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The month of June starts with the end of The Amazing Race 29

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I have been following every episodes of The Amazing Race Season 29 each week. I have actually followed this reality television show for several continuous seasons by now. I love this program which sees a number of teams in pair travelling across the world, completing tasks, having arguments within themselves or with other teams, experiencing difficulties, brace the extreme challenges and sweating it all out to win the final grand prize of US$ 1 million. In this Season 29, the teams are formed by choosing within the group of individual participants who are completely stranger to one another.

I look forward to the new episodes every weekend and they traveled to countries like Panama, Brazil, Norway, Italy, Greece, Vietnam, South Korea, etc to complete tasks. Matt and Redmond are a great team that I first foresee their potential to win this season of The Amazing Race. They have been performing very well and consistently in every episodes. However, their poor decision of choosing train as their mode of transport in Seoul and the carelessness of their taxi driver later on the same day who brought them to other location has cost their opportunity to win the race. What a bad day that turns everything over for them! They were the last team to get kicked out before the final leg which is so unfortunate.

The final 3 teams that successfully proceed to the final leg are Scott and Brooke, Tara and Joey, and London and Logan. These 3 pairs were always considered the underdogs earlier on as they have not performed very well in the earlier legs. And to my surprise, luck is on Scott and Brooke’s (picture below) side on the last two crucial legs. Everything seems to be very smooth for this pair and they indeed win the race in the end and won the 1 million dollar. A huge congratulation to them! I actually find it unexpected because they are actually one of the weaker teams as compared to the rest. I also cannot stand the consistent whining by Brooke in every legs. She is too annoying and unbearable throughout the whole race. She can’t even do a simple task properly and loves to scream ‘I’m dying’ even at simple task of just running around. Scott should just get the whole bunch of the 1 million dollar just for putting up to her. Brooke do not deserve a single cent from this win. She should seriously work on her attitude. She now literally becomes my most hated person in The Amazing Race series, and will not be remembered as the winner of this reality show. Now, I have to wait for the next one, The Amazing Race 30 and I hope it will be out very soon. That will be the iconic 30th edition of the show!

On the other hand, did TVB has no new own dramas to show now? It has two timeslots every evening on the television. TVB ended up putting a mainland China drama and an old local drama made 10 years ago currently. This is a very bad move. People will just move away from their dramas for now. TVB should really appreciate the viewers and not letting them leave with such move especially in this year when the station will celebrate its 50th anniversary. I’m sure you have a lot of other completed dramas in shelf ready to be released out. I have no choice but to watch ‘Phoenix Rising’ now, a drama that was actually made a decade ago and they choose to release it now. They did release this drama earlier on though in oversea market.

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Let us be part of the Earth Hour 2014 tonight.

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Today is the last Saturday of the month of March. And that means the time of the year comes again for us to switch off non-essential lights tonight from 8.30pm to 9.30pm (for an hour) in support of Earth Hour. If you still didn’t know, Earth Hour is a global movement organized by World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF) first started as only a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia back in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide, and the one-hour event continues to remain the key driver of the now larger movement.


The movement now entered its 8th year with increasing cooperation, unity and efforts worldwide in showing commitment to our beloved planet Earth. As usual, many famous landmarks across the globe will turn off lights tonight including Sydney Opera House, Taipei 101, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Empire State Building, St. Peter’s Basilica, Niagara Falls, Hagia Sophia, Beijing National Stadium, etc. While in my country, Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, City Hall Building, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and along with many other places will be in the dark tonight too. But I still find the efforts here in Malaysia are still not enough.

From 8.30 to 9.30pm tonight, I would be having my dinner outside. There would be no one in the house and all the lights would be off. Hence, I consider I have done my part in support of this wonderful programme. What’s extra that I could do now is to spread the message out and invite others to join me on this movement (have did it now by writing this post). Turning off lights for an hour remains a symbol, which shall lead to us being more aware of the need to love and protect our planet. Hence, we have to act beyond that particular one hour.

