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36th Hong Kong Film Awards

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The 36th Hong Kong Film Awards was held last evening to honour the best of Hong Kong films released in 2016. I didn’t pay much attention to this awards this year (and also last year) as I didn’t watch most of the nominated films. Most of their movies nowadays just didn’t appeal to me with similar genre, similar style, similar story, poor visual effects and too depressed. Their movies also fail to break out of their boundary to reach out to international market due to the reasons I highlighted earlier.

The presentation ceremony yesterday has its free online streaming but that service is not available in Australia. Hence, I couldn’t watch it live. Anyway, I still manage to hear part of its live broadcast from Myfm, a Malaysian radio station. It’s a 3 hours and 30 minutes long ceremony. Very interesting poster for the awards ceremony this year (see below):

I’m more excited with the presence of many celebrities in the awards ceremony such as Jackie Chan, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Karl Maka (he is the bald guy in the classic hit film series ‘Aces Go Places’ with Sam Hui), Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung, (and many other recognizable faces) than the results. Here below is the full list of winners for the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards:

Best film

Best Director
Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong (Trivisa)
Best Actor
Gordon Lam (Trivisa)
Best Actress
Kara Wai ( Happiness )

Best Supporting Actor
Eric Tsang (Mad World)
Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Jin (Mad World)

Best New Performer
Tony Wu (Weeds on Fire)
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Peter Pau, Cao Yu (See You Tomorrow)
Best Film Editing
Allen Leung, David Richardson (Trivisa)
Best Art Direction
See You Tomorrow
Best Sostume and Make-up Design
The Monkey King 2
Best Action Choreography
Operation Mekong
Best Original Film Score
Peter Kam, Yusuke Hatano (Soul Mate)
Best Original Film Song
Anthem of Shatin Martins (Weeds on Fire)
Best Sound Design
Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu-Keung ( Cold War 2 )
Best Visual Effects
The Monkey King 2
Best New Director
Wong Chun (Mad World)
Best Film from China and Taiwan

Overall comment:

‘Trivisa’ is the biggest winner of the ceremony with 5 wins, including the coveted ‘Best Film’ prize. The film also won for best director, best actor, best screenplay and best film editing, taking out most of the important categories. ‘Mermaid’ which has a total of 8 nominations failed to win anything at all in the ceremony. The movie which is a critical box office hit and is directed by Stephen Chow is one of the only two films nominated in this awards that I did watched. The other one is ‘The Monkey King 2’ which won for ‘Best Visual Effects’. Gordon Lam is being nominated for the first time in lead actor category and he won it at the first attempt. Kara Hui also won surprisingly for best actress from her role in ‘Happiness’. This is her third best actress win in history of Hong Kong Film Awards. She has also won a best supporting actress award 3 years ago. She is now the second actress that has won the most best actress awards, only behind the legendary Maggie Cheung who has won it five times in the past. On the other hand, past winners and veterans Eric Tsang and Elaine Jin emerged as winners again this year in supporting actor and actress categories respectively from their roles in ‘Mad World’.

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Return of Gallen Lo in ‘Provocateur’ (2017).

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Gallen Lo is a famous veteran actor who has starred in many critically successful TVB dramas particularly in 1990s and 2000s. In recent years, he took extensive long break and didn’t shoot any dramas. His last TVB series is 2009’s ‘Born Rich’ (I didn’t watch that). However, I do remember well and admired some of his past iconic and powerful roles in dramas like ‘Golden Faith’, ‘Feminine Masculinity’, ‘Secret of the Heart’, ‘Old Time Buddy’ and ‘At The Threshold Of An Era I & II’. He has won best actor in TVB Anniversary Awards for three times, becoming the actor with most best actor wins in TVB (a record tied with Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai). He is also the first recipient of best actor award in 1997 when TVB started introducing their awards presentation that year.

Now, he returns for a new TVB drama called ‘Provocateur’. I’m watching this drama because he is in it. He portrayed a cosmetic business mogul who encounters various difficulties such as his business challenges, his long lost son who came back to take revenge on him, his declining health, etc. This 25-episodes drama also starred Fred Cheng, Ali Lee, Jacqueline Wong, Jonathan Cheung, Lee Shin Cheung, Raymond Cho, etc. I think this is Fred Cheng’s first leading role in a drama.

