‘Titanic: The Exhibition’ in Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

Not having any classes today, I decided to go to the Perth city centre this morning. The reason for it is that I have to visit ‘Titanic: The Exhibition’ currently being held in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) at Pavilion 6, Level 1. The lecturer of my culture class visited it and recommended me to pay a visit to this exhibition as I would be writing a scholarly essay later based on this ill-fated ship for my assignment under her subject. As a student, I do get a cheaper ticket price, but it still costs me over AUD 30. That’s still expensive (about RM 100 in Malaysian currency), but I do make full use of that money by reading and analyzing almost all the displays in the exhibition and it took me two hours to finish the tour.


I think everyone in this world must have heard of the word ‘Titanic’. It is universally known not only because of the magnitude of its sinking back in 1912 on its maiden voyage, but also due to the immense popularity of a 1997 movie of the same name. That particular epic motion picture directed by James Cameron won audiences’ hearts and subsequently winning 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture. Everyone is melted by the love story between Jack and Rose from the movie. It also became the first movie ever in history to cross over US$ 1 billion in original box office release and remain the highest grossing film worldwide for many years before being surpassed by another James Cameron’s movie called ‘Avatar’.

Let’s put the focus back on the ship itself and the exhibition I had just visited this morning regarding its rich history. The ship named RMS Titanic under the ownership of White Star Line was the largest and the most luxurious ship of its time when it was built and first set sail. On its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, USA, this British passenger liner struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on the early morning of 15th April 1912. This resulted in death of over 1500 people out of about 2200 people on board (only about 700 people were saved from the doomed ship), making it one of the deadliest maritime disasters in modern history.

The exhibition is filled with interactive installations, graphic art, music and videos, artifacts, costumes, postcards, newspaper articles, as well as recreations of the ship’s luxurious interiors (Grand Staircase, First Class Corridor, First and Third Class rooms). The exhibition also included memorabilia from the 1997 blockbuster movie I mentioned above including the famous ‘Heart of the Ocean’ jewelry and the painting of Rose by Jack. The exhibition started with a photo section on the very edge of the ship (where Jack and Rose’s famous postures are in the movie) and ended with a small shop selling Titanic-themed souvenirs. Before I enter, I was presented a boarding pass with a name of a passenger who boarded the ship in 1912. In the exhibition later on, I can check whether the passenger in the boarding pass survived or died from the tragedy or not from the list of survived and lost passengers on a huge wall.

Hereby below are some of the images in the exhibition that I took:














I had quite a good time going through the exhibition and I’m almost moved to tears by this sad tragedy that took place over a hundred years ago. Nevertheless, my focus in the exhibition is still on finding great information for my Culture assignment of which I selected this particular ship on examining and analyzing how luxury took its form in the ship from its architecture, interior, fittings, accessories and the passengers that varies, depending on the classes of the people on board. I find this topic interesting and has a strong connection to my Architecture and Culture class. Hence, this exhibition that happened to be held right now (will end on this 20th March) is a good platform for me to gain valuable information for my general knowledge as well as for my personal assignment.

The exhibition is good, but can be better. The lighting is not sufficient in some areas. Besides that, interactive installations are also not enough, making it not a very engaging exhibition especially to young kids (they don’t like to read the sea of words on the wall). The recreations of the ship’s interior are great but I’m actually expecting a bit more of that too. The organizer should also put a huge replica (model) of the ship to amaze visitors. Anyway, it is still a visit that gave me a further understanding of the ship’s history and is recommended especially to those who have not known much of the ship before and are eager to find out more.

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16th ARCHIDEX from 12th to 15th August 2015.

The annual International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX) is back with its 16th edition this year. The exhibition began today and will run until this Saturday at the usual venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The event is not only comprising of an exhibition that runs in several halls in the convention centre but also several conferences and design-related forums (DATUM KL International Architectural Design Conference, KL Design Forum, Green Building Forum, Professional Practice Forum) will be held at the same time. ARCHIDEX is always an important event particularly for people in the field of building construction, architecture and interior design. Even if you are not in this circle, you can still visit the exhibition to learn more about building construction and gain extra knowledge. Entrance is complimentary.


