A special date today. Happy 12.12.12

11 years ago, we started to witness repetitive dates.

01.01.01 on first of January 2001. Then 02.02.02 on 2nd February 2002. 03.03.03 on 3rd March 2003. And so on…From year 2001 onwards, we get to have every year a day with the date of all three numbers the same. But this occurrence won’t be in once a year anymore after this day. Today is 12th December 2012, which simplifies it to only 12.12.12. The next time this date comes would be in a hundred years. No one would be able to witness the second round of repetitive dates. And after 12.12.12, there would be no more 13.13.13 or so on, as our calendar only has 12 months, so it’s impossible to have 13 or following in the middle figures indicating the month.


Actually, all these do not require much explanation. Everyone knows it. It’s 12.12.12. A lot of people must be talking about it, particularly on this day itself. Or are you that blur to have only realize it now once you read this post? Not right?…And we are truly blessed to have live on such date that only falls once in a century. And furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, we are the generation that have gone through 01.01.01, 02.02.02..blah, blah, blah… all together. Our future generation would not be able to pass through such dates, not until a 100 years later. But then, what would happen to the Earth a hundred years later? Mankind is gone? Or migrated to another planet? Or evolved to something else? Who knows…

So, this day shall be a very special and remarkable day to all of us. Yes, I would be passing the day working as usual. But then, in my heart, I would treat this day good and see it as an awesome day! I will try to enjoy the day and have the day with good mood. For others, many would take this last opportunity (last time for date with repetitive numbers) to get married as such day would be seen auspicious especially according to Chinese belief. So, it’s a day of wedding boom as well! And for me, I would take this opportunity to write this post down to mark on such an iconic date! And I purposely have this post published on 12:12pm, in the afternoon of this day, so it sums up to

12.12.12….ooh, it’s 9 days left before the predicted end of the world by Mayan civilization. Ahh..how? Relax…this isn’t true. Nothing would happen…there are still many years ahead for us. Forget about such hoax. By the way, I remembered that Jackie Chan’s latest film, CZ12 is going to be released on this day. It’s his 101th film on something about treasure hunting on which I’m particularly interested on such theme and looking forward to his stunts! Going to watch it soon, but definitely not today since it must be fully purchased everywhere in cinemas already. Gonna wait a while for it…

Anyway, last but not least, let me say it again, enjoy your 12.12.12! It falls only once in a hundred years, and it’s the last round of us witnessing the 12 dates of repetitive numbers in a row in the past 12 years. Appreciate it! And make it as special and as memorable as you can! Be creative on this day! Happy 12.12.12!


design background of blue luminous rays


London 2012: The closing ceremony was a lively musical farewell to the 30th Summer Olympic Games

After 17 days of great actions in competitions on variety of sports to the very best quality, London 2012, the 30th Summer Olympic Games finally came to an end with a lively musical-themed closing ceremony entitled ‘A Symphony of British Music’ on yesterday’s night. The closing ceremony is directed by Kim Gavin and began on 9pm,taking over three hours long and ended few minutes after 12am the next day.  I didn’t watch the live broadcast of the closing ceremony, but I managed to watch all the segments from the ceremony uploaded by the official Olympics page in Youtube just now to catch up on what I have missed several hours ago.

The ceremony commenced in an absolutely impressive way. The first impacting visual offered to the strong 80 000 audiences in the stadium and to around 1 billion people worldwide through broadcast is the ‘scaled-down London’, with famous landmarks of the city (London Eye, Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall, London Bridge, 30th St. Mary Aze Building, etc) made out of newspaper cut-outs featured in the center. Then the ceremony started with quite a remarkable opening sequence, from fireworks to countdown featuring numbers from around London and finally linking it back to the scaled Big Ben replica at the middle of the stadium. I do really enjoyed this part.

The theme of involving newspaper cut-outs is quite interesting and it is also applied to the street sets and vehicles that sought to show ‘a day in the life of London’. The newspapers were printed with words from British literary figures such as William Shakespeare, among others. Too bad that this part comes and goes off quite fast. Things aren’t much appealing to me after that opening segment that gives me some early high expectation to things later on. As soon as the showcase of British music for the past 50 years began which is the major theme of the night, I get really bored and find it very unconvincing to end such a successful games indeed.

