Some interesting national pavilions from Expo Milano 2015.

Most of my recent blog posts are about the on-going Expo Milano 2015, and this wouldn’t be an exception either. The expo, which is held from 1st May and will ends on 31st October sees participation of 145 countries and over 20 organizations in a theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. About 54 national pavilions were built specifically for the expo in a site of about 1.1 square kilometre, and we got to see a variety of innovative and appealing designs of these pavilions.

Here are 22 pavilions in the expo that I find interesting enough to be shared here:






Expo Milano 2015




Expo:aperti i cancelli,al via Esposizione Universale




Expo Milano 2015








Il padiglione di Israele. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Il padiglione di Israele. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)


Expo:aperti i cancelli,al via Esposizione Universale













United Kingdom


United States

Il padiglione degli Stati Uniti. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Il padiglione degli Stati Uniti. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)





My next blog post will be on other interesting structures (besides than these country pavilions) present in the Expo Milano 2015.

Expo is certainly a great platform or opportunity to showcase creative designs through innovative materials and ideas. It’s ‘architecture in exhibition’.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


3D public street art is so trendy nowadays…but why I can’t see even one in Malaysia?

Well, there are some beautifully drawn graffiti over some walls in Kuala Lumpur, but those are not really ‘seen’ by the passerby. Well, most of these works in KL are on walls along streets that are quiet and hence these existing art does not attract much attention. The other reason is that most of this work are from the act of vandalism and it’s not nice to be seen especially by foreign visitors. Well, the city needs some addition of creative art to further activate the built environment and to engage people with the public streets. And this 3D public art is a good example.

Well, this form of art has been very trendy lately, but most are produced in oversea countries. There are many images of different 3D public street art circulated around Facebook and those things got my attention. Too bad, I can only view the images, and not being able to be on spot to look and experience the amazing 3D public art. So, for that opportunity, I recommend KL, my home city to have such things also which would turn typical streets into something interesting and fun.

Normal art drawn is in two-dimension. 3D art adds depth to a certain drawing which in turn creates illusion to people looking at it as though the visual created from the art is real. This 3D art would then gains attention and provokes some sort of interest or thinking which can be fun or scary depending on the art created. Scary? Yes…some examples below show how a 3D art could provokes fear by drawing some sort of high cliff or a shark jumping out of an area of water as though it is really there on the street. There are many other examples you can see by searching through internet. Interesting, isn’t it? It tends to activate the particular space very well.

Graffiti and some other existing public arts displayed which are very little in numbers in KL are not enough. 3D public street art would be much more successful and would turns streets to be much lively and vibrant. It’s time for Kuala Lumpur to have something like that in order to be a much more dynamic city that enhances the city’s living experience to a creative and artistic level. Or maybe someone need to start it first over here. Me? Ahh…no…I’m not good on drawing this kind of 3D art (I think I don’t even have the knowledge to produce that 3D effect), and I don’t like to be seen by the whole public while doing serious thing like this which would made me not concentrating on the work and ended up producing a bad art. Some brilliant artists are needed to take this step in Malaysia and many would follows. A start is needed for public art like this. Simply amazing!


Campus Event: LUCT Halloween 2010

Halloween event for my campus, Limkokwing University is the first event that I am involved in the organizing committee. Our faculty, on architecture is involved on this event, and hence we played our part as ASSA (a committee) member by lending our hand to make this event a success.

The event was held on 4th November 2010, few days later than the exact date of Halloween at the Hall of Fame. Our part is basically to create a haunted tunnel (path) from the hall lobby till the entrance gate of the hall which is quite long. It is up to our creativity to design what’s inside with fake spider webs, spiders, graves, pumpkins, mannequine body parts, ghost face masks, plants, fabrics, etc.


(The official poster of the event)

However, the most scaring part is not from all these materials, but is from ourselves, as the organizing members. We hide behind those fabrics and partitions and will freak the visitors out by grabbing their legs, screaming behind a cage-like structure, moving some fake body parts, dressed in ghost costumes and frightened them from the back, etc. I heard a lot of screaming from the visitors, especially females, who are more afraid of all these, and also screaming from ourselves to frighten them. In turn, we had throat discomfort now….haha…making bad of myself after making bad of others…

(This is part of inside of the haunted passage created by us, so dark right? can’t see anything from this picture, you have to imagine yourself, each visitor will be given one glowstick only)

Very tired and started to get bored after around two to three hours of scaring people. That time, i desperately need water…screaming until no voice…anyway, we laughed sometimes after we managed to scare people until we can see their freak-out expressions successfully…haha…worth-scaring…a bit like playing prank actually…haha…finally, before we can leave at around 12 midnight, we have to clean up the whole mess, which caused the area to be so dusty, worsening my throat…I have to get out as soon as possible before my asthma strikes back.