(Image source: http://www.decra.com.my)

This event in recent years is also touted as Southeast Asia’s leading multi-national exhibition and networking event in the industry’s trade calendar. It has also earned itself a pivotal position as a leading gathering among the region’s fraternity of architects, urban planners, interior designers, developers, academicians, students and other related industry professionals.

I’m not going to miss it and I’m planning to go to the exhibition on this Saturday, the last day of the event. That’s the only day that I’m free to go since I have to work till Friday. I have been to ARCHIDEX for several years already and I knew what to expect from visiting the exhibition. There would be a lot of booths displaying, promoting and highlighting many latest building products, technologies and systems. What’s more exciting to me is that I will always return from the exhibition with a lot of free gifts: bags, pens, key chains, note books, brochures, and even small product samples. Entering with empty hands and leaving with plenty of bags! That’s my objective. Haha…

It’s also nice that we would be attended quickly if we are interested on certain things along the tour in the exhibition halls. And sometimes, I do get excited by some very advanced and never-seen-before products from the exhibition. But usually these items are very expensive. Listening to four or five people explaining their products is still fine, but as the visit progresses, I would be getting really tired of all the promotional talks and will just walk through many booths in a split second. That’s the time to avoid eye contact with the people from the booths. If not, I would be spending many hours there. That’s my past experience of visiting ARCHIDEX and this year, it will be the same for me on this coming Saturday.

On the other hand, there will be a section that displays excellent design presentation boards and some scaled models by local architecture students. This is where I will stay longer a bit to check out talent from young architecture students in Malaysia through their works. Unfortunately, ARCHIDEX didn’t emphasize much on this and we will only see very little from this section. As for the forums and conferences mentioned earlier, I would just say no as the entry fees are very costly and that most speakers invited are not famous and it’s not worth that much of money. Unless, they invite star architects like Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, Cesar Pelli, etc.

Before I end this post, here is the official website of the ARCHIDEX 2015: http://www.archidex.com.my/. Check it out if you want to know more about this exhibition before visiting especially when you have never been to ARCHIDEX before.


Went to ARCHIDEX 2014 on its last day today.

The 15th International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX) 2014 took place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (usual spot every year) this year from 25th to 28th June. Organized together with the exhibition are the DATUM Design Conference, Eco-Building Exhibition, some forums and also a newly held congress themed ‘Rejuvenation’. This is the annual event I have been continuously attending, and this is my fourth time visiting the exhibition.

AR+ECOB 2014 Logo

So, I’m quite familiar with what I shall do in the exhibition; going around all the booths in the exhibition halls and getting all brochures and catalogues, and if possible, together with goodie bags and some free gifts like pens or note books. It has also been made easier for me to enter as I do not need to complete any registration as I already received express tag earlier. This year, I think there are more companies involved in the event, and hence the greater number of booths and also bigger areas of halls covered for the exhibition. Here’s the official website of the exhibition: http://www.archidex.com.my/.

As usual, there are booths promoting doors, windows, glass, hardwares, softwares, outdoor and indoor elements, tiles, finishing, wood, roofing, paints, sanitary fittings, books, and all the other related products or technologies related to architecture, interior design, building construction and engineering fields. Me and my colleague were getting tired as time passes as we took more and more bags and brochures. Now, I’m taking some time to read through those catalogues we have taken and to check on which ones are interesting. However, the most delighted thing would still be the free gifts we can find from those bags.