This is the first year that Earth Hour has a superhero as its ambassador. Spiderman is the one, and Andrew Garfield together with the other casts of ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ movie (scheduled to be released soon this year) will be at Singapore to take part in an event to switch off the lights of Marina Bay Sands tonight. Will there be another superhero turning up as the movement’s ambassador next year and who would it be? Superman? Batman? Iron Man? So, superhero is on board, and it tells us to use our own power too in support of Earth Hour.


Let us be part of this Earth Hour 2014 movement. Remember, 8.30pm to 9.30pm tonight (local time) on 29th March 2014.

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29th February today, exists only once in every four years

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Ahha, the month of February is not over yet, because there is one extra day for this year, and today is the extra day. Existing only once in every four years, 29th February must be very special to those who are born on this date because they would have only celebrated their birthday on exact date once in every four years. The next time a day of 29th February would be present is on year 2016.

This makes up to 366 days for year 2012. Happy Leap Day!

February is still the shortest month every year. Ohh, now only I realized that I did not watch any new films this month, which is definitely not my personality. I wanted to watch some, like the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Chronicle, This Means War, and a Cantonese film called Romancing in Thin Air, starring one of my favourite star, Sammi Cheng, but there is never a chance for me this month.

This week, I have been experiencing discomfort over my stomach, thanks to one super oily fried mee I had last Monday. My stomach couldn’t stand the unhealthy and excessive oil. It turned my stomach upside down. Thanks to that also, I have been experiencing nausea, which I hate the most, because the feeling of wanted to vomit is very bad! Sometimes, headache also occurred especially at night, which makes thing worse. Falling sick makes the week not good for me. Anyway for the others, have a nice day, and Happy Leap Day once again!

29th April 2011: New trailers! iPad 2 out for sale! Royal wedding!

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The title of this post which you can see above speaks it all….yes, there are three major things that happened on this day, dated 29th April 2011, second last day of the fourth month of the year.

As soon as I woke up in the early morning today, I checked on my facebook and have found out new trailer coming out for the two of the most anticipating movies of the year; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (the epic conclusion of the worldwide phenomenon as told in the trailer) as well as Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (the epic robotic clash film). The two trailers look very promising and adds up my intention and desire to watch both of the films, scheduled to be released in July 2011, three months from now.

The next big thing of the day is of course the latest iPad 2 is now out for sale in Malaysia. If you bring an iPad 2 beginning today, people would be amazed and keep an eye on you, because you just brought and use the latest technology of the public…that’s cool, man! Too bad, it isn’t for me…what is the reason: No money! I don’t even have iPhone 4, and so I don’t wish more, for like this iPad 2. Okay…actually I’m not really interested on all these advanced thingy but these accessories really look good and cool…

Of course, last but not least, is the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine as mentioned in my previous two posts…yes, previous two posts….you can check these out just by scrolling down below in my blog here to get a read on the highlight of this wedding of the century. I bet out of 10 people, over 7 people would probably knew about this thing…it caught the public attention in a very much intense scale including myself….

And here, it comes…the end of the day in Malaysia. 12 am is coming very soon…30th April would be just an ordinary day, the last day of April before new month of May 2011 comes…now I’m going to think on what kind of header should I put for my blog up here to represent May 2011….

The Royal Wedding Day

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Back early to home today from campus and is able to catch the live broadcast of the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, whom are now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The venues for the processions include Westminster Abbey, the church where the ceremony is held, Buckingham Palace, as well as Goring Hotel where Kate leaved from there.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, there were already thousand of people surrounding the area tight with security measures. The atmosphere is very good and the side of the guarded streets are very happening with people cheering and celebrating the royal wedding. Many people from different countries like Australia, Canada and France also joined in the celebration alongside with the people of United Kingdom where today is declared as public holiday for the nation.

Luxurious cars are seen fetching the VIPs; the princes and princesses, the family of the bride, and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II whom received the most cheer and applause besides than her grandson, Prince William whom is still the main character for the big day. Famous guests were seen in the church like the Australian Prime Minister, UK Prime Minister, David and Victoria Beckham, King and Queen of Malaysia (my country), and many others.

