Merry Christmas! Let’s get ready for this coming longer and joyful weekend!

It’s Christmas Day this coming Monday! And that means an approaching longer weekend for a more joyful holiday and celebration of this festival. Everyone must be excited and looking forward to it. I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


Just two days ago there was this Winter Solstice Festival (21st December this year), and that is when Chinese will cook the traditional ‘tang yuan’ (glutinous rice balls) to symbolize family reunion and also a year older for everyone’s age. A huge thanks to my eldest sister who made ‘tang yuan’ for us this year. They taste great and I love its hot and sweet soup too. Well, we only get to eat them ‘officially’ once a year. Something like having mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival every year. I enjoy watching the process of making the ‘tang yuan’ and the soup together. When I was a kid, I purposely woke up very early in the morning of this Winter Solstice Day to watch my mom cooking this dish every year. 2006 was the last year I can see that (exactly 10 years ago) as she passed away on mid 2007.

Well, life moves on. Let’s not talk about sad thing anymore. Christmas is around the corner. We should all be merry and happy! My recent happiness is when I got to buy quite a number of new clothing in the past few weeks in several stores, mostly in the recently opened shopping mall in KL, the Sunway Velocity Mall. Opening promotions everywhere in the mall and I would not miss those opportunities! It’s also Chinese tradition to buy new clothes to welcome lunar new year. Chinese New Year will be on end of next month and I’m done for the ‘buy new clothes’ tradition. What hurt the most is my wallet of course…haha. It’s alright. Just a huge spending once a year.


(GIF images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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