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‘The Fate of the Furious’ becomes the 30th film in history to cross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office.

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‘The Fate of the Furious’ is now officially the 30th film in history to gross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office. It is the second film in the ‘Fast and Furious’ film series to accomplish the milestone. The other film is  ‘Furious 7’ that has grossed a total of US$ 1.516 billion worldwide in 2015 which placed it as the world’s 6th highest grossing film. Gaining over US 1 billion in worldwide box office is a no easy feat. A movie has to be a super massive hit in theatres worldwide to join the billion dollar club. It is incredible to see that there are now a total of 30 films that have done that.

As of today, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ has earned US$ 193 million in domestic box office (North America) and US$ 868 million in foreign box office for a total of slightly over US$ 1 billion. Well, this is not the final box office intake yet at the movie is still in its wide release period. Hence, this movie is expected to earn about US$ 1.3 billion in the end. It will be slightly lower than the amount ‘Furious 7’ achieved due to the latter’s extreme popularity back in 2015 after the death of one of its main cast, Paul Walker. Anyway, it is still a huge box office success for this latest 8th installment of the film series. It is doing exceptionally well oversea. You can read my review of this movie in my previous blog post too. It is a good movie (has some crazy stunts as expected) but it is not as fantastic as ‘Furious 7’. I also read news that this film series will end with 10 films. Hence, two more to go. Would you believe it? I think after the 10th film, Hollywood will just replace all the cast and do some sort of spin-off or remake again, not in a single film but setting off another franchise again. Typical Hollywood pattern.

‘The Fate of the Furious’ is also the second movie this year to cross the milestone after ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the live-action remake of the animated classic of the same name in 1991. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has now gained over US$ 1.1 billion and its box office intake is still not ending yet. Which movie do you think will be the next film of the year that will cross the 1-billion mark? I think ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II’ has the potential to achieve that. It has already been released here in Australia but I don’t have the time and opportunity to watch it yet. Other potential films released later this year that will have a shot on 1-billion box office are Spiderman: Homecoming, Justice League, Transformers: The Last Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Despicable Me 3 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Unlike last year of which animated movies are doing exceptionally strong in worldwide box office (with 2 animated films grossing over 1 billion respectively), it is likely not the same case for this year. The only animated movie predicted to cross that mark is Despicable Me 3. This year, superhero movies are going to dominate cinemas worldwide. And of course, topping the chart for this year’s movies will be the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is almost a 100% confirmation that it will cross 1-billion mark and will go as far as above US$1.5 billion too. However, it is projected to be earning not as much as the Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015 which has earned US$ 2.068 billion.

That’s it for my box office analysis in this post.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Time for mooncakes!

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It’s the time of the year again when the Chinese celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth month in lunar calendar when full moon is observed. This year, the festival falls on this day, 30th September 2012 and it’s a Sunday which gives no excuse not to have this day with family particularly. What’s usually emphasized by Chinese families especially on ‘big’ day like this is the family gathering and dinner together. So, there should be no reason not to allocate little of your time for it unless you are far away from your family. Have a great time with your loved ones!

This Mid-Autumn Festival, or famously known as Chinese Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival and Lantern Festival is considered to be one of the very important festivals in Chinese tradition. Of course, the festival is closely related to eating mooncakes and playing with lanterns and candles particularly to the young kids which can be quite fun too. I remembered those time when I was a kid playing those with my neighbours in front of my house. Too bad, I couldn’t buy many lanterns to hang around as my parents see it as a waste of money, if not, the atmosphere would be very cool with many bright lanterns surrounding you. Such a nostalgic feeling.

For mooncakes, I would never miss this delicacy which are only available for a month every year around this period of festival. In fact,  mooncake is my favourite, on which I prefer more on the snowy one which has to be kept in refrigerator. However, on this year, the sale of snowy mooncakes had been greatly reduced and it’s so hard now to find place selling that. But still, I have already had almost 3 full snowy mooncakes bought from Mid Valley in my stomach earlier already. Haha…Yummy. Couldn’t afford to buy any more as mooncakes are now getting much more expensive. In average, a mooncake now costs over RM12 (so a box of four usually exceeds RM50), and when you cut it into four pieces, one piece which can be finished in only a very few bites already costs RM3 alone. Not worthy to buy a lot. Price is a bit unreasonable.