I believe the director had a not-so-suitable theme for the closing ceremony. I’m not here to criticize the fame or glory of British music, but I’m sure that there must be many other better things for British to deliver to the whole world on this closing ceremony of the world biggest sporting event. You can present the many sides of British culture from the past till the modern days, not only emphasizing on music which isn’t that symbolic or meaningful to the host country either. It’s quite inappropriate to treat the closing ceremony something like a concert. Turning it like a concert definitely degraded the formality and quality of the closing ceremony. Furthermore, there had already been quite a heavy emphasis on British music in the opening ceremony, and now music again for closing. Boring, and lack of effort to treat the ceremony seriously.

I agree on the intention to bring on a party-like atmosphere to end the games in joyous mood, but there are many other ways or options for that rather than just delivering so much of music. Furthermore, the artists invited to perform aren’t famous and appeared to people not from Great Britain as unfamiliar faces. There isn’t any unforgettable impact delivered on this closing ceremony from the theme of British music since there is no performance visible in massive scale or proportion which I would love to see and I believe would captures the attention of the world. Similar to the opening ceremony, there isn’t any large stunt that would easily steals the show. Luckily, there is some humour presented in the middle of the closing ceremony that gave us some little surprises…I mean only ‘little’ and it’s very minimal. I’m suggesting like presenting all the Olympic sports contested in some creative ways that would engage the athletes themselves and the audiences. That should be a good addition to the show. Just my suggestion…

Well, all the things aren’t that bad either. I like the lighting effects all over the stadium, particularly from the lights illuminating the stadium’s roof and the LED installed at side of each of the 80-000 seats in the stadium so that all the LED would sum up as a huge screen to project captivating visuals. I also like the stage set on after the newspaper cut-outs segment that featured the national flag of Great Britain with the white areas allocated for performances later on and the blue and red surrounding it for the athletes later on. The parade of athletes arrived in between, with something different this time, as athletes were moving to the center from all around the stadium, passing through the audiences. This was to try to engage the athletes to the audiences in the stadium and that is good.

The Chairman of London 2012 organizing committee and the President of International Olympic Committee gave their speeches which received several applause from the crowd. The national anthem of Great Britain (the present host country), Olympics, and Brazil (the next host country) are played. The flag handover ceremony was also conducted and the Olympic flag was then handed over to Mayor of Brazil from Mayor of London passing through hands of President of IOC. The next edition of the games would be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016, four years from now. As usual there is an eight-minute segment for Brazil to deliver their introductory performance. It’s quite messy but in the end, it turned out to be quite colourful, in match with Brazil’s popular culture particularly on dances. The flame is then extinguished in a very beautiful moment after a flame-inspired and gymnastically-choreographed performance.

Unappealing music is kept on delivered until to the point I can’t take it anymore, but luckily the ending fireworks arrived and put the end of the ceremony to a spectacle. The wonderful fireworks saved the climax of the ceremony. I enjoyed the fireworks but I was hoping for more. But anyway, that amount is good enough. Hmm…the music appeared to bring the whole stadium to life, to noise, but for me, the musical content which formed major part of the show wasn’t interesting and was underwhelming. Well, it’s still a lively musical closing to the games.

To be honest, this is one of the worst closing ceremony I have ever seen. I know the budget is very limited and is restraining a lot of things. But once the theme selection gone wrong, then the ceremony is ruined. Furthermore, this concert-like closing ceremony would be easily forgotten, unlike the Beijing 2008’s memorable and over-the-top ceremonies that still kept us in awe after so many years. I’m not heavily criticizing on the quality of the ceremonies but I’m just trying to give my point of view on this matter. Anyway, London still staged a very good and successful games eventhough for me, their opening and closing ceremonies are quite poorly delivered. Hmm…we will now have to wait for four years long for the next games, Rio 2016, the 31st Summer Olympic Games, and Brazil would be the first South American country to host the games. Goodbye, London 2012!

(All the images in this post are from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2187586/London-2012-Closing-Ceremony-Awe-inspiring-shots-fantastic-fireworks-show.html. Click on this link for more stunning images)

Well too impressive! Guangzhou 2010 Opening Ceremony

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Incredible! Superb!

