First week done…looks like there is going to be a lot to do in this semester. On the other hand, a drama review for ‘Tiger Mom Blues’ (2017).

First week of the semester is over! Usually, first week is the week when the lecturers will only hand out and explain on the module outlines and give brief introduction to their respective units. This is not the case for my course; Master of Architecture. In this first week itself, besides than introducing the unit, we have to start to work on so many things; thinking and conducting research on personal topic for thesis next semester, understanding professional practice and the many procedures and documentations involved and carrying out and presenting site analysis for a design project.


So many things until that I find 24 hours for a day is not enough. It’s going to be like that for the rest of the semester and now, it’s just the beginning! Well, don’t get myself too stress for now first. It’s just week 1. Should chill down a bit and enjoy this weekend first.

On the other hand, recently, a TVB series called ‘Tiger Mom Blues’ (親親我好媽) has finished airing and I completed it. It is a Hong Kong drama that basically revolves a mother who is very strict to her family particularly to her two daughters, trying all methods to control and decide for them in everything. I believe this actually reflects to most parents nowadays too without giving a bit more freedom to the children to decide on their own. Back to the story, the series developed with more conflicts in her daughters’ school, in her husband’s job, and dealing with return of her eldest daughter’s biological mother. The 20-episodes series starred Elena Kong, Ben Wong, Sharon Chan, Willie Wai, Matthew Ho, Koni Lui, Michelle Yim, Angelina Lo, etc.


This is obviously a family drama. So, don’t expect any actions or professional people on duties in this drama. It’s a warm story that comes with a number of heartfelt and relatable family situations. I think this is the first drama for Elena Kong to become the first female lead. I always see her in supporting roles in the past and she was great in them. I’m not surprised that she is doing absolutely well as the ‘fierce’ mother in this drama too. She gets into the character very well. Same goes to everyone else especially the young actress (didn’t know her name) who portrayed as her eldest daughter. Watching the series day by day, and didn’t realize it ended so quickly at 20 episodes. It’s a fairly good drama but after some time, this will be forgettable too.



The series lacks memorable moments and lacks intense or dramatic plots especially in major first half of the series, has some plotholes (like since when the wife gets back together with her husband after a very serious quarrel, since when the wife’s mother changed her attitude so quickly to her husband whom her mother didn’t like at all, etc). Sharon Chan’s relationship with Willie Wai is boring to watch (I never like Willie Wai and in this drama, he gets quite a heavy role). In the end, Elena’s family and their issues in the drama save the day. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Tiger Mom Blues’ a total of 7.0. I think I have to stop watching two dramas every evening since my semester has already started and I have to allocate more time for my study from now onward.

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