Less than a week to Chinese New Year and I’m frustrated by almost everything.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I’m supposed to be excited since the time for me to get angpow and to go to Vietnam for a vacation are near. However, I’m feeling frustrated rather than delightful surprisingly. I’m frustrated because this Chinese largest festival is coming too early this year. It gives me and my family not enough time to bask ourselves into this lunar new year’s mood. There’s not enough time for me to do CNY shopping, to buy CNY cookies and biscuits, to visit malls to check out variety of CNY decorations, etc.

Me and my family visited three malls yesterday. That’s a record. We planned to spend our Sunday on two malls earlier but my dad couldn’t find his favourite sport shoes to buy after visiting several stores. I didn’t realize my dad is that picky in choosing not only shoes, but also shirts to purchase. We ended up visiting Aeon Jusco Maluri, then Cheras Leisure Mall, and finally Sunway Velocity Mall. My dad bought the most stuff since he didn’t buy any new clothes yet (and I did so last month). I also didn’t come home empty handed again this time as I bought another new collared T-shirt for me to wear this coming Saturday most probably for the first day of CNY because it’s red in colour. It’s Chinese colour for prosperity.


While millions of Americans are currently frustrated by their newly-elected President, me here is also being frustrated by our government over here in Malaysia. That one needs no further explanation. If not, I can be writing a novel here on that issue. Instead, I wish to highlight my recent frustration by the public sectors in Malaysia. We constantly experience water disruption especially in this highly-populated Klang Valley region. Since I’m back to Malaysia from November last year, my house has already experienced water disruption for over three times. This has happened more frequently in recent years and is certainly troublesome to all. Furthermore, the authority didn’t even bother to inform us earlier on the disruption. Sometimes, they do informed, but their schedule is totally off (not accurate). Very very poor management of water supply. SYABAS…what are you doing?

My house’s electric meter has broken down and has been replaced on July last year. And till now, we still did not receive our electricity bill that reflects the real amount of power we have used. I have made complaints through countless emails, plenty of calls, and even went ahead to visit their headquarter office at Dua Sentral Complex in KL. And yet, none of my effort is paid off. The best thing TNB can do is telling me that our new meter is not updated into their main system and hence their billing couldn’t read our home’s meter and can only print out our bill monthly based on assumed reading (average usage). They told me they will work on it and I have been waiting for few months, and still it has not been done. I’m sure no one in TNB is doing their work. Very lazy and incompetent. You guys are the one making us setting our mindset that our authority is super lazy and not doing anything. It is in fact true and has not been changed since the beginning of time. No one to be blamed but your own…this is a fact and is a notice to all government bodies and authorities of Malaysia. Also not to mention the very slow and unstable internet speed in this country. How can we be a developed nation if you guys work like that?


Not only I’m angered by the authority, I’m also frustrated by private sector. Since getting a new debit card equipped with Mastercard function (it’s compulsory to change all ATM card to debit card now), I couldn’t make any online transaction at all with that card. I made more than 5 calls to the bank (AmBank) and they couldn’t solve my problem at all. It’s just a simple problem and a huge bank couldn’t even solve it. What a shame. Also not to mention how hard it is to get someone from the bank to just answer my calls every time. You see…so many things not resolved since I’m coming back home from Australia last year. I’m already here for 2 months already. There is no other way that I can avoid from being frustrated by all that issues. This post is here for me to write out all my anger and hopefully can get rid of it so that it won’t affect my mood this weekend for Chinese New Year and for my vacation to Vietnam.


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