And so, the two weeks of my holiday ends!

The holiday disappeared! I didn’t go out for any vacation and I didn’t have a single day totally dedicated to be off-assignment day. Two weeks of mid-semester break is gone just like that. What have I been doing the past two weeks? I have been working on my assignments and still they are not completely finished. There is actually a long way to go to have them finished. I’m also trying my very best to be productive during the break but I just can’t. I have to get my comfy sleep and I just can’t let those assignments to ruin my mood everyday. There will be a major design studio submission next Friday. Wish me luck…

I thought I would of at least watch three new movies in this holiday since I got some ‘so-called’ free time and there are quite a number of nice movies out now. However, I ended up to have watched only one; ‘The Fate of the Furious’. You can check out my review to this movie in my previous blog post. The movie set the record for the biggest opening weekend worldwide, beating the previous record holder, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. Now, it is on track to be the second movie of 2017 to gross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office, after ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which had just achieved that milestone not long ago. ‘The Fate of the Furious’ didn’t really perform that well in US but it did exceptionally well in all oversea markets.

During this holiday, I have been spending my time working on my assignments while listening to music. Those who are familiar with me will know that I like Sammi Cheng’s songs a lot. She is a Hong Kong singer and actress and she is famously called as Cantopop Diva due to her immense success in entertainment industry. Recently, I kept repeating this side-track song medley by her. I think it’s a collection of some of her unpopular songs she released many years ago. She has over 100 songs and so there are some that are not given the deserved attention inevitably. You can listen it below if you understand Cantonese. Even if you don’t, you can also just enjoy the melody that sounds very nice.

That’s it for my blog update. I have to get back to my ‘never-complete’ studio works.


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