Movie reviews for ‘The Great Wall’ and ‘Passengers’ (2016)

I’m now still writing movie reviews for 2016 films because there are quite a number of 2016 films that I haven’t watch but eager to do so. So, I’m not done yet with 2016 films especially at this time when I haven’t get to watch any Oscar-bait films in 2016 yet like ‘Arrival’, ‘Jackie’, ‘La La Land’, ‘Manchester by the Sea’, etc. I don’t have the chance to watch them yet and for right now, it’s movie reviews for ‘The Great Wall’ (2016) and ‘Passengers’ (2016) first.

‘The Great Wall’ is a fiction action-adventure monster film about a Western man going to the East in search of black powder. He ended up becoming a hero among the Chinese warriors at the Great Wall of China built as a defense against attacking monster creatures. Directed by Zhang Yimou, the movie starred Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau, Jing Tian, Eddie Peng, etc. The movie received criticism with many complaining why is a Western man interfering into a story of deep Chinese history and legend and the issue of ‘whitewashing’ came out again. Well, I disagree with the criticism. It’s just a movie made for entertainment. Why take it so seriously? It’s meant purely as a fiction. I can do anything to the story as long as it looks good and appeals to all people from East to West. There is nothing wrong having a plot about a Western man coming to China with story to follow. And then there’s another bunch of people saying that this is a joke of having the movie showing the Great Wall built to defend against creatures which is of course against the real history. This is a FICTIONAL story. How many times they need  to be told about this again and again?



Let’s get back to the movie. Ignore those pointless criticism and you will be enjoying the movie like me. I’m surprised that this movie get down to the business very fast. The pace for the story is quick and you are immediately brought to massive battle scene at the Great Wall. I even felt that the movie is a bit too short. The visual effects are good (those scenery at the Great Wall were breathtaking especially in a scene when many sky lanterns were brought up to the sky) but still there’s room for improvement (still couldn’t match Hollywood level). The costumes are exaggerated and are disturbing. The ending was not bad but I find it a bit rushed to end the movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Great Wall’ a total of 7.0. A good effort by Zhang Yimou to break into Western cinemas.

‘Passengers’ is an American science-fiction adventure film about a malfunctioned hibernation pod that has woken up a man 90 years earlier of the trip in a spacecraft of 5000 passengers to a distant colony planet. Feeling alone, he then waken up another passenger, a female he likes, in an action that he felt bad because it will cause the female passenger to die with him before reaching the destined planet. The movie directed by Morten Tyldum, starred Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne. Yes, only four cast to carry the whole movie.



The story is very interesting. I’m amazed by how they can still create another brilliant story in outer-space setting when in the past, they already did many of them. Very engaging plot and good pacing of the story development. The chemistry between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is awesome, and not to mention excellent performances by both of them. From their expressions, you immediately feel what it is like to be them, trapped in the spacecraft with plenty of space and time but couldn’t do anything else. The visuals are fantastic, and the scores are amazing. The climax is quite intense and heart-stopping and seeing Chris alive after the mission to rescue the spacecraft and Jennifer chose to stay with him is a huge relief and a happy ending. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Passengers’ a total of 7.8. It’s a fun and exciting mix of sci-fi and romance. I don’t get why it gets low critics’ ratings out there. It’s seriously a good movie.

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2 Responses to “Movie reviews for ‘The Great Wall’ and ‘Passengers’ (2016)”

  1. Awesome movie very small cast, but wow it was good. Worth watching.

  2. Film is romantic and full of Thrills. Film is directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Jon Spaihts.

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