We spent about two hours for the exhibition. Hmm…many booth’s staff approached to us trying to brief us on their products but we just don’t have time for most of them. Sorry…Lastly, we also managed to glance through some of the presentation works (finalists of some kind of architecture competitions) displayed outside several exhibition halls before leaving. Then, only after that, we thought of going for movie ‘Transformers 4’ (just out yesterday) at Suria KLCC. You can check out my movie review of that particular film in my previous post. And for all that, the worst thing is that I have spent RM30 alone for the parking fee. That’s shockingly high and unreasonable. I’m not like parking my car there for whole day!

On the other hand, tomorrow marks the beginning of Ramadhan, the fasting month for the Muslims before celebrating Hari Raya. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims (particularly my Malay friends and colleagues) a wonderful Ramadhan! Raya is coming soon….

Just back from ARCHIDEX 2012.

You know what is ARCHIDEX? If you have read my previous post, then you would know it already. If you are an architect/ interior designer/ contractor, then you would know of this event. ARCHIDEX stands for architecture and interior design exhibition, which is held annually in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This year, which is the 13th ARCHIDEX, over 100 booths are set up promoting various advanced industrial products useful in construction industry, accompanied with series of other events like DATUM KL (design conference) and forums.

Admission to the conference and forums requires payment, which is quite expensive for me. But then, I think the price is reasonable for the ‘rich’ architects. I went just for the exhibition along with my colleagues after registration which is very quick for me as I go for ‘architect’ section without the need to wait in long queue. Cool…extra privilege for architects! And I absolutely like that. There are several halls we need to get in for the exhibition, and we went to all of them in quite a short period of time, as my colleague needs to rush back home soon after.

There are a lot of people attending this exhibition, as today is Saturday and it is also the last day of the exhibition. Everything seems to be quite busy inside, with people promoting their products or company to the visitors, visitors asking for brochures and information, people exchanging ideas and discussion, visitors taking pictures of cool stuff visible from the booths or products, etc. What we do? We had a quick walk all around and covered many booths by taking only brochures. We had a longer stop at some booths that attracted our attention. There is even a booth that has a small pool inside with a people in there demonstrating and explaining (so it’s obvious on what the booth is promoting; pool system). I didn’t manage to take a picture of that.

Too bad, we can’t stay any longer for the exhibition, as we came by one car, and we had to go. Before we left, we saw some works (presentation panels) displayed that are awarded and shortlisted for competitions. Some are impressive. This year, there are also a display of several small-scale design models which I believe are from student works. Some are good, but some are too simple to the point that those do not deserved to be showcased over there. There must be a lot of experienced or professional architects out there looking at all that. Too bad, I didn’t join the DATUM KL conference. If I did, I would have the chance to meet Daniel Libeskind, a very famous international architect who participates on this year’s DATUM that sets the theme of ‘reflection’.

We left with not only a single bag, but several bags full of variety of brochures and some small gifts like pens. So heavy to carry. Basically, now, I have been to this exhibition twice, first time in few years ago when I was still a university’s student and this time around is my second time, as an ARCHITECT. Cool…Since this exhibition gathers people of the similar industry together and is very much beneficial to people like us who need to know more on new products and suppliers on which we can apply or use those in our design projects, and so I think starting from now, I would be going for ARCHIDEX every year.  (Image below is from http://www.asiabuilders.com.my/asiabuilders/NewsListing.aspx?ind_ctry_code=conMY)


The annual international architecture, interior design and building exhibition is held currently at the usual place; Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Shortly and famously known as ARCHIDEX, this is the exhibition not only targeted for architects and interior designers, but also to contractors, property developers, facility managers, distributors, marketing consultants, manufacturers, store buyers, government departments and agencies, lecturers and university or college students.

(Image above is from http://www.asiabuilders.com.my/asiabuilders/NewsListing.aspx?ind_ctry_code=conMY)

For this year’s exhibition, it is going to held from 4th July 2012 (started yesterday) till 7th July 2012 (would ends this Saturday). Registration is required and the admission fee is free, open from 10am to 7pm to people of 16 years old and above. ARCHIDEX is the biggest event, congregating for the architecture, interior design and the building industry professions and industry leaders, giving them this opportune platform to keep abreast of the developments in the built environment, mingle and network with captains of the industry, besides sourcing for innovative products, designs and services.