In concern to that and the sudden desire of my eldest sister to try out on her own, she made jelly mooncakes for the first time this year and her works are quite successful. She made a lot, and we finished them very quick too, which means that her mooncakes are even qualified for sale which many others are doing now as well. But she made quite an effort on it, buying all the necessary stuff and ingredients, then spending a long time in the process. Thanks for her lovely jelly mooncakes, and now I’m actually craving for more of that. Haha….anyway, last but not least, I would like to wish every Chinese a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for the year 2012!!!


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London 2012: The closing ceremony was a lively musical farewell to the 30th Summer Olympic Games

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After 17 days of great actions in competitions on variety of sports to the very best quality, London 2012, the 30th Summer Olympic Games finally came to an end with a lively musical-themed closing ceremony entitled ‘A Symphony of British Music’ on yesterday’s night. The closing ceremony is directed by Kim Gavin and began on 9pm,taking over three hours long and ended few minutes after 12am the next day.  I didn’t watch the live broadcast of the closing ceremony, but I managed to watch all the segments from the ceremony uploaded by the official Olympics page in Youtube just now to catch up on what I have missed several hours ago.

The ceremony commenced in an absolutely impressive way. The first impacting visual offered to the strong 80 000 audiences in the stadium and to around 1 billion people worldwide through broadcast is the ‘scaled-down London’, with famous landmarks of the city (London Eye, Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall, London Bridge, 30th St. Mary Aze Building, etc) made out of newspaper cut-outs featured in the center. Then the ceremony started with quite a remarkable opening sequence, from fireworks to countdown featuring numbers from around London and finally linking it back to the scaled Big Ben replica at the middle of the stadium. I do really enjoyed this part.

The theme of involving newspaper cut-outs is quite interesting and it is also applied to the street sets and vehicles that sought to show ‘a day in the life of London’. The newspapers were printed with words from British literary figures such as William Shakespeare, among others. Too bad that this part comes and goes off quite fast. Things aren’t much appealing to me after that opening segment that gives me some early high expectation to things later on. As soon as the showcase of British music for the past 50 years began which is the major theme of the night, I get really bored and find it very unconvincing to end such a successful games indeed.

I believe the director had a not-so-suitable theme for the closing ceremony. I’m not here to criticize the fame or glory of British music, but I’m sure that there must be many other better things for British to deliver to the whole world on this closing ceremony of the world biggest sporting event. You can present the many sides of British culture from the past till the modern days, not only emphasizing on music which isn’t that symbolic or meaningful to the host country either. It’s quite inappropriate to treat the closing ceremony something like a concert. Turning it like a concert definitely degraded the formality and quality of the closing ceremony. Furthermore, there had already been quite a heavy emphasis on British music in the opening ceremony, and now music again for closing. Boring, and lack of effort to treat the ceremony seriously.

I agree on the intention to bring on a party-like atmosphere to end the games in joyous mood, but there are many other ways or options for that rather than just delivering so much of music. Furthermore, the artists invited to perform aren’t famous and appeared to people not from Great Britain as unfamiliar faces. There isn’t any unforgettable impact delivered on this closing ceremony from the theme of British music since there is no performance visible in massive scale or proportion which I would love to see and I believe would captures the attention of the world. Similar to the opening ceremony, there isn’t any large stunt that would easily steals the show. Luckily, there is some humour presented in the middle of the closing ceremony that gave us some little surprises…I mean only ‘little’ and it’s very minimal. I’m suggesting like presenting all the Olympic sports contested in some creative ways that would engage the athletes themselves and the audiences. That should be a good addition to the show. Just my suggestion…

Well, all the things aren’t that bad either. I like the lighting effects all over the stadium, particularly from the lights illuminating the stadium’s roof and the LED installed at side of each of the 80-000 seats in the stadium so that all the LED would sum up as a huge screen to project captivating visuals. I also like the stage set on after the newspaper cut-outs segment that featured the national flag of Great Britain with the white areas allocated for performances later on and the blue and red surrounding it for the athletes later on. The parade of athletes arrived in between, with something different this time, as athletes were moving to the center from all around the stadium, passing through the audiences. This was to try to engage the athletes to the audiences in the stadium and that is good.

