One almost done, one has half way to go, and one is still on ground. Updates on three supertall construction projects in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur is ranked among one of the best city skylines in the world. It gained such recognition due to its splendid array of clustered buildings topped with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. However, the city skyline is going to further transform, thanks to the many new skyscrapers currently being built in the city. They are going to immensely impact the city skyline due to their enormous heights. The city won’t look the same after every few years and I look forward to see more tall and nice-looking buildings being constructed in the city.

Here are the 3 supertall skyscraper projects in Kuala Lumpur that are receiving high attention and shown together are their latest construction images. Render is shown for each project below too. Supertall building refers to a building that exceeds 300 metres in height.

1.Four Seasons Place. 

It is a 65-storeys mixed use tower currently under construction besides the Petronas Twin Towers. Once completed, it will have a final height of 343 metres. It will contain a hotel, serviced residences and a shopping mall at the podium. After undergoing multiple delays and design changes in the past, the tower has now finally rising quickly. It has structurally topped out not long ago and the work on the building’s crown has started. It will top out architecturally before last quarter of the year and will open next year. Once completed, it will be the third tallest building in the country, right after the two twin towers that sat beside it. Now, it has already made the twin towers to look not as tall as in the past eventhough it is still shorter than them by a little over 100 metres.


This one is ALMOST DONE.

2. TRX Exchange 106 Tower. 

It is a 106-storeys office tower currently under construction at the Tun Razak Exchange site. Once completed, this new region will become the financial hub of the city. Once completed, the tower will have a final height of 452 metres. It surprisingly will have the same height as the Petronas Twin Towers. You may wonder that it should be taller than the twin towers since it almost has over 20 floors more than the twin towers? Nope. It’s because this TRX Tower has no spire to add up to its height. The construction for this tower is very fast and it has now already half way to its top. It has now already making a huge impact to the city’s skyline. The highlight of the tower will be its crystalline crown.


3. PNB118 Merdeka Tower.

It is a 118-storeys office tower currently under construction on the lot bordering the historical Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur. It is just right opposite my former secondary school, the Methodist Boys School KL. Once completed, it will be the tallest building in the country as well as among the top five tallest buildings in the world at a height of 644 metres. It will surpass the height of Shanghai Tower (632 metres), One World Trade Center (541 metres), Taipei 101 (508 metres) and many other skyscrapers across the world. However, its construction has been very slow and I read a news somewhere that it experienced problem with its foundation. I predict that it will be completed by 2020 or 2021. It will reach this immense height of over 600 metres due to its very long spire at the top.


This one is still not rising and is STILL ON GROUND WORK.

Hoping to see great progress from these skyscraper projects once I’m back to KL end of this year.

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Wait…one week left for my holiday?

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Yes, it is. I can’t believe it. I will be heading to the airport this Sunday’s evening for flight back to Perth. Time flies. I have already spent a little over one month indulging in a total laziness mode. In this break, I went to Thailand for a trip during the Raya festival, I went to Genting Highlands for a short getaway to enjoy the colder air up on the mountain and I went to Ipoh for a family matter on the last weekend. And for the rest of the time, I’m just spending them at home; a lot of sleeping, a lot of time spent surfing the web, and a lot of time used on watching YouTube and Hong Kong dramas.

By the time I head back to Perth, it will be intense for me as I have to work really hard for my thesis. I should be doing some of the thesis during this holiday but I just couldn’t. Whenever I’m in my house, I felt that everything around me is making me to be not productive and not motivated to do any work. Well, I then promised myself that I will be really working intensely once I’m back to Perth. This will be my last ever break for my postgraduate study that will end this November and I will cherish every moment of it…and now I have less than one week of that.

I’m actually occupied with other stuff to do. I’m not entirely free during this break actually. I have to fetch my nephew from school everyday. I have to take care of them during every Saturday (it’s really tired to look after them and they occasionally find you to play with them…kids are full of energy and can play anywhere anytime even when my house have nothing for them to play). I have to settle my banking matter. I have to settle some university stuff. So many things to settle in my short time here in Malaysia.