I have been to this exhibition once few years ago when I was still a university student studying in architecture. I find the exhibition is not really that suitable for students because what is shown in the exhibition is basically more to industrial-based products. That would be much more relevant and suitable for people working in the industry, so that they can learn of new or latest advanced products useful in construction and design. Now, I am working as an architect, but my company never tell us anything about it. I think we should all go and check it out, and we might find some interesting products that can be applied or used to our future or current design projects.

Before that, I thought that this architecture exhibition would features interesting or iconic design works through presentation boards, digital projection or models. That is why I went to this exhibition few years ago as recommended from my lecturers and friends. But I was wrong. Like what I said earlier, it is all about products, from wall finishes to variety of latest designs in framing, curtain, tiles, etc. It would be good for architects to explore from this exhibition on what are the latest stuff available now that would made designs to be more interesting or high-end. There are also some conferences or talks going on these four days but I think payment is needed for that.

If I’m going to go for this ARCHIDEX 2012, then Saturday (the last day) would be the only day for me. First two days are gone, and tomorrow I have to work and that wouldn’t give me enough time to attend the exhibition. So, Saturday is the only day that provides me the time. But I’m still unsure to go or not. What’s confirmed this Saturday is that I would be going for movie, and not this exhibition.

Man Made Marvels: Songdo City.

Long time in this blog, I did not write any post on architecture, and now it is a right time for it…Why? Because just now I have just checked on a TV programme called Man Made Marvels: Songdo City in National Geographic Channels…


I love National Geographic…sometimes I can learn a lot of things related to architecture, building technology, engineering, and history. Songdo City is a new (constructing) city in Incheon region of South Korea. The whole project needs around US 35 billion dollar and sits on the 1500 acres of reclaimed land. The master plan is designed by Kohn Pederson Fox.

It is the world largest private construction project and is scheduled for completion by year 2014, ten years after construction began. The workers only had ten years to build the whole city from flat ground to green city of skyscrapers and high quality living.

There are three man made marvels listed in the project, first of all the Incheon International Airport. It is among the world best and greatest airport. It is very large and built on a man made island in the middle of sea.

Next, is the new Songdo International Convention Center. The most interesting part of it is it’s engineering breakthrough. The large curved roof that resembles the traditional roof form of Korean architecture had no column supporting it from below. The load has to be transferred to the two ends of the each roof joined together and then transferred to the 30m deep foundation. The structure will be the city center and is designed by famous architectural firm; Kohn Pederson Fox.

Next, is the new Incheon Bridge. This 12km bridge (8m above water) will be linking the airport directly to Songdo City. It will be the world fifth longest cable-stayed bridge when completed. The bridge pylon stands at a staggering height of 238m. This bridge undergoes various weather constraints like strong winds, low tides, strong mist, heavy rain, etc.

There will be a Central Park in the city, similar to the Central Park in New York City. The park will symbolize the high quality of living of residents in the green city. Artificial lake, river, gardens, pavilions, gazebos, etc are all available in the park.

There will be few soaring skyscrapers around the city center, residential and office towers above 60 floors high. Northeast Asia Trade Tower is now topped out at 70 floors, with a height of 305m, the tallest building in South Korea. It is designed by KPF too; a square plan with a triangular top for helicopter landing pad. Every buildings in the city ( around 500 to 600 ) will be LEED (Leadership in Engineering Environmental Design) certified, marking the status of a green city.

Wow..I’m great, I can remember so many information I have watched just now.

Sir Peter Cook is in Malaysia…11th May 2009

The famous architect, Sir Peter Cook will be coming to have a lecture in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 11th May 2009 (Monday – tomorrow).

The lecture will begin by 6.00pm

His signature work is the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria…

kunsthaus graz








Every architectural students should go…I will surely go… need to pay a little bit only…