I have high expectation from Gallen. He did well on his part but I think his role isn’t anything special. There is not much ways for him to showcase his acting or express his talent. In most of the time, he was just walking around, having his hand on his head while thinking on some business strategies and chatting with the others. I knew sometimes acting is from the very subtle yet powerful facial expression. Gallen did has those moments in this drama but those scenes are too much and it lessen the essence and strength of the outcome. Even the part when he had terminal illness, he also couldn’t perform to the point that it moves me. I also noticed that he is getting really old looking now. Well, he is 55 already. But I do enjoy his involvement in this drama as a senior and his collaboration with many young cast.

I have heard that Fred Cheng actually didn’t get this leading role at the first place. It was supposed to be someone else but due to schedule conflict, the other actor dropped this role and Fred came in. He is not bad in acting but I think he is incapable of taking this important leading role, plus he has to face Gallen most of the time throughout the whole series. He is much better in supporting role. His expressions especially in scenes when he has to show his revengeful face are awkward and appeared ‘forced’. He just can’t balance it and went overboard. His character in this drama is being helped by a group of his friends specialized in pulling off tricks. This reminded me of ‘Burning Hands’ which is released not long ago before this series. In ‘Burning Hands’, we saw Ruco Chan being helped by a group of his friends too. Such a similar idea in both dramas. Fred’s chemistry with his on-screen partner in this drama, Ali Lee is very low too.

Ali Lee has a big year in 2016. She has starred in a lot of dramas last year and she won Most Improved Female Artiste Award in TVB Anniversary Awards 2016. She is good. But his acting in this drama is just very average and a bit wooden at some point. It felt like she is uninterested on this role. On the other hand, Jacqueline Wong who is also a newbie actress contributed a lot of her passion into her role as Gallen’s daughter. Let’s give her more roles. At first, I didn’t have any expectation from her, but after watching this drama and seeing how she develops together with her character, I’m engaged. I have no issue seeing her nominated for Most Improved Female Artist award end of this year.

I’m glad that this drama only has 25 episodes. Not any longer. The plot fits best in this 25 episodes. While I particularly didn’t enjoy some decisions in the storyline, the overall drama is still solid. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Provocateur’ a total of 6.8. It’s a series that will be easily forgotten after a month or two. A ‘cheaper’ version of ‘Burning Hands’ and a plain comeback role from Gallen Lo.

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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World (as of April 2017)

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The two cities that witness the birth of skyscrapers are Chicago and New York City in United States. That was over a hundred years ago after the introduction of steel framed construction and passenger elevator that enables buildings to be built much taller. Now in 2017, only one building in United States that is placed within the top 10 tallest buildings in the world currently. The other 9 are generally all located in Asia. Here below is the current top 10 tallest buildings in the world as of April 2017. The list only includes completed buildings and does not include television towers, observation towers, masts, antennas or buildings with very little percentage of habitable floors.

  1. Burj Khalifa, 828 metres, 163 floors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (completed in 2010).

2. Shanghai Tower, 632 metres, 128 floors, Shanghai, China (completed in 2015).

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, 601 metres, 120 floors, Mecca, Saudi Arabia (completed in 2012).

4. Ping An Finance Center, 599 metres, 115 floors, Shenzhen, China (completed in 2017).

5. Lotte World Tower, 555 metres, 123 floors, Seoul, South Korea (completed in 2017).

6. One World Trade Center, 541 metres, 104 floors, New York City, United States (completed in 2014).

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, 530 metres, 111 floors, Guangzhou, China (completed in 2016).

8. Taipei 101, 508 metres, 101 floors, Taipei, Taiwan (completed in 2004).

9. Shanghai World Financial Center, 492 metres, 101 floors, Shanghai, China (completed in 2008).

10. International Commerce Centre, 484 metres, 108 floors, Hong Kong, China (completed in 2010).

This list will change drastically from year to year due to rapid increase of construction of supertall skyscrapers in the world in recent decade. More and more new buildings are reaching further to the sky. Out of the current top 10 tallest buildings in the world, half of them are in China (this doesn’t even include Taipei 101 in Taiwan). 8 of them soar above 500 metres in height respectively too. Also noted is that every buildings in this top 10 tallest list has over 100 floors respectively. The tallest in the world, Burj Khalifa has been on the top of the list for over 7 years now. By 2020, it is expected to be defeated by Kingdom Tower, a skyscraper currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. That tower is projected to soar above 1000 metres (1 km!) when completed in 2020.

