Happy Chinese New Year! Let us all have a wonderful time in this Year of Monkey!

It’s the most festive time of the year again; the Chinese New Year celebration! I would like to wish to all my family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours and my fellow blog visitors (yes, you!) a Happy Chinese New Year! I wish that we all will be blessed with great health and fortune in this lunar new year! I also wish that all of us would be having a prosperous and a very smooth year ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Goodbye to the Year of the Goat! It has been a year of quite a number of ups and downs (mostly downs) especially for me who is also born in the year of goat, and hence expected to be not having a good year in 2015. That is over and now we welcome the Year of the Monkey in 2016! For this year, after being a little superstitious especially at this time of the year getting to listen and read to all the Chinese horoscope forecast, I discovered that those born in the year of goat (myself included) would be very good this year! Wow…the first thing on my mind is; Sure or not? Let’s hope so in the end.


Today is already the Chinese New Year’s Eve! It’s the day for all family members to gather together and above all, having the very important reunion dinner this evening. I have had reunion dinner with my family early this week already since I would be flying to Australia tonight with my parents for a vacation, hence no time for the dinner tonight. We had our reunion dinner outside in a nice restaurant and we tossed yee-sang too (typical tradition). There is nothing special about it but for me, it is always feeling great to see all of our family members seated together for a nice meal and chats along. It is harmonious. You will feel it later too. It is just so good.



This is also the time of the year again for me to post up some clips related to this wonderful Chinese New Year celebration which is also popularly known as Spring Festival in China. The first two clips are two wonderful advertisements for this year’s CNY by BSN and Petronas, and one more is from CCTV in conjunction with CNY last year about the essence of chopsticks, the traditional eating utensils by Chinese. I’m moved by these three clips:

Happy Chinese New Year once again! And for my other Malaysian friends who are not celebrating it, Happy Holiday to you too!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016! It’s a wonderful new year!


There is nothing more important on this first blog post of the year than to wish everyone a wonderful new year from the bottom of my heart! It’s the first day of the year, and so it’s holiday for everyone no matter where you are. Happy Holiday to everyone too, and enjoy this coming weekend break too. Nice…it’s a 3 days of continuous break again! First thing first, have you changed your calendar yet? Your 2015 calendar should be in dustbin already, and your 2016 calendar should be placed nicely in front of you now.

One of the best thing for me to do for new year’s celebration is to watch new year fireworks display in major cities across the world. I love fireworks! Eventhough it’s polluting the air but it is a must-thing for a countdown event like this very happening new year celebration. If there is no fireworks (no loud noise, no beautiful colourful display on the sky), then there is no feel or excitement to mark a new year. Thanks to some people from around the world who were very quick on uploading clips of them recording fireworks display from their respective places for the new year celebration last night that enabled me to watch them this morning already. And here are some of the clips:

London, United Kingdom – from London Eye ferris wheel with shots of iconic Big Ben tower.

Sydney, Australia – from Harbour Bridge with shots of iconic Sydney Opera House.

Hong Kong, China – from the water body as well as from several buildings out of the picturesque city skyline.

Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101, former world’s tallest building.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – from Burj Khalifa, current world’s tallest building.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – from KLCC Park, in front of the Petronas Twin Towers, current world’s tallest twin buildings.

Beautiful fireworks, aren’t they? If you find the clips are too long (since the shows are that long), you can skip to the ending part where the climax would be when massive fireworks were put on to end it with loudest bang! These fireworks displays are so much better than the one from my own city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have beautiful landmarks like Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower, but our pyrotechnics are very poor in style and scale. I recommend for example, for the fireworks at KLCC, they should not only be released out from the park at the ground level but also from the twin towers itself. Then, it would be so much more nicer just like how Taipei 101 or Burj Khalifa did it in all these years. It’s much more beautiful if fireworks came out from tall buildings and I’m sure Petronas Twin Towers can certainly do that too. I also suggest to have a synchronized fireworks display from several buildings in the city region just like Hong Kong or even we can be better than that too. Right now, we have one spot over here shooting out fireworks in a few minutes and then another spot few kilometres away doing the same. Why not combine them and put that into one mega-scale fireworks show of the city to celebrate the new year? Look at how the other cities did that and I’m certain that KL can do that too. On the other hand, my blog’s header of the month would be also none other than a spectacular image of fireworks display too.

