Lee Chong Wei lost again in BWF World Badminton Championship’s Final

It has been a busy weekend for me and things didn’t turn out that well as expected. Yesterday, I went to the ARCHIDEX 2015 on its last day of exhibition. This year, I collected very little brochures, bags, and only a single pen. It’s so different to the last few visits to this annual architectural exhibition of which I can have many useful complimentary stuff. On the other hand, I watched two new movies (reviews in my previous post) and they are bad and poorly made. This weekend, I have to spend time working on renovation drawings for my cousin’s shop. That’s a part-time job for me but there is some problem with the 3D modelling and rendering that wasted much of my time which is supposed to be used for other things.

Well, negative feeling isn’t over yet as I watched the final men singles match of this year’s World Badminton Championship just now and Lee Chong Wei lost again. A repeating heartbreak to all Malaysians. He lost to the same guy last year. Who is he? Lin Dan? Nope. It’s Chen Long, the new rising superpower from China. Lin Dan is surprisingly knocked out by Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen in semi-final, hence making the path slightly easier for Chong Wei. However, his last year’s opponent do managed to climb to the final spot with him, and finally defeated him again to take the championship.


Chen Long is fantastic on all his attack and defense skills on court. He is energetic (well, he is still young, only in mid 20s) and he is able to control the court easily with little mistakes. On the other hand, Lee Chong Wei seems to be exhausted despite already minimal running around the court. His age puts him down. He is already 33. He couldn’t catch up to the pace and strength from Chen Long whom is now famously known as the next Lin Dan. I pitied Chong Wei. He had won many smaller badminton tournaments but seldom wins the big ones. In fact, he had never win Asian Games gold, Olympics gold, or this World Badminton Championship. I guess he has really no luck on his side in major championships.


Well, he had to stick to his first runner-up position again in the just concluded match against Chen Long. Forever No.2 placing most of the time. He lost in two straight games, 21-14 and 21-17. Well, he is at least better than all the other Malaysian players who lost out in earlier matches of the championship. The current situation looks horrifying for Malaysia with no steady and excellent talents coming out. We have only Lee Chong Wei for all these years and he is definitely going to retire soon (most probably next year after Rio 2016 Olympics that will give him final chance for an Olympic gold medal after only winning two silvers in the past). Even, I think the chance for an Olympic gold medal from him next year is quite slim with Chen Long on his fantastic form in recent years.

Last time, we had Lin Dan who blocked the way for Chong Wei. Now, Lin Dan seems to be out of sight sometimes and things may be in favor for Chong Wei. However, now China has Chen Long to bank on. Arrggh…that’s bad and sad. But we knew Chong Wei did his very best all the time and he is still our Number 1 (despite everyone agreed that he is actually world number two in terms of achievement and performances in this sport).

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Japan won Thomas Cup for the first time. No luck for Malaysia this time.

Ohh….that was the last word I shouted before we turned off the TV. That is sad. The FINAL match between Japan and Malaysia in Thomas Cup, world’s most premier international men team badminton championship had just concluded. And unfortunately, Japan won. My country, Malaysia lost. The match started at 5.30pm (3pm at India time as the event was held at New Delhi for this edition) and had just ended approximately on 11.30pm (took six long hours). Must be a five neck-to-neck matches in the FINAL. Yes it was.


As expected, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia overpowered Kenichi Tago of Japan (21-12, 21-16) easily in the first men single match, proving that he is someone very hard to be defeated in this sport eventhough he is now almost 32 years old. We were very confident of him and he secured the first point for our country. Fantastic. We were very happy as it is a good start for our national team. Next came our first men double pair; Hoon Thien How and Tan Boon Heong against Japan’s Kenichi Hayakawa and Hiroyuki Endo. Our pair won the first round, and we thought that we could win this match too. Then, everything should be safe and smooth for us.

However, we were disappointed in the end. The Japan’s pair fight back to win the second game before triumphing again on the deciding game. Our Malaysian pair contributed quite a fair performance and I can see that both of them fight very hard. However, luck is not on their side especially on the last few crucial points which were then awarded to the Japanese pair. The result of this match is 12-21, 21-17 and 21-19 in favor of Japan. Now, it’s 1-1 (draw).