The oldest supertall in this list is Taipei 101 which is only 13 years old by now as it is built in 2004. More and more new buildings are joining the list with two newcomers this year; Ping An Finance Center and Lotte World Tower at No.4 and No.5 placing respectively. Former world’s tallest buildings and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers are kicked out of the top 10 list this year as they are now placed at No.11 (and 12) with height of 452 metres. Too bad…my home coutry’s famous twin towers are now out of the ranking. Anyway, in few years to come, Malaysia will have another new supertall; PNB 118 Tower that will certainly join this top 10 list with a height of over 600 metres.

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Nepal Earthquake 2015.

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On 25th April 2015, the day I’m enjoying myself up at the Genting Highlands for some cool air, relaxing moment and exciting concert, something tragic happened on the other side of the planet. I felt a bit bad for it. A massive earthquake measuring near to 8.0 magnitude occurred at Nepal on that unfortunate day which is also my sister’s birthday. An earthquake with that scale unfortunately led to massive damages and loss of thousand of lives. The reports today confirmed that over 4000 people died and over 8000 people injured. And the worst news, is that the figure is escalating.


The first thing on my mind now is to send my prayer and blessing to those affected by the earthquake. May the deceased rest in peace and the others to stay strong and move on. Eventhough my prayer doesn’t seems helpful, but at least my heart is with them through this situation. Since Nepal is a very poor country, I believed many countries are now offering all sort of assistance to them.



The earthquake was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since 1934 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake. Its magnitude was so huge that it also affects neighbouring countries; India, China, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Besides that, the earthquake triggered a massive avalanche on Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain and killed at least 18 people whom were the mount climbers, and also hit one of the base camps. And that made the day as the most lethal day on the mountain. There is even a short clip recorded by one of the climbers when the avalanche struck.


Centuries-old buildings were destroyed at UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley, including some at the Kathmandu Durbar Square. It’s sad to see many priceless heritage buildings and historical architecture being damaged from this disaster. I heard that the affected region is home to many UNESCO sites. And besides that, continued aftershocks triggered panic throughout the whole region which is already heavily affected by the disaster.

On the other news, Malaysians are greeted with positive announcement recently as Lee Chong Wei, our nation’s most beloved badminton player, will be back on court playing for the country from next month onwards after being suspended for a doping case in last year’s Badminton World Championship. He was given an 8-months ban from playing, and that punishment backdated to begin from August last year when he started being under suspension. Hence, we will see him back in action from May 2015 onwards in upcoming major tournaments like Sudirman Cup, SEA Games, and most importantly, next year’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

We would love to see third showdown between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan from China in the Olympics next year. Lin Dan had won both of that back in 2008 and 2012, while Chong Wei had to settle for silver. But that’s already a proud achievement for the country. Now, he has another chance for ‘revenge’ next year in Rio 2016. I’m glad that he received quite a light sentence, and he is actually innocent as he didn’t know the supplements he took contain banned substance. He is a great sportsman beloved by all Malaysians. That’s a fact. Looking forward to see him soon in badminton court. He is now ranked 30th, and hopefully he can jump back to 1st soon, the position he held earlier for a long period of time.

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Touch Mi Live in Malaysia @ 25/4/2015 at Genting Highlands

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If not that I had a very bad luck time in casino, the past weekend would be way much happier for me after attended the exciting concert by Sammi Cheng, here in Malaysia. This is my third time watching her concert, and I’m never bored of it. If she comes again, I will watch again. Everytime she comes, she will be performing at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. Must be her favourite venue. She performed on last Friday and Saturday, and this is her first world tour stop after her 12 sold-out shows back in Hong Kong few month ago.





I went for the Saturday’s show. It started about 15 minutes later than the originally scheduled time of 8.30pm. But that’s alright. Not too late. Once the lights were switched off, everybody is screaming like mad in the indoor arena which is already full-house. And there she appeared on stage. The Cantopop queen! She started the show with some fast songs and were already getting all of us into the mood. Of course, the one thing I love the most from her is her slow romance songs which are mostly her classic hits back in 1990s. Yes, 1990s. Songs from almost 20 years ago.



Fortunately, she did performed many of her iconic songs too, and got us all to sing along with her. I remembered in the last two shows of her that I watched (few years ago), she delivered mostly new and had uninteresting selection of songs to perform. Furthermore, the audio system was too loud until we couldn’t really hear what she’s singing. Luckily, we didn’t see all that this time. The audio system is at the right volume, we can hear clearly Sammi’s singing (and therefore can admire her skills on that), and mostly important, the selection of songs are awesome this time.