I don’t really bother what’s happening inside the hall. There seems to be no atmosphere of Halloween at all made by the people on stage. They sang and dance in rock style, with songs more suitable to be played for clubbing event rather than for this special, Halloween! Wrong….absolutely wrong except for some creative costumes wore by the guests attending the event, including Mr. McD, BigFoot, etc. Like it…but what’s happening in the hall is definitely out of topic, not for my interest basically.

(The condition in the hall during the event with people chatting, dancing, crazy-ing)

Anyway, we managed to create a successful event, by having a highly-appraised scary tunnel, even in a place that not many can think of such possibility (of having a haunted passage) there. Even this is considered quite a small-scale work, which requires only one day with help of around 20 people, but the outcome satisfied us. The event was over now, and time to get back on assignments. Wait a minute, rest first!

One Malaysia…

The title is simple, but it tells all…

My university (Limkokwing University of Creative Technology) had produced a song entitled ‘One Malaysia’ (same title with the motto of the year by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak). This song is one of the six songs selected by the government in celebration of 52nd years of independence.

The song is nice, lyrics are simple, meanings are obvious…

This is a video of the song, from YouTube:

The lyrics in Malay version:

Dunia kan berubah

Perubahan melingkari

Melaksana, hasrat hati

Kejayaan terbukti


Dunia, yang megah,

Dengan misi, yang gagah,

Kerana, perpaduan,

Kita masih bersama.


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia




Perjalanan dilaksana

Seia, sekata, sehati, dan sejiwa


Membina, masa hadapan

Menuju kejayaan

Kita semua

Rakyat Malaysia

Harungi, saling menghormati


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia


Kita, satu bangsa, kita, satu Negara,

Kita satu matlamat, huh

Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara,

Kita, Satu Malaysia.


The lyrics below are in English version, which I translated from the Malay version and is edited to suit the melody of the song:

The mighty world, is changing,

The changes, encircle all,

To achieve, the wish of heart,

So as to approve the success.


The mighty world, that is proud,

With mission, that is brave,

Because of, the unity,

We are still together.


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia begins by now

By now

To accomplish, the long journey,

With an aim, a word, a heart, and a soul


Building to, the bright future

Getting to the success

We are all

Citizen of Malaysia

Facing while, always respecting


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia


We are, of one great nation, we are, of one country,

We are, of one great vision, huh

We are, of one nation, of one country,

We are, One Malaysia


What do you think of this song? National Day is just around the corner..countdown???…3 days more…


Tun Dr. Mahathir in my campus today

Today I have reached my campus, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology at Cyberjaya around 8.40am. Usually by this time, there will be ample of parking spaces…

but for today, no more…all parking spaces are full and I had to find a prettyfar area for my Proton Saga…the excitement can be felt straight at the guard house where the guards wear smartly and ordering cars, something like that…

Entering to the plaza decorated with drums and red carpet, I saw a lot of people especially staff waiting there, all wear in formal attires, well there are some performers wearing attires of different ethnics stading there too…many people including me wondering there…

Why is that so? Haha…Because our most respectable former prime minister of Malaysia is coming today, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, to receive his doctorate in humanity from my university..