Then, came the second men single match. Our team had Chong Wei Feng and Japan sent in Kento Momota. Chong appeared to have better statistics in early matches of this tournament, but now truly facing a great challenger. In the end, he lost out in two straight games (21-15, 21-17). Opps…not good, not good. The standing is now at 2 for Japan, and 1 for Malaysia. We had to depend on the second men double to save the day. And yes, fortunately, they successfully brought joy for Malaysia back as they won the match in three games (21-19, 17-21, 12-21). They delivered outstanding performance and put back the standing to a draw. Wonderful.

Now, all hope is on the last men single match to decide on the winner of this year’s Thomas Cup. We had Liew Daren and Japan brought forward Takuma Ueda. The high pressure mounted on the players of this match is inevitable. I find that Daren doesn’t have the spirit or energy to play in the first game, hence losing it easily to the Japanese. He also tend to make a lot of serious mistakes eventhough his opponent was showing quite poor skills on court too. That was bad. However, he fought back with much effort and won the second game. This eventually led to the final rubber game. Heartstopping moments then started. And….haaihh….we were all excited as their points were very close to each other but Japan permanently stood ahead two to three points. Accompanied with little luck only to the Malaysian, Japan won the last match (21-12. 18-21, 21-17). Hmmm…



(Uber Cup trophy on the left which was won by China after winning Japan yesterday and Thomas Cup trophy on the right. Uber Cup represents female team championship)

All our hope ended. So near yet so far. We couldn’t manage to bring back the prestigious Thomas Cup trophy back to Malaysian land. The last time we celebrated the win of this tournament was way back 22 years ago in 1992. This time, we lost again unfortunately. We can see obviously the looks of all Malaysians especially our local supporters over there in the stadium. Luck is not on our side. Year 2014 must have been a bad year for Malaysia. Anyway, both Japan and Malaysia had made this FINAL very intense and awesomely displayed some of the best badminton ‘shows’ I have ever seen in recent years.

A big congratulation to Japan on winning the Thomas Cup for the first time in history. Their performance now stunned and surprised me. They had seriously improved a lot until that they can even defeat China (always regarded as the badminton giant) back in the semi-final. They were proven to be a dark horse, and they successfully won it. Hope that our national team don’t give up, get up for further training on improvement, and fight back on the next Thomas Cup in 2016.

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Sadly, Lee Chong Wei is no longer world no.1

Unfortunately, according to the latest world ranking in men single category in badminton sport, our famous shuttler, Lee Chong Wei is no longer at the very top rank. His biggest rival in the sport, Lin Dan from China now jumped to the first spot, being taken by Chong Wei from Malaysia for about four years (since 2008). Formerly famous for being known as the world number one men single badminton player, Lee Chong Wei had to accept the fact now that he is no longer attached to that very prestigious title.

The main reason for him to lose the 1st ranking is because of his absence in many international tournaments recently. He is now in recovering stage from the past injury and to be on final training stage in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and so no other things are allowed to interrupt the plan including skipping few badminton tournaments. Lin Dan then had the opportunity to reach the top. Lin Dan must be very happy about it and he could take it as the boost to defend his Olympic title.

Somehow, eventhough this news is a bit disappointing and frustrating to us, the Malaysians and to him as well, but we can see that on positive light. Being ranked second in the world isn’t bad either, and dropping a rank below isn’t any big deal anyway. Furthermore, that drop in rank would somehow reduce a bit of pressure on Chong Wei to his future competition as he is no longer bearing the stress of having to win supposingly due to his position in the rank officially made by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

For me, eventhough Lee Chong Wei had held the world number one title for so many years, I still thought that Lin Dan performance is better and much more impressive than Chong Wei. Both are definitely great players, but Lin Dan definitely outshines the rest including Chong Wei. So, the current ranking actually reflects the ‘true’ position of them in the sport. For Chong Wei, don’t give up, and don’t get pressurized by all these. Just do whatever you can, on the future competitions. Good luck and all the best to you on this upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Now, I believe Chong Wei is in the end of recovery stage from the previous injury he had two months ago. Intensive training must be ahead for him in preparation to his main goal to win Malaysia’s first ever gold medal in Olympics. Hope he is doing very well. Losing the world number one title at this moment is not very important anymore. The focus is now on the London 2012 which is going to be held next month until August. Show Lin Dan and other players a good fight on the court soon.

