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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World (as of April 2017)

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The two cities that witness the birth of skyscrapers are Chicago and New York City in United States. That was over a hundred years ago after the introduction of steel framed construction and passenger elevator that enables buildings to be built much taller. Now in 2017, only one building in United States that is placed within the top 10 tallest buildings in the world currently. The other 9 are generally all located in Asia. Here below is the current top 10 tallest buildings in the world as of April 2017. The list only includes completed buildings and does not include television towers, observation towers, masts, antennas or buildings with very little percentage of habitable floors.

  1. Burj Khalifa, 828 metres, 163 floors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (completed in 2010).

2. Shanghai Tower, 632 metres, 128 floors, Shanghai, China (completed in 2015).

3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, 601 metres, 120 floors, Mecca, Saudi Arabia (completed in 2012).

4. Ping An Finance Center, 599 metres, 115 floors, Shenzhen, China (completed in 2017).

5. Lotte World Tower, 555 metres, 123 floors, Seoul, South Korea (completed in 2017).

6. One World Trade Center, 541 metres, 104 floors, New York City, United States (completed in 2014).

7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, 530 metres, 111 floors, Guangzhou, China (completed in 2016).

8. Taipei 101, 508 metres, 101 floors, Taipei, Taiwan (completed in 2004).

9. Shanghai World Financial Center, 492 metres, 101 floors, Shanghai, China (completed in 2008).

10. International Commerce Centre, 484 metres, 108 floors, Hong Kong, China (completed in 2010).

This list will change drastically from year to year due to rapid increase of construction of supertall skyscrapers in the world in recent decade. More and more new buildings are reaching further to the sky. Out of the current top 10 tallest buildings in the world, half of them are in China (this doesn’t even include Taipei 101 in Taiwan). 8 of them soar above 500 metres in height respectively too. Also noted is that every buildings in this top 10 tallest list has over 100 floors respectively. The tallest in the world, Burj Khalifa has been on the top of the list for over 7 years now. By 2020, it is expected to be defeated by Kingdom Tower, a skyscraper currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. That tower is projected to soar above 1000 metres (1 km!) when completed in 2020.

The oldest supertall in this list is Taipei 101 which is only 13 years old by now as it is built in 2004. More and more new buildings are joining the list with two newcomers this year; Ping An Finance Center and Lotte World Tower at No.4 and No.5 placing respectively. Former world’s tallest buildings and still the current world’s tallest twin buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers are kicked out of the top 10 list this year as they are now placed at No.11 (and 12) with height of 452 metres. Too bad…my home coutry’s famous twin towers are now out of the ranking. Anyway, in few years to come, Malaysia will have another new supertall; PNB 118 Tower that will certainly join this top 10 list with a height of over 600 metres.

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A much needed break is finally here.

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Yes. My 2-weeks long mid-semester break has arrived. I have waited a long time for this. Every semester, there would be two separate tuition-free weeks. In this semester, the two weeks¬†are on one after another. A 2 continuous weeks to enjoy. It is good for those who plan to take a long trip elsewhere during this break. But it ain’t good for me who prefer to use the time wisely for rest and for my assignments. Thinking of the excessive number of free days in this break, I would easily becoming very lazy and unmotivated to do any work. If the holiday is only a week, then I knew I have to manage my time well to gain the most out of the free week. And then, there will be also another 1 week of break left later on that would be good. Now, it’s all put together, and after this, it’s all pressure to get this semester done.

My housemate even asked why I don’t use this time to go back to Malaysia since I am the nearest to my home country compared to all the other five housemates in my residence. Well, if I go back, it will carry away my concentration and I don’t think I will be doing anything much on my assignments already.¬†Since I will be back on mid of the year later, I won’t take the trouble to return again as plane ticket is not cheap though. Now, I will just prepare a timetable for this 2-weeks of break, allocating about three quarters of it to work on my assignments in no-rush mode and the remaining time for chilling. What a best feeling when I don’t have to set any alarm for the next morning now on every night.

Talking about Malaysia, I was recently very alerted by a statement from a politician. If you are a Malaysian, I’m sure you know what viral topic I will be talking about. He mentioned that a rapist need to just marry the rape victim in order to avoid from being sentenced. He further added that even 9-years old girl can get married if she reach puberty early by that age. I can’t believe that people with such mindset still exist. And the worst thing, he is a politician, a figure who is helping to run the country. How is Malaysia going to be a nation with advanced society with people like this?! I’m sure there will be a number of people supporting such statement too and this is such a disgust. It’s against everything. And I haven’t even started on some other funny and viral topics in Malaysia recently such as the return of the ‘Raja Bomoh’ and his idiotic rituals and his claim that he has been protecting the country for 70 years since his birth. Hahaha…You will get entertained just by reading some news from Malaysia.