For this break in Malaysia, I at least managed to visit the new MyTown shopping centre for the first time, took the MRT for the first time, saw the latest progress of construction of many new tall buildings in the KL city centre region, ate a lot of nice food that I long waited for when I was still in Perth, and met some of my relatives that I have long not seen. I wish to visit the annual ARCHIDEX exhibition held recently, but I was tired and felt lazy to go. I attended this exhibition for several years in the past and the reward  are the many free items I can get by visiting booths.


First time taking the MRT.

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The whole Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Sungai Buloh and Kajang Line is complete with the opening of Phase 2 few days ago. Phase 1 was opened end of last year but I didn’t get to take the MRT because that is not the area I want to go. Now, the Phase 2 is opened and riders will get 50% discount on rides up to 31st August 2017. The stations in this Phase 2 are more convenient to me as my house is considered near to them and that I can now use them to go to certain areas in Kuala Lumpur without the hassle of finding parking spots or paying expensive parking charges in the city.

I have heard and read many good feedback on this new MRT. Finally, yesterday was the day for me to try on taking the MRT for the first time. I still have to drive for about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the station nearer to my house. They should have MRT or at least having LRT (Ampang Line) extended to my area (Taman Muda or Taman Bukit Teratai) that has a huge population but lacks public transportation system. We took the MRT from Taman Mutiara station to Bukit Bintang station. Due to the 50% discount, the ride only costs RM1.50. That’s cheap.

Car park at the station is insufficient. The station is unnecessarily huge with plenty of empty spaces that can be used for setting up kiosks. The train is very new, spacious, clean and brightly lit. However, I felt extremely cold in the train. The air-conditioning is still very new and that’s why it is very cold inside. My destination is at Bukit Bintang station, an underground station that looks great with vibrant red colored reflective cladding. This MRT system is no doubt a great addition to the city and it will eventually help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

More areas should be covered in future addition or extension of train lines so that more people can rely on public transport in Klang Valley. This MRT Sungai Buloh and Kajang Line is only one of the steps to make it possible. Besides that, the integration of MRT with LRT, Monorail or other lines should be made as seamless as possible and the walking distance between their stations should be kept minimal. As for our Prime Minister’s comment that someone told him that our MRT is even better than those in New York, London or Hong Kong, I think he is being too proud of himself. Those were built much earlier and it is very usual for our country’s new MRT to be better looking to them.

First time to the Premium Outlet in Genting Highlands.

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The Genting Highlands Premium Outlet has opened its door for a month and yesterday is the first time I paid a visit to the outlet. With only about a month staying in Malaysia before flying back to Australia, I pick last weekend as the time for me to go up to Genting for at least once. I treat it as a short getaway to catch the colder air on the resort up on the hills.

The last time I went to Genting was in the past January. That was just 6 months ago. When I went up this time, I’m lost in direction. The whole First World Plaza is now closed and is replaced with the new Sky Avenue Mall. The mall is partially open when I visit in the last January. Some areas in the mall now are still empty and unfinished. The former casino in the First World Hotel’s building has also moved to a much more grand setting in the Sky Avenue Mall. It is now re-branded as ‘Sky Casino’.

That is the place where I lost RM500 on the roulette game on last Saturday’s evening. That was after a not-so-good meal in Madam Kwan’s Restaurant. The food served there are too sweet (the chef love to pour a lot of sugar into the dishes), the quantity are small and the price are unreasonable. Me and my parents moved to the other casino in the Genting Hotel on midnight to try our luck but we lost again. Another RM300 gone from my wallet. Hmm…I will take it as a charity donation to Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay to further develop the resort. View from the hotel room below:

So, we ended up not going into the casino anymore on Sunday on fear of losing more money. We instead had an awesome lunch at Din Tai Fung Restaurant. The food is delicious, the service is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the quality of every aspects are magnificent. Everything is great. Highly recommended place to have a nice meal. After the lunch, we took the new Awana Skyway (RM8 for a person) cable car ride down to the Premium Outlet as mentioned earlier. From there, we get to see some amazing views of the surrounding (the resort, the Chin Swee Temple, Awana Resorts, Gohtong Jaya, the Premium Outlet, and the hills).

