Started first class of the semester yesterday.

Wow…we have come to the third month of the year. Yesterday was the last day of February, and it was also the first day of class for this semester. It’s good to be back to campus, attending classes as a student. The only not good thing is getting to know all the assignments and their deadlines. It’s great to walk the usual path to the campus again (usually I enjoyed the 10 minutes walk to the campus but not this time during the summer season when it is so hot), wandering inside the architecture building (time to get lost in this block again…it’s so weird, the classroom is on 7th floor, and when you go up to 7th floor, you can’t find it…the room is only accessible from a single stair up from a corner on 6th floor…who designed this?), to meet back my classmates and lecturers (some new faces too). Hmm…my busy mode starts.

I noticed that there are a lot of significant things associated to the number 50, particularly 50th anniversary. The university I’m studying at right now, Curtin University is celebrating 50th birthday this year. It’s their grand 50th anniversary celebration. Well, it has nothing to do with me unless the university announced huge reduction for our school fees. Well, I’m dreaming. This huge campus has been here in Perth for 50 years. My former employers in the last two architecture offices that I worked with before I came to study were all graduated from Curtin coincidentally. I will be the next one hopefully.


What I’m doing usually on evening everyday besides than having dinner and doing assignment? I will be watching some TVB dramas. TVB is a major television company from Hong Kong and is famous for delivering various series and programmes for entertainment of Chinese not only in Hong Kong but also abroad. This year, this station will be celebrating its 50th anniversary too. And I’m looking forward to their grand production (series) near end of this year which will include ‘Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2’, ‘Heart of Greed 3’, ‘Line Walker 2’, etc. Currently, I’m watching two series (now in broadcast); ‘Tiger Mom Blues’ and ‘Destination Nowhere’. So, I’m quite occupied on almost every evening. Sometimes, we need to take a break out of the study stress, and hence here comes TVB series to save the day. I have watched TVB stuff for about 20 years already.


So much ’50’ around. I hope that doesn’t reflect into any of my subjects’ result. 50 is just a mere passing mark and I’m not too keen about that. I’m setting a much higher expectation to all the subjects in my study. Okay…that’s it for my first post of the month. Have a great month, everyone!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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