January 2016 Blog Header

Anyway, let’s forget about that. All the fireworks had already been released last night and it’s now a bright sunny morning on the first day of the year. We have for a moment thought of some major things that have happened to the world and to us personally in the past year, and now we shall look ahead and start setting goals for 2016 instead since this new year had already arrived. My goals would be to stay healthy and fit for the year, study hard and smart for my Master beginning this February at Australia, and also something else that I have not thought of right now just yet.


Happy New Year once again! Let’s wish for a great and a wonderful year ahead for everyone!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web while the videos are from Youtube)

Year 2015 started with new year fireworks across the world.

Happy New Year! Here is it I present to you clips of new year 2015 fireworks display from major cities in the world.

Taipei, Taiwan (From Taipei 101, former world tallest building)

Sydney, Australia (From the Harbour Bridge, and along its waterfront, always the best and the most massive every year)

London, United Kingdom (From London’s Eye ferris wheel and along its waterfront, second best behind Sydney)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (From Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and from its surrounding, new this year is the tower illuminated with animated LED lights for exceptional display)

Hong Kong, China (From its waterfront with the beautiful city skyline as the backdrop)

Singapore (From its city waterfront with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop)

(All clips in this post are from Youtube)

My country, Malaysia does has fireworks too, from KLCC Park with iconic Petronas Twin Towers as the backdrop but the pyrotechnics display here is never spectacular and I find it not worthy for even to be shared here.

Best image shot of new year 2015 fireworks should be this one from Sydney, Australia. (Image from BBC) Wow!!!


Again, Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Let us have a great and awesome year ahead! Time to dispose off your 2014 calendar. (Source of image below: http://www.ezyshine.com/)


57-57. Happy 57th Independence Day to Malaysia!

It’s 57-57 (double 57) for the celebration of the anniversary of our country’s independence this year. We first achieved independence on 31st August 1957. And today, it is 31st August 2014….2014 minus 1957….so it’s Malaysia’s 57th independence day. It’s very symbolic in number this year but the scale of the celebration has to be toned down as a mark of respect to the two recent tragedies that struck Malaysia Airlines planes; the MH370 and MH17 incidents.

This year, there isn’t any official government-organized countdown events and pyrotechnics display at the midnight of Merdeka’s eve when clock ticks at 12.00 am. So, there wouldn’t be any fireworks from Dataran Merdeka or KLCC. And I guess other privately-organized Merdeka events would also be either scaled down or cancelled. Hmmm….no festive atmosphere or any loud ‘bangs’ heard just now. But our spirit of patriotism and loving the country should never fades. But there are just so many bad stuff that made us not to love the country so much. Right?…you know LA….But no matter how much we dislike the country, we are still a true Malaysian…someone who couldn’t get away from typical Malaysian lifestyle. And I like it the way it is.

Anyway, in conjunction with the Independence Day celebration, there were many meaningful and touching Merdeka-themed advertisements made by some local companies as usual every year. These ads were usually highlighting on the peace, harmony and unity we had despite having many different races in a single nation. There are also some individually-made videos available in YouTube which shown personal creativity on sending their message and love to the country by showing the uniqueness of Malaysia from its people, places, cultures, food, etc. There you go below for some of this year’s Merdeka-themed clips or advertisements that I find interesting and meaningful.

The National Day parade in the morning is going to be carried out too along Dataran Merdeka stretch. The only official Independence Day’s event maintained this year. I have heard many helicopters flying the past few days which indicates that they were practising for rehearsal for the parade. But I won’t pay much attention to this parade every year as it was just simply boring.

And many Malaysians are happy of this Independence Day celebration every year just because that it gives us another public holiday. Yes…and this year, it falls on Sunday. So, the next Monday would be the replacement holiday. Wonderful. A longer weekend to enjoy, which is also the weekend that saw the end of August and the arrival of September.

Last but not least, I would like to wish all Malaysians a Happy 57th Independence Day to our beloved country, Malaysia!


(Image source: https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/)

World welcomed new year 2013 with bang!

Happy New Year to everyone once again! Let’s hope this would be a great year for all of us! Like what I said earlier, fireworks display is a must to usher into a new year in major cities around the world. And I like to watch pyrotechnics performance. Out of many major places celebrating the new year with bang!, I have watched new year fireworks from Sydney, London, Taipei, Hong Kong and Dubai, thanks to those who uploaded those videos quick on YouTube. Out of these five cities, I would rate which one is the best to the poorest in order.