I can see that a lot of preparations have been done, upgrading and repair works, decorating works, welcoming, etc…the most obvious is that the whole wallpaper that used to cover up the whole campus building is changed to a new one…providing a new look (image) for the university…

I didn’t see Tun Dr. Mahathir because there are too many people…I would be crushed to pie if I am at the plaza looking at him coming to the university…The funny thing is that there are some people shouting like the fans of Tun as he arrived….I didn’t attend his ceremony too which is expected to be very long and boring, full of speeches…

Tun Dr. Mahathir on the red carpet during his arrival to the university (plaza area)…


From left: Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah (Tun Dr. Mahathir’s wife), Tun Dr. Mahathir and Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Datuk Lim Kok Wing, President of Limkokwing University, our lovely president…

Anyway, this is the video I found from YouTube, showing the screening of a video made by my university in the Hall of Fame showing the tribute of Tun Dr. Mahathir to Malaysia…

He is one of the most respectable leaders in the world, in my opinion. Leading Malaysia of over 22 years, he brought a lot of positive changes to Malaysia. Without him, we would never have the world tallest twin buildings (Petronas Twin Towers), Sepang International Circuit (F1), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (among the world best airports), Putrajaya (The Garden City), Cyberjaya (The Intelligent City), National Sports Complex, etc…His contributions to the country are uncountable…aah..dun forget that he is the one who brought Commonwealth Games (world second largest games) to Kuala Lumpur (SUKOM 1998) too.

Architectural Presentation Board…

since I am an architectural student, I would like to post some little and brief information regarding ways in creating effective architectural presentation boards.

Just follow the 20 brilliant ways below:

1. No background colour, preferably white, be plain because our focus is not on the striking background but rather on the content.

2. Use of less than 3 types of fonts, try to avoid using too many different sizes of words too to make it more formal, use fonts that are suitable (no curvy and must be easy to be understood).

3. Content (always begin with key plan to site plan and to plan (s) of the structure of your design, then elevations, sections, perspective, axonometric, isometric (sometime)).

4. Include development sketches, people love to read how you develop your idea and transform the first simple draft into final creative design in sketches.

5. Good skills in drawing manually – include rendering, shading and line weight skills to enhance the drawings and to put ‘life’ on your drawings as though it is real. Include the background and site context in drawings too. If you have drawing software and your lecturer asked you to use it, then use it. (if you know too).

6. Present your ideas in short but informative sentences (better in keywords and then you present your own ideas orally), no essays or paragraphs in presentation boards, people don’t love to read long words on boards.

7. Proper and systematic organization and composition of presentation boards, arrange all drawings, ideas (words), pictures, etc in term of its importance in the project.

8. The title should be clear that people will look at it first before going through your boards, remember no fancy colours too.

9. Remember to include your name on the boards too. If the boards are separated, then include your name on each board to show that it is your work. Be proud of your own masterpiece. Usually on bottom right hand corner of the board. It is better to have one long board rather than having separated ones.

10. Satisfy all the requirements set by your lecturers or clients. This is up to the demand of the one who will grade your work.

11. Pictures on the presentation boards should be clear and show clearly the aim of putting the pictures there too. However, pictures should not overwhelmed your overall boards. Drawings and sketches should be scanned into the file with accurate scale and with proper proportion.

12. Use the programme that you are comfortable with, that you know how to use efficiently on it in creating your boards – like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word or Power Point (better to be the latest version, more functions). If you do not know, learn.

13. Never create all of your boards manually, no writing, no pasting, it will ruin it. If it is this way, the boards will look like collages rather than an efficient presentation boards.

14. Include your thinking (abstract) into the boards too, usually alongside with the main points (ideas) that you have stated on the boards. This will put you on top of others.

15. Provide some empty space to ‘free’ your boards. It is no good to have a board full of words, pictures, sketches, drawings squeezed together. If the lecturer limit you to certain number of boards, you can actually exceeds by one or two more, but don’t need to be too much. Remember, don’t include rubbish (non-related stuff) into your precious boards.

16. Neatness is important. After you have done your board and printed it out, do not fold them, put them in plastic folder and keep it safe till the day of submission. It is your valuable work, once destroyed, have to print again and waste money again.

17. Do not do your board at last minute work. It will totally ended up having a bad presentation boards. Try to manage your time, maybe today you will be doing on this part of boards, the other day on the others, and few more extra days for you to touch up and finalize your boards.

18. Be creative. This is the most important criteria for an architect. Try to show your creativity through the boards too, if you can. Remember, if you think you can, then you can!

19. Show which boards should come first if all your boards are separated – like Sheet One, Two, Three, …… Usually at bottom left hand corner of the boards. This will not confused your lecturers or clients as they are having look at these.

20. Try to communicate to the others (lecturers or clients or even friends) through the boards. Sound hard to get what I mean? This you have to think yourself. Your boards must attracts attention to all people (not through its striking colour, but through its content).