China dominated World Championship 2010

Rushing to my sister’s home just to catch the final match of men doubles between my nation, Malaysia represented by world number one, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong against China’s Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun. Very disappointing!

Why? Because Malaysia always don’t have the chance to win in BWF World Championship! It is already very difficult to get into final for at least a match, and this time Malaysia did it. However, their journey to success in the championship ended just now terribly with poor performance by the Malaysian pair.

Unlike yesterday when they battled it all out to march into final today, defeating many professional opponents previously, but not the same for this time, up against China’s best men doubles pair, Fu Haifeng and Cai Yun. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong made so many mistakes just now, until the point that I do not want to watch it anymore. Not to say that I do not support Malaysia, but they really bring us all down. We knew they tried their best, but mistakes overwhelmed them, pressure as well! Winning the first game, but lost the last two (21-18, 18-21, 14-21)! So, answer is lost! Haih…

Maybe it is not the time for Malaysia to win! China dominated the championship by winning all five finals, men single, men doubles, women single, women doubles and mixed doubles. Clearly visible that China is forever the strongest country in badminton. Unstoppable, and inevitable! It is so hard to break their Great Wall in badminton world.

Malaysia team don’t give up! Malaysia should train more new players to replace the current ones, as the current ones are getting older! New fresh players needed to be trained by now, so that they can follow the footstep of their seniors or even can do better! Malaysia still has some power in badminton world!

Malaysia into the final!

Finally, Malaysia is into the final of men doubles match of the recent BWF World Badminton Championship 2010 held in Paris, France, represented by world number one, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong.

After dinner, we took a time to sit down, relaxing in the living room to watch the live broadcast of the match, despite the incomplete assignment. Have been very chill and relaxing this weekend, despite there are models to be done for design submission on following Monday. This is totally different with previous weekend, when I need to complete all drawings in 3 A2 boards.

Back to the match, it is an exciting men doubles semi final between Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong from Malaysia against Guo Xhendong, Xu Chen from China. Both are strong and experienced teams in badminton. It depends on luck sometimes, and of course, the most important strength, attacking and defensing skills.

It is nice to see men doubles match, because it is fast, quick, breathtaking with no boring moments, because four men would be running around the court, saving the shuttercock, defensing and attacking opponents. Malaysian team won in rubber game, 21-14, 21-18. Malaysian pairs had an easy first game, but then having slight difficulties on the second one, losing behind at first. However, they striked back to win at most exciting moments, cheered by all the audiences in the stadium. They had good performance today, but with some mistakes too, that can be forgiven, since they won the game…haha…hope to see the same or even better performance from them tomorrow!

Now, they are the only pair, the only one representing Malaysia in the final of BWF World Championship. It is always very hard for Malaysia to get into final of this one. Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia (world number one) lost tragically to Taufik Hidayat  from Indonesia in quarter final yesterday, which similarly goes to the superpower, Lin Dan from China. Wishing Malaysian team good luck and all the best for final tomorrow! Must watch! Support! Malaysia Boleh! If they won it, then it would be a good present to celebrate Malaysia 53rd independence day! Every Malaysian would be delighted to see that!

Chong Wei takes Korean Open 2010 title…

Today is the final of the first super series of year 2010, the Victor Korea Super Series 2010 Open Badminton Championship. There is only one match involving Malaysian, whom is the world number one player, Lee Chong Wei, in the men single. I must watch to support Malaysia, since I’m Malaysian too.


