From 24 to 25. Getting another year older.

When I was a kid, you wouldn’t know how much I wish for my birthday to come quick every year. I think many of us are like that too when we were still small, hoping to grow older as fast as possible to become an adult. Now, I’m over 20 and I started to think otherwise. We don’t want to grow old that fast anymore at this stage onward. Well, reality is reality. I’m turning 25 today. Whether I want it or not, it’s already a fact. So, happy birthday to myself. I’m not actually very excited about it as it keeps reminding me that I’m 25 already! I have spent a quarter of a century on Earth.


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Birthday at this stage is the time when I would be bombarded with questions like ‘when are you getting a girlfriend?’, ‘you are still studying?’, ‘faster go get married!’, and so on. That is the most annoying part and to answer it all, I will just smile and reply ‘career comes first, and as for the others, if the opportunity comes, I will not miss it…I’ll just let it be.’ Ok…moving on.

I learnt of a very valuable quote in recent days, and I will take it as the most important message I have learnt for the past year when I was still 24. ‘The little details do explain a lot of things.’ This applies not only to the everyday’s life of a person, but also to architecture, a field that I will be spending the rest of my life on. Those little things do actually tell us a lot of things. It’s a simple phrase and I hope you get what it means as well deep down in your heart. I am quite an observant guy, and those small things will be kept in my mind eventhough most of them are not important. That behavior has given me some advantages in certain areas, as well as pain in other areas too. I won’t go into detail on that.

Staying positive is the driver of my daily life and I hope you will be like that too especially at times when you are feeling down. There is ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in everyone’s life inevitably. We simply have to accept it and move on. As for me, since it’s my birthday too (I supposed it has to be a big day for me?), today has to be an ‘UP’ for me. Well, I don’t mind having my birthday just as another normal day. There is no big deal. What’s important is we take notes of the things that we have learnt from every passing year that may be useful to our coming future.

Already 25. There is no more time to be wasted. I have to seriously get on the things that I aim for beginning from now. There are a lot of dreams yet to be accomplished.



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