and considerations. I can see new stuff, and that would also adds up another country to my list of countries I have visited before. Trip to Vietnam would also grants me an opportunity to visit another one of the seven wonders (this time, seven wonders of nature); Halong Bay. Looking only at that image showing the bay in this post itself already caught my interest and attention.