Finally, everyone is present in the church including the last one to arrive, Catherine Middleton herself from Goring Hotel with her dad and dressed with a beautiful gown which caught the most attention of the media as the design of it is not exposed till today. The processions in the beautiful long church go smoothly as planned and the couple is officially married as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince William now solidify his position of second in line of the throne, just behind his father, Prince Charles.

Then, here came the much anticipated carriages which brought the couple, the parents of the couple, brothers of the couple, as well as Queen Elizabeth with Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. The carriages is part of the important tradition for British royal family which received full attention from the people waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the VIPs. I saw a lot of cameras with huge and long lens, all ready to take as many photographs as possible.

The day is quite gloomy and luckily there is no rain halting the procession. All the VIPs eventually reached Buckingham Palace after the church procession is settled. The public is then allowed to get closer to the palace around the Victoria Memorial, a grand looking sculpture in front of the palace overlooking a long wide royal path. They are all waiting for the time to come, when Prince William and Catherine finally walked out of the balcony at the center, waved to the crowd and kissed romantically twice with loud applause and cheer from the uncountable crowd. The crowd is then thrilled by the flypass that marks the end of the broadcast.

It is now almost 12am in Malaysia, showing that the day is almost over here in Malaysia but not for England yet because it’s only 5pm afternoon there. There are still quite a lot of things to do for them like the wedding dinner later as well as wedding breakfast tomorrow’s morning which are of course will not be broadcast as these are merely private functions. For the show, I watched majority of it and it is definitely a perfect grand wedding, now commonly recognized as the wedding of the century. Many people are now talking about it everywhere especially on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There will be repeat of the show in a lot of channels too.

I’m not involved on this wedding but the scale and grandness as well as the media attention of it really influencing me a lot. So, I kind of enjoying the wedding too. Congratulation to William and Kate! Year 2011 has been brought lively back with such a grand celebration despite the year is full of tragedies like natural disasters and wars. In 2011, we saw a grand royal wedding celebration in UK, and by 2012, we will see the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. There is so much important events going on and soon for England.

(The photos above are not mine and are from this Facebook photo album except for the first and last photos:!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.136593346405728.25291.134390929959303)

The only day with three natural disasters…

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Today, date, 30th September 2009, the last day of the month is very special…three natural disasters occured on the same day, in the period of 24 hours around the world.

First of all, the Typhoon Ketsana, originated from the world largest ocean, Pacific Ocean, extended its path to South East Asia from Phillipines. It blows down wooden villages in Cambodia, crushing Vietnam houses under mudslides, submerging much of the capital of Phillipines, while bringing heavy rain to Malaysia. The typhoon come into Laos, the fourth nation to be involved in the typhoon tragedy. Landslides occured, destroying houses, buildings, and flattening crops. The death toll is now over 300 and is rising tremendously.

The next disaster, is the tsunamis, struck Samoa and America Samoa. The earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, between 8.0 to 8.3 Ritcher scale triggered  tsunamis, flooding and flattening villages, killing at least 82 people and leave dozens missing. The height of the tsunamis is around 4 to 6m high, equivalent to a height of a double-storey house. A state of emergency is issued. Japan has issued a tsunami warning too.

The third disaster, struck just now, less than an hour ago (from the time I’m writing this post), is an earthquake that struck south Sumatra Island in the area of Padang, Indonesia. The powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 Ritcher scale send tremors till Peninsular Malaysia (the place I’m living) as the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is just 481km southwest of the epicentre of the earthquake. Some highrise buildings in KL including the world tallest twin buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers are evacuated. Tsunami alert is issued for Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand. The shaking can be felt obviously at Singapore, Malaysia and even as far as at Jakarta.

Southern Sumatara - 30 September 2009

Out of the three disasters, two are related to Pacific Ocean, and two are basically earthquakes, one triggered tsunamis, while another one might trigger as well. Dangerous again for the people there…just stay far from seaside and stay on the ground, don’t go to high if there is earthquake, and go as high as possible when there is flood. Three disasters are all related to water!

Water is dangerous, the Earth is dangerous! I think it’s the first time in history, three large-scale disasters struck the Earth ( all in one area, Asia Pacific) eventhough not much casualties are reported.