Two viral news on the past Tuesday; cathedral’s fire and taxi scandal.

It is forgivable if a person keep browsing through social media on last Tuesday and not able to concentrate on work. Why? There are two major news that happened on that particular day that shocked most of us and seriously stole our attention.

The first one was the fire that destroyed the spire and a portion of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This famous 850-years old structure was currently under renovation and the fire that destroyed its roof, upper walls, spire and part of the interior was likely caused by short circuit. There is a horrifying video showing the moment the spire collapsed during the raging fire. It is announced that the cathedral will be restored and the process will takes about 20 years or more.

This is the first viral news of the day. Pictures of the cathedral on fire flooded my Facebook home page. I have visited Paris before and I did saw this amazing structure during the trip. It is sad to know that we will be unable to see this cathedral in its original glory anymore.

When late afternoon comes, another news is popping out everywhere and this one hits mostly to the Chinese because it involves the Hong Kong entertainment industry. A video surfaced and quickly went viral; a 17-minutes cam recording in a taxi showing TVB actress and former Miss Hong Kong runner-up, Jacqueline Wong kissing and being very intimate with singer, Andy Hui, the husband of Cantopop queen, Sammi Cheng. Andy immediately hold a press conference on 7pm that day to apologize to everyone. Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Kenneth Ma (a famous TVB actor) also attended interview by the media the next day. Jacqueline posted her comment and apology on Instagram a moment before Kenneth’s interview. Then, finally, Sammi broke her silence by posting her response on Instagram yesterday. All four affected people had responded, but this issue had involved all members of the Hong Kong entertainment circle to be chased by reporters for comments, particularly their friends.

What’s my view on this? The crying and apology by Andy is an act. His words are pretty clever (he mentioned that he is drunk on that time and he is not calling that as an excuse). Well, when you mentioned that, you are already citing alcohol as an excuse for your disgusting action. I can see clearly from the clip that you are still very conscious and not drunk (only maybe a little). It also looks clear to me that they have been very close (can see from their interaction and body language in the taxi) for some time and may have done it couple of times already. Only this time, they got caught. Even the other friend that board the cab with them suspected them and insisted to take Jacqueline back home first but got ignored and rejected. Jacqueline is the one that made the advance as seen in the video. Sorry for my bad words, but it looks like she can’t wait to get screwed. What a cheap, shameless and disgusting lady. I’m hoping her career is done. She deserves this (she also tarnished Miss Hong Kong image badly). Cheating with someone’s husband is already a sin and she did that to a friend’s husband too (she is friend with Sammi too). That’s another level.

Kenneth is a nice guy and he should just break up with this woman. He deserves so much better. As for Sammi, she responded (in an Instagram post that attracted about 300 000 likes and 40 000 comments) that she forgive him and treat this as a lesson to their marriage, as a challenge to a marriage that has ups and downs For me, that cheating is more than just a lesson. It is more like a betrayal to their marriage. She shouldn’t be that soft on this matter. Anyway, I hope the best for her and it’s best for them to settle on their own since it is their private issue in the end. This is just my personal opinion. I’m happy to see her having the strength to overcome this and not to see her falling back into depression (illness she had over a decade ago that lasts several years). This event is such a big blow to the couple, which is famously known as Hong Kong’s last fairytale couple as highlighted by Dayo Wong in the past during one of Sammi’s concert. This is certainly the biggest entertainment news of the year so far.

Anway, today is Good Friday and is a public holiday here in Singapore. Good! Longer weekend for me to return to KL and enjoy! Have a blessed Good Friday to all who are celebrating!

(Images in this post are from various online sources)