Since I’m quite a fans of her, I remember most of the lyrics of the songs she performed that night. Wonderful. And I can say that I’m amazing because I don’t know Mandarin and yet I can remember that much of lyrics. Besides than performances, she also dazzled us with many beautiful dresses during the show. She is beautiful, but too thin. There are lesser talks from her this time, as she mentioned that she would prefer to use songs to describe her feelings and situations. Agreed with that. But when she talked, she always entertained us with some funny remarks, including dealing with everyone calling her as Mrs. Hui now (already confirmed her marriage to Andy Hui recently).

The show ended exactly after two hours, while everyone is hoping for more. We do think that two hours weren’t enough from her as she had actually a lot of songs that we wish to listen to from her live on stage. But anyway, it’s okay. We still had a great time during the show. Overall, it’s the best concert I have seen from her. It’s energetic, had great selection of songs and medleys, beautiful dresses, beautiful lighting and backdrop designs, and above all, wonderful singing by Sammi. Truly a great Cantopop queen even after so many years.

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It’s time to assemble for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Couldn’t contain my excitement now as I have just returned home from watching ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. The thrill overwhelmed my mind now and erased the thought of sleeping at this time (already 1am). We have bought the tickets over a month earlier and so we got good seats. The showtimes were all in yellow or red indication (means full-house or almost fully occupied). How popular this movie is! Of course, it’s not a superhero movie, but a superheroes’ movie! All in one, and this is a sequel. The first one in 2012 is already a massive success, and so I’m sure this wouldn’t be anything behind.


In this second Avengers film, Tony Stark’s effort on peacekeeping program from artificial intelligence goes backfired when Ultron is born, a villainous robot determined to destroy humans. Gathering Avengers from first film, and also with addition of several new members to the team, the battle is getting bigger and leads to more revelation which will be further explained in its final chapter. Yes. To all Avengers’ fans, there is this third part of the franchise which will be like a conclusion. There will be Avengers: Infinity Wars (Part 1) in 2018 and (Part 2) in 2019. Long way to go, but now already excited for it after having seen the first two which are superb!


‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ had a deeper story, a more complicated one. Not only it involves more characters, but it also tells us more about the scepter, the infinity stones, and several conflicting moments between the Avengers themselves. For me, it would be better if it’s not that complicated. At least, kids would enjoy this more. But right now, everything is still fine as long as the actions delivered are sufficient, and most importantly, awesome! We wouldn’t get tired of watching these superheroes in action! It’s simply dramatic, cool, and sometimes even funny at some point. Even the villain, Ultron here had a bit of humour, and I like it.


I’m also glad that its trailer didn’t expose much of its details especially the climax when a whole city is brought up (sorry…spoiler) and is planned to fall down like a meteor to destroy all humans on Earth. Besides that, every characters had their moment, but the best of them would be Hawkeye. I don’t really enjoy the getting-close relationship between Agent Romanoff and Banner (Hulk). The hilarious moments hit at the right place, while intensity is scattered all over for a thrilling ride. This is almost as good as the first Avengers film. It’s up on par in all levels. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ a total of 8.0. Had a great fun watching this!

Out of sudden, I miss Loki, the villain in the first Avengers movie, whom is also the stepbrother of Thor. Anyway, this time, the villain, Ultron is also terrifyingly good. Like the voice and the damage it can do with its artificial intelligence thingy. Too bad, the Avengers team in the end of this film isn’t complete after one of its members died (opps, spoiler again). Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Falcon are all here. More than 10 of them. Well, need not explain anymore. Watch it and you will like it. Maybe in near future, Spiderman will join back the team. And one more thing, please stay to wait for its brief mid-credit scene.

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34th Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday.

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Since I’m having the whole Sunday at home yesterday, I managed to watch major portion of the annual Hong Kong Film Awards held yesterday. This is the 34th edition of the awards, which is equivalent to the Oscars from the West. My overall thoughts of the awards presentation yesterday can be summarized into two phrases; boring ceremony and boring results.



The hosts of the ceremony are Gordon Lam, Jordan Chan and Miriam Yeung. This is a fresh grouping for hosting job, and they did it quite awfully. There isn’t any good chemistry between them and the way they delivered speeches or even funny remarks were awkward and unnatural. The ceremony that took over three hours long is also very dull and boring with lack of interesting segments or performances. The results are boring, expected, and bring not much surprise (except Ivana’s double win).  Hereby is the full list of nomination list with the winner in bold alongside with a bit of my opinions in certain categories.

