Dwells into some architectural issues and topics recently.

Week 5 of the semester is gone. Another 10 weeks to go roughly before it ends. Long way to go. It looks like in this semester, I’m having this habit of counting down how many weeks left in a blog post whenever a weekend arrives. I have been using up my brain to the maximum capacity recently to think deep on my thesis proposal as well as for my design studio’s project. By the end of this semester, I would have grown a lot of white hair. I can’t seem to stop thinking and worrying about them. Perhaps, I should listen to one of my tutors’ advice which is to chill until Week 10 and only start pressuring myself from that week onward. Haha…obviously, I can’t do that.

My design project for this semester’s studio is actually quite interesting. I am tasked to design a new School of Built Environment on a site proposed as part of the future development of my current campus. If you are studying architecture in Curtin University’s Bentley campus, you would know how terrible and old our current architecture building is. It’s a good move to relocate the school to a new facility. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to enjoy learning in a new building as I would have graduated by the time this project is truly realized. Designing a new building that we often get associated to! Sounds fun! It would be much better if my brain can work out some crazy and creative ideas for my design.

As for my thesis proposal, I have fixed my subject of research from Week 1 already. However, I’m having difficulties narrowing it down to a certain area for me to research and challenge on. I sort of having some ideas but there’s just too many things going on in my mind right now. My subject of research is on skyscraper, a subject that I’m very fond of (you will know it if you have been following my blog for a long time). And my area is on how to get a skyscraper to be socially vibrant within the inhabitants themselves and also to its surrounding urban environment. Skyscraper is usually regarded as a building typology where social interaction is minimal and is disconnected to the rest of the city it is located in. I wish to challenge it by reinventing high-rise to be a socially activated place. I summarize it up to Skyscraper + Social = Vertical Neighborhood. I hope my thesis supervisor will be enthusiastic to my topic and will guide me well to the end of this year for my final semester’s thesis submission. I’m hoping to have fun on my thesis too. People are building skyscrapers everywhere in the world now. It’s a trend and I wish my research here will be helpful for my future career too. I’m looking to be a future ‘skyscraper specialist’. haha…

(Image above is from Romain Jacquet)

Recently, I came across a viral news of an architecture office proposing for a concept of a suspended skyscraper. It is a very tall building not sitting on the Earth, but on the asteroid that floats and orbits around the Earth. The idea is very cool and this news becomes viral in these few days. But of course, there would be multitude of challenges to make this happen. It may work, but many things need to be resolved. But for right now, it just opens up our mind of what skyscrapers can do in the future besides than just getting taller and taller. See the suspended skyscraper’s concept below:

And ohh yeah…we have came into a new month. It’s April now! It’s April Fools Day! Time to prank your friends for a fun day!


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