2 years left only and can Malaysia achieved Vision 2020? Nope…

Many years ago, the former prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has created this ‘Vision 2020’ of which he expects Malaysia to turn into a developed nation by 2020. The leadership since then has passed on to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and then to the current Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This is already year 2018 and we only have 2 years more to reach year 2020. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will achieve the status of a developed country.

It does not only takes a country’s economy, people’s literacy level, or government’s infrastructure building effort to determine whether a country is developed. A huge part of the responsibility lies on the people themselves. Their mentality. With the recent news of people throwing off office chair from their high-rise flat that killed innocent people passing by on the ground, I felt angered and sad over the present mentality of a lot of Malaysians. Other reports surfaced after this tragic accident, and that includes unidentified people throwing fridge, glass bottle, used diapers, packet of drink, television down to the street…and I’m not surprised. I used to visit my late grandmother’s home in a public housing flat for many years in the past. I had to withstand the smell of pees in the elevators, vandalism all over the place, smelly environment with rubbish thrown everywhere, etc. People who have been doing these are really uneducated. With this kind of mentality, we are no where close to the Vision 2020’s goals. We don’t even need to look so far for examples to learn from. Just look at our neighbouring country, Singapore. Everyone is so disciplined and taking cleanliness seriously.

The government also plays a huge role to ensure that our country is moving forward. However, our present government moves backward. While I have to admit that the recent opening of MRT is a really positive news for the country (actually only for people living in KL), there are so much more poor things that the government have done that we have not forget. Just take the recent event for an example. DBKL (city council for Kuala Lumpur) has reportedly spent RM4 billion on creating a 6km bicycle lane on KL roads by painting them blue. It was then later corrected that the actual amount of money spent on this project is RM4 million. And then, they went a step further to defend themselves by comparing their cost to a similar project by opposition-led state government in Penang. That is the mentality of our authority! And by the way, RM4 million for that 6km of blue-painted lane is still super costly! That’s equal to RM666.67 for a metre of paint. Totally unreasonable cost. Furthermore, the blue lanes have been criticized for poor thought and planning, and for posing risk to both cyclists and motorists. So, this is like throwing RM4 million (people’s money) into the drain yet again. The money went into some people’s pockets again.

And then, here comes another viral issue. The official logo for Visit Malaysia 2020 has been released by the authority recently and it received serious backlash from most of the people. Why? The design is so low-quality and cheaply made. I wonder how much money they have spent on this one! (Must be thousands or millions again just for a shit-looking logo). The minister defended by saying that it is impossible to get everyone to agree with the design. He also said that the logo is never intended for the locals (only for tourists) and that he did not hire outsiders with huge price to work on the logo. He clarified that he has his people in his department to work on it instead. Well, that still costs money, right?! And the logo is really awful as if it was made with Microsoft Word or Paint two decades ago. This is leaving very silly impression to the tourists and putting our country’s name to shame. I’m glad that a lot of people online are now creating much more beautiful designs of the logo (so much more creative) and had posted them up. However, I’m sure that the authority will just ignore all of that and proceed with their ‘backward’ mentality.

The country’s general election will be held somewhere this year, before August 2018. It’s time to make the right decision and vote wisely. We have seen what’s been happening to our country. Efficient investigation into the smaller-scale underwater tunnel project in Penang but no investigation at all to the big-scale 1MDB scandal. In the end, the current ruling coalition is still predicted to win on this coming election (although I don’t wish to) because of the serious gerrymandering trick by them, chaos and disunity within opposition parties, and barrier from the opposition parties to reach to the Eastern states that contribute big winning to the ruling coalition in all these years. I’m looking for a big change, but that would just happen in my dream, but not in reality.

How can a country be doing well with this kind of attitude, both from the government and the people themselves?!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)