I had been watching many opening ceremonies before (Olympic; Athens 2004, Beijing 2008), (Commonwealth; Manchester 2002, Melbourne 2006, Delhi 2010), (World Games; Kaohsiung 2009), (Youth Olympic; Singapore 2010), (Asian Games; Doha 2006, Guangzhou 2010).

And I have to say that the opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games is the best out of all, even better than the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games eventhough the scale is smaller (a bit). Every parts of the ceremony is interesting, exciting and well surprising. The most important is that I was like awed in every minute of the performances, never ever get bored at all which is typical in other opening ceremonies.

This is definitely the best, I have to say it again! Everything is impressive, amazing, fantastic and wonderful! The setting is so beautiful that it attracted me the most. I wished I can go to Guangzhou now and check out all the beautiful landmarks and lightings there with perfect skyline I love to see. There are musical, fountain, lighting, cultural and fireworks performances, all combined to create the most memorable ceremony ever in history of sporting event.

The 45 boats representing the 45 participating Asian nations sailed their way along the Pearl River to Haixinsha Island, venue for the opening ceremony, ferrying the organizing members and athletes to the venue. The boats decorated with replicas of iconic landmarks and lightings began sailing from around 6.30pm and reached the destination around 7.30pm along the beautiful night scenes of Guangzhou.

The interesting part here is that as the boats sailed passing the river, there are cultural performances at both sides of the river (lion dance, dragon dance, drum performance, latin dance, wushu, kung fu, qi gong, fashion, skating performances and many others). This is something that I had never seen before! Even before the ceremony began, all these already impressed me a lot! My first ‘Oh my God!’ given to this!

Ceremony began at 8pm with surprising countdown by fireworks shooting out from the iconic Guangzhou TV Tower illuminated with lights of changing colours and from surrounding areas.  The venue, 27,000-capacity stadium stood as the cabin; four towering pillars in front of it unfurled eight video screens that doubled as sails would be the stage for performances all related to ‘water’ which is the main theme of the ceremony, directed by Chen Weiya, deputy of Zhang Yimou whom directed the successful Beijing 2008 opening ceremony.

Performances, all related to water began, depicting of how essential water is to all people and to the earth. Next, it’s time to introduce Guangzhou, the host city as the city of flowers, a green city, The Garden City of China. The much challenging and impressive performance is the flying acrobatic performances at around 80m above ground, forming interesting allignments, synchronized with the backdrop screens of the stage. They must have been trained a lot for this. This is what made me say ‘Oh my God!’ for the second time.

As usual, parade of athletes representing their nations, beautiful and romantic songs performances by famous artists (Zhang Ziyi, David Tao, Joey Yung, etc), flag raising ceremony and speech giving ceremony by the Governor of Guangzhou, Chairman of Guangzhou Olympic Organizing Committee, and President of Council of Asia before the official declaration by the Premier of China, Wen Jiabao. The ceremony is also attended by Thai Prime Minister, Pakistan’s President, President of International Olympic Committee (Jacques Rogge) and many other VIPs.

Luckily, the speeches are short, simple and not boring. As soon as the games declared opened, cheered by all audiences, it’s time for fireworks again! Amazing! The gigantic-scale fireworks have created smoky environment at the venue eventhough it is an open area, but yet it created beautiful effect. It must be smelly and dusty at the venue It’s not over yet.

It’s time for oath taking sessions by representative of athletes and judges which is made short and simple too as many people had not much interest in this. Ahh, it’s time for the torch to came into the venue from the river, carried by five superstar athletes, whom had been gold medalists in Olympic and Asian Games. The torch lighting ceremony is unique, with the torch carrier guided by two small kids, on lighting the firecrackers on the ground. Then, the sparks shoot upwards onto a giant plate-like structure at the top, holded by four standing legs. The giant flame bursts out of it, representing the high spirit of the athletes of the games.