The Chairman of London 2012 organizing committee and the President of International Olympic Committee gave their speeches which received several applause from the crowd. The national anthem of Great Britain (the present host country), Olympics, and Brazil (the next host country) are played. The flag handover ceremony was also conducted and the Olympic flag was then handed over to Mayor of Brazil from Mayor of London passing through hands of President of IOC. The next edition of the games would be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016, four years from now. As usual there is an eight-minute segment for Brazil to deliver their introductory performance. It’s quite messy but in the end, it turned out to be quite colourful, in match with Brazil’s popular culture particularly on dances. The flame is then extinguished in a very beautiful moment after a flame-inspired and gymnastically-choreographed performance.

Unappealing music is kept on delivered until to the point I can’t take it anymore, but luckily the ending fireworks arrived and put the end of the ceremony to a spectacle. The wonderful fireworks saved the climax of the ceremony. I enjoyed the fireworks but I was hoping for more. But anyway, that amount is good enough. Hmm…the music appeared to bring the whole stadium to life, to noise, but for me, the musical content which formed major part of the show wasn’t interesting and was underwhelming. Well, it’s still a lively musical closing to the games.

To be honest, this is one of the worst closing ceremony I have ever seen. I know the budget is very limited and is restraining a lot of things. But once the theme selection gone wrong, then the ceremony is ruined. Furthermore, this concert-like closing ceremony would be easily forgotten, unlike the Beijing 2008’s memorable and over-the-top ceremonies that still kept us in awe after so many years. I’m not heavily criticizing on the quality of the ceremonies but I’m just trying to give my point of view on this matter. Anyway, London still staged a very good and successful games eventhough for me, their opening and closing ceremonies are quite poorly delivered. Hmm…we will now have to wait for four years long for the next games, Rio 2016, the 31st Summer Olympic Games, and Brazil would be the first South American country to host the games. Goodbye, London 2012!

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London 2012: The wonderful opening ceremony of the 30th Summer Olympic Games

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One of my goals of this year is fulfilled; to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of London 2012. I have been waiting for this since 4 years ago from the end of the previous edition of this world largest sporting event, Beijing 2008 that uplifts the standard and scale of the games to the highest ever level that made it far more challenging for London 2012 to stage a better one. The opening ceremony of London 2012 concluded few hours ago and can be considered a successful ceremony produced from a much smaller budget as compared to the huge cost allocated for Beijing 2008 memorable out-of-this-world ceremonies. It is almost impossible of not trying to compare the former with the latter, and due to that, London 2012’s opening ceremony which is themed as ‘Isle of Wonder’ is a bit of disappointment.

One of the main reasons of my poor feedback over the ceremony is particularly over the performances delivered on the approximate first 90-minutes of the ceremony. The key stunt that marked the start of the ceremony is plainly too simple, by just ringing the so-called world largest tuned bell without any dramatic actions. As compared to Beijing 2008 opening stunt in the ceremony that comprised of a huge group of drummers with uniform play of light and sound to create an absolutely unforgettable countdown to the big start of the ceremony, London 2012’s standard on this part is already way way behind. By the way, the venue, the newly-constructed Olympic Stadium which is not aesthetically pleasing in design looks so much better with the lighting at that very special night.

Something different and unique is delivered this time in London 2012’s opening ceremony. Is that a good thing? Not really. Why? The stadium is transformed into a land of grass indicating the British countryside with some notable village-like structures as well as live animals that were only slightly featured in the broadcast. For me, there is nothing special or distinctive on the theme of countryside that the nation tries to showcase to the world from this ceremony. However, it feels good to see some ‘greens’ in the stadium, especially the man-made hill created as a podium for speech as well as for placing of flags of all the participating nations after the parade of athletes. And I found out that there isn’t any ‘true’ performance going on in the first part of the show, with only few visible separate clusters of people dressed in similar theme wondering around and doing minimal things that I don’t find interesting and it’s very unorganized. There seems to be small things here and there but it’s very messy all around.

Next, the scene changed to accommodate to the new theme; Industrial Revolution. On this segment, Danny Boyle, the Oscar-winning artistic director of the ceremony intended to inform the world that Great Britain was once the greatest ‘factory’ of the world. Few tall chimneys extended out from the base of the stadium. An interesting moment observed from this section is a stunt showing industrial workers working on producing and firing metal in a shape of a huge ring. Then, the ring raised up and alongside with other arriving metal rings floating in the stadium, formed the iconic symbol of the Olympics; the five adjoining rings brightly-illuminated with fireworks. There is finally a breathtaking moment that gets the roaring applause from the 80-000 strong crowd of audiences in the stadium. Other than that, there is nothing else from that part of the performance that captures my attention while I remembered very well that Beijing 2008’s opening left us in total awe in every parts of the performances delivered.