From the ride, we also noticed that the construction of the 20th Century Fox World Outdoor Theme Park is super slow. There are still a lot to be done and I think it is highly likely that the opening for the theme park will be delayed again to possibly end of 2018.  Okay…back to the premium outlet. It is the second outlet of its kind in Malaysia (first one is in Johor). It is just an outdoor mall with famous branded stores selling slightly cheaper stuff. There are a lot of people there because it is still new. I won’t go there often if I have been there once.

On our way back home, we stopped by at the Chin Swee Temple for a short visit. The last time I visited the temple was way back many years ago when I was still a teenager. There are many new stuff (new plaza with Genting founder Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong’s statue, new sculptures depicting Chinese legends or beliefs, new vegetarian restaurant and observation tower building, etc) or things to visit and discover in the temple complex now. It also manages to attract a lot of foreign tourists. I’m tired during the visit and so I didn’t climb the pagoda tower. I always climb the tower every time I visit the temple in the past. Not this time.

That’s the end of our short trip up at Genting. Very ‘costly’ (due to gambling…haha) but rewarding in other sense that I got to visit new places this time. In the past, it is always the same for every corners in this mountain resort that has been here for like 50 years. It’s good news that the resort is now evolving to stay relevant and to continuously attract more visitors.

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No losing city in this year’s bid for 2024 Summer Olympic Games

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The voting for the host city of 2024 Summer Olympic Games will take place on this coming September. Only two cities are remaining in the bid; Paris and Los Angeles. In an extraordinary International Olympic Committee Session held yesterday, the committee approved a decision to award the games to both cities, one in 2024 and another one in 2028.

So, there wouldn’t be any losing city in this year’s bid for the games. If a city receives lesser number of votes in the voting, it will still host the games, but that would be the next edition (4 years later) than originally intended. That’s certainly good news for both Paris and Los Angeles. I have to admit both cities are more than capable to host this world’s largest international multi-sport event.

Which city do you think will get the 2024 games? My personal choice would be Paris. If I’m not mistaken, Paris has submitted bid a number of times in the last few editions of the games but lost every time. I remembered the city lost to London for 2012 games by only a few votes. The last time that Paris has hosted the games was in 1924. If Paris win the right to host 2024 games, it will be coincidentally marking 100th anniversary since the last Olympics in the city. I also like the simplicity of its logo showing the number ’24’ that also designed to resemble their iconic Eiffel Tower.

Check out their bidding’s presentation clips below:

Paris 2024

Los Angeles 2024

So my choice is Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028. This means that those cities which intend to bid for 2028 games has to drop out their plan and bid for 2032 games instead. I think this move will make the bidding for 2032 games to be more intense and exciting as more cities are expected to join the race by then. A joint bid by Malaysia and Singapore is explored and is possible for the 2032 games’ bid. I would love to see that but I think our chance is pretty low. It will be hard to resolve on many issues when more than one country is involved in a single games. Malaysia and Singapore have not even hosted Asian Games before (although Malaysia has hosted Commonwealth Games and Singapore has hosted Youth Olympic Games). I can only elaborate further on our chance if the joint bid is confirmed, and that is long way to go.

Can’t get myself to start doing work in my home.

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What’s my daily life now during this mid-year break? Woke up at around 10am, go online for a while, and then go fetch my nephew from school at 12pm, have lunch, continue surfing web or watching some movies or shows in the afternoon, have dinner at around 7 or 8pm, then back to my laptop again, and then sleep at 1am. That’s the usual routine. It is alright if this break is meant to be 100% task-free. But it is not, I actually have a lot of things to do for my thesis’ research and site analysis and I’m just feeling too lazy to even start on it.