The finale part is another musical performances before the ceremony officially ended at around 11pm. The ceremony, of course ended with fireworks performances again. The fireworks shoot out from the bridge, the waterfront, the Guangzhou TV Tower and around the Haixinsha Island where the ceremony is held. It’s a bit too much for me, the scale is similar to that of Beijing 2008 and Shanghai 2010 World Expo, or even bigger. I wonder how much they have spent on all these! Anyway, it’s spectacular, and that is what my third ‘Oh my God!’ is dedicated to.

The fireworks is so much until television also doesn’t continue boradcasting it. However, actually I wished to see the full fireworks display since I like to watch fireworks display a lot! It’s so beautiful, eventhough it lasted for only few minutes, but the lights, colours, orders and sound of it really attracted me a lot especially at such beautiful place, Guangzhou.

 Guangzhou is now transformed into a modern city of lights and haze (due to excessive fireworks performance last night). Haha…it will be a hazy night and early morning today. Time to clean those air, say no to air pollution, the organizers have to really think of improving air quality for the athletes last night. I’m sure they had planned actions for that. They are so well-prepared and organized to make this event the most successful ever.

Thumbs up to Guangzhou 2010, especially to the fantastic opening ceremony concluded last night. It leaves me with a great impression, I would definitely kept this as a wonderful memory in terms of opening ceremony of sporting event. How I wish I could be there in the venue watching all these, not from TV but at real. The atmosphere is stunning! Now, the world largest Asian Games is declared open, the games began, until 27th November, when the closing ceremony would be held at the same venue at the same time, 8pm. I would be anticipating for that too.

Great job, Guangzhou 2010! Awesome opening ceremony, it’s seem to be like first of its kind of ceremony themed on ‘water’!

(All pictures are from www.boston.com, www.denverpost.com, www.coolfwdsport.blogspot.com)

One more hour to go!…Guangzhou 2010

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

After years of countdowning to the world largest Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010, the day had finally came (today) and the night of the opening ceremony is going to begin one hour later.

Guangzhou had organized special events on celebrating 1000-days countdown to the games, 100-days countdown to the games, 10-days countdown to the games, and now, it’s …

ONE HOUR COUNTDOWN TO THE GAMES! Exactly 60 minutes to go before the opening ceremony begins.

Some sports have already began few days ago like the soccer and cricket. However, for majority of the sports, everything will begins tomorrow.

I have been very excited for this, since I have waited quite long to watch the opening ceremony. I love to watch ceremonies like this, wanting to see the meanings behind the performance, the happening atmosphere of the city and the venue, and desperate to check out the fireworks and lighting display. Yes, I’m going to see all these very soon, hope that there will be no rain tonight that would interrupt Astro’s broadcasting. Assignments? Put aside for this upcoming few hours, Asian Games is held every four years! If I skipped this, I have to wait another four years….

Tonight gonna be the night, Guangzhou 2010

2002 – Guangzhou expresses early intention to host Asian Games, after successful Beijing 2008 Olympic bid.

2004 – Guangzhou officially won the bid to host 16th Asian Games after Kuala Lumpur withdrawn due to high cost of hosting the event.

The bidding video:

2005 – Proposal submitted earlier for the planning of the games was revised and taken into action. Everything in words were then started to be realized.

2006 – Guangzhou learning from the successful 15th Asian Games in Doha, aiming to outbeat previous games. Guangzhou promoting 16th Asian Games at Doha 2006 closing ceremony.

2008 – All new infrastructures were in schedule of construction and existing ones were being in process of upgrading. Guangzhou learnt from the successful Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

2009 – Guangzhou aiming to get more sponsors,and with help of the capital, Beijing, Guangzhou is planning for a grandeur games. Everything is on track.

2010 – All infrastructures were ready and tested, public plazas and parks were built, public transportations were upgraded, iconic landmarks were built, the people (volunteers, organizers, residents) are ready, Guangzhou is prepared…

——————— 12th November 2010 ———————

The night that everyone around the world is anticipating for a successful beginning of the world largest Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010.

The night that everyone would love to watch an interesting, exciting and surprising opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010.

The night that every hard works by the organizers and volunteers are paid off and they would be proud of their achievements over past 6 years.

The night that all Asians would be proud of becoming Asians, as China representing Asia showcase the best of the best, in history of sporting event, on par or even surpassing Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

The night that many people would be seated in front of television to watch the live broadcast of the opening ceremony beginning 8pm (time of China, same with Malaysia), including myself…

16th Asian Games, 16 interesting facts

1. Guangzhou 2010 would be the biggest Asian Games ever held in history with 476 events in 42 sports, since new rules have been implemented in restricting Asian Games beginning 2014 in Incheon.

2. Guangzhou is the second city of China to have play host to Asian Games, first is Beijing in 1990, exactly two decades ago.

3. The total cost of organizing the games is ¥122.6 billion ($17 billion), with ¥109 billion spent on infrastructure, ¥6.3 billion on the venues and some ¥7.3 billion spent on Games’ operation ,even more costly than Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

4. This is the first time that the opening ceremony of Asian Games would be held not in a stadium, but on an island which is Haixinsha Island along the Pearl River, Guangzhou.

5.  This is the first time that the performances for the opening ceremony of Asian Games would be not only on the land but also on the sea (the Pearl River).

6. The beautiful city of Guangzhou will becomes the natural backdrop of the opening and closing ceremonies, with highlights on the iconic Guangzhou TV Tower (tallest telecommunication tower in the world with height of 610m), Guangzhou Opera House (engineering-breakthrough design by famous architect, Zaha Hadid), Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou International Finance Centre (tallest building in Guangzhou standing over 440m), etc.

7. The city and the area along the river will be dazzled with LED and other lighting display alongside with fountain, music and fireworks performances, making it the biggest in the world compared to Beijing 2008 Olympics and Shanghai 2010 World Expo to celebrate the games on the opening and closing ceremonies.

8. For better security, those local residents living within one kilometre from the venue of opening ceremony are ordered to leave their homes tomorrow’s afternoon, granted with stay in luxury hotel or given 45 US dollar, given three free movies to watch or being taken to nearby plaza to watch the ceremony live through giant screen set up at various places in Guangzhou.

9. The famous starlet, Zhang Ziyi will perform during the opening ceremony, alongside with some other famous Asian performers.

10. The opening ceremony will features around 6000 to 7000 performers, all chosen with similar height and with their hair cut similarly for a better and more staggering effects.

11. An interesting part of the opening ceremony will be the flotilla of 45 boats representing the 45 participating Asian nations, by famous replicas of landmarks, etc and ferrying the athletes.

12. The opening ceremony will be attended by China’s premier, Wen Jiabao, Pakistan’s President, Thai’s Prime Minister, Chief Secretary of Administration of Hong Kong.

13. This Asian Games, featuring 42 sports, have 14 more sports in competition than the world largest sporting event, the Summer Olympic Games.

14. Barbeque stalls are banned in 11 cities of China, particularly nearing Guangzhou to improve the air quality. Local residents are also ordered to use public transportation or car pooling to reduce the number of cars on road to reduce air and sound pollution.

15. 12 new competition venues were built and 58 existing venues are renovated and upgraded to international standard for top class sporting quality to be achieved in Asian Games 2010. This scale is large, similarly to Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

16. Instead of Asian Games Village built by previous hosts of Asian Games for the athletes and medias, Guangzhou built a giant Asian Games Town covering over 590 000 square metres, and a total of 49 apartment buildings which will be reused as a new living town for Guangzhou residents after the games is over.

———20 more hours to go before the opening ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games!!!————

Remembering the Sichuan Earthquake – 1 year anniversary…

One year ago, a deadly 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Sichuan province in China on 12th May 2009 around 2.28pm.


Still remember all the news before that the sky is illuminated by brightful and colourful light, all animals went wrong..all sort of weird things…

During the earthquake, the seismic around the world is disrupted and even the damper at the top of Taipei 101 is moving greatly (usually it won’t moves except during earthquake or high winds)…

After the earthquake, a lot of buildings (schools, banks, etc) collapsed, killing more than 90 000 people. Besides that, tremors are felt in a lot of other countries in Asia. Aftershocks are also experienced on Sichuan province after the earthquake.




It is also the 19th deadliest earthquake of all times (recorded). Reconstruction is now in progress on the region, which is almost totally damaged by the earthquake.

Deep blessing to all who lost their lives by the earthquake as well as to their families too..