Last night in Malaysia before going back to Perth.

My nephew is giving us a very gloomy expression throughout the whole dinner time we had just now. Well, it’s understandable since it is Monday tomorrow. Monday blues start right on Sunday night for everyone especially for him who is still not used to studying for long hours in Standard One (primary school). A full week is looming ahead and just now is the time for him to showcase his ‘acting’, showing all the ‘falling sick’ expression so that his mom (my sister) will let him be absent for school tomorrow. This trick didn’t work anymore.

It’s also a great ‘Monday blues’ mood for me right now as I will be finally flying back to Perth tomorrow to continue my study. No more holiday and it’s time for me to be prepared to welcome incoming huge amount of assignments in this final year of my master programme. I have done packing earlier and there is still some stuff for me to pack tomorrow morning before setting off to the airport. A lot of stuff to carry tomorrow to the airport as expected.

I managed to watch the last part of the 2016 TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship just now. It is aired simultaneously from Hong Kong and it has two Malaysians competing in it. The two Malaysians are the ones finishing first and second place in Astro Star Quest 2016; Wendyy and Brian. Our home champion, Wendyy lost in the earlier round surprisingly but fortunately, we still have one Malaysian standing on the stage. He eventually won the competition beating out competitors from Hong Kong, Singapore and United States. Wow…congratulations! This is the third consecutive win for Malaysia in this annual competition held in Hong Kong. Uriah won the 2014 edition, Jacqueline won the 2015 edition, and now Brian won the 2016 one.

By tomorrow at this time, I would be in the plane en route to Perth. This time, I will only be spending about four months over there for one semester before flying back to Perth by mid of the year. I won’t be staying there during the winter break like last year. Looking forward to commence my third of the four semesters in my Master of Architecture programme.


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