I find it a bit weird that the opening ceremony began with such scenarios, and after that, I didn’t had any high expectation of the next segments anymore. Hmm…next silly thing arrived. Over few hundred hospital’s beds are brought into the stadium. It is a segment in tribute to the national health service. Luckily, there is some sort of sequence and drama involving those beds that are accompanied with light to tell out the imaginative mindset of kids. Giant representatives of famous fictional villains in British’s film industry like the Childcatcher from 101 Dalmations, Captain Hook from Peter Pan and biggest of all; Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. Ahh, even the writer of the successful ‘Harry Potter’ book series, J.K. Rowling had a role on stage. The famous villains were then vanquished by Mary Poppins characters descending from stadium roof carrying brightly-illuminated umbrellas.

The approximately 90-minute performance show ended with final segment showing the best of British music particularly in the past decades. This part is quite playful with variety of costumes of fun-themed colours and different types of dance and in youngster-dominating atmosphere. However, things don’t seems to be that systematic, balanced or organized. Furthermore, I find that there is unnecessarily too much of singing of songs which are quite time-wasting. Those could have been replaced with other themes (like showing the best of the country in technology, landmarks, etc) to make up for a better show instead. This is an opening ceremony, not a concert! This section of performance also included the power and fame of thee current cyber-dominating world and it’s good that the inventor of world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee is honoured at the end after a group of bike riders with brightly-illuminated wings attached came out in a sequence, surrounding the center stage. I believe that part should be longer as planned with bike stunt sequence but it had to be called off due to restriction of time imposed to the opening ceremony.Too bad.

The weak thing from all the performances observed is that the visual impact failed to reach to the spectators in the stadium and over billion of audiences worldwide; with absence of stunts or formations in huge scale or proportion, lacks of organization in sequences, too much of built-up sets placed, confusing appearance of so many little things at once with no concentration on a particular point, and some boring or unappealing imageries shown in the broadcast. It’s good to have some close-up to get visuals on more details and for a sense of human touch but I prefer ‘huge’ thing that would steals the show. Before that, there are some interesting scenarios; one showing Daniel Craig portraying as the iconic James Bond character skydiving with the doubles of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II from a flying helicopter that had fly over the city of London earlier to the stadium with then leads to the arrival of the Queen herself, another one presenting a little humour or laugh with presence of famous British comedian, Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean with showing of a short funny clip of him  related to sport. I felt that part is a bit too fast and insufficient to really entertain us. Well, his presence had already surprised us. There is also a part  interrupting the performance segment by showing the olympic torch being carried over on a beautifully-illuminated boat crossing over River Thames and through the famous London Bridge Tower with David Beckham, a famous good-looking footballer standing in the boat as well. Well, there are many superstars involved. It is heard that Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and some other famous Hollywood artists attended the opening ceremony as well but with no roles in the performances.

Then, came the parade of athletes that took around one hour and thirty minutes of the show. Athletes of 204 participating nations and one extra from independent olympic body entered the stadium, with athletes from Greece seen first as usual in tradition that puts the country of host to the inaugural modern Olympics, Greece at front in parade. The last to enter would be the strong-number of athletes from the host nation, Great Britain. They are received with the loudest cheer and applause as expected. National anthem and flag of Great Britain and the Olympic anthem and flag are played and raised before the speeches by Chairman of London 2012 Organizing Committee, Mr. Sebastian Coe and President of International Olympic Committee, Mr. Jacques Rogge. Luckily, the speeches are short yet inspiring with beautiful phrases spoken. Then, it’s time for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to officially declare the games open before a set of fireworks exploding out over the stadium.

The olympic torch finally arrived in the stadium after travelling few thousand miles over the host nation. After several passing of the torches around, a group of seven teenage athletes as final torchbearers (not a single final torchbearer) light up some small copper petals which then runs through to the others in some distance (all 205) which were then all engulfed in flames. That is not the end yet. All those copper petals are raised on stalks to form a single huge flame, looking like a burning flower. Well, that is really cool! The olympic flame is to remain in the stadium during the course of the games before it will be turned off at the closing ceremony two weeks later.