Please take note; Lowest in this ranking does not means that the city is seriously bad in showcasing their pyrotechnics display. It’s just a ranking for these five places, which I always think that their fireworks showcase are the most impressive among all others. These cities had much better fireworks display that my own city, Kuala Lumpur which had been segregated into several places with minor and very ordinary fireworks display. That’s disappointing every year from my city, and I don’t even bother to watch fireworks at my own place nearby. Now, here comes the videos (from YouTube) of the impressive new year 2013’s fireworks.

1. Sydney, Australia. – along the stream, little from several highrises in the city, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

2. London, United Kingdom. – along the stream, and from London Eye (the ferris wheel).

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. – from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man made structure and its nearby surrounding development.

4. Taipei, Taiwan – from Taipei 101 building itself, former world tallest building.

5. Hong Kong, China – along the stream, and from several highrises in the city.


First impression of what KLIA2 is going to look like

The construction of KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2) began few years ago when there is a need to replace the existing Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), situated nearby the state-of-the-art KLIA. The existing low-cost carrier terminal couldn’t handle increasing number of passengers and the demand for a new airport terminal rises to allow further growth of both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, the low-cost carrier airline of Malaysia.

(Image above from http://cyrildason.com/2010/08/30/klia2-design-our-new-lcct/..but I think the design has been modified to simpler version)

KLIA2 would be ready for opening a year later as scheduled, and the construction is now underway to bring KLIA2 from proposal into reality on a vast plot of land nearby the existing KLIA. I believe the existing LCCT would be demolished and I strongly agree to the decision of having a new terminal for AirAsia after its collaboration with Malaysia Airlines. The existing LCCT looks more like a low-cost factory building rather than a terminal that also serves international flights. Eventhough it is a low-cost carrier terminal, but the building itself shouldn’t be that ‘low-cost’ as well, but anyway, I believe AirAsia started with very less modal in hand, and so they can only afford to build that factory-like terminal years ago. The old LCCT look: (Image credit: taxilcctairport.com)

Now, after in collaboration with Malaysia Airlines, opportunity is granted to build KLIA2 to cater more flights and passengers as well as to get rid of the dilapidated look of the previous LCCT which is going to give early bad impression of the nation to oversea visitors too. Ahh, only after cooperation with the government, then only proposal of new terminal comes into consideration. Hope you know what I mean. AirAsia is now quite well-received by people planning for trips due to its lower cost imposed. Anyway, let us see the design of the new KLIA2, as seen from the two videos below.

The 242,000 m2 terminal will be the largest purpose-built dedicated terminal for low cost carriers in the world. Built to handle initially 30 million passengers, it has the flexibility to allow expansion to cater for future growth and changes to the operational models of airlines. Located only 2 km away from the current Main Terminal Building as per the recommendation of the National Airport Master Plan (NAMP), the new terminal allows for easy inter-terminal transfer and better connectivity between the two terminals. The terminal design will incorporate modern features which include the Pedestrian Skybridge, which is the first in Asia, and third in the world.

The terminal will be built to meet the Green Building Index certification. The design of the terminal embraces the concept of Eco Air Terminal, synonymous with the eco-friendly and green building technology widely planned for the development of this airport. This is owing to the design concept of the terminal, which applies sustainable architecture; green building, and energy- efficiency in most aspects of its development and construction processes. (From: http://www.fenestra.com.my/projects.aspx?pageid=19&categoryid=4&status=current&projectid=1&projectcategoryid=4)

What do you think of the design of the new terminal including the interior appearance? Things look nice from the clips above but in reality, who knows they cut off the budget, and the final appearance won’t be the same anymore with the one presented in computer renderings shown. Anyway, I like the overall design of the new terminal, it’s not too grand or humble either. Now I’m guessing who is the architect behind it? After a bit of search, the design is from unknown local architecture firms. The existing KLIA looks fantastic and impressive in architecture, and it is designed by a famous Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokawa. I still remember the concept of ‘forest in a city’ applied to the master design of KLIA. That is brilliant. KLIA is one of the most beautiful airports I have ever seen after been travelling so much and having able to visit many other international airports before.

I think they wouldn’t make KLIA2 a letdown too. So, I think this new terminal of KLIA2 would be a great addition to the existing KLIA, which would further strengthen the airport’s status as one of the world’s most beautiful airports as well as one of the world largest too. I can see KLIA is now already one of the nation’s landmarks, and KLIA2 would further uplifts that image. But now comes issue of rising cost of constructing KLIA2 as the budget jumped to worrying figure. That is very usual in Malaysia. They already modified the design to simpler version earlier to cut costs, and what’s next in their plan to reduce their burden on budget issue? So, design is always determined and limited by the finance, not the imagination of the designers/architects. Do you agree?