Any more comment or any other good ways in creating efficient presentation boards that you know, feel free to tell me about it…I would be very happy to hear your response..thanks…

By the time, I am sure that your presentation boards will be very impressive and get thumbs up by the lecturers or clients.

Remember, presentation boards are essential, it is part of architectural outcomes. Not only models, real structure built on site, drawings, presentation boards is the one that shows all in a creative way of composition of related information.

Some examples of presentation boards found from the internet:

The examples above are from different unknown authors, eventhough one of them, I know one lah…these are examples of pretty great works…take that as reference, not to copy, what you must see from these pictures are not their contents, but their composition and organization. We can do better than these!

It is actually very time consuming, but it is really fun to do presentation boards if you are really in love with architecture!

Finally, the Wunder Wall!

today, 22nd of March 2009, is not an ordinary day in Limkokwing University…today is the submission of the Assignment 1: Wunder Wall from the module; Building Technology 101 under Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture.

For this assignment, I have to work in a group of three students and construct walls full of creativity, with 25% opening, with one opening to fit a tennis ball, major portion of walls exceed 30cm in height and showing solid construction. The main criterias in marking are the clarity of idea, richness of content, appropriateness of form and neatness of work.

This task needs 8 hours to be completed on the spot, in the Architectural Courtyard in the university.

Today, woke up very early, 6.10am already woken up from little sleep…very blur…then go to university with all the things equipped…

Our group number is 18…we find our place and started the assignment as planned earlier. We started the Wunder Wall around 7.30am with the construction of the platform in the middle.


Then, we construct the wunder wall which is based on the concept of maze; not only a type of maze but two; straight maze in smaller region and curvy maze in the larger region of the plinth.

But before that, I constructed the tower in the middle of the platform first. Then, i stopped the construction of it to let it to be resumed later.


Then, i construct the curvy maze while my friends construct the straight maze and the four towers at the corner of the designated area for our design. [Sorry, can’t expose much on our brilliant design]

The straight maze:



The curvy maze:



Two of the four towers (corners) – the same design:


The middle development:




Next, i construct little bit of the exterior wall and resumed the construction of the tower in the middle…at first, the design of the central tower should be similar to Burj Dubai, but after some changes, it looks more like the Angkor Wat like what every of our classmates said…


During the assignment, a lot of people looked at us, from first to the highest floor, or even from the ground floor, maybe they are over excited to see what we have been doing…haha…

Finally, our wunder wall was completed right on time..then the lecturers said ‘STOP’, ‘TIME’S UP’. Luckily, we had enough time in finishing our masterpiece. Then, a lot of people looked at our work and took pictures of it.

We have used up almost all of the 14 000 MDF blocks that we have bought for the assignment which costs over RM 880. Then, we cleaned up the mess around us and we found out that from 7.30am till 3.30am, we have not eat anything or even drink anything…incredible right? Great sacrifice of  energy and effort for the project…

Let’s see our final outcome, our masterpiece:









Marking session began…all of us have to be out of the region where all the wunder walls are placed…the lecturers marked, marked and marked, pretty fast..average three minutes for each wunder wall…i think there are total of over 30 wunder walls in the area…


Then, it is our turn..luckily, we get some good response from the lecturers..we satisfy all the requirements, very complicated, dense and beautiful (I can say, haha). Luckily, no part of our wunder wall collapsed..thanks God! in the process of constructing, we had some minor collapses which does not affect much on our final outcome…

It is heard from the lecturer that our group is one of the groups with the highest marks..the percentage of the task is 100 and we got around eighty group got over ninety something…it will be converted to the final marks of 30 anyway…quite happy with the results..

Haiz…but then, now it is time to destruct our whole wunder wall sadly…our 8-hours work come into nothing but back to normal MDF blocks…sad…anyway, it is an enjoyment as well as an effort-wasting assignment.

Pictures gallery of all the wunder walls:

really very tired, eat nasi lemak oso no feeling to my stomach already…not hungry anymore…not thirsty anymore..really very tired…got some time go took some photographs of other groups’ works…pretty amazing! The scene there in the courtyard is nice too!


come back here to my home, find some time to write this long post and insert some pictures for u all to see!

Very tired…really need to sleep..bye!