Finally, the three hours and thirty minutes ceremony came to an end with an amazing flame-lighting technique and a brilliant and spectacular display of fireworks all over the Olympic Park and the stadium itself. The fireworks are impressive despite in lesser amount compared to the amount used for Beijing 2008’s ceremonies. That ended the ceremony beautifully well after a series of not-so-amazing performances.

So, overall, the beginning of the ceremony is plainly simple that leads to performance of lower standard (sorry for saying this way, but this is very true compared even to previous games before Beijing 2008), but finally there is a thing that saves the night; fascinating olympic flame lighting and stunning fireworks display. If I am to give points to this ceremony, then I can only afford to give 70 out of 100. For Beijing 2008, I gave 90 (the highest ever, the best). Even the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games (smaller sporting event) got 88 points from me for its distinctive opening ceremony two years ago. Anyway, London 2012’s opening ceremony is still good and is not to be missed. Wao…what a lengthy write-up I have produced regarding the just-concluded opening of the games despite me being very exhausted already at this moment as I didn’t sleep almost the whole night just to catch the live broadcast of the ceremony. How nice and awesome it would be if I am watching it from a seat in the Olympic Stadium itself, being there in the venue which would heighten my experience of watching the extravagant show, but the ticket is too costly.

Hmm…now we’ll see the staging of the games in many sports contested for the following two weeks before it brought down its curtain to make way for the next Summer Olympics, Rio 2016 to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have to wait another four years from now for Rio 2016 turn. But for now first, go London 2012! Inspire the generation! Eventhough the opening ceremony isn’t really that successful or breathtaking based on my perspective, but it’s still a good effort from Great Britain. Thumbs up…

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Countdown to London 2012: A day left!

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The action begins tomorrow….when the 30th Summer Olympic Games, London 2012 would commence after the much anticipated opening ceremony on Friday’s night in the newly-built Olympic Stadium, London. After seven years of planning and preparation, the organizers are all geared  up and ready for the beginning of the games, and looking forward to have the world’s attention towards the games particularly from its opening ceremony tomorrow and its closing 17 days later. I believe London’s iconic landmarks, Big Ben, London Bridge Tower, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, and the newly-built The Shard (tallest building of the country) would be featured tomorrow as well in the broadcast besides than showing awesome aerial view of the Olympic Park.

I have been waiting for London 2012, even from the time when Beijing 2008 just brought down its curtain with epic display on its opening and closing ceremonies. I’m not expecting for London 2012 to deliver much better since the organizers themselves have announced that they do not try to compete with Beijing 2008, but at least I’m expecting something really awesome from its opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle with a much lower budget. Perhaps, Danny could deliver an absolutely fantastic ceremony even with lesser money allocated. We’ll see that not in a year, or a month, but tomorrow in the not-so-cool looking stadium, but thanks to the lighting at night, it looks better.

After keeping the details of the opening ceremony secret for so long, everything would be finally revealed tomorrow, when we would be given surprise on what we are about to see tomorrow’s night. However, since the influence of the cyber technology is so overwhelming, it’s very hard now to keep something this big a mystery. Many pictures and details regarding the ceremony have been revealed, and I even had read some. Opps…nevermind, I would pretend I don’t know anything when I’m about to watch the live broadcast of the ceremony over here in Malaysia in Saturday’s very early morning.

Hmm…I’m a bit surprised that the Olympic Stadium in London, the main venue for the games is nominated for 2012 Stirling Prize, Britain’s top architecture award. Well, I believe it gets nomination because of its fame, and not because of its architecture which is already been commented heavily as being seriously lacking in design value, especially when compared with Beijing National Stadium (aka ‘Bird Nest’) used for Beijing 2008 games. For me, there isn’t any much good architectural essence found from the design of this newly-constructed stadium, but there is one point that I like from it, which is the ability to transform into much smaller community stadium after the games for sustainability purpose and to prevent ‘white-elephant’ issue, which is one of the highlight of this 30th Olympiad in London.