Men single is the last draw in the whole final show, hence it is gonna to start in the late afternoon. Then, felt very free during the whole afternoon, so I did watched some of the other matches too, and one that I found interesting is the men doubles with Lee Yong Dae, Jung Jae Sung (Korea) against Cai Yun, Fu Haifeng (China). Four of them are great players especially Cai Yun and Lee Yong Dae. Korea win this match by 21 – 11, 14 – 21, 21 – 18. It is an exciting match.

The other results are: Women single (Wang Shixian from China beats Sung Ji Hyun from Korea, 21 – 10, 25 – 23)….Women doubles (Cheng Shu, Zhao Yunlei from China beats Fujii Mizuki, Kakiiwa Reika from Japan, 21 – 16, 21 – 15)….Mixed doubles (He Hanbin, Yu Yang from China beats Tao Jiaming, Zhang Yawen from China too, 21 – 15, 21 – 16).

Finally, comes the final match, of men single, between Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia and Peter Gade from Denmark. Peter Gade is the champion of the men single title in Korea Open last year (2009). Unfortunately, he was unable to defend his title. Greatfully, this is the first Korea Open title won by Chong Wei eventhough he had won many tournaments around the world these few years. He beats Gade, 21 – 12, 21 – 11, in two straight games. Great performance by Chong Wei, and by Gade for sometimes too. I’m wondering why Lin Dan from China, the Olympic gold medallist did not compete in this tournament while others do…he will give a good and always-winning fight with Chong Wei. Many supporters were yelling, cheering, supporting Chong Wei, waving the Malaysian flags….I guessed they are the Malaysians studying abroad in Korea. Malaysia’s other best, world number one in men doubles, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong did not participate. China won three, Korea won one, and Malaysia won one.

I like this website, www.tournamentsoftware.com, it is updated quickly everytime a result is released on those competitions of sports. Eventhough I did not watch the whole final matches, but I can simply knew the full results very fast from that website. The results shown here are obtained from there too as the most reliable source with is in very detail.

Lee Chong Wei started off the year with the first win, in the first super series tournament out of twelve in the whole year. This coming week is the time for Malaysia Open 2010…hopes he can do at his best at that time too! Continue your winning path!

Just watched Super Series World Masters Finals 2009…

This badminton tournament is the last of super series category of year 2009. As the name of the tournament is self-explanatory, it is the BWF Super Series World Masters Finals 2009 (such a long name), held at Johor Bahru, and today is the Final of the Final.

Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Super Series Masters Finals 2009

Many of the great China players did not participate in this tournament, hence giving brighter chance to other countries to win, especially the homecountry, Malaysia. This time, Malaysia grabbed three out of five titles, similar to the same tournament, last year.

The three titles grabbed are women single by Wong Mew Choo, women doubles by Chin Eei Hui and Wong Pei Tty, and men single by world number one, Lee Chong Wei. Great performance only by Lee Chong Wei on his game, but kinda losing his concentration in the second game. However, at last he regains his position to win it. He got nervous in the middle when the margin is getting so close from 10-points margin to only 1-point margin.

Wong Mew Choo faced a not-much-competitive player from Germany. That competitor is not famous, hence her skill is still poor, to be honest. I wonder how she gets into the final. Probably because China women players, almost all are missing. Malaysia’s women doubles pair, which is always blur and careless and has dropped their world ranking, get back on their position, and it is their luck to face a less competitive players, and so, they won.

Three titles by Malaysia, one title by Korea and another one by Denmark. This tournament would be more ‘real’ and ‘exact’ if China players came to play. They always skipped a lot of tournaments, especially those organized in Malaysia. We played fair, bro!

This tournament is really expensive. Five titles, each winner gets USD 40 000 and each runner up gets USD 20 000. Total money spent for the prizes are USD 300 000, meaning over RM 1 000 000 (1 million ringgit Malaysia). Wow…can be rich by just winning this tournament…my dad joked with me, asked me to join badminton career, be the junior of Lee Chong Wei, learnt from him, won so much money, so rich and now with ‘Datuk’ title. Of course, I have no such capability to do so, because badminton has to be trained from young, now I’m already 18. I can play badminton, well also, but of course not as good as those people playing for competitions.