Last trip to Genting last weekend before flying back to Australia again

Since I have returned to Malaysia for my study break last November, I always wanted to go up to Genting at least once before I’m returning to Australia again for my study. That wish is fulfilled when I got to go up to that famous mountain resort last weekend with my parents. It would be a big wish if I am still a child because I remember how much I wanted to go up there with my whole family when I was a little kid for all the fun at the theme parks there. Now, the only reason we go up there (being an adult already) is the ‘fun’ from the casino.

I can’t believe that I’m still getting free room promotion up until now at the First World Hotel which is now the largest hotel in the world in term of number of rooms since the addition of an annex building to the Tower 2 not long ago. Complimentary room….now that’s good as I got to save money on the room for something else. There is a visible change to Genting Highlands since I last visited it over a year ago. The construction for the new outdoor theme park called 20th Century Fox World to replace the old one is still on-going and I find that their progress is very slow. Perhaps the frequent misty weather is not helping the construction site. Its opening has been delayed several times and now I’m guess the long-awaited theme park (will be the world’s first 20th Century Fox World theme park) will only be ready by 2018. Part of the previous land on the former outdoor theme park is also allocated for a new shopping mall called Sky Avenue and it has been partially opened when I visited it last weekend.

This Sky Avenue has over 70 new restaurants (Dragon-I, Madam Kwan’s, Absolute Thai, Morganfield’s, Burger & Lobster, Malaysian Food Street, etc) and retail shops (Adidas, Samsung, Padini, Giordano, G2000, Puma, Skechers, etc). Besides that, it has three atriums, with one of them decorated with huge LED screens all around for a magical visual display for visitors. There would also be a new casino in here (not opened yet) as well as a cable car ride at the Awana Skyway (already opened) linked to this building. I guess this Sky Avenue Mall will be fully ready together with the opening of the outdoor theme park in 2018. An impressive new addition to the mountain resort that has been here for almost 50 years. A transformation is needed to keep Genting ‘alive’ and this Sky Avenue is part of it. Next time, we will have more choices for places to dine and we can even do great shopping up there. By the way, do not confuse this mall with Genting Premium Outlet, another mall under construction currently at the lower level of the peak.


As for my luck in the casino, I won only RM100 after two days of playing. I only played roulette. On Saturday’s afternoon before dinner, I lost RM300 on the roulette table. It is so hard to play the table one because the minimum bet is RM20. That is so expensive. Only the rich can play them now. Not me. After dinner of which we met our relatives coincidentally, I went in to the casino again to try my luck. This time, I played the roulette on machine because their minimum bet is much lower at RM5 and I won back RM300. That’s no win and no loss at the end of the day. Before leaving Genting on Sunday afternoon, I went into the casino with my dad again and this time I won from playing the machine’s roulette. Well, only RM100 as mentioned earlier. Well, better than nothing. I tend to spend quite a long time in casino not because I’m an addict to gambling, but because I like to see other people’s games in the casino and all their drama from either winning or losing. I also enjoyed being stopped by the guard at the casino’s entrances to check my identification because it means I look younger than 21 years old, the minimum age to enter the casino. Haha…

We also visited the Genting Visitor Gallery to explore the success stories behind the resort’s founder, the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. We and many other people usually just passed by that area without noticing this gallery. This time, we finally went in to catch a glimpse of the history of the resort. There are a lot of images of the founder or his son (Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, now the boss of the resort) with foreign dignitaries, prime ministers, famous people, etc as well as a huge replica model of the whole Genting Highlands on display in this rather small gallery.


Yesterday, me and my family finally had a better ‘reunion’ dinner. Better here means more costly compared to the much more economical dinner we had on the Chinese New Year’s Eve earlier when my eldest sister and her family are not present. Last night, we had the dinner at Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Cheras. The dishes served are generally good but their services are poor. The restaurant was crowded with lack of staff and so we didn’t get the required attention. Last night is the first time I tossed ‘yee sang’ for this year’s Chinese New Year festival that is going to end this Saturday. It is the usual practice here for Malaysian Chinese to toss ‘yee sang’ as high as possible while saying out their wishes. Typical wishes are like good health, great fortune, world peace, excel in study, and so on. This year, I said out an extra wish while tossing; get our prime minister to jail. And my family laughed but agreed. Haha…I guess most Malaysians agree and wish for this to be true soon.


And yup…in less than two weeks, I will be flying back to Australia. No more trip to Genting for at least another year. Last time, I usually went up there at least four times a year.

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