End of semester is near…and that’s why I’m super busy now.

In few more weeks, I will be going back to Malaysia after this semester is done. The end is near and so there are a lot of assignments’ deadlines coming up and I have a lot of works to rush on. That is inevitable for life of an architecture student. The only consolation we have is that we don’t have any examinations and that we can return home early than the others. I on the other hand, somehow prefer to rather sit for examination than facing tons of assignments to complete. I just need to spend some time like about two to three days before the test to revise on the books. But for the assignments, I have to work like mad for many weeks.

Hence, I won’t be reaching my blog here that often especially in these few crucial weeks that will decide whether I would be ending this semester with satisfying result. You would have noticed that I also didn’t post any movie review recently. It is something that I love to do after I have watched several new films. But not for now anymore as I don’t have time or even the mood to watch them recently due to the pressure from my study. I’m actually looking forward to watch ‘Alien: Covenant’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ which is coming out next week if I’m not mistaken. I’ll wait till the end of the semester for them.

Recently, I’m touched by Celine Dion in her performance (watch video below) in Billboard Music Awards 2017 when she sang her iconic classic, ‘My Heart Will Go On’, the theme song for the epic hit 1997 movie ‘Titanic’. I can’t believe this year marks the 20th anniversary of that movie and also of the song. I’m old. Who doesn’t love this song and get touched by it? Even the strongest man’s heart will melt after hearing the song. And the movie topped it off. She gave a powerful performance that evening and ended with a minute-long standing ovation from all the audiences in the awards show. She is no doubt a great singer…a legend. She did came to the awards last year too to receive the Billboard Icon Award. Last year was a tragic year for her as she lost her husband as well as her brothers (two days later after her husband’s death). Now, she stand strong back and return to perform. What a great diva. Awesome dress too.

She is having a show yesterday’s evening and she took the opportunity to invite the crowds to send prayer and thought to those who lost their lives recently in Manchester’s terrorist attack. The attack which the IS already claimed responsibility took lives of 22 person including children. Bombs were detonated at the foyer of the Manchester Arena right after the conclusion of Ariane Grande concert at the time when many people were leaving the venue. It was believed to be conducted by a suicide bomber. It’s really depressing to see more of such tragic events happening across the world.


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