Best Film

  • “The Midnight After”
  • “Aberdeen”
  •  “The Golden Era” WINNER
  •  “Dearest”
  •  “Overheard 3”


Opinion: Didn’t quite like ‘The Golden Era’ to win this. I’m not into artistic film which is usually very boring, but manages to steal the heart of judges always. The judges should start to get away from being blinded with ‘art’ movie (especially the ones mixed with biopic) and to treat the other much deserving movies. I would prefer ‘The Midnight After’ for its distinctive direction.

Best Director

  • Fruit Chan “The Midnight After”
  • Ann Hui, “The Golden Era” WINNER
  • Peter Chan, “Dearest”
  • Dante Lam, “That Demon Within”
  • Alan Mak, Felix Chong, “Overheard 3”

Opinion: How many times do the judges want Ann Hui to win? I knew she is a great director but it’s time to reward other talented directors too. But I actually had no objection on her winning. She deserved this year. She is now the record holder for most directing wins in this awards. 

Best Screenplay

  • Chan Fai-hung, Kong Ho-yan, Fruit Chan, “The Midnight After”
  • Pang Ho Cheung, “Aberdeen”
  • Li Qiang, “The Golden Era”
  • Zhang Ji, “Dearest”
  • Alan Mak, Felix Chong, “Overheard 3” WINNER

Best Actor

  • Eddie Peng Yuyan, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Lau Ching-wan, “Insanity”
  • Huang Bo, “Dearest”
  • Daniel Wu, “That Demon Within”
  • Lau Ching-wan, “Overheard 3” WINNER

Opinion: Even Nick Cheung had won this twice, so it’s time for Sean Lau. This is his second best actor win. He deserved it. But for me personally, I think we should really get away from these typical HK actors line-up again and again (Andy Lau, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Tony Leung Chiu-wai). It’s time to reward other people who had contributed very well in the industry for some years too. Daniel Wu is also great and should be rewarded soon (actually Louis Koo first). 


Best Actress

  • Sandra Ng, “Golden Chickensss”
  • Tang Wei, “The Golden Era”
  • Zhou Xun, “Women Who Flirt”
  • Zhao Wei, “Dearest” WINNER
  • Charlene Choi, “Sara”

Opinion: Everybody says its fight between Zhao Wei and Charlene Choi. Both are great. So, I have no issue either of them win. Hong Kong films nowadays are too focused on male actors with themes like gangsterism, police, drugs, martial arts/fights. Hence, there isn’t many films each year that can showcase great acting by the actresses. And Hong Kong should now really focus on pushing on their own actresses rather than relying on the ones from mainland or Taiwan.

Best Supporting Actor

  • Wang Baoqiang, “Kung Fu Jungle”
  • Lam Suet, “The Midnight After”
  • Ng Man-tat, “Aberdeen”
  • Alex Fong, “Overheard 3”
  • Kenneth Tsang, “Overheard 3” WINNER

Best Supporting Actress

  • Wai Ying-hung, “The Midnight After”
  • Ivana Wong, “Golden Chickensss” WINNER
  • Hao Lei, “The Golden Era”
  • Fiona Sit, “Girls”
  • Nina Paw Hee-ching, “Insanity”

Opinion: I’m fine with Ivana being awarded best newcomer. But now, a best supporting actress for her is too fast. Two awards in a year. She is good, and I can see improvement and potential in her acting, but it’s just too much and I don’t find it right. I prefer Wai Ying-hung or Nina Paw or even Fiona to win this rather than her. Have seen her in ‘Golden Chickenss’. Really nothing outstanding. Just a simple funny character and it’s easy to tackle. 

Best New Performer

  • Ivana Wong, “Delete My Love”
  • Ivana Wong, “Break Up 100”
  • Ivana Wong, “Golden Chickensss” WINNER
  • Jacky Cai, “Aberdeen”
  • Candy Cheung, “Dot 2 Dot”

Opinion: Ivana, Ivana and Ivana. Must be her. 

