The day to vote for a better Malaysia.

That’s it. Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow is the date for the 14th General Election of Malaysia. This would be my first time to vote but unfortunately, I couldn’t do so. That is because I have just started working in Singapore and I couldn’t take any leave yet. I felt bad because I do really want to exercise my right and responsibility as a Malaysian citizen to vote in the election. I saw from news and Facebook posts that a lot of Malaysians are trying very hard to cast their vote either by returning home from oversea or doing the postal voting. I admire their determination.

Although the opposition would not have much problem winning in my area, but I do still wish to show to them that there are actually a lot more people in support of them but couldn’t get back to vote. It’s also about telling the world on how bad Najib-led government is. I will not be there but my family will be to cast their votes. I will be paying a lot of attention to the updates of the election day tomorrow and wait anxiously for the result that will come in tomorrow evening.

I am extending my wish and prayer for Pakatan Harapan, the opposition pact that comprises of PKR, DAP, Amanah and Pribumi to win big in the election tomorrow and successfully gained the majority in the Parliament to form the next government. Although I have to agree that there are bad things on both sides (BN and Pakatan), but I do believe that it’s the time for a change. BN already has over 60 years in power. They are being too comfortable with their position and wealth until they forget about the country and its people. It’s time for handover to Pakatan to govern the nation for a much better Malaysia in the coming years.

For Malaysians who are already in Malaysia, please do vote. Even if you are voting for Barisan Nasional, please do so as it is your right and your choice (then you will end up suffering for the next 5 years and continue observing downfall of the country). I love my country, but not the present government that runs it. I’m sick of it (all the corruption, all the scandal, all the nonsense decisions, all the racism remarks, all the race-based policies, etc). Pakatan may not be perfect (has their issues too) but as I said earlier, this is the time that all of us should give them a chance. Let’s all get out and make history for the nation!


For all Malaysians who are eligible to vote, happy voting tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the day (it’s public holiday in Malaysia!…I’m jealous over here).

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