Well, well, well….now, I couldn’t wait any longer for the next day to arrives, for the opening ceremony to commence. It’s now only about several hours left before Friday comes; the day when everyone especially people of UK would be so excited as the world is watching upon their city, and to see how the opening ceremony could left all of us speechless. What is going to be performed tomorrow? Who is going to be the final torchbearer that would light the torch in the stadium? How is it going to be like? David Beckham is given what particular role in the ceremony? My expectation is high. Everything will be revealed tomorrow on the opening ceremony that would begins at 9pm (not the usual time of 8pm) at London. (It’s 4am here in Malaysia for your information)

Countdown: A week left to London 2012

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Yes, it’s now only a mere 7 days left to 30th Summer Olympic Games, London 2012. A week later, which is the next Friday, I would  stay awake till the middle of the night just to be on time to watch the live broadcast of the much-anticipated opening ceremony of the games, to be held in the newly-built Olympic Stadium in Stratford, London.There has been no revealing detail on the exact time that the opening ceremony would begins. Some believed it would starts at 8pm as similar to previous games while some choose for 12 minutes past 8 which the number indicates the current year as well (20:12) which is a very good idea.

In whatever time it will starts, the producers of the opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle were informed recently that the ceremony has to be cut short to within three hours to allow for the 80-000 strong crowd of spectators to have ample of time for their transportation after the ceremony. Security is also further enhanced as a huge number of country’s leaders are expected to attend, particularly the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II who would officiate the opening of the games on the very awesome night. So, if I am to adjust the time zone difference between UK and Malaysia, then I would have to be in front of TV by 4am in the morning. It’s 8 hours difference between here and UK.

Some details of the opening ceremony are finally revealed recently. I have read part of those revealed details and there are even some pictures released showing some built set on the Olympic Stadium ready for the opening ceremony. I’m not going to expose it here, so that you would be amazed with a bit more surprise by the time of the real show begins next Friday. The 10 000 performers are now in very frequent schedules on few last rehearsals for the opening ceremony so that they would perform smoothly and in organized manner as planned on that night, to be watched by not only 80-000 crowd in the stadium, but also by over billion people worldwide through online or television broadcasting.

Will Danny Boyle succeed to amaze the world from his directing effort on this opening ceremony? And not to forget, the theme of this opening ceremony is ‘Isle of Wonder’. So, imagine what we can expect to observe from that particular theme at this moment? But the real thing would comes very soon in only a week later. It’s like I couldn’t wait any longer for it anymore. If you want to know more on some details regarding the ceremony, you can simply google it like me. This opening ceremony which costs only about 27 million which is far behind from Beijing 2008 games that used up around 200 million only for the opening ceremony. London 2012 is not trying to compete with that, but still comes in a strong heart to deliver the best to the spectators. We’ll see soon enough; next week.

Countdown: 10 days left to 30th Olympiad, London 2012

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It’s now only 10 days left to the 30th Summer Olympic Games, London 2012. I believe the city of London currently is well ready to greet the opening of the games and to welcome over a billion audiences around the world. Many athletes from participating nations have had arrived the amazing city of London for their competition soon in sports contested in the games, which is known as the world biggest sporting event.

The athletes are ready to do their best, and if not, they are going to wait for another four years. The organisers have completed the lengthy preparation works for the games, and now they must be very excited for the day to come when the games open. The performers must be very anxious as their day would arrives in ten days when they would be finally performing to the world on the opening ceremony of the games, after going through so many stages of rehearsals.

Along with this post, I would be providing some interesting facts regarding the Olympic Games.

(a) London becomes the city of highest number of hosting to the Olympic Games, having hosted it twice and is going to host it ten days later. (1908, 1948, 2012)

(b) Olympic Games had been cancelled three times before, in 1916 (Berlin), 1940 (Tokyo then Helsinki) and 1940 (London) due to World War I and II.

(c) In the  bidding for 2012 games in final round, London won over Paris by a small margin of 4 votes, taking a total of 54 votes.

(d) Athens, Greece is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games as well as the host city for the inaugural modern Olympic Games back in 1896, 116 years ago.

(e) The iconic Olympic ring used as the symbol of the games consisting of 5 interlocking rings represents the five continents in the world involved on this global-scale games.

That’s all for today. I’m not giving extremely long facts over here. If you wish to know more about the history of background of the games, you can search yourself. There are many information provided out there which some that I have read is quite interesting. 10 days more and I would be staying up till the middle of the night to watch the opening ceremony of London 2012 live. Ahh…the day I am waiting for is much nearer from now on. Looking forward to the opening ceremony of the games.