Best Cinematography

  • Zhao Fei, “The Crossing, Part 1”
  • Lam Wah-tsuen, “The Midnight After”
  • Wang Yu, “The Golden Era” WINNER
  • Ng Kai-ming, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Anthony Pun, “Overheard 3”

Best Film Editing

  • David Wu, “The Crossing, Part 1” WINNER
  • Manda Wai, “The Golden Era”
  • Cheung Ka-fai, Tang Man-to, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Patrick Tam Ka-ming, Curran Pang, “That Demon Within”
  • Curran Pang, “Overheard 3”

Best Art Direction

  • Horace Ma, “The Crossing, Part 1”
  • Man Lim-chung, “Aberdeen”
  • Zhao Hai, “The Golden Era” WINNER
  • Pater Wong, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Man Lim-chung, “Overheard 3”

Best Costume and Make Up Design

  • Chen Tongxun, “The Crossing, Part 1”
  • William Chang, Kenneth Yee Chung-man, Guo Pei, Lee Pik-kwan, “The Monkey King”
  • Man Lim-chung, “The Golden Era” WINNER
  • Boey Wong, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Man Lim-chung, “Overheard 3”

Best Action Choreography

  • Donnie Yen, Stephen Tung-wai, Yuen Bun, Yan Hua, “Kung Fu Jungle” WINNER
  • Ku Huen Chiu, “The Four 3”
  • Stephen Tung Wai, “The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom”
  • Yuen Wo-ping, “Once Upon a Time in Shanghai”
  • Corey Yuen, “Rise of the Legend”

Best Original Film Score

  • Ellen Loo, Veronica Lee, “The Midnight After” WINNER
  • Taro Iwashiro, “The Crossing, Part 1”
  • Peter Kam, “Aberdeen”
  • Eli Marshall, “The Golden Era”
  • Shigeru Umebayashi, “Rise of the Legend”

Best Original Film Song

  •  “Never Say Breakup Again”: “Break Up 100” (Composer: Chan Kwong-wing; Lyric: Xiao Guang; Sung by: Ivana Wong)
  • “Brand New Hong Kong”: “Golden Chickensss” (Composer: my little airport-Lam Ah P; Lyric: my little airport-Lam Ah P; Sung by my little airport-Nicole)
  •  “Destination”: “Aberdeen” (Composer: Anthony Wong, Jason Choi; Lyric: Anthony Wong; Sung by: Anthony Wong) WINNER
  •  “Your Legend”: “Rise of the Legend” (Composer: Ashin, Mayday; Lyric: Ashin, Mayday; Sung by: Mayday)
  •  “The Quiet Storm”: “Insanity” (Composer: Leon Ko; Lyric: Chris Shum; Sung by: Eason Chan)

Best Sound Design

  • Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu-keung, “Kung Fu Jungle”
  • Tu Duu Chih, “The Crossing, Part 1” WINNER
  • Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu-keung, Yiu Chun-hin, Steve Chan, “Rise of the Legend”
  • Phyllis Cheng, Ip Siu-kei, “That Demon Within”
  • Kinson Tsang, “Overheard 3”

Best Visual Effects

  • Enoch Chan, “Kung Fu Jungle”
  • David Ebner, Kevin Rafferty, Ding Li Bo, “The Monkey King”
  • Tong Ka-wai, Ken Law, Lucky Tracy Hannah, “The Midnight After”
  • Victor Wong, Bryan Cheung, “Rise of the Legend” WINNER
  • Alex Lim Hun-fung, Lin Chun-yue, Yee Kwok-leung, “That Demon Within”

Best New Director

  • Ruby Yang, “My Voice, My Life”
  • David Lee Kwong-yiu, “Insanity” WINNER
  • Amos WHY, “Dot 2 Dot”

Best Film From Mainland and Taiwan

  • “Black Coal, Thin Ice”
  •  “Paradise in Service”
  •  “No Man’s Land”
  •  “Cafe Waiting Love”
  •  “Coming Home” WINNER

Opinion: They should actually allow Chinese films from other countries like Malaysia or Singapore to compete for this one too. Should be renamed ‘Best Chinese Film from outside Hong Kong’. This allows for greater competition. Now, Malaysian Chinese film (like the successful ‘The Journey’ last year) didn’t get to compete. It may stands a bit of chance. At least, it can be recognized a bit oversea. 

I didn’t watch many Hong Kong films last year (contested in this 34th awards), and so I won’t provide much judgement. I’m just voicing my personal opinion on who or which film deserved better in certain categories above. Most of the films nominated did manage to win one or more awards this year, unlike last year when ‘The Grandmaster’ took almost all the awards (that’s too much). ‘The Golden Era’ is the biggest winner this year with 5 wins.

There is still huge room of improvement for Hong Kong film industry. But at least, they are much better than our Malaysian Chinese films now.

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