Or maybe it’s my house environment that isn’t allowing me to be productive and motivated. Haha…so many excuses around. No…this isn’t me! I’m promising to start working on my tasks by next week. I have three more weeks to go before flying back to Perth to commence my final semester of my postgraduate study. Time flies. Almost half of my mid-year break is over. Shit!!!

Recently, I have been watching this currently airing TVB drama called ‘Bet Hur’. It is a big-production series that starred some heavy casts (Patrick Tse, Nat Chan, Charmaine Sheh, etc). However, I find it quite boring and meaningless at this point. I hope it will get better soon. I have also been re-watching some past episodes of ‘The Amazing Race’ and also watching the latest Fear Factor show that only airs an episode every week.

As for movie, I have watched ‘Despicable Me 3’ recently. The first two movies in this film series are very refreshing and engaging. People love to see the cute yellow minions in these movies and it even leads to a spin-off solo movie for the minions alone later on. That spin-off movie even went on to gross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office. Now came ‘Despicable Me 3’, when I start to feel tired watching Gru and the minions (they are still lovely characters but this latest installment didn’t offer anything new to the story). It is still a pleasant and an enjoyable movie especially for the kids but I don’t think it will match the success of its preceding films. The interest for it surely dies down. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Despicable Me 3’ a total of 6.8. This film franchise should just end to avoid from going further downhill.

I actually have a lot of movies that I can’t wait to watch. ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ and ’47 Metres Down’ are released some time ago. Eventhough everybody is heavily criticizing the latest Transformers movie right now, I would still want to see it to check for myself on how bad it is. I knew it is going to be bad but I just want to watch every single film of the franchise for a sense of ‘completeness’. ’47 Metres Down’ is a shark movie. I’m up for it. ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ is released today and I look forward to see how Marvel will perform with this second reboot and to see how Tom Holland handle this superhero role. And then, ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ will be released somewhere next week. I need someone to accompany me to cinema everyday now. Haha…

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Wait, what?! 2017 is already halfway over?!

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Yes, it is. The first half of the year is gone. In this first 6 months of the year, I have completed the second last semester of my postgraduate study smoothly (I consider it smooth despite all the sleepless nights I had), had 2 great vacations (one to Vietnam and the most recent one was to Thailand), watched a lot of dramas (I have watched over 9 dramas just in the first half of the year alone, a figure that I usually achieved for a whole year in the past) and bought a new laptop (to replace the old one that is no longer functioning normally). Those are some of my most memorable events in the first half of 2017. What are yours?

This July 2017 is the time for me to chill and enjoy the break before resuming with my final semester that will begin next month. It’s not a 100% holiday for me as I have to work on additional research and I need to conduct a detailed site analysis for my design thesis project next semester during this break. I think this 1 month will be very short and quick for me. I have to get my work prepared before turning back to 100% working mode on next month onward to get my thesis to a satisfying outcome.

There is no longer any vacation planned for this remaining half of the year. That’s sad. So what about next year? The following years? Where do I plan to visit? Well, I couldn’t really decide as the one who paid for most of the trips is my dad. Hence, he hold the power to decide which place to go next for our future vacations. Furthermore, I’m the one that have spent most of his money on my study. But if I am to choose a place that I’m looking forward to visit, then I’ll pick Egypt (I want to see the Egyptian temples and the Great Pyramids). I also want to visit Dubai (see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building the world, and the man-made islands), Spain (see the famous incomplete Sagrada Familia church), US (particularly New York City for its mega city skyline and many popular landmarks) and Japan (I have never been to Japan before eventhough I consider myself to have traveled to quite a number of countries especially in Asia in the past).

So many countries in my list. Where’s the money? Haha…I will just go on and dream first. What I can do right now is to work well on my thesis so that I can be ‘seen’ and get a good job with good salary (of course). Then only I can treat my whole family to vacations around the world.