Goodbye Malaysia….I’m back to Perth.

Goodbye Malaysia! I have come to Perth for my final year of postgraduate study. I arrived here yesterday early morning and got back to my house accommodation in the afternoon. I spent the whole day yesterday unpacking my stuff and buying the needed groceries. It was tiring but it’s really good to come back to the same room I had stayed on last year. It’s also lovely to know that the laundry in my accommodation is now free! Yes!

Once I got here, the first thing I’m surprised with is the weather. It is right now summer in Australia but the weather is chilling. It is supposed to be nearing 40 degree celsius in the afternoon but the temperature couldn’t even get past 25 degree celsius. I felt like I am on Genting Highlands right now with the current temperature. At night, the temperature even dropped to around 10 degree celsius. Well, I don’t need to be that happy so soon for not encountering extremely hot weather. It’s because the weather forecast stated that this weekend is going to be hot with temperature rising to nearly 40 degree celsius to match the supposed-to-be summer season now.

The semester hasn’t started yet and so I’m still quite free right now. I will take the time to walk around in the campus and visit the city once again. I can’t wait to meet back my fellow classmates and also to get to know two new housemates in my flat this year. My first class of the semester is on next Tuesday and I’m informed recently that there is no orientation session for us this year. Damn…if I knew it earlier, I would not be coming to Australia so soon so that I can enjoy my break in Malaysia a bit longer.


Time flies. I still remembered very well how much I’m anticipating to return to Malaysia on the past November for my long break. Now, the break was over and I’m back here. Very soon, I will be finishing the programme and graduates.

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2 Responses to “Goodbye Malaysia….I’m back to Perth.”

  1. Didn’t you move to Melbourne or something?

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