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Movie review for ’47 Meters Down’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ (2017)

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It has been so chilly in these few days in Perth. Perth city recorded only 1.7 degree celsius early this morning. It almost nears the freezing point. The worst thing is I think that the heater in my room is not working well. There is not much heat radiating out from it. Please don’t be down. I need you for the rest of the winter. You are super crucial to someone like me who enjoy being in warm rather than in cold weather like this.

Alright. Back to my blog’s topic. I have watched two new movies in my first few days here in Perth. They are ’47 Meters Down’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’. Here’s below are my quick reviews of them.

’47 Meters Down’ is a survival horror film about two sisters who go on a holiday in Mexico and are invited to cage dive and see sharks up close. The cable holding the cage breaks and it plummets 47 metres down to the ocean floor, trapping both of them. Then, you know the story…they have to find a way to escape with their air supplies running low and the great white sharks stalking around. It’s basically another shark movie.

They are a lot of bad shark movies out there but not this one. It has a good plot and I particularly amazed by a twist of the story in the end that kept me surprised. I didn’t expect there is such a ‘shocker’ in this kind of monster movie besides than the typical jump-scare moments when the shark suddenly appears. The two female leads in this movie are doing good without any exaggerated performance. The movie did deliver by giving us realistic picture that kept me to the edge of my seats. The direction this particular movie is going is different with the typical shark attack movie. The only minor issue is that the cage and the failed cable really looks too crappy. Once I saw them on the first time, I wouldn’t want to get into that cage straight away. Out of 10 points, I rate ’47 Meters Down’ a total of 7.2.

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ is the third and final installment of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ reboot series. If you do not remember much from the first two movies, don’t worry. This movie starts with a brief summary of what happens in the first two movies. Here in this concluding chapter, Caesar leads a team of apes to confront human who started the war against their species.

The movie is quite long (over 2 hours) and can be shortened by reducing the amount of time spent on watching Woody Harrelson staring very long on Caesar in many scenes. Other than that, this movie has absolutely no negative things for me to comment on. The CGI is extremely great as the apes look very realistic. The background or setting views are amazing too. Groundbreaking visual effects. Andy Serkis gave another tremendous performance portraying as Caesar, the ape that serves as the leader of its species. You can felt his sadness, his anger, his happiness, his power, his toughness, his anxious, and his care all from his facial expression. Another excellent job the movie did is touching on the relationship between human and apes, and the messages delivered out from it are exceptional and moving. There is no point for seeing which species is stronger; ape or human. In the end, mother nature overwhelms. That is reflected through the ending of the movie. The movie goes deep to the messages it wanted to deliver and succeed also by its great actions, emotional parts and engaging storyline. There are also some unexpected funny scenes in this movie, mainly due to one ape that even wears winter clothing to join Caesar. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ a total of 8.2. I think this is the second movie of the year so far that I have given over 8 point in the rating. What an epic conclusion to this reboot trilogy.

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Movie review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

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Believe me…my father is more eager to watch this than me. Both me and my dad enjoyed the first one, 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes very much and it leaves a lasting impression to my father. My dad do often watched movies, but he usually don’t remember much about that particular movie after a while. This one is the exception. Then, last week, I told my dad that the sequel is out, and yes…he treat me for this movie today. And after the movie, I can certainly said that my dad loves it very much as he had a lot of opinions to share regarding the movie. I loved it too. ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is a fantastic movie! Here’s why;


First of all, the plot is absolutely engaging. We were shown many down-to-earth moments with the apes as they lived peacefully, strong and united in their kingdom in the woods under Caesar’s leadership several years after what occurred in the predecessor film. On the other hand, there is some sort of a flu pandemic which had infected the whole world (from the first film’s ending) and had killed most of human population. However, there is still a group of people in San Francisco immune to that and are trying to rebuild their city and reconnect to the other parts of the world. So, it is like the apes have their homes, and the humans have their homes too, and both do not interfere each others until a group of people led by Malcolm had to repair a dam near the apes’ kingdom to regenerate power source for humans. Conflict began, and so war erupted. Fantastic storyline.

What’s made the story going further outstanding is that there are so much emotional depth in it that it successfully carried the audiences in. There are various messages from this film for us to learn and think of while going through the movie and it evokes a powerful humanistic statements and emotions. Moving and touching. Can’t believe an apes-film delivered that wonderfully good! Besides that, there are also the action parts to bring out intense development and tension throughout this two-hour long film so that nothing from the movie can make us bored. Quite a fast-paced story and character’s development too.


The next aspect to compliment is the stunning visual effects. I believed many knew how Andy Serkis (as Caesar) and other actors portrayed as the apes in the film. Of course, most of the outcome came from the sophisticated computer technology, but still it is the apes’ facial expression, body gesture and eyes’ emotion that elevated audiences’ liking to this film. Those things make us more connected to the film. Realistic visuals accompanied with exciting sound effects. What more you can expect?

The main actor is no longer James Franco, but he do appeared for a short moment in a video clip and in a photograph when Caesar returned to his home (opps..sorry for a little spoiler here). No disappointment as the new male lead, Jason Clarke as Malcolm delivered her role amazingly too. For the others, there isn’t any much opportunity for them to shine here in acting. People will just concentrate themselves on Malcolm, and mostly, the apes particularly Caesar and the villain, Koba. I already knew Koba is going to be the bad apes from the first film.


So…yup…I’m praising everything about this film. Exceptionally well. The first film which was the reboot of the Planet of the Apes movie franchise was already great, and this one even did better according to my opinion. The third film is in planning and I’m sure me and my dad are very excited for it. With intelligence and emotional resonance to match its stunning special effects, this sequel expands on its predecessor with an exciting and ambitious burst of sci-fi achievement. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ a total of 8.0. Remarkable, one of the best films this year so far.

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Movie review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

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The movie rises up successfully just like the apes in the film itself. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ is a title of a science fiction film telling the story of a man’s own experiments with genetic engineering that lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy. Looks interesting, right? Of course…anyway, it is a reboot of the original franchise but it is not a direct remake or sequel as it does not fit into the continuity of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series many years ago. The title of this film appears to be a bit too long and weird, which I recommend ‘Rise of the Apes’ would be better.

I have to seriously mentioned that this latest film on ‘Planet of the Apes’ is the best of the series, and even for me, shall be one of the best of the year too. Everything is just amazing from many aspects of the film. When I first watched its trailer back few months ago, I am already expecting something big from it and very much anticipating for it….and now, I have to say it meets up my expectation and even go beyond that. I’m confident that this film would be among the best reviewed films of the year, as well as among the highest grossing ones of the year.

The story itself is already captivating. By having the theme of apes, the people behind the story have crafted the plot of the whole film incredibly well, with flow that captures the attention of the audiences, before going for a heart-stopping climax showing the confrontation between the people and the intelligent apes. Eventhough there is not much characters’ development going on especially not enough depth given on Will’s character (James Franco), but I think the allocation for this aspect in the film is just at the right amount. James Franco did another great performance in here, and also special credit to Andy Serkis portraying as the main apes, Caesar. He is not shown in human’s form in the whole film, but rather in an apes’ form, and he managed it very well, full of required emotion and expression just like a typical apes, but for his character; a brilliant apes!

All that were done due to the cutting-edge present technology in film making industry. The people responsible on the special effects must have done a lot of works in it, and their contribution shall be paid off with certain recognition or praises from movie critics like us. The visual as well as the sound effects are all great and impressive, which managed well in stunning the audiences while enjoying the movie which is considered a bit short for me; less than two hours. If it is in 2 hours with more action scenes, I would be more glad…but this one is just fine too. Never at any moment of the film that I feel bored watching at; the whole thing is just exciting!

The audiences’ reactions while watching the film is already an answer that the film did successfully. Not only people in the film are stunned and amazed by the intelligence of Caesar, but we too. The audiences including myself are brought towards the story’s development itself and we can feel happy or sad at the same time Caesar or Will do as emotional values are added. The audiences are reacting ‘Wow’ as soon as Caesar is showing its intelligence, especially in Will’s home and on its plan in escaping with the other apes, and also notably when Caesar speaks for the first time. That part freaks me out too. At last, Caesar turned out to be still caring for Will and had no intention to kill humans and chosen to stay at the forest which is originally their species’ home.

Don’t leave the hall right after the end because there is a short mid-credit scene. Anyone of you shouldn’t miss it. That scene just ends the movie in another perspective, with definite rise of question on possibility of the effects from it. I will not reveal spoiler here. I’m hoping for a sequel soon as this film paved way for many more interesting ideas on the series. The story is interesting, the casts’ performance is impressive, the scenes are engaging, the climax is awesome, eventhough there is not much depth to each of the aspects. Anyway, the ‘depth’ did not ruin the impression of the whole film, which is good enough for my rating of 8.0 out of 10 for it. A great film not to be missed.