Review for Hong Kong drama ‘My Unfair Lady’ (2017)

Another new Hong Kong series is watched completely just now with the airing of the final two episodes. It is ‘My Unfair Lady’ (不懂撒嬌的女人) that starred Jessica Hsuan, Frankie Lam, Natalie Tong, Vincent Wong, Samantha Ko, Zoie Tam, Chris Lai, etc. This 28-episodes drama is TVB’s first 4K production (ultra high definition) and also saw the return of Jessica and Frankie to TVB. The series basically revolves around two strong-willed cousins who are great in career but not in romance. The older cousin (portrayed by Jessica) heads an office department with her strict and mean personalities while her younger cousin (portrayed by Natalie) is under her control and supervision all the time.

My review of the drama? Hmm…it’s a very boring drama. I’m not interested in a series that focuses too much on romance. I’m just not into this kind of genre. I think females may like this series more. I’m surprised that this drama received quite a good reception and TV viewership ratings. I felt the opposite. It’s boring, draggy and pointless. The earlier episodes are still fine with me as I’m interested to watch the office politics and the time when Molly (portrayed by Jessica) is still a mean boss. When she and Gordon (portrayed by Frankie) quit the jobs in that office, the plot starts to get really dull and I’m not engaged to it at all since then. The overuse of the romantic song when showing the Saving-Cherry pair (portrayed by Vincent and Natalie) is annoying. Even their pairing in this drama appears to be time-wasting. People who enjoyed romantic stuff will bash me for such comment.

I’m so glad that the drama is over. I first watched it because I’m looking forward to see Jessica Hsuan back in a TVB drama. She did well, but this role is not much challenging to her except in the earlier episodes when she kept on voicing out lengthy dialogues in stressed mode. Some supporting cast did good job in here such as Chris, Vincent, Natalie, Zoie and the man that portray Oscar (I don’t know his name). Their good performance couldn’t save this drama from being almost like a rubbish with nothing exciting or appealing. This is like the first drama this year when I went on to do something else while having most of its episodes playing on my laptop every evening. It’s so boring that I couldn’t have my eyes on it for 40 minutes every day (40 minutes is the rough duration of an episode).

Out of 10 points, I rate ‘My Unfair Lady’ a total of 6.1. I really couldn’t believe it receives good feedback. A lot of viewers now are desperate for some romantic dramas while I’m onto something more action, suspenseful or climactic. It looks like I have to wait till later of this year for release of some really cool dramas. Right now, the line-up of coming dramas are not appealing. It’s bad timing as I will soon have a bit of free time beginning next month as my current semester is ending (I hope it ends very soon…I want to escape from all the madness from the assignments) but have no good quality series to watch during the holiday. Good dramas will only be up by end of this year as predicted and that is the time when I’m working on my thesis. Damn…

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8 Responses to “Review for Hong Kong drama ‘My Unfair Lady’ (2017)”

  1. Hi, do you know the song that Natalie Tong sing in this series. If so in English tittle please thanks

  2. “I couldn’t really believe it received good feedback”

    “I’m not interested in a series that focuses too much on romance”

    “The line-up of coming dramas are not appealing.”

    Seriously? How can you be a reviewer if you say sentences like those? You’re not a reviewer, you’re a fan. Just a normal television viewer. Don’t call yourself a reviewer.

    To be a reviewer, you need to have general interest in all genres, in order to look past the genre and make objectives judgements of story, plot, performances and direction. You are just making comments like a biased viewer.

    If you want to review, please develop a general interest in all things and review a show for what it should be reviewed for. And not say sentences like:

    “A lot of viewers are desperate for some romantic drama while I’m onto something more action, suspenseful or climactic”.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Dear Gary,
      I believe all reviewers would still have the bias in their opinions. We are all humans after all. I would rather call myself a reviewer rather than a fan. A fan is obviously more inappropriate. I can write down my personal opinions on whatever direction I’m wishing on since it is my personal thoughts. I’m sorry that you must be one of the people who love the show and can’t take the harsh reality that I’m commenting on the series.

      • I totally agree with Vincent and I am a female. I am a fan of all genre but this drama totally sucked. I couldnt even stand the first episode alone, the script is so boring and the storyline is also not appealing at all. I was quite excited to see Jessica and Frankie but totallt disappointed with the whole thing. I didnt understand why this drama could peak well at the ending

  3. I would say that this drama had alot of potential. Even the romance could’ve gone somewhere. But seriously it felt like a tvb flop big time. Has a good theme but really bad writing. Saving and Cherry’s story Just dragged on way too much in the finale, should’ve included Annie and oscar’s story instead.

    Also the show didn’t really have a profounding Villian more like alot of secrets and misunderstandings.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Agree. Excessive secrets and misunderstandings that didn’t help to elevate the story. I saw potential when I watched the first few episodes but it just goes downhill after that to my disappointment.

  4. Estelle Says:

    The beginning was rather engaging for me, but after they quit their job in the office , I find the whole plot starts falling apart. I find it really difficult to gel the plot in the beginning ( where the Molly and Gordon were at odds) with the plot after they got back together and suddenly the big boss stopped trusting Gordon and left for Shanghai to start a new business. The whole story with them being in Shanghai was the most draggy and pointless. To think there were supposedly so many secrets , the ending was too abrupt. The wrapping up of the story was sloppy, could do more with the background of why big boss was tangled up in the CEO’s marriage.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Agree. I has the same thought with you. Things just don’t gel together well. Poor mixing of storylines. I’m still surprised by all the news praising how good the series is or how great the cast performance were! I totally think the other way round. The cast did well, but not amazingly great to